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Law against homophobic hatred comes into effect

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Reader comments

  1. Jennifer Hynes 23 Mar 2010, 11:42am

    “Both religious leaders and comedians had expressed concern that they would be criminalised under it.”

    Most religious leaders and many comedians SHOULD be criminalised… including Graham Norton!

  2. Wait until Pope Benedict the Nazi arrives. If he utters 1 word about sexuality being against ‘the natural order’ I will view that as incitement to hatred, and I’ll expect the old paedophile protector to be arrested.

  3. See who’s been left behind with this law!

    Transphobia kills too.

    Some people are trans get over it Stonewall!

  4. Another step in the right direction and another step that can’t be ignored by the Tories.

  5. another load of rubbish more like Squidgy. This law was covering things already covered under laws on Public Offense. We need the existing laws to be observed not new ones.

  6. I agree with Squidgy

  7. We already have quite capable laws without yet more legislation. Labour have been churning an average of one a day since they came into power 13 years ago, but are still completely clueless as to how to implement or enforce most of them.

    This is not a matter for new laws, but for the courts to impose heavier sentences using current legislation. Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen as this incumbent bunch of f_ckwits have told them to go easy because we haven’t got enough prison space.

    Maybe if we had more prisons, heavier sentencing and started stringing up proven serious offenders, it might start to make a difference.

  8. Karl Rosenqvist 23 Mar 2010, 12:59pm

    About #%&! time. But as has been pointed out the UK GayLesbian-movements needs to start accepting transphobia as well and how come the Christians need special protection? I am so sick of that.

  9. i can’t see these ‘laws’ doing anyone any good at all tbh, it wont stop the hate, and will anyone actually be punished? i doubt it, these days you can go on a murdering spreee and be out of jail in a few months. we live in a society that protects the guilty and punishes the innocent. i notice Scotland isn’t included in this, in the remote areas/islands of Scotland it’s still very religious,festering in their nazi hatred of anyone who doesn’t think exactly like them, even the police think not being het is a hangable offense, i think this needs to be more widespread, and the government could start with the het-loving-there’s-nothing-else-apart-from-our-opinions media.

  10. sometimes you astound me Rob_N but atleast your entertaining.

    The first part of your post is, however, correct: we do not need the statute books clogged up with ‘new’ laws which mealy replicate laws already in place.

    I always suspect that Labour do this simply to looks busy. To look busy and to look ‘tough’ – look like they’re doing something.

    Although we most definitely don’t need to lock more people up (our jails are full of petty offenders while serious offenders are let out early because of overcrowding) or the Death Penalty.

  11. Karl: if one group gets ‘special’ treatment why not another? It seems to me perfectly logical that as Religious Types get special treatment then so do Queers then Vegetarians then tea-totalers (both these groups are to be covered by amendments to Equality legislation which mean a meat eater can not say they had a good steak last night or someone who likes Liquors saying they like Frangelico.)

  12. Sorry but more prison spaces would be available if people like Ian Huntley had been strung up.

    I think this law if anything should give piece of mind, I mean it does say that on the racial hatred side it’s only been used 20 times in 30 years. It’s definitely progress and one I don’t believe the Tories would dismantle.

  13. probably they won’t Squidgy but I still disagree about Capitol Punishment: if killing is wrong then how can killing a killer be just?

    Solve Prison overcrowding by not locking up petty offenders.

  14. Christine Rourke 23 Mar 2010, 1:32pm

    Will there be a catch?

    So far, there always seems to be a large loophole in any LBGT protection legislation that this government has brought in. For example, I now notice that the B&B owners who refused to admit that gay couple will NOT face criminal prosecution, and instead the gay couple will have to bring a civil action against them. Well, pardon me, but that’s not how that law was sold to us, was it?

    So what does the Equality Act 2006 “anti-discrimination” protection REALLY amount to? Bascially, it seems that if you have the money to take a civil action, you have the protection. If not, get stuffed… You’re on yer own.

