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Gay B&B couple say support is ‘touching’

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Reader comments

  1. Totally against the vicious emails. The B&B couple are in the wrong and seriously so. They should be prosecuted under the law not under a civil case. However, can’t help thinking we lose our case when we stoop to a lower level of abuse towards it. We’re supposed to show we’re better than this and not just to us but everyone else too.

  2. WHY isn’t it a criminal matter? The law needs to be changed. We all know that if guests had been rejected because they were black/asian, muslim, etc, criminal charges would have been filed. Sexual orientation is not a choice so why should it be different? Why is higher protection given against “islamophobia” when religion is a CHOICE?

    This is the latest in a string of incidents over the past couple of years that have convinced me there is still a long, long way to go before true equality is achieved.

    P.S. I am touched though by the fact so many people have sent the couple messages of support and offers of help. Thanks to those people.

  3. It may not be a criminal matter – it surprises me though since the regulations are the law of the land but I imagine you need a local authority licence to run a guest house and this is where the Wilkinsons may hit the buffers. Let’s hope the local authority revokes their licence.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Mar 2010, 1:42pm

    Very sad to hear that this law is considered a ´civil´ matter. As someone else said, would it only be a civil matter if she refused service to black people?

    Sadly though, abusive emails are not productive. Emails of complaint yes, but not abusive ones. And, interestingly, emails threatening to burn down the b&b are CERTAINLY a criminal law matter and not ´civil´. All of this sort of thing plays right into the hands of the bigots.

    Pleased to hear that the couple have been shown such support though. Shows that not EVERYONE is a bigoted homophobe.

  5. “I don’t see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I’ve held for years just because the government should force it on me.”

    It’s not about changing your beliefs. It’s about respecting other people, and understanding that enforcing your beliefs doesn’t trump common fairness, decency, respect and hospitality. Not to mention the fact that you shouldn’t have the right to mess up decent people’s holiday plans thanks to your little whims.

  6. There has also been very threatening language on Buzz towards the couple. Is that also a civil matter? The responses got more gay friendly on buzz as we realised what was happening. I checked some of the messages and some homphobes put on multiple comments to swell their number. i think it is a support group for Mail readers!

  7. If your a Christian and can not except that other people don’t believe and live the same as you. Then don’t open a business that will brings your beliefs and lifestyle into direct conflict with society.

    Its like me opening a bookshop that has Christian book in it, but bans Christians from using it!

  8. this article has got the names wrong a couple of times – it’s Wilkinson not Robinson

  9. Pete & Michael 23 Mar 2010, 2:58pm

    The proprietors are acting against the Equality Law which prohibits discrimination whether it is a Hotel, Guest House or B&B, full stop!

  10. i wonder what she characterises as abusive. she thinks gay people are so evil and broken then perhaps she feels that even recieving an email from a gay person is abuse.

  11. I found the Buzz and the MailOnline thing, and it’s clear that there is some orchestration going on, maybe by a group like the CI or BNP. Some of the comments on buzz were so extreme that they clearly fall into the zone of incitement to hatred under the new law. They also follow the standard technique of American Hate groups of focussing on physical details of sex to get a disgusted emotional response that makes some people forget reason. A bit like the Nazis did with the Jews, dehumanising them with propaganda and turning them into creatures of disgust. It ultimately results in the same thing, like now in Uganda.

    We mustn’t let them manipulate us into looking like the bad guys by us sinking to their level and getting us to respond with equal venom. We always have reason on our side, they do not. So please guys, polite but firm and reasoned is better than knee-jerk nasty.

    I was very shocked when I saw someone comment about the place burning down, but it clearly wasn’t a threat, more of a throw away petulant comment, “what a shame if..” that happened. But it’s a totally unacceptable comment and plays right into their hands as looking like the victims, when what the B&B did was not only illegal, and a breach of contract (they had a paid reservation) but also very unchristian. Not exactly good samaritans.

    Let’s stay on the moral high ground.

  12. If the police (who are institutionally homophobic anyway) cannot be bothered prosecuting these bigots, then if they have enough money, these guys should haul these people through every court in the land, until they finally accept that some ridiculous superstitious beliefs about an imaginary man in the sky does NOT exempt you from the law.

    Sue them for every penny they have, and then more. Take them to the f****** cleaners!

