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Christian B&B owner turns away gay couple

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  1. Another case of Homophobic bullying which has No place in Britain in the 21st Century. They should be prosecuted, hopefully successful. If people don’t wish gay people to use their hotel/B&B’s then don’t be involved in the business in the first place.

  2. I don’t understand the comment that “they gave me no prior warning and I couldn’t offer them another room as I was fully booked”. Does she mean that she does have a room somewhere, perhaps out in the shed, where she would put gay couples, out of sight of “respectable” people?

    Surely her licence ought to be taken away for this kind of behaviour?

  3. I predict this latest “episode” may have the potential to become the new battlefront and rallying point, for both sides of the great divide.

    Get your tin hats on folks, cos here we go again. I wonder which Christian legal group will be first out of the blocks.

  4. @Jane- Think it meant she would have offered them single rooms!

    I hope she gets sued hard!

  5. the damned Daily mail has got some already supporting this homophobic stupidity! this is pathetic and she messed up and she’s a bigoted idiot

  6. This is the Daily Wail’s take on the story:

    One of the two men has been out since 1974 and says this is the first time he has experienced homophobia! Where has he been living?

  7. Does anyone know how the Chymorvah case is going?

  8. If you wish to make your views known

    www swissbedandbreakfast co uk//contact.htm

  9. I think the best way to deal with this is to make b and b owners apply for a licence to run, then if they pick and choose , the licence should be revoked.

  10. Is it just me or are these cultists getting more brazen in their rejection of equality laws.

    If the Tories get into power then I expect many, more examples of these cases. The cultists know that the Tories are even less committed to treating people fairly than Labour are.

  11. BrazilBoysBlog 22 Mar 2010, 12:50pm

    Don´t you just love it when these christians bleat “why should the laws of the land tell me what to do?” ….

    Because it is the LAW dear! A law designed to stop people being discriminated against by religious bigots like you!

    I agree with the above poster who said if she didn´t like it, then she should not be in the business of providing a public service… Simple. Close your home dear to anybody but family and friends, then you won´t have this problem!

  12. It’s all very well saying about the Tories but why be So blind as to see this is increasingly happening under a Labour government. It’s Labour NOW treating gay people unfairly and unequal, what with Harriet Harm-em and her choosing who should be equal. Get Them OUT!

  13. Brian Snow 22 Mar 2010, 1:12pm

    The police have described this as a ‘civil’ matter when in fact it is blatantly a criminal matter. The police officer or advisor who said this needs to explain themselves and their interpretation of the law on discimination in this instance. Deep down, I think we all knew a case like this would eventually arise. Let’s hope the law is shown to be effective. Would the AA, VisitEngland or local Tourist Information Centre continue to support this business (if they do) should the owner be acting illegally?

  14. @Harry- I second that. PinkNews, any chance you could find out what happened to the Chymorvah case? It doesn’t seem to have been reported.

    Stonewall needs to work harder to get the message out that even small businesses have to adhere to anti-discrimination law, whatever the views of the owners. Will Stonewall help this latest couple pursue their case against Swiss B&B, or is their “assistance” limited to their “how to sue” guide on their website?

    Many B&B owners are simply not aware of the law, and where a B&B isn’t accredited (and the Swiss B&B in Cookham seems not to be) there’s no-one to complain to, except the civil courts. A survey on currently has 13% of B&B owners reporting that same-sex couples may not share a bed at their B&B – that’s 13% of respondents who don’t know, or don’t care, about the law ( The 2007 Sexual Orientation Regulations do not appear on that site’s list of legislation applicable to B&Bs (, so the site seems to be as ignorant of the law as its readers are.

  15. Wonder what would happen if a gay couple refused a room to a customer on the grounds that they were Christian, Jewish or Muslim?

  16. This seems to be another example of religious types saying ‘My belief means I should be exempt from laws’. I wonder how they’d react if a BaB adopted their policy of it being a matter of personal conscience and barred Christians from staying.

    As usual, it’s queers who are seen as undeserving of protection. Imagine the outcry if the story was the same but you replaced ‘gay’ with ‘black’ or ‘jewish’.

  17. “I don’t see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I’ve held for years just because the government should force it on me.

    There was a time when mixed race couples or black people couldn’t dine with whites, we will win the fight too. It’s no different. This was ‘forced’ upon the public, so as to make people equal.

  18. Don’t send her abuse just book a room and then cancel at a late date and send her broke!

  19. Christine Rourke 22 Mar 2010, 1:49pm

    ooohh.., Abi, you are SSOOOOO cruel….! ;-)


  20. It would be illegal to have a sign in your window saying No blacks, Asians, Irish or disabled like you would see in the 1950’s & 1960’s.

    This woman has effectively done the same in this case.

  21. douglas in canada 22 Mar 2010, 2:17pm

    I wonder if there have been unmarried hetero couples that have been turned away. Maybe someone could ‘do an experiment’ to see if such a couple would be accepted. Most conservative christians wouldn’t allow either one. If this B&B allows unmarried heteros, but not homos of any kind, then it’s definitely aimed at homos.

    And please, someone set up a B&B that checks at the desk to see if people are christian. If they say ‘Yes,’ then turn them away with “it [goes] against [my] convictions for [you] to stay [here]”

    How long would it take before they called you up on that?

  22. I cannot believe the stupidity of the people running this house of hatred. They say ‘ this is a private house.

    So why, why, why do you advertise it as a bed and breakfast???????

    It is NOT a PRIVATE house. It’s a business.

    Gay people need to get organised and start refusing to serve ‘christians;, because we disagree with the type of people they are.

    It is time to fight back. I’d suggest those involved should take these religious superstitious bigots to the cleaners in court, for distress caused.

    The police should prosecute the owners, as they have flagrantly broken the law.

    If they don’t want gays in their house, then they need to stop running a bed and breakfast.

    If you have any spare time, I suggest making a few dummy bookings, and phone enquiries.

    That’ll teach them.

    Nasty hateful christian Bigots.

  23. I live in Cookham not far from the B&B.

    The first sentence on the front page of their website just tickled me pink (lol) :-

    “A warm & friendly welcome awaits all guests at Susanne Wilkinson’s Swiss Bed & Breakfast in the idyllic village of Cookham, near Maidenhead in Berkshire.”

    I’m straight and married but was appalled by her behaviour. I don’t know the law on private guest houses, but if they are allowed to follow their own rules (in this case their own discrimination) they should at least politely make this clear so as not to cause offence. She really needs to wake up to this as in the 21st century this could happen fairly frequently!

    I’m guessing that adding a sentence saying that “Same sex couples are not welcome” would contrast a bit with that first sentence and not be great for business :-) I can see this attitude offending a lot of straight people (as it has me) as well as gays, causing them to give the place a wide berth!

    How about a wind up – 2 gay m-m and f-f couples turn up as a group, and book 2 double rooms. Everything looks fine and normal until you see the horror on her face when they all go into their respective bedrooms ;-)

  24. I’ve just noticed the bed and breakfast doesn’t seem to be registered with ANY tourist agencies at all.

    I can only imagine why.

    They probably have compulsory prayers at breakfast.

    I would NEVER book a stay anywhere in the UK that is not at the very least on the list of the main tourist boards. There is usually a very BAD reason why such places are not registered.

  25. SteveW

    Good idea. If they have such STRONG views on who can and cannot stay in their business, then they should not lie, and put it on the front page of their website.

    Something along the lines of

    “We are religious bigots. As such we do not want any unmarried couples, or any dirty HOMOS in our house”

    I am confident that by being clear and honest about this, they will avoid such problems in the future.

    They won’t do much business.

    Anywa, I’ve been to cookham, and it isn’t quiet, it’s right in the approach path of one of the busiest airports in the world. HEATHROW!!!!!!!

  26. I find a lot of the vindictive comments on here really depressing. I run a guest house and we have had many gay guests, I am totally opposed to any form of discrimination. I do think, though, that reporting someone to the ‘authorities’ because they wish to exercise their freedom of belief is totally abhorrent and smacks of the police state. It is, in fact, an act of bigotry, something you all seem to be accusing the B&B owner of. I don’t share her opinions, but I do subscribe to the opinion of Voltaire ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’

    Is it about the money? Some of you seem very keen to see this business woman financially ruined.

  27. Scarlett @ 27 – Hello. The woman who runs the Swiss in Cookham was reported to the police because she did something illegal. She runs a business, and refused to provide that service to two people simply because they are gay. She was wrong. It’s really that simple. If she doesn’t want to serve people, she shouldn’t be in the service industry. This is not about ‘free speech’, unless you believe that ‘free speech’ equals ‘my right to discriminate against you because of who you are’. Had she turned away a black couple, or a Muslim couple, that would have been equally abhorrent.

  28. Hi James, sometimes we just have be a bit grown-up about things. As I understand it, that lady also refuses unmarried couples, which would disqualify me from staying there. I would seek alternative accommodation, it would neve occur to me to report it to the police.

  29. Sorry Scarlett, but your last post though assuming the mantle of being against discrimination, then states it is okay to discriminate if it is against ones beliefs. What a wide remit fro discrimination!
    Whay about the belief that Jews are inferior!. ( wasnt that a nazi one_!
    The belief black people are inferior to white. mmm isnt that a white suprmacist one!
    Oh and Gays shouldnt be allowed to sleep in the same room as it offends the christian owner of a b and n. come and wake up. discrinination is abhorrent and people shouldnt hide behind a their set of beliefs. The worst atrocities in history have occured because people interpret and put to the fore certain hate words in religeous books when it suits them!

  30. Scarlett

    I take your point, and in fact I do share the B&B owner’s christian beliefs (although not her attitute to human sexuality). Although I’m local, I have never met her/them.

    I agree wholeheartedly that she has a right to her opinion, and in fact 20 years ago I might have subscribed to it as well, but we all tend to change and mellow with time.

    My point is that she is offering a service to the public, and her attitude is completely at odds with the first sentence on her web site. She should make her preferences and rules clear, then everyone would be happy and know where they stand. Also I’m surprised in the 21st century that she has not hit this issue sooner – she seems to be still living in the mid 20th century.

    I certainly don’t wish to see her ruined, neither do I wish her ill, although I don’t expect all this publicity will help her business. It is unfortunate that she may to some extent end up a victim of her own naivety.

  31. John(Derbyshire) 22 Mar 2010, 3:03pm

    Couldn`t she have offerred them a twin bedded room in return for their commitment not to have sex on that night? Also-does she know whether the heterosexual couples under her roof are having missioary position-or maybe “doggy” sex-with all the implications-under her roof?
    And lets face it-at 55 and 62 -sex isn`t your main consideration on a night away! I suspect another “Own Goal” for the gay community-perhaps the moral of this story is to be up front when you book these places and actually specify that you are gay-and if they have any objections-to tell you in advance.Could save a lot of embarassment all round.

  32. Oh come on, how about a sense of proportion. Are you really equating a B&B owner with the Nazis because she excludes a couple of people from her premises? I said I don’t agree with her opinions, the answer is simple. Exercise YOUR freedom of choice and don’t go there. I am sure the subsequent bad publicity will harm the business, so if it is revenge you are after, I am sure this woman will suffer. It is a slippery road we are on, no-one will benefit from a police state where dissenting opinions are criminalised. Thought crime, anyone?

  33. ChutneyBear 22 Mar 2010, 3:09pm

    Steve W and John in Derbyshire have summed it up for me perfectly, lets be honest no one wants to see a business ruined in this economy but just dont go to her B & B end of story

  34. i’d encourage other gay couples to book a night there and then refuse to leave when you arrive. They will have accepted your booking and will have no right to ask you to leave. Tell them to call the police and have them arrested for being homophobic.

  35. ChutneyBear 22 Mar 2010, 3:11pm

    Ian its that attitude that sets us back, they can be done for breach of the peace….are you Peter Tatchells love child? FFS

  36. I was in a shop this morning and overheard on the local radio that was playing in the background something like this:

    “Oh, and did you hear about that woman who refused two men a room in her B&B? I mean, did she never see Morecombe and Wise, or Ant and Dec? I ask you!”

    Interesting take, I thought.

    Was the presenter just trying to stir things up? Trying to get homophobes to ring in and screech, “You f>cking idiot, you can’t compare Morecombe and Wise and Ant and Dec with those two who were turned away! Morecombe and Wise and Ant and Dec aren’t homosexuals!”

    I wonder.

    If you keep an eye on websites frequented by homophobes, you become aware that there is MASSIVE homophobia in this country, mainly from men but many posters are women. Schoolground homophobic hatred and name-calling continues, though now they know they have to keep it to themselves. But they HATE that! And they are itching to reverse all the pro-gay legislation that Labour has in set in place since the Tories were turfed out in 1997.

    If the Tories get in I fear we will find that Call-Me-Dave will be standing up tall and straight and declaring that he thinks it only right and proper to respects the right of people who don’t approve of homosexuality to act in accordance with their convictions and that therefore changes to the law will be made!

    Yes, the Tories will make the reversal sound like an act of decency and fairness. Though, in fact, as we know only too well, such a reversal will simply make homophobic behaviour legal.

    You can’t make thoughts illegal. But you can make certain behaviours illegal. This woman has crossed the line and translated her thoughts into action. There are hundreds of thousands on this island today who are thinking “Good! At last! About time! All power to her!”

  37. Well, I think I have just found the ideal location to take my Hubby for a weekend away. When we get turned away I will have no hesitation in calling the police / squatting a room / forcing her to close for the night while she explains her actions.

    I think she is the exception rather than the rule, as the worst thing my Hubby and I have had when booking into a hotel was “You do know you’ve booked a double and not a twin…?”

  38. Scarlett and certain others are not THINKING.

    Scarlett and certain others are advocating a return to the days when gays and lesbians had to quake in fear when looking through the listings of B&Bs or hotels, just as the Irish used to have to do in England, and just as Blacks had to do all over this island, wondering, fearing, “Will they accept us? What if they don’t? Should we try and book, or not? Should we warn them that we are lesbians? What if they turn us away? What if they decide to throw us out?”

    NO! We are NOT going back there, Scarlett and others!

    NO! We are NOT fifth-level, bottom-rung, citizens.

    We are NOT filth!

    We are NOT slaves!



  39. I agree with Eddy’s comments above. However, I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want to stay in somewhere as twee and naff and lower-middle class as a guest house anyway, with their nosey proprietors. Give me an Ibis or Travelodge any day of the week!

  40. Fine Eddy, but when we have a fully fledged, Stasi state, one day we may all be going back there. It cannot be right to fight bigotry with more bigotry, be careful of what you wish for, these things have a nasty habit of turning full circle.

  41. SimonM, I agree. I wouldn’t mind betting who they vote for too!

    Eddy, and lets not forget, we are still NOT equal citizens while we’re banned from marrying in our own country. Istead, we have to go overseas (to Canada in my case), a loss of tax revenue for the UK, but I guess our country can afford it, economic woes notwithstanding. I always thought every penny counted, obviously it doesn’t.

    I agree with another comment….make it illegal to run a private guest house without a licence. Any violations should result in a revocation of such. Clearly this was a violation of the delivery of goods and services law, private establishment or not. Now if a gay couple pulled that crap on a straight couple, there would be public uproar.

  42. Dionysian 38 said
    the worst thing my Hubby and I have had when booking into a hotel was “You do know you’ve booked a double and not a twin…?”
    Well we have said this to a gay couple, purely for the reason we thought we might have made an error with the booking.I would hate to think it might have been seen as homophobia :-(
    As for those saying Accommodation providers should be licensed, well we have to jump through all the hoops of fire regulations, food hygiene inspections, tourism accreditation inspections etc etc, so shortage of red tape from our end. We are not ‘nosy’ proprietors, we are very hands off, unless a guest requires any assistance with anything. I like to think we are professionals, offering (so our guests tell us) a 5 star service, not a hint of chintz anywhere :-)

  43. SCarlett – she broke the law and got punished

  44. hopefully get punished anyways
    she isn’t meant to discriminate, if she wants to discriminate then she should shut her business up as it isