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Anger over ‘grotesque’ transgender film

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Reader comments

  1. Oh god… Relax.

    I wanna see this!

  2. It seems more than just ‘controversial’ to make references to two real murders which happened only 1/2 yrs ago in some kind of parody film. Its in terrible taste.

  3. Would you want to see a film that sets itself up with the Michael Causer and Ian Baynham murders? What if it portrays all gay men as overly camp Graham Norton types, with lots of hints about cottaging, glory holes and saunas?

    Would you go and watch that film Andrew Q? or would you be protesting outside the cinema!

  4. “Zapata, a trans woman, was murdered in 2008 by an ex-boyfriend.”

    Sorry but this is wrong. Angie Zapata was murdered by a man she met on the US internet chat rooms of (Mocospace). The man stayed at her flat overnight. Zapata went out leaving the man in the flat. Sometime that morning she returned and the man repeatedly struck her around the head with a fire extinguisher until she was dead. He stole her money, bank card and car. When he was found by police he said I killed ‘IT’ he used the standard trans panic defence to justify killing Zapata.

  5. If it was gay guys beating the shit out of their attackers I would be first in line !

    Other B films have made refs to attacks on women. It adds a certain weight to a film.

  6. If it had gay guys beating the crud out of their attackers then I would be first in line !!!

  7. theotherone 26 Mar 2010, 6:00pm

    I’m not sure sounds like Neo-Exploitation and that, by it’s very nature, makes it offensive but…well with Trannies attacking their Oppressors it sounds like it may well be good.

    I’d probibly go to see it and make a judgment based on that

  8. theotherone 26 Mar 2010, 6:01pm

    and another thing: it has Trans Actresses in it unlike the Family Values Trannie films from the American Mainstream.

  9. So basically an exploitation film, like the ones that were made in the 70s and the ones that are currently made by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth. Exploitation films are supposed to be controversial, people shouldn’t bother about them. I mean, I don’t think animal rights groups protested against Cannibal Holocaust when it was released.

  10. *rolls eyes*

    its a ‘transploitation’ film that ‘exploits transwomen’…..

    its an exploitation movie. the first step of many minorities to acceptance in film. in the big picture its a good thing.

  11. theotherone 27 Mar 2010, 12:25pm

    Felipe: now Cannibal Holocaust did get allot of protests and still does but the thing is it’s message of ‘take care with media’ and ‘don’t go hankering after spectacle at the expense of all else’ has, as a result, reached far more people than it ever would have.

    As Xaria has said: ‘its a good thing’

  12. Xaria, at first glance the title sounds like one of your scripts. Shall we see about a sequel? Pissed Off Trannies With Hand Grenades and Samurai Swords, perhaps?

  13. for years iv been wanting to make transploitation films lol

    i’ll make one one day

  14. theotherone 28 Mar 2010, 4:21pm

    I’d be up for doing it – a full gorefest type one though in the best Italian Tradition rather than the rubbish doing the rounds today.

  15. Abi1975: “What if it portrays all gay men as overly camp Graham Norton types, with lots of hints about cottaging, glory holes and saunas?”

    I’d say they got their characterisation spot on. :)

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