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Court rules in favour of lesbian teen banned from taking girlfriend to prom

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Reader comments

  1. america – land of the free.

  2. Rock on, so happy for her. About time. Hope she has a wonderful time at her prom…

  3. I applaud the court’s decision. It would have been illiberal to force the school to hold the prom, but it has sent a clear message that discrimination of this kind is not acceptable.
    Maybe even Mississipi can change!

  4. For a Mississippi court to come to this conclusion is truly testament to how far gay civil rights have come.

  5. graham in Vancouver BC 24 Mar 2010, 6:14pm

    Somewhere in this story there are links to an earlier day when the national guard was called out to escort black children into high school classes. Has america as a country really moved that far as to welcome those that are different?

  6. Bishop Ioan 25 Mar 2010, 12:34am

    This is wonderful! I sure hope that she has a wonderful time when an all-inclusive prom is finally held. Well done, Constance and the Mississippi court which issued this ruling!

  7. I love this girl, she’s my hero.

  8. 21stCenturySpirituality 26 Mar 2010, 9:55am

    Probably one of the most mean-spirited things I’ve heard about recently. I’m glad it has backfired.

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