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Malaysia allows gay film characters – with restrictions

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Reader comments

  1. well thats not far from the rules hollywood had in the hayes code.

    so. yay. progress?

  2. No…..this isn’t progress, this is worse than no portrayal at all.

  3. Agreed, Uki.

  4. Another bonkers country whose progress is being held back by bonkers religion.

  5. This is a total backhander. I spent 4 years in Malaysia growing up and it did register with me a little (homophobia that is.) you would hear about politicians flinging gay allegations around in the news etc. I would think twice about returning to this country as a gay adult and that makes me sad on a personal level, not to mention the disappointment I would feel about this anyway.

  6. Well, I live with a Malay guy who spent years of his life trying to be straight but is now totally gay. It’s OK he repented for his former straight ways. I think there’s a movie in there somewhere.
    BTW what about that new movie “I love you Phillip Morris”, in which Jim Carrey falls in love with Ewan McGeagor while serving time… does this fit with their new film code or not?
    If you want to do it like the old Hayes code they should be allowed to make love but only if one character has at least one foot on the floor and one on the bed! I think that should be easy enough to get around ;)

  7. So you’re allowed to show a film with a gay person as long as it spreads the propoganda of homosexuality being wrong? Wow talk about progress.

    End sarcasm.

  8. Gays now allow Malaysians to feature in films as long as they have plastic surgery to become white in the end.

  9. That’s the story Andrew Q! We rant and rave and scream about prejudice like this but not enough people DO something about it!

    Come on, gay UK or US or Australian film-makers! Be BRAVE! Make a film that lampoons this new Malaysian requirement! There are plenty of suitable non-Caucasian actors in this country who could play Malaysians.

    Write a script, a comedy, about the hilarious farce that erupts when a Malaysian film company sets out to make a film about Malaysian gays who by the end of the film have to repent and turn straight!

    You can guarantee it will an absolute hit in the Far East. Banned in Malaysia itself, yes, but still “hot stuff” there!

    And countries all around Malaysia would delight in showing it.

    Come on, let’s make the Malaysian government look stupid!

    Just add “Original Concept: Eddy of PinkNews” to the credits :-)

  10. Only in Malaysia!

  11. How about malaysians appear in films but must become gay at the end?

  12. President of the Malaysian Film Producers’ Association, Puad Onah lost his mind so much to have the face to say such nonsenses… But from a different perspective, I take it the implication of his sillyness may translate that films can also show a heterosexual turning gay… an eye for an eye I suppose.

    What worries me is when these lunatics blame gay people for something that affects the general population: “Scenes with kissing, nudity and obscenity will remain banned.” – nudity & ‘obscenity’ is for adult only movies of course and that should apply to all movies regardless of whether gay, bi or heterosexual. Just like Uganda’s proposed law with death penalty for gay people if ‘sex with a minor’… isnt that paedophilia; whether in homosexual, heterosexual or otherwise acts?

    But their bigotry surely reveals the wickedness, selfishness and idiocy.

  13. Well I guess they won’t being showing “Milk” anytime soon then. Can you imagine? Re-writing that film so that Harvey turns straight and maybe shoots Dan White instead?

  14. Suicide isn’t an option? It once was expected of gay characters.

  15. Bishop Ioan 24 Mar 2010, 7:52am

    I suspect that Sascha Cohen could have a field day with this–as well as any number of witty, urbane out, directors, writers, producers, etc. If it is not OK to make fun of one’s gender or ethnicity, then why should the Malaysians get away with distorting who we are, and then adding insult to injury have us turn straight in the end?

    Good point, Soren456. When I was young, it seemed almost de rigeur for a gay or lesbian character to be unhappy and conflicted and generally ending up committing suicide (see “The Children’s Hour”). In my view this policy of having us turn straight or repenting is a form of suicide. We may as well be dead (not in the movie at all) than to have our lives so distorted.

    This is iniquitous but just about what I expect from a country with such a large Muslim population. At one time, Muslims were, to some extent, preservers of culture. Now they are killing it.

  16. Thanks alot – your answer sveold all my problems after several days struggling

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