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Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott supports ‘enduring’ gay unions

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Reader comments

  1. O jeez, well I’m so grateful that Tony Abbott has such a balanced view. How does homosexuality threaten him? What is his childhood trauma? What is so threatening? No one is expecting him to catch gay. If that is his picture, I wouldn’t sleep with him if I got paid!

  2. Why do these stupid politicians think that creating a 2 tier system for legally recognising relationships is acceptable?

    Civil unions are discriminatory if their existence is merely to deny same sex couples access to the legal contract of civil marriage.

    Although at least the group Australian Marriage Equality is calling this guy out on his support for civil union discrimination.

    The homophobes at Stonewall UK would probably be congratulating him on his support for ‘separate but not quite equal laws’.

  3. Bigotry of all sorts is so embedded in Australian society that I’m surprised he wasn’t more of an idiot. Mind you, a guy who wants to be his country’s leader, yet feels ‘threatened’ by other peoples’ sexuality ? What a complete inadequate he must be. Once again, a religious background leads to idiocy and a total lack of empathy for others.

  4. A leopard does not change his spots. So why would you believe anything this moran says. That goes for anyone in public office. Just take his words with a grain of salt.

  5. Yes, what do the jesuits say, get a child before they are seven and you will have them for life. Abbott wanted to be a Jesuit priest but chose the next best thing, being a politician and a pretty dumb one too. But he has just done a iron man stunt so the murdoch press will be promoting him next as maggie thatcher’s equivalent down under. No hope in the immediate future either as there are no real leaders of any ability in either of the pepsi cola and coca cola parties, the only hope is with the greens or the independants but thats only my wishful thinking.

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