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Video: Glee’s Sue Sylvester rails against ‘sneaky gays’

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Reader comments

  1. davevauxhall 24 Mar 2010, 2:08pm

    This is just superb, it hits the nail on the head. I love the Sue Silvester character.

  2. “… because if I can’t tell who’s gay, how will I know who to judge?”

    Hilarious and spot on.

  3. Who’s to say there weren’t straight-acting gay types back in the days of Oscar Wilde. If they blended in without being too obviously flamboyantly gay, then of course we’re not aware of them nowadays, doesn’t mean there weren’t around though. Hardly a ‘modern’ phenomenon.

  4. Bishop Ioan 25 Mar 2010, 12:18am

    Hey, we are EVERYWHERE, even in the most unexpected places!

  5. Its hard to tell weather to laugh or just hold my head above all the lame 1950’s logic stereotypes that people still seem to think are relevant, I guess we gotta take it in stride.

    Being Gay is just one of those things you can still stab at with horrible humor but at the same time I doubt a show like that could get away with making fun of any other “groups” unless they are not centered around any religion or race pretty much.

    I don’t really know where im going with this honestly, it seems like one of those shows I would be too embarrassed to watch or even be around anyone while its playing (if only for that episode)

  6. I want Sue Sylvester to train me.

    I’ve gotten a wee bit unfit lately.

    I think she could sort me out.

    She reminds me of Iris Robinson.

    I’m no longer a teenager so she probably wouldn’t fancy me. But I reckon she could sort me out.

  7. Sign of the times. Yes, we were “OUT” there. Now it is passe. since the mainstreaming of the gay community, we have become very conservative and ordinary. It is very hard to identify a gay man now because of his new identity to fitting into every day society. Very ambiguous is how gay men are seen today

  8. The only current known gay character in Glee is ‘so flaming they could be seen them from space’. Either there’s a touch of hypocrisy going on, or Glee needs to pull its sock up and have a gay character who is less broadly stereotyped and more representative.

  9. Oh I can’t stand it when people say “don’t like the gay guy in Glee ’cause he’s camp”.
    A lot of gay guys are and Kurt is a great character (needs a lot more screen time)

    Sue is slso GREAT. Loved the clip.

    And that is how Sue C’s it.

  10. So the black girl in Glee should also have her skin tone adjusted to better represent the average skin tone of the black population across the globe? And why not make the wheelchair kid blind, deaf, and mentally challenged as well?

    The characters and this show ain’t ambassadors to no one. This isn’t a race to tick “the PC boxes”. They can do what they want.

  11. The previous comment was obviously made by me and is dedicated to BenB.

    A lapsus calami if I ever saw one. :D

  12. Unless sexuality is represented in the media as incidental instead of the be-all-and-end-all of someone’s personality, we’ll never be seen as equal in society. Telling people that gay = camp will only reinforce that belief. It’s less a case of adjusting skin colour and more of not having a black character say ‘I looove me some fried chicken!’ in every scene.

  13. “All I want is just one day a year when I’m not visually assaulted by uglies and fatties.”

    “I, for one, think intimacy has no place in a marriage. Walked in on my parents once and it was like seeing two walruses wrestling.”

    “I’ll often yell at homeless people: ‘Hey, how is that homelessness working out for you? Try not being homeless for once.'”

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