    So I’ll take this hype over the new law with a large pinch of salt. We’ll see what this wonderful piece of new protection legislation is REALLY worth, the first time someone tries to use it.

    Living in Hope, but not holding my breath

  15. This is why we must continue to fight for full LGBT right and protection in the law:

    Because if we settle for the illusion of right like the likes of RobN seems content with. Then we will soon find those illusions removed and what’s happening in the posted YouTube video will happen in this country.

  16. Problems could arise when bigoted judges, juries and magistrates hear cases. Homophobia is all too common in Britain.

  17. vulpus_rex 23 Mar 2010, 2:02pm

    I know it’s in the daily mail but it still illustrates a point.

    A stupid unnecessary law is abused by self-promoting busy body special interest group.

    This is exactly where this law against homophobic hatred will lead – trivialised by cr^p like this. Liebour and their police stooges should just enforce the exisiting laws.

    On that note – only 44 days to go until the end of new Liebour – hoorah!

  18. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Mar 2010, 2:09pm

    Agreed. Not interested in a law that is only there for the benefit of someone with enough money to bring a civil action. Hardly protection for all?

  19. The likes of vulpus_rex is the reason you should be very afraid of a Tort government!

    vulpus_rex dose not feel he/she deserves full equality and legal protection.

    I pity you for your self hate vulpus_rex

  20. vulpus_rex 23 Mar 2010, 2:27pm

    “vulpus_rex dose not feel he/she deserves full equality and legal protection.”

    What an utterly crass and stupid claim from someone who otherwise usually manages to display the common sense that so many other posters lack.

    Please explain why saying a law is unnecessary and likely to be abused means that one doesn’t believe in equality?

    Are seriously trying to suggest that because I think this law is likely to be trivialised I therefore think the protection it attempts to confer should be withheld from a particular group?

    On a positive note – it is now ony 43.5 days till then end of new liebour – double hoorah.

  21. I’m sorry Aby I, regrettably, have to agree with rex – this law is unnecessary and more laws means a greater chance of them being abused.

  22. Is Pink News going to report what David Cameron said about homophobia at his press conference this morning?

  23. I agree, Andrea, there does seem to be a great deal of ignorance in the posts of that excellently-named Vulgus Regina. It seems to him that the Tories are the cure for all our ills. But as far as the Tory attitude to gays is concerned the limited intelligence of Vulgus Regina is unable to see it for what it is. It is rather childish to ‘Hoorah’ at the possibility of the loss of power of the party which has done so much for gay people.

  24. Vulgus Regina is certainly a fool. I wonder how he will justify the gradual removal of some gay rights, as advocated by Iain Duncan Smith, if the conservatives get into power. What has the fool got to say about the conservative support for the Waddington amendment?

  25. Theother.. Sorry, Myohmy: “Solve Prison overcrowding by not locking up petty offenders.”

    They are already dishing out suspended sentences, community service and ASBO’s left right and centre to ease prison overcrowding.
    And while we are at it, bring back hard labour, breaking rocks and chain gangs cleaning up this sh!thole of a country. That will stop reoffending. By the end of a day they will be too knackered to watch TV in their cells. And while we are at it, stop all physical contact with visitors, and screen ALL prison staff to stop the massive amount of drugs still getting in.

    As for Capital punishment, I’m not Bible basher, but an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. If some complete and utter f_cking ANIMAL can set his Pitbull on two 16yo’s and then stab them each nine times, as far as I’m concerned, they can stick his head on a f_cking pike over London bridge.

    It is your namby-pamby, wishy-washy liberalism that has got this country in such a damn mess in the first place. Keep the laws simple and few, and ENFORCE THEM!

  26. What an excellent sans culotte RobN would make!

  27. Pumpkin Pie 23 Mar 2010, 3:26pm

    We )all LGBTs) should have exactly the same protections as people do based on race. There’s no reason we shouldn’t. End of story.

