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Exclusive: Campaigner says delay in asylum claims is ‘killing gay Iraqis’

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Reader comments

  1. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Mar 2010, 7:33pm

    Shocking. This is certainly one area where the government is letting down the GLBT community. They say one thing, but do another.

  2. It only proves that our government, Labour or Tory don’t give a damn about gay people, native or foreign. Sending people back to face possible or probable torture, execution or both because of who they are is what these poor souls face. Some people think they’re faking it just to get asylum. I suspect the Home Office actually believes the nonsense that Ahmedinejad of Iran says for example, that there are no gay people in his country, let alone Iraq. Well, I say to the Home Office and to those gay xenophobes and apologists for the Home Office, would they pretend to be gay just to gain entry into the UK, knowing that the outcome would be in most cases deportation, being sent back to an unknown fate that would probably result in imprisonment, torture, death or all three? In doing so, our government would be complicit. Keeping a low profile, as is often the advice given to deportees of this kind is a disgusting example of indifference and disregard for human life and dignity. As I said before, don’t expect any change in this policy even after Cameron is elected.

  3. And to think, our reactionary lgbt groups are spending theri time campaigning for “gay marriage” – they should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. paul canning 24 Mar 2010, 2:57am

    If you want to help visit this webpage (Iraqi LGBT website)

  5. Pumpkin Pie 24 Mar 2010, 6:46am

    The UK government has a big, big moral obligation to get this sorted out. I mean, normally, I’d just say that people (or countries) who can help those in need are obliged to do so. That wouldn’t be a “big, big” moral obligation, though. No, the UK has such a massive obligation to these people because it sent its army to wage an illegal war which directly caused chaos and suffering for hundreds of thousands of Iraq’s LGBT population (they had it better under Saddam). Large quantities of this country’s money should be spent on resolving this mess because large quantities have already been used to create it.

    Of course, Britain hardly acted alone in this. I reckon all the invaders which took part in the war should pool their money and hand it out proportionally (because we’re obviously getting more asylum seekers than most countries which took part in the invasion). There, that sounds a little more fair.

    And to think, our reactionary lgbt groups are spending theri time campaigning for “gay marriage” – they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Oh, grow up. Rape charities which deal with adults should be ashamed that there are children out there who need their help even more? Wildlife conservationists should be ashamed that they could be helping people instead? Volunteers helping homeless people in the UK should be ashamed that there are many other countries out there where being homeless is a death sentence? Obviously not, because grading “good” like that is meaningless and pointless. So long as somebody’s doing something to try and make things better, whatever it is, I’m sure they’re doing far more than you are. :p

  6. Some doozy called “Pumpkin Pie” wants others to “grown up” – who we laugh!

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Mar 2010, 1:24am

    Yes, a “moral obligation” indeed, as per Pumpkin Pie.

    And I’m afraid the UK is

    “a disgusting example of indifference and disregard for human life and dignity” as per Robert at post 2.

    Thank you Paul Canning.

    A word to your MP is not a great deal to ask.

  8. We are in Eastern societies, especially in the (Iraq) suffering from the persecution of the non-respect of Almthleeah for the piece to come to this page to Ali Wajid Habib even Lucan foreigners because foreigners appreciate the love homosexual and I am from Iraq, I am 22 years old I hope I find love me and wait for requests for friendship for dating and to seek asylum and marriage thank you

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