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Sentencing delayed for Malawi gay couple

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Reader comments

  1. All funding from the UK and other Western countries to this country and others like it should be stopped. If they want to take a backward stance let then do it with our help!

  2. Correction:-

    I did of course mean Without our help.


    Thank you.

  3. These men are still in jail?

    So even if they are acquitted of their ‘crime’ of being gay then they will have already spent about 4 months in jail.

    When is Malawi getting expelled from the Commonwealth.

    it is a backward nation that needs to be expelled from the Commonwealth along with all aid and trade to that country.

    I can’t believe these African countries are receiving financial aid from the west.

    Quite clearly they don’t need our aid if they can waste money on persecuting gay people.

  4. Leatherman 22 Mar 2010, 2:17pm

    Still Recon the heavier of the gay dating websites is fundraising for Malawi, details are in the rollover panel on the main page.

    I’ve not renewed my Premium Membership and I told them why I would encourage others to do the same.

  5. Joe In California 22 Mar 2010, 3:46pm

    Leatherman, please post full website address and contact information for Recon’s site so that everyone can send them their thoughts! Fax number, office number, email, etc.

  6. Leatherman 22 Mar 2010, 5:47pm

    The only contact I can see for Recon is via the website or

    They have staff members doing a sponsored cycle ride, they were raising funds via bucket collections at their London Play Parties.

    When I complained they replied:
    >Recon does not support homophobic regimes. Mission Malawi is a UK >charity raising funds for HIV/Aids projects in Malawi, Mozambique >and Zimbabwe.

    >The governments of the above countries do not benefit in any way >from the money raised and Recon was quite adamant that people >suffering from HIV/AIDS related illnesses should not have to >suffer unaided because of the actions of their governments.

    I do not believe you can work in these countries without paying off the Government, so I did the only thing I could do and not renew my Recon membership which is a bit rubbish because the men on the site are hot & kinky :)

  7. Leatherman 22 Mar 2010, 5:53pm

    I notice the link has been dropped from the main Recon Website but as proves they are up over £5,800.

  8. donotdiscriminate 22 Mar 2010, 9:26pm

    The people who govern these poor African countries, along with most of the populations who support them, are generally a bunch of ignorant savages when it comes to human rights, and gay rights in particular. They also jump on the anti-white/anti-colonialism racist bandwagon at every opportunity as an excuse for their incompetence. Blame it on the whites is their usual mantra when things are perceived as not right. This includes their ignorant perception of homosexuality and the extreme homophobia – it is a white/colonial affliction.

    They are still living in what is the equivalent of the 1950s McCarthy era. They generally belong to Christian cults of the most fundamental kind, which is where they believe their basic morals appear magically from. So any fire-breathing preacher of the Bible is believed absolutely, in every literal sense.

    Having said that, there are a few enlightened people, but who seem to be in the vast minority. Also, it is still important to consider donating to good causes in Africa as long as you can be sure that the money is reaching its intended target, which you can be certain that it often does not.

  9. From a Kenyan’s perspective:

    It is quite sad what they are doing and one needs to be in Africa to really understand what and why they do what they do. Its sad. I really wonder when this will change.

    And by the way, Tiwonge Chimbalanga is TRANSGENDER and not gay!

  10. There is something each of us can do in this. It may not be a UK specific issue but it affects us all in one way or other. To help, here’s a few things you can do

    Write to your MP and ask him/her to sign EDM 564 (

    Write to your MEP and ask/her to raise this issue in EU parliament for the EU to ask Malawi to drop this charges entirely and for the EU to start reconsidering and reviewing its relationship with Malawi.

    To achiever the above, this website will help:

    if you are not sure what to write or if you need help on how to; please feel free to email me on godwyns AT and I can send you a generic letter; all you then do is fill your name, copy, paste and send.

    And if you also feel to join in other active ways, you can check with me for meetings and demonstrations that is on-going. We did one yesterday in front of the Commonwealth secretariat.

    But remember, just comments or just chats will do nothing to help. The widespread homophobia in very many countries will affect us even if it be a trivial thing as going on holiday to that country. Please put in an action and thanks for reading.

    finally, you can watch the video of these 2 guys in court yesterday here: am sure you will find it repugnat like I did.

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