    And while we are at it, bring back hard labour, breaking rocks and chain gangs cleaning up this sh!thole of a country. That will stop reoffending.

    Prove it. As far as I’m aware, no country with such draconian laws has ever achieved what you claim they will achieve.

    As for Capital punishment, I’m not Bible basher, but an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. If some complete and utter f_cking ANIMAL can set his Pitbull on two 16yo’s and then stab them each nine times, as far as I’m concerned, they can stick his head on a f_cking pike over London bridge.

    And how do you suppose they go about rectifying wrongful convictions? Would the executor then have to be killed, or the presiding judge? And don’t give me some naive rubbish about only executing people with “cast iron” convictions. Such nonsense exists only in fairy tales.

  28. Complete waste of time. Another set of books and seminars for coppers to be considering ratherthan getting out on the street and stopping threatening behavious – homophobic or any other sort.

    I can never understand how to assault a gay man is a hate crime but to mug an old granny is somehow a crime of love. Perhaps the lefties can enlighten me.

    I was attacked by a group of youths and called 999 and the police told me that there was no evidence and they were not going to investigate, despite at least two of my assailants still being on the same street and looking at me.
    People throw missiles at people queuing up outside the Royal Vauxhall Tavern when the police are standing there and they do nothing. In our PC PC world I think black still trumps gay. Now if the car had been doing 31 in a 30 limit, now that’s a different story.

    This is another law which will tie justice up in further red tape and “battle of the interest groups” wars. It will be used by people who work for the council to sue the council, nothing more. Another win for the public sector

  29. Poor Julian is about as bright as his friend Sandy, that is as thick as two short planks. But what can one expect from an arrant Tory?

  30. To those who whine about more laws: “If existing laws were kept we wouldn’t need more!” Gettit?? d’oh….

  31. so let me get this right. if someone says that gay people are an abomination, that being gay is wrong and evil, that being gay is a sin that is punishable by death, then they are breaking the law? so that means the koran, the bible and the hadith are all illegal documents, as they all say the above and therefore incite hatred.

  32. Tim Hopkins 23 Mar 2010, 6:58pm

    Emma commented that Scotland is not included in this. Scotland’s new hate crime law comes into effect tomorrow (Wed). It is a statutory aggravation – which means that any offence that is wholly or partly motivated by prejudice is prosecuted as a hate crime and the prejudice motive is taken into account all the way through, and the crime prosecuted and sentenced accordingly. There are associated rules that all such offences must be prosecuted in court unless there are exceptional circumstances.

    Scotland’s new law specifically covers hate crimes on grounds of transgender identity, as well as on grounds of sexual orientation.

    Incitement to hatred will be prosecuted as a transphobic, or homo/biphobic, breach of the peace. It remains to be seen whether that will deal effectively with all incitement to hatred in Scotland, or whether we will need a specific incitement to hatred law as well. Unlike England and Wales, there is no incitement to religious hatred law in Scotland – religious prejudice aggravated breach of the peace seems to cover that well.

  33. Daniel Pitt 23 Mar 2010, 7:07pm

    About bloody time as well, but disappointed that trans people have been left out yet again. So much for our progressive, equal & socially just democracy.

  34. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 7:10pm

    m-m…sounds right to me. Religion = bigotry. Hello Uganda.

  35. I like this new development!

  36. Little Buzz 23 Mar 2010, 11:06pm

    Think of all the innocent people who were victims of miscarriages of justice who would now be dead if we had Capital Punishment

  37. theotherone 24 Mar 2010, 12:25am

    indeed little buzz.

