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US defence secretary makes it harder for military to kick gays out

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Reader comments

  1. Not good enough Obama.

    When are you going to abide by your pre-election promise to scrap DADT in full.

    Or was that just another lie?

  2. The whole policy is vindictive and nasty; but i wasnt aware how vindictive given these two aspects of the policy being suspended. Basically anyone with a grudge to bear could tell tales and cause trouble for any soldier. How bloody childish.At least its a move in the right direction.

  3. A nasty policy but i didnt realise how vindictive given the latest 2 aspects being suspended. Basically anyone could tell tales if for example they had a grudge against a soldier. At least its a move in the right direction.

  4. This latest strategy by Gates is a reflection of just how the gay voting bloc in America is sending the democrats a message that come November 2010 and beyond, they can’t take their votes for granted having failed dismally on delivering the good on this more than offencive policy of telling gay soldiers they are legally bound to lie about their sexual orientation while serving and even dying for their country in war time. This is nothing more than a temporary appeasement to make sure that the Democrats don’t alienate their gay voting base. Too little too late I’m afraid. They’ve also done sweet fanny adams in passing the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA. In America, its ok I believe in 29 states to legally discriminate against gay and lesbian people in the workplace, housing etc. This is of course NOT considered an urgent priority, just like ending the ban on gay people serving openly in the U.S. military. What a backward society it is. So much for the land of the free!

  5. A step in the right direction – but still a step short of the sane, sensible, right and just destination!

  6. “Not good enough Obama. ”
    Darn right SimonM
    The defense secretary has done more to keep gay people in the army than Obama, thats disgraceful
    Obama is all talk, Gordon Brown puts him to shame on the gay rights

    And thats saying something since i absolutely hate jug eared Gordo

  7. America land of the free unless your LGBT

  8. Not acceptable Mr President! Are you a man of your word? If so prove it by standing by your words to scrap DADT completely.

  9. Vincent Poffley 26 Mar 2010, 12:38pm

    “common sense” and “common decency” would require the immediate ending of this nauseating policy and a full official apology, with extensive compensation for those 13,000 service people. This is merely a cynical sop.

  10. something tells me if there had been a law against black soldiers in the army – obama would have picked up the phone on day 1 when he arrived at the oval office.. but with gay soliders – no, he wants it to be drawn out for another few years so he can still help votes from the homophobic americans.. He is a total hypocrite and joke for a president – and makes George Bush a saint.. at least George was open and frank.. Obama is a liar.. If the prime minister of the UK was gay and threatened to pull out all the UK troops over this, all the crap of having to go through congress to end this homophobic law would be sorted out in 5 minutes..

  11. J – disappointing as Obama may have been so far, he is still a million times better than the educationally sub-standard, alcoholic, fundamentalist-christian, violent, maniacal, homophobic, stupid, nut-job, George W Bush.

    Obama is a career politician who will make promises but back out of them when it is convenient.

    He is like all politicians in that respect.

    George W Bush was far more dangerous and should probably be classed as a crazed lunatic, when it comes to writing the history books.

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