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Exclusive: Nick Griffin claims to have made BNP more gay-friendly

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  1. So the BNP’s position has moved from ‘we want to exterminate you’ to ‘you’re repellent, keep yourselves invisible and hang your heads in shame’. How enlightened! How the hell did this fascist party come to have any gay members??

  2. this is so wrong it has actually just blown my mind.

    “he finds gays “creepy” ”
    erm…has he met himself???

  3. Maybe Mr Griffin should come clean about what the nature of his relationship with Webster of the NF was!

  4. I’d like to lick his funny eye, is that creepy?

  5. Griffin and his BNP friend Andrew Brons voted against the EU Parliament motion which condemned Lithuania for introducing homophobic legislation. BTW a Conservative MEP, Richard Ashworth, also voted the same way.

    The BNP is a racist and homophobic party, and people would be foolish to have anything to do with them.

  6. What Griffin is really saying is your not at the top of the BNP hit list.

    But you are on the list.

  7. Thanks for the article – will certainy be avoiding this party!

  8. This man and his “party” will become a power given the disgust that most of the populous feels with regards to the current LIB/LAB/CON pact that exists.

    I as a gay man, feel disgust with the present cabal of liars and thief’s that exist in our parliament.

    I will, however vote for a party that removes and redefines
    the filthy lying cheats that is our current Government and alleged opposition.

    For all the difference that will make.

    Death can only come quickly in order to get me away from this never ending bollocks.

  9. Well, there are a lot of irrational, militaristic, muslim-hating bigots among the “lgbt “community”” who would fit in quite well with the BNP.

  10. Haha! This is almost as funny as when I heard Margaret Thatcher is considered a gay icon by some!

  11. I wonder if there is any relevance to this this story about Griffin’s own alleged gay past:

  12. theotherone 24 Mar 2010, 12:00am

    the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

    I’m laughing all the way to the Gas Chambers

  13. Just read 2 very recent articles one from channel 4 titled “cameron slips up on gay equality” where Bradshaw mocks cameron and then a counter one a few hours later by iain dale’s daiary titled “a gay row that exposes Bradshaw’s hypocrosiy” – it would be nice to see both parties stop squabbling over the gay vote and come up with some honest promises which mean something , at least the BNP are honest and we know where we are with them – gay marriages, real recognition of the CP/gay marriage abroad etc

  14. Going to really shock you…as i gay man i have voted for the BNP, twice
    Reason being, this is the only party who seem to have the right handle on this overpopulated country of ours with mass immigration and asylum seekers, call me a bigot or a racits all you like, i dont bloody care, but many friends of mine who are gay, also support the BNP and some of their policies.
    We all know about Nick Griffin and his past, but at least he is one party that will stand up for the real people of this country, then see whos name calling.
    As for SimonQ message above re ” a lot of irrational, militaristic, muslim hating bigots in the lGBT community, he is 100% correct in his assumptions, the reason for that is, many gays KNOW that muslims who just love all us gays to taken out and shot or cut our throats, and they wonder why we hate them.
    This Goverment is a shambles, full of deviant, liars fraudsters crooks the lot, and no bloody back bone to get this country back on its feet.The other parties are not much better, so yes, i and other LGBT people will be voting BNP this election coming, call us sick, call us weird, it makes no difference to us,

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 24 Mar 2010, 6:11am


    Good one @6.

    This is so rank!

  16. Pumpkin Pie 24 Mar 2010, 7:03am

    Anyone who thinks the BNP is honest is a bloody fool. Parties with values as extreme as the BNP will do whatever it takes to realise their goals. There are no lengths to which extremists will not go, and no levels to which they won’t stoop. They are ten times worse liars than our current lot and about a hundred times more dangerous. Frankly, stealing money from the public is tiny crime compared to some of the **** the BNP have promised they’ll do. But, typical of the narrow-minded selfishness of our idiot masses, the thoroughly disproportionate reaction seems to be: “the politicians stole our money – let’s persecute all queers and evict all muslims in order to get it back!” Pathetic. You want to know why the BNP haven’t acted the same way? Because they haven’t had the chance. WAKE THE **** UP.

