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Christians protest over religious civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Oh gosh have they nothing better to do?

    This was the best response I came across from the Christian libertarian perspective:

    Civil Partnerships and Religious Premises

  2. Deeside Will 23 Mar 2010, 7:08pm

    Christian Concern for Our Nation (CCFON) is a group of small-minded, fundamentalist cranks, and their concern is not for our nation but only for themselves and their own rather unpleasing prejudices and hang-ups.

  3. CCFON is a disturbing little group that seems to have no qualms about misleading the public, and is well versed in using scare tactics.

    I find it worrying that they not only have the funds to mount such campaigns, but that they lobby members of the commons and the Lords as well.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that their funding is coming from the USA, there PR campaigns have a very American flavour to them.

    Naturally they aren’t interested in the fact that other religious bodies want to do this, and lobbied for the right to do so. It’s what convinces me the most that they’re little more than a cult – a cult with money, but a cult none the less.

  4. Rob Hedley 23 Mar 2010, 7:31pm

    To deny other faiths who have clearly decided to welcome the LGBT community smacks of authoritarianism and a belief that christianity and their brand of christianity is the only faith. There’s no wonder there is so much conflict in the world.

    They have the cheek to say that the government is being authoritarian, I wonder what they would call their own actions…love for all mankind no doubt.

    The bishops who sit in the house of lords could not vote against this amendment because it would have shown them to be homophobic, so rather they have agreed to it but now it seems are trying to claim they have been misled.

    Why on earth do we have bishops sitting unelected in the house of lords? If they want to lobby and influence public policy then they should do it the same way as we have to, from the outside!

  5. So, is Ben Summerskill with us or against us? Gee, I wouldn’t ever wish to have him in the trenches with me during a war. What a traitor to the gay people of England he is supposed to represent. I am once again disgusted by him.

  6. As a gay christian, I would at some point like to get married (ignoring semantic civil partnership / marriage debate) in my church, surrounded by my christian friends. If these fundamentalists want to stop that, and stop all the other churches who want to hold civil partnerships then they’re not battling gays, they’re battling christians.It would be nice to occasionally see figureheads in the media who represent the majority of christians, certainly at my (C of E) church, who want to see civil partnerships or gay marriage take place in churches. When these fringe groups like these idiots or Stephen Green and his ‘Christian Voice’ speak up, where is the other side of christianity? The silent majority who follow Jesus rather then their own outdated prejudices? They should be on the news telling people that being a christian isn’t synonymous with being a medieval bigoted hypocrite.

  7. Christine Rourke 23 Mar 2010, 8:02pm

    I wonder if Hookaaaa is that sad little arse Stephen Green. Sounds like him.


  8. Whoever he is, he is mentally ill. Always remember that religious faith is a mental illness – religious mania -and that it is not possible to debate with the mentally ill. Do not try; simply ignore deranged people!

  9. These people may call themselves Christians, but they aren’t.

  10. Religions will NEVER be forced to perform either same sex marriages or CP’s.

    After all they are not even obliged to perform an opposite sex marriage – try getting a catholic church to marry you if you’ve already been divorced for example!

    The largest churches in the UK are opposed to same sex marriage or CP’s.

    This campaign to allow churches to perform CP’s is misguided.

    The focus should be to allow same sex couples enter the legal contract of civil marriage on the same terms as opposite sex couples.

    This campaign to allow churches perform CP’s is merely muddling the campaign for equality.

  11. Mumbo Jumbo 23 Mar 2010, 8:40pm

    “However, Christian traditionalists have seized…….”

    We should be careful not to adopt their self-description.

    To describe these people as “traditionalist” makes them sound like harmless types who like a nice Sunday roast and a little morris dancing.

    They are nothing of the sort.

    They are poisonous, obsessive bigots who want to deny the basic human rights of their fellow citizens and should rightly be described as such.

  12. Smiley Riley 23 Mar 2010, 8:54pm

    What ever happened to love thy neighbour, judge not lest ye be judged, he who is without sin cast the first stone. So sick of religious hypocrites it’s ridiculous.

  13. douglas in canada 23 Mar 2010, 9:26pm

    Why not just force everyone who wants to get married to go to City Hall for a marriage license and ceremony. Let that be standard practice. Then, for the religious types, let their churches offer a blessing, once the civil ceremony has taken place.

    This way, no church will be forced to actually perform the marriage. After all, the license is issued by the government, not by the church.

    The only problem there will be the churches and church staff that rely on ‘the pretty building’ to lure people in for weddings that make nice photographs. Their livelihood might suffer, due to loss of revenue.

  14. As usual, these religious types show that they do not understand their own 2000 year old book, written in the deserts of the middle east by ignorant savages.

    They are fixated on sex.

    Despite the on going situation with regards to Herr Nazi and his
    pedophiles, the Israel Jew nonsense proclaiming that Jerusalem is their Capital.

    I think it is about time that all atheists and logical thinking people take these mentally imbalanced idiots power from them by force if necessary.

    Unfortunately it won’t happen as these idiots have power.

  15. blimey – what a fuss over a small change, it’s still a civil partnership not a marriage …..

  16. Christians? Anything but, even though there are an enormous number of true and good Christians, true to Jesus 2nd of only two commandments – “love thy neighbor as thyself”

    I am sure that God has already reserved these peoples place in hell, for denigrating and denying this part of God’s creation.

    They can bitch all day till the cows come home, but they are in the minority, the world is changing etc. To hell with them in this world. God will deal with them in the next, and it wont be pretty.

  17. How pathetic that they’re now trying to bully their fellow Christians. Is this because they’re scared that their bigoted brainwashing might be shown up for the lies it is when other Christians allow CPs in their places of worship?

    Yes, they are fixated on sex. They also seem to lead very narrow lives in general. I think they think about gay people more than most people on here. I’d call it an obsession.

  18. If a church preached the exclusion of blacks, Asians or women….would that be ok and would the law back them….I THINK NOT! It is about time that religion was brought into line with human rights issues around equality!! I’m sick of all this pussy footing around some religious people with outdated ideas. It also advocates stoning people and an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth in the bible……..Doesn’t mean its ok or the right thing to do!!!

  19. heeeeey more evidence that they only give a crap about their own (religious) rights

  20. I’m appalled that Ben Summerskill could make a comment as blindingly stupid as “Right now, faiths shouldn’t be forced to hold civil partnerships, although in ten or 20 years, that may change.”

    What absolute piffle. He should know better.

    Does he not realise that churches are free to discriminate against whomever they like in performing religious wedding ceremonies? They always have. They always will.

    This man is the leader of the self-proclaimed leading LGB (but not T) group in Britain. Yet his group OPPOSES marriage equality for same-sex couples.

    But he tries to mitigate this hideous betrayal of the equality agenda by implying that in 20 years churches might allow us to get CP’s.

    Stonewall needs to disband. As a group which claims to be campaigning for LGB (but not T) equality, their homophobia makes them not fit for purpose.

    (And Stonewall UK ARE homophobic – how else can you describe a group who believes that same sex couples should be denied equal access to the legal contract of civil marriage because of our sexual orientation).

    Gay people need to stop donating money to homophobic groups like Stonewall UK who are working against our quest for equal rights

  21. Erroll Clements 24 Mar 2010, 4:43pm

    At what point do these t**ts actually START to act and behave like Christians, instead of the two faced biggots they are? A good example they are with the catholic church full of pedo’s, and the vatican getting in rent boys. Do as I say not as I do??

  22. Martin, if the civil marriage/civil partnership is ONLY a semantics debate then please explain to all of us why one is, and always has been allowed in church and the other is not allowed in church and is facing huge opposition to allowing it in church? If the people of England really see CPs as the same as marriage, then why is there even a debate about this? And why isn’t an English CP recognized in most other European countries when NO European country doesn’t recognize English marriages? Why is the B&B owner arguing that she doesn’t have to rent to a gay couple with a CP because they aren’t “married”? Why do a majority of people in the country support her position? Why does every publication in the country put “not really” scare quotes around the words “marry” and “marriage” when discussion CPs if they are the same thing?

    I’m astonished that so many people in England have bought into the outrageous lie that CPs are the same, are respected the same and have the same legal and social standing, when the evidence against such a claim is so blatantly obvious.

  23. My point being, the debate between “civil marriage” and “civil partnership” is about a hell of a lot more than simple semantics. It’s about the difference between REAL marriages and legally recognized flatmates.

  24. Alas, bigots who want to stop something will always find it easier to raise money than those who want to support something. There is that sense of panic in the former (if you fail, that’s it) not present in the latter (we can always have another go). I know it’s awful that this should be the case, and many people are harmed in the meanwhile, but it will never change. Neither will the fact that those with most money always get the ear of politicians, whether in business or anything else.

    The doesn’t alter, of course, the fact that CofE bishops are the exception, in that they are funded largely by those who hate the idea that their money is being spent on homophobic, cowardly, hypocrisy. so long as they have their iniquitous place in the Lords, this will continue.

  25. Lord Alli = hero

    Ben Summerskill- it makes me sad to know that you are imagining a world in 20 years time where civil partnerships still exist. They should only be a stepping stone to full marriage equality. They are a step forward but only a springboard towards another destination.

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