    OR offer them the opportunity to make a full and comprehensive apology, accepting that homophobia is wrong and a promise to never discriminate against ANYBODY again.

  13. As other commenters have said, people shouldn’t be sending the B&B abusive & threatening emails. Nevertheless, the B&B are in the wrong and I think it should be a criminal matter, otherwise what is the point of having a law to protect LGBT people from discrimination in the provision of goods and services?

    It’s very nice to know that lots of people have sent messages of support and offers of free accommodation to the gay couple, though.

  14. being refused a room in a place that says it has vacancies has happened to me and my fella a number of times, especially in cornwall.

  15. Deeside Will 23 Mar 2010, 7:19pm

    Could it be that some, at least, of the vicious and threatening e-mails that the Wilkinsons are receiving are in fact being sent by homophobic people in an attempt to discredit the gay community? Fanatically homophobic people, in my experience, frequently have few moral scruples on such matters – and yes, I include the ones who call themselves Christians.

  16. Sounds like a similar case to the one where a couple were refused a B&B bed for the night after driving all the way from England to the Scottish Highlands. Also, why am I not in any way surprised that the Daily Mail have waded in with both feet to this story?

  17. So far as I can tell, all forms of discrimination, not just sexual orientation, are dealt with by claims for compensation, rather than being a criminal matter, which they never have been. They are very different from incitement to hatred, which is criminal, as it can lead to violence.

  18. I wouldn’t for one second trust a thing that the Cookham bigots say. The Cookham bigots will COOK UP all sorts of claims and nonsense to get the support of Middle England. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if by next week they have stated that they have received 3000 abusive emails!

    The fact is I alerted people here on these threads last night to the bigotry on Buzz and only a handful of PinkNews readers people could be bothered to go through the sign-up process in order to post a Comment there to counteract the bigotry. (Well done to those people.) Furthermore, the PinkNews people who have left comments at Buzz have not written anything that is objectionable. So the point is that if only half a dozen responded to the hatred on Buzz, and in a moderate manner, is it likely that hundreds have sent abusive emails to Cookham? No.

    Only the gullible will believe what the Cookham bigots now spout to the media.

  19. @deeside will:”Could it be that some, at least, of the vicious and threatening e-mails that the Wilkinsons are receiving are in fact being sent by homophobic people in an attempt to discredit the gay community? ”

    Absolutely. Groups that terrorise and murder personnel at abortion and research clinics in the USA are capable of anything.

    Some of the offensive emails may be from our side of the debate, but I suspect the most extreme may not be. Our genuine supporters should definitely not be sending them, whatever the provocation.

  20. Little BUZZ 23 Mar 2010, 9:05pm


  21. Litlte BUZZ, have you got an inlfated ego or somehting? The staff of Pink Nesw aren’t the slighetst bit interesetd where you’ve been for the last 5 days! Nor I think is anybdoy else. Don’t be so UP yoursefl.

  22. Little BUZZ 23 Mar 2010, 10:05pm

    Why do some posters on PInk News find it necessary to immediately jump on other Posters. I dont know who John C is but my post was not meant for him and i find his comment sad and Vicious. IT was meant for PINK NEWS as someone keeps posting using my old tag …END OF.

  23. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 11:46pm

    do you mean you are Patrick James, Little Buzz, and that you are not the Patrick who has been posting here yesterday?

    So we have two two Patricks then.

    M-m-m… what-to-do; what-to-do ??

    Yes, of course I sympathize with the senior gay couple who were refused a lodging at this B&B. It is so confusing when traveling doesn’t go according to plans, too, no matter the age. It’s a pain in the ass, and there’s no reason for it…no reason at all; completely irrational.

  24. That Yahoo Buzz thing is pretty disturbing. It’s not the impression I get from my wider community. Is there some way we can offically report the buzz thing to the police as a disturbance or something?

  25. David Skinner 25 Mar 2010, 7:17pm

    I think we need to get a sense of proportion in this. There is absolutely no comparison between being black and having same sex urges. None at all.

    Why is it always assumed that for a young person to have only shown an attraction to the opposite sex and then to have changed in later life, to being attracted to the same sex, that that person was always a “””””homosexual””””” but didn’t know it, whereas someone who demonstrated same sex tendencies during adolescence but then grows out of them, to being attracted to the opposite sex, is being untrue to his supposedly homosexual nature? Why, once a gay, always a gay, whereas being straight is always regarded as a stage in the development towards being gay? Why, like the reticulated jaw of the python, is it only one way?

    We have been over this same old ground time and time again. No scientist anywhere, except maybe in Brighton, has found any material causality of same sex attraction. This is all gay propaganda which sadly many gays have themselves swallowed. They actually believe it, in the same way people believe in global warming; or that during the medieval period it was believed that the sun revolved around the earth, or that the Earth was flat.

    The causes of same sex attraction are the same as for any habit. Perhaps during a child’s very early years it was starved of the affirmation of its own sexuality, i.e., having a distant father. Perhaps between the ages of 5 and 10 it was seduced by someone older and it found the sexual encounter so pleasurable, that these outweighed any feelings of guilt. It is a well known fact that most children at this time go through a period of same sex attraction. Boys cannot bear to be seen with girls and vice versa. They actually form gangs made up of the same sex. It is only later on during the teen years that suddenly the gang breaks up, as one by one, the gang members do indeed find themselves attracted to Betty rather than George. Finally there is the wider societal pressure as demonstrated in cultures such as that of Greece. The sculptures, depicting the male nude, of the Late Greek, Hellenistic period, are clearly homosexual. No longer the masculine strength of Phidias, but now the sweet, effeminate and effete style of Praxiteles.

    Yes, I believe it even becoming cool to become gay in many of our liberal minded schools – no homophobia there.

    If do know that black people are deeply offended by being compared with being gay – that is unless they are card carrying members of the black LGBTs.

    Scientists have recently done a study on the brains of London taxi drivers and have discovered that that part of the brain that deals with mapping is – in them- enlarged. Like any other organ in the body, parts of the brain can be either be enlarged or atrophied through use or under use.

    I believe that in any addiction, whether it is smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, the brain is effected so as to make the addiction almost impossible to break.

    Being black is not a behaviour, an addiction; it is not an urge, a drive or an appetite. It is an unalterable state.
    Some gays, I have heard, up to a third, have managed to break free from its slavery; a third would like to, but have failed; and yet another third have no desire to break free.

    If a thousand black women were inseminated with black sperm, no matter what future development their embryos, foetuses, babies and children took, they would always be 100% black.
    If a thousand lesbians were inseminated with homosexual sperm, no matter what future development their embryos, foetuses up until birth took, there would not be a thousand homosexual babies born. It is possible that there may not even be one.

    Even Peter Tatchell has said that homosexuality is not natural.

  26. Ah, look…. Skinner is back. And again with his delightful, and oh-so-easy, cut’n’paste mechanism. And another beautiful display of his schizophrenic delusions. Brava! Great to the aged of Britain getting on-line to spout a load of mentally dysfunctional garbage. Not had your meds today, did we? Forget to take your Horlicks?

    Well, Skinner, what do you make of these two old farts braking the law? I suppose it’s okay to do so if your “conscience” tells you it’s okay, is it?

    There is a simple answer, they should shut the business, then it becomes a private dwelling and they can do what little bigoted nonsense they want, and then we’re all happy.

  27. #1….And you have seen these “abusive” e.mails i suppose. In my experience Anyone who says they beleive in an invisible (white) pixie in the sky is not to be trusted…Period.

  28. Steve James 14 Apr 2010, 5:33pm

    I’m quite surprised at some of the comments on here. Surprised that no one has picked up on the fact that a number of hotels describe themselves as ‘exclusively gay’ or ‘gay men only’. Is it OK for them to discriminate? Or is it only Christians who get in trouble for it? I also suspect that when a gay couple try and book into a Muslim hotel, only to find themselves being told to go elsewhere there will be a lot more ‘respect’ for want of a better word shown to them than there was to this couple. Just a thought!

  29. Chris Smith 17 Apr 2010, 12:43am

    “Mrs. Robinson does not see the need to obey laws that came into effect during her lifetime. She can often be seen driving merrily down the M6 without a seatbelt, off her tits on mephadrone.”
    “She has received one threat to burn her B&B down, and is worried by this as she has no fire doors”

    A human rights defence will fail without a tremendously loose interpretation of the act – freedom of belief is absolute, freedom of action extends _only_ to behaviour otherwise in accordance with the law.

    And it’s being tried in civil courts because… the law is a civil law. It’s not some special decision the police made; the crown cannot prosecute in such cases.

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