  38. Buzz: “Think of all the innocent people who were victims of miscarriages of justice who would now be dead if we had Capital Punishment”

    Well, unfortunately, as they say, “excrement occurs”. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. However, look at the counter argument: Think of all the guilty people who would get their just desserts who would now be dead if we had Capital Punishment. The families of the victims would be happier, we wouldn’t have to pay to keep these bastards for the rest of their natural lives, and the Peter Sutcliffes, Ian Huntleys and Ian Bradys of this world would just be memories. Who knows? It might even reduce violent crime rates.

  39. Rob_n – you are very insensitive when you make comments like that
    this law is good but the clause pushed by the tory is pathetic as it still allows homophobia from pathetic homophobic comedians and the religious bigots

  40. you cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs,

    Those omelettes are called Stephen Kizco, Timothy Evans, the guildford 4/birmingham 6 Suzanne Holdsworth,Angela Cannings, Sally Clark, Derek Bentley etc etc etc, the list goes on. All people that if captial punishment was allowed today could have/ or have been murderered by the state. But hey perhaps they are just “omlettes”. Lets just hope that people that write stupid comments like this , dont stand before a noose, knowing that they have done nothing wrong, or part of a grieving family that is going to lose someone who they know is innocent.It is well doucommented how corrupt the police and other authorities were in the 70s and early 80s. Nothing is fail safe not even DNA. Of course the people that commit crimes that are guilty should be locked up. But I hope that we live in a civilised society and that we always have the abilty to look at the wider picture. Having had a very good friend , killed by having ten tons of crap bashed out of him , and he is no longer with us becuase of it, I know what it is like first hand to have known a victim of murder. But I tell you this , when I think of him, I always think of HIM never the person that commited the crime. Because he was a funny guy and he made me smile all the time. Would hanging another person bring him back , no it would not. Revenge is never the answer to anything.

  41. This is really a needed hate speech law. If Germany had and enforced hate speech laws in the 1930s, Hitler and his gang would have rotted in jail for life.

    And WWII would not have happened.

    Also, if Saudi Arabia had hate speech laws, 9/11, the london subway bombings etc would not have happened. And a lot of their extremist Wahabi Islam preachers would have met their fate just after sunset on Friday, the end of the Islamic sabbath. As the swordsman gave them the medieval punishment they deserve

    And if you google “hitler and religion”, you will find almost word for word the saame type of statements that our USA so called moral values people use.

    To hell with these monsters.

  42. It is ridiculous to say that this kind of law would stop the UK descending into a cess pit like Nazi Germany. The law does nothing, but throw a sop to gay activists. Butu Banjam (or whatever that psycho’s name is) might be prosecuted. Muslims who have zero tolerance for homosexuality, whilst the rest of the population has 65% tolearnce. They will still be able to read anti-gay passages from the koran, and say that under sharia law homos will be stoned or hanged. As the Pink News reported on 19 Feb 2009, the government was going to put a proviso into Contest 2 that would have made islamic homophobia a sign of muslim extremism. The muslims complained that would make all muslims terrorists. That is how bad things are.

    Even if this new law did silence them, it won’t stop the coming disaster. Several articles in the past 6 months have shown that muslims are 12% of the prison population, and 11% of all raw meat in this country is halal. If you believe muslims are only 3% of the population, you’ve got some explaining to do.

    Muslim leaders (Libya, Algeria, Turkey) have been confidently predicting that muslims will have enough numbers in Europe by 2050 that they will take control democratically. Thank god, I’ll be dead by then. The last 40 years or so since homosexuality was decriminalized will go into reverse. Already many gay bars in east London have closed, and a recent survey from Walthamstow showed there was lots of homophobic violence from muslims there too.

    Even though I’m 50 years old and a real wuss, I’ve been on three EDL demos in the past 6 months. The media seem to be trying very hard to hide the fact that there are gay people in EDL. If anyone’s interested, the EDL LGBT group is on facebook.

    They are the only group that is taking to the streets to say NO to Sharia Law. And before anyone dismisses me as a “racist”, I’m married to a chinese man, and almost all the boyfriends I’ve had have been non-white.

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