    Anybody who votes BNP is my enemy. The current trough-swilling fat cats may have stolen my money, but the BNP wants to take away my human rights and every last shred of dignity I have. So, please, if you’re going to vote BNP, just stick your head in an oven instead. It’ll save me from being forced to do the same at the hands of the BNP.

  17. Pumpkin Pie 24 Mar 2010, 7:11am

    Oh, on a slightly more on-topic note: anybody who wants to attempt to annotate Griffin’s responses to point out his hundreds of logical errors and plain ol’ stupidity and hatred is a braver person than I. That would keep you busy for wuite some time… :)

  18. scotsboi – how could you be so stupid as to vote for them? it won’t help you and they are losers and homophobes and racists! I know that they’d see people who are english gone if they have one non-english parent for example
    the BNP lie

  19. “but many friends of mine who are gay, also support the BNP and some of their policies.”

    Then you and your friends are blind idiots, pardon the bluntness. History is litterers with parties like this one, who claimed to rid the country of its “foreigners”, the reason for all ills in the world they claim. Maybe you’re not that educated (it sure doesn’t seem like it), but I’m sure you heard of the nazi party who tried to do the same with the Jews, being the reason for all of Germany’s “failings”, and then us up in the same camps. Some blind fools in German thought Hitler was great for the country, until he came after them too.

    The inevitable and unfortunate outcome is you will be following them…. when that call comes at your door at 4am, because you’re an “unwelcome” element in society, then we’ll see if you’re still standing shoulder to shoulder with a pack of bigots. If you think that can’t happen, you’re a bigger fool then you seem… “call us sick, call us weird”. These terms are no appropriate. The correct one is blind fools. I’d suggest a history book.

  20. The BNP aren’t homophobic anymore, they just don’t like gay people and would prefer them stuck in the closet “seen but not heard”. Bit early for April 1st isn’t it?
    To all those using the tired carnard of “Well the BNP are against those Muslim extremists, I’m against Muslim extremists therefore the enemy of my enemy is my friend”
    Which minority groups do you reckon they’ll turn their attention to once they deliver on that campaign promise?
    I’m quite capable of fighting my own equality battles without aligning myself with homophobic bigots. All you’re doing by voting BNP is giving them the ammunition they’re going to use on you later. It’s like turkeys voting for Christmas.

  21. If Labour remain in power another five years this party will grow. Labour no long represent the worker like they used to and many of those supporters are turning to the BNP just because they are a voice that is being heard. Yes they could choose another party but it’s the BNP that are cashing in on knowing where to tend the hooks. It’s the BNP that shouts loudest.

  22. ‘Going to really shock you…as i gay man i have voted for the BNP, twice’

    Actually, that’s not shocking at all. There’s nothing shocking about ignorance and stupidity – its to be pitied.

    From the appalling grammar and punctuation of your post, I can see Will’s advice to you to read a history book, or any book for that matter, is utterly wasted on you.

  23. Not one mention of gay women – Gay is not all about men is it?… Maybe he has lesbians down as being hetro male titillation like so many others. . .

  24. Christine Rourke 24 Mar 2010, 10:44am

    Yes, it’s really true, folks…

    The BNP is now gonna be much more LGBT friendly.

    If they get elected , we will now be hung with only the BEST QUALITY silken ropes.


  25. Lucio Buffone 24 Mar 2010, 11:13am

    So Iain Dale allows Nick Griffin to say that all terrorists are Muslim, and leaves the comment unchallenged. What about David Copeland. SHAME on Pink News for running this interview SHAME

  26. “THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

    THEN THEY CAME for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

    Think on……………………..

  27. theotherone 24 Mar 2010, 11:31am

    ‘Not one mention of gay women – Gay is not all about men is it?… Maybe he has lesbians down as being hetro male titillation like so many others. . .’

    He probably thinks all Lesbians have long blonde hair. huge breasts and a secret desire to such his lollypop.

    Squigy: I can’t help but agree with you. The BNP are the party of disillusioned Working Class Labour voters in England. Thankfully there’s a Mainstream Nationalist Party that largely (but not totally) takes the sting out of the BNP.

  28. and there’s others who stick with Labour or turn to LIb-dems and other parties

  29. Emmarainbow 24 Mar 2010, 1:47pm

    scotsboi – are you sure you want to vote for a party that wants to ban mixed-race marriage and prevent black people from getting any govt stuff – like the nhs, etc? Shame on you that your hatred of others is that strong.

    As to lesbians… yea. I don’t think he thinks of any woman having sexual agency really. He’s of the ‘let’s ban all abortion and contraception! More white babies!!’ crowd, and high up members have said some iiinteresting things about rape, so I think queer women will just be a part of his breeding program. D:

    I really hope almost all LGBTQ+ people and their allies won’t be taken in by such ridiculous promises… we don’t want to kill you anymore! Just treat you like second class citizens!

  30. BrazilBoysBlog 24 Mar 2010, 2:22pm

    @25 “So Iain Dale allows Nick Griffin to say that all terrorists are Muslim, and leaves the comment unchallenged. What about David Copeland. SHAME on Pink News for running this interview SHAME”

    WHAT??? Sorry, I have never understood this particular argument.. Why shame on Pink News? I WANT to read about what is happening, what people are saying about us.. Because an interviewer did not ask the question you wanted him to ask, perhaps speaks volumes about the interviewer also?

    I do not want my news sanitized or made ´gay-friendly´, I want it like it IS. I want the truth… Perhaps that way, I can find out what these bigots REALLY think about us…

    On another note… How ANY gay or lesbian person could ever even CONSIDER voting for a homophobic party such as the BNP is beyond me. Incredible and more than a little sad.

  31. Nick Griffin is a grotesque clown who provides a few minutes of amusement but fundamentally repels.
    Scotsboi, I can’t imagine the psychology that would make you support a party whose only rationale is ethnic and cultural hatred and which wants to abolish your legal rights, as well as those of many others, but it strikes me as rather like Jews voting for Hitler ni 1933. Oh, and what do you think of the Jews, by the way?

  32. Remember Roehm ... 24 Mar 2010, 4:27pm

    Ernst Roehm was an openly gay man who worked alongside Adolf Hitler and the one who moderatated the Nazi’s ‘message’. (Hitler’s ‘right’ hand man as it were.) That’s how they got voted in in 1933. (“We’re nice-ish really, we won’t hurt anyone if they obey us”….)

    A year later, and the Night of The Long Knives. (1934) saw Hitler reveal his true homophobic colours- aswell as much else- and had Roehm and his entire brigade shot in a barracks. See the Visconti- film : The Damned for an idea of this…

    That’s what would happen to the likes of scotsboi and any other lgbt twats who support the BNP (or any other far-right nutters & bigots -like the English Defence League, Nat Front etc…) Along with the rest of us most likely.

    Book your places on the ferries/eurotunnel out now… (just in case)

  33. “Book your places on the ferries/eurotunnel out now… (just in case)”

    Why wait?

  34. Carl Rowlands 24 Mar 2010, 6:26pm

    “I agree it’s better if two gay men are in a stable relationship rather than cottaging all over the place” Erm ….so what about those gay men who are in a stable relationship and are cottaging all over the place! Sounds like fun to me……….!

  35. Wow. I am actually gobsmacked. Was Nick Griffin trying to be funny, because surely he aint serious?

    And yes…every terrorist is a Muslim…including the IRA bombers I suppose? Pull the other one.

  36. go to youtube and search on:

    webster griffin bnp gay

    up will come three videos where Griffins former gay sex-buddy recounts what they used to do together

    the man is a hypocrit

    post the URLs to the three youtube videos in as many places as you can

    and he describes us still as faggots! unbelievable!

  37. Scotsboi, if you are Scot as I am myself, then I’m surprised you’ve not had your head kicked in by now. I can say for a fact that that’s how many non-racist, non-bigoted Scots (unlike yourself) deal with hate-filled intolerant idiots like yourself. The only thing to be intolerant of, is intolerance.

  38. theotherone 24 Mar 2010, 7:54pm

    hey George!

    Have a drink on me for that comment ;-)

  39. Scotsboi (comment 14), you talk of how “this Goverment is a shambles, full of deviant, liars fraudsters crooks the lot”

    Have a read of the record of the BNP in the courts, all of it on public record, so not ‘made up propaganda’ and think about whether voting BNP will produce anyone with better moral fibre.

    (you can of course choose to ignore that the vast majority of them hate your guts for being gay. And yes, you are an ignorant, racist fool. You said it didn’t matter if we called you that, so I thought it would be fine to tell the truth)

    BNP convictions:

  40. BrazilBoysBlog 24 Mar 2010, 10:13pm

    @33 “”Book your places on the ferries/eurotunnel out now… (just in case)”

    Why wait?

    Indeed…. Brazil is lovely this time of year! :-) :-)

  41. Thank you, your Crime Report has been submitted.

    Your online report reference number is CR02-00062967 (Please note this is not a Crime Reference number)

    Your report will be forwarded to the police station covering the location of the crime and a crime reference number will be issued to you in due course. You will be contacted by an investigator in the next 72 hours.

    Return to Metropolitan Police Service homepage.

  42. Ugh. Just more of the same despicable lies that Griffin is always spouting. Smash the BNP!

  43. Having read the toxic, hate-filled rants on this site, none of you – with the exception of Scotsboi – has any right whatsoever to call anyone else “Hate-filled.” You will never read anything as vicious about gay people on the BNP site or hear it from anyone at the meetings.

    You people really need to wake your ideas up, because in the not too distant future there’s a very real possibility of Moslems getting some control in this country, and that is terrifying. I’m not gay but my brother is – and when I see the videos of young lads of 16 and 17 being lynched for being gay I find it so shocking and heartbreaking. The British National Party do not believe in anything like that, they just believe you should get on with your own life, don’t always have that “in your face” attitude that people – and including plenty of gay people themselves – don’t like, but there is NO WAY that they think that gay people should be harmed in any way. For crying out loud, there are hundreds of thousands of people that support the BNP, do you think that these people are not either gay or have gay members of their family – there will be thousands of them. They wouldn’t support the BNP if they thought they wanted to harm them, for goodness sake!

    Listen to Scotsboi, the only intelligent, rational comment on here!

  44. Thanks Eve for your comment above, nice for a bit of support.
    As for the comment from George, yes i am from scotland, but living and working in england for now.
    As for the other comments George, maybe you should go and have a long hard deep look at your own thoughts before you start talking about kickinh heads in, cause believ me, many muslims would love to kick yours in right now, just like all us gays on here, they HATE us, they despise us, yet PC brigades like yourself allow them to be hatefull towards us
    Think of this then George, in about 30, possible less years, WE will be the minority group in our OWN country, why?, because we allow this goverment and its puppets to walk all over us and dictate to us how others should rule our country.

  45. Emmarainbow 25 Mar 2010, 3:07pm

    Yea right, of course all muslims hate good honest white people… never the other way around >_< 'We'll be a minority in our own country' – the UK is not the property of white people. It is for all its inhabitants, whatever race, creed, colour. I'm sickened that you think I hate others enough that if it doesn't directly damage me, I'll vote to take away their rights.

    Also, as I said 'BNP loves the gays, honest!'

    Why was someone I know put on their hitlist for speaking at an LGBT conference? Why did your youth leader, Mark Collett say that AIDS is "A friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it"?

    A quick google search of BNP quotes:

    Tbh, I think this just follows the regular BNP media pattern – they always make sure there are positive comments on any news stories about them.

  46. Eve – even their evil website shows their homophobia! Nick Griffin is a homophobe

  47. Have a look at this link! Muslims and Islam make the British National Party look like a bunch of fairies!! Never mind about going on about “moderate Muslims” as they are irrelevent, and they know it. If the Muslims get any power, it’s the likes of Anjem Choudry that will be calling the shots. And whether you approve of the BNP or not, they are the ONLY party fighting against this, unlike the 3 in 1 party, Lib/Lab/Con who are actively encouraging them. Go on youtube and look up the video of Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat talking to a gathering of Muslims – just make sure you’ve got a sick bag handy – then watch the video of Shahid Malik, Labour, Yorkshire. If that doesn’t open your eyes then you deserve all you get!

    Here’s the lilnk:

  48. Pretty sure Mr Griffin said he was not homphobic and whatever people in do in their private lives is up to them. I really don’t see any hostility.

    He’s just being perfectly honest, which is a hard quality to find in a politician, when he said he finds men kissing infront of him ‘creepy’ and it’s obvious about 90% of the population would probably feel the same way.

  49. Eve and Scotsboi –
    The Red Herring is a very popular fish and you are plainly also its devotees.
    You are effectively saying that a party which wants to abolish Civil Partnerships, reintroduce some form of Section 28 and scrap anti-discrimination protection for lesbian and gay people and expects us to be silent and invisible in a way it would never expect of heterosexual people must be OK because other even madder groups want to stone us to death. This is like saying that Harold Shipman wasn’t such a bad old stick because he didn’t bump off as many people as Hitler(and I understand some of your members are quite fond of the latter).
    I wouldn’t exactly trust the BNP on not encouraging violence against us, either.
    Islamic fanatics exist (and I know Muslims who despise them as well as anyone), but they are only dealt with by open debate in a democratic and liberal society under equitable laws and by adequate policing. Not by supporting parties whose bigotry and authoritarianism easily matches theirs.
    For God’s sake don’t let your irrational ethnic hatreds and fears drive you into the arms of crypto-fascists who are your enemies.

  50. Nick Goblin will say whatever is necessary to get popular, but somehow I don’t see the BNP/C18/NF/EDL sponsoring pride events in future with their message of love for all human beings.

  51. Well, Riondo, you can sneer and pontificate as much as you like, but I have lived in three Islamic countries, altogether for four and a half years, my husband was there for thirteen years. I think I have a bit more experience of how Muslims work than you do.

    500 gay people in London said they voted for the British National Party because they thought that they would be better off with them than with Islamists – and they are RIGHT!

    Have you not already read about the Muslim women in London – Tower Hamlets – being threatened with their lives because they are wearing western dress and have been told to wear the burqha? Would you ever have thought that that could happen in the UK? These women certainly didn’t think so. They thought they’d left all that behind in the stone age countries they fled from. Not so, apparently.

    WHO are these Muslims going to object to next?? The police do sod all about it, but the BNP will. But it’s your lives and your choice.

  52. Eve – pointing out what you are doing is not ‘pontificating’. I am not an apologist for Islamic countries and, as I have pointed out, I know plenty of muslims who would hate to live in them. Why are they happy to live here, even next door to some of their bigoted and mad co-religionists? Because this is an open, democratic and liberal society under the rule of law which, for all its difficulties and faults, is better than any seriously different model, and certainly better than what the BNP in power would do to it. I repeat: it is mad to attempt to protect yourself from the perceived threat of wolves by calling on the hyenas.

  53. okay, please yourself, Riondo. But this “open, democratic society under the rule of law” is on it’s way out unless the mainstream parties wake their ideas up and stop the spread of Islam. You don’t need to tell me that there are Muslims who do not want to live under Sharia law, I just told you about some women in London who most certainly don’t! The problem is that the moderate mulsims will not get any choice because it is always the radicals that have the power.

    Anyway, Riondo, that’s just my point of view, obviously an opposite view to yours, but then as you say, at the moment we still have a democracy of a kind – I’m just concerned about how much longer we’ve got it!

  54. Eve – pushing the BNP into power will destroy democracy as effectively as any religious extremist would! the BNP are racists who would be against anyone with what they perceive as non-english genes plus their website has had policies aimed at keeping LBG people in the closet and removing rights! LBG rights are peoples rights are human rights

  55. Hi, Chester, I did reply to you but it didn’t come up. Maybe I got the security bit wrong. I do understand concerns that gay people may have, but the only way to see for yourself is to go to one of the meetings. Don’t believe the media, see for yourself. Nobody would bat an eyelid. It would be just like walking into the pub. There were gay people at the last meeting that I went to and two of them are standing as candidates. We’ve also got Jewish peole and mixed race people. And they were there before the race gestapo started picking on them.

  56. I don’t believe any of that eve

  57. I Do!

  58. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 11:21am

    Sign the petition, and vote Green.

  59. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 11:28am

    Mr. Eve,

    You are campaigning a gay website, and you are dropping your bucket down a dry well.

  60. The BNP are basically a party for the selfish “indigenous whites” of this country. History has shown that in times of financial hardship and recession, these parties flourish. It is a shame that nobody has bothered to learn from said history. It targets the narrow minded Daily Mail reader who has seen that immigration has increased without taking into consideration the hard work that immigrants do. It targets the heterosexual man who would rather not see two gay men kiss in public, although he doesn’t know that some of the most talented and successful people in society are gay. It targets the person who thinks in the short term, and despite the fact that the majority of people can see right through this party; they will gain more support and influence public opinion. For every 100 people who watched Nick Griffin call homosexuality creepy on Question Time, I can bet you at least one person agreed. People need to realise what this party is about, and if they think the only thing that will change is that the “camp/black/polish/asian/muslim guy who makes you tea every now and then in the office won’t be around so much”, they are deadly wrong.

  61. Why does Eve think its either an islamic state or the bnp? i hate islam, i hate the bnp. they are both vile ideologies that wish to take my and lots of other people’s freedom away. it’s not a choice between the two.

  62. Sadly if Labour continue for another 5 years the BNP will gain strength. Unfortunately if Labour Continue to allow mass immigration so will the Islamics extremists.

  63. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Mar 2010, 4:40pm

    According to the New York Times, The UK is looking at a hung government; A minority government, Labour supported by Lib Dems.

  64. don’t forget Squidgy that the world will end and other nonsense to scare people! like Chicken Licken thinking the sky will fall in
    the BNp would target any who aren’t english enough for their approval!

  65. Why does Eve think it’s either an islamic state or the BNP? On Feb 19 2009 the government leaded a report to the Guardian to say that they were considering making islamic homphobia a sign of islamic extremism. The muslims responded “but that would make us all extremists”. The Gallup survey from last year showed not 1 in 1000 muslims thought homosexuality was acceptable (65% of the general population thought it was).

    Look back through the Pink News website. You will find 25% of UK mosques are selling literature that calls for us to be executed.

    Surely muslims are only a tiny minority (3% in last census). No, no, no. Various reports in the last 6 months have shown muslims are 12% of the prison population. Surely that’s a mistake? Islamophobic judges? Maybe 11% of all raw meat in the UK is halal. The muslim population of York has gone from 2.5% in 2001 to 10% last year. You’d better realise that the muslim population of the UK is growing so fast, that by 2050, they will have a muslim government. Shahid Malik MP said the same thing. As did the leaders of Algeria, Libya and Turkey. The lights are going out all over europe.

    Do I trust the BNP. Nope. Will I vote for them? Not if I have a chance to vote for UKIP. I have had muslim boyfriends before. I’ve heard of sikhs and hindus who are voting BNP.

    You can do something else. Join the EDL LGBT group ( The only hope is to get British people to understand what islam is about. We have to get all the mainstream parties to take a strong line against islamization.

    Come with us to demonstrate against the spread of islam and the building of mega mosques. The ONLY hope for this country (and others) is to re-assert national pride, in the hope that muslims and the rest of us can defend some shared values of tolerance and democracy. We have to give UK muslims a strong British identity and pride to hold on to. How else are they going to resist the calls from extremists in their own religion? I spent 30 years opposing nationalism and defending muslims against prejudice. I was ignorant about islam, and I gave muslims the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong.

    Our leaders have failed us. There is a clash of civilizations. I’m 50 years old, and used to organize gay pride demos in London in the 1980s. I will probably be dead when the muslims are in charge. Young gay men and lesbians need to wake up.

  66. I’m a big BNP supporter and I donate money to the party too. I would rather refer to my sexual orientation as homosexual rather than ‘gay’ – which I have come to despise for it’s political associations with leftist causes and the cringesomely crass cultural connotations of it. Above all I identify with my British kinsfolk and my allegiance is to them , not with with a group of people who happen to just like the same sex as I do. I don’t agree with Nick Griffin for the need to end civil partnerships or agree that they undermine marriage as he has said here. No doubt the party’s stance on this might well change with time as new members join the party. But anyhow, civil partnerships don’t mean a jot to me compared with the ensuring that this country shall always be the home of native British people , as it has been for millennia. I shall always fight so that Britons shall never become a just another ‘minority’ in Britain.

  67. chloe kendrick. 31 Jan 2014, 5:24am

    Being gay is not à choice we make. We are chosen to it.
    Immigration is à choice.
    However, sexuality is now socially accepted. so really it doesnt matter what your opinions are.
    Im against immigration
    Im not against homophobia.
    Maybe if you accepted that à lot of the population are infact gay
    youd have a lot more votes.
    Im inclined to vote. But I like pussy!

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