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Dutch gay group wants to sue US general

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Reader comments

  1. Some of us UK based former members of the services are doing all we can to support the Dutch and are returning our NATO Balkans service medals to NATO HQ in protest. We even gave the exclusive on the story to PinkNews but they do not seem interested. Not even a email saying no thanks from Jessica Geen :(

  2. Abi1975, get in touch with The Advocate, they’d love the story. They have a good website ( and to be fair, most of the non-British news on this website it pinched from there in the first place!

  3. Mihangel apYrs 23 Mar 2010, 4:02pm

    they’ll probably find that testimonies like this are privileged (in the US)

  4. Excellent. I hope the pink army sue this pig ignorant bigots pants off – metaphorically speaking.

  5. marjangles 23 Mar 2010, 6:37pm

    Something which I haven’t seen mentioned on these pages but have seen mentioned elsewhere is the fact that this guy actually gave the name of a dutch general who supposedly told him about this called Hankman Bermen. There is no dutch general of this name although the chief of staff at the time was Gen Henk van den Breeman who has strenuously denied any such conversation took place.

    Therefore either Sheehan made someone up or he is too stupid and lazy to do his research before hand. Either way, hardly someone responsible or respectable. In either case it would appear he lied under oath and should be investigated for perjury.

  6. dave wainwright 23 Mar 2010, 9:18pm

    thought the Dutch armed services had included gay people for decades

  7. “”There is also the fact that the gay rights movement in the US is at a fragile juncture and there are far too many people who might believe this nonsense”

    Good point. WE might all sit at our screens saying how laughably stupid this general’s comment is, but some people will swallow it whole just like they believe the NARTH cr*p. It will become another ‘fact’ for them.

    I wish that this general was made to issue a public apology and that this apology be widely shown. I also think the idea of a sensitivity course is very good. Oh, how many people I’d like to send on one of those! :D

  8. 14 Dutch soldiers died in Iraq, 21 have died in Afghanistan its much more than just an insult.

    Sheehan must be striped of the rank he is still allowed to use in retirement.

  9. Bishop Ioan 24 Mar 2010, 8:58am

    I hope that the Dutch group is able to sue Sheehan and that they win a substantial amount of money. Bigots need to learn that they cannot slander people without serious consequences to them and their pocketbooks.

    Sheehan is a homophobic creep. He should be stripped of his rank and he should be investigated thoroughly. If he lied under oath, which seems to be the case, he has committed perjury. The last I checked, perjury is a crime with some serious consequences. If he is guilty of perjury, I hope he has the book thrown at him. If comitting perjury is wrong for the rest of us, committing perjury is wrong for Sheehan, too.

    I don’t know if Sheehan is a fundamentalist Christian or not, but it seems that these days a lot of fundies think that it’s fine to ignore any law or principle with which they don’t agree, especially if they think that it contravenes God’s law (the bigots who signed “The Manhatten Declaration” come to mind. I hate to burst their bigoted bubbles but while some of our laws are based on Judeo-Christian principles, so-called God’s Law does not supercede the laws of the US.

    If they don’t like that the US is not yet a theocracy (let’s hope that never happens), then Sheen and his bigoted ilk might want to think of moving to a country which IS a theocracy. Since all the theocracies these days are in Muslim countries, though, I doubt that Christian fundamentalists would like living there. Spouting Christian fundamentalist twaddle could get them a death sentence.In a number of Muslim countries that means death by decapitation. I saw a couple of beheading videos and it’s not at all pleasant. The executioner decapitates the condemed person with a knife. That is a horrible way to die–I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Still, if fundies who move to a theocracy are executed for sppouting Christian fundamentalist claptrap, it will be a fate of their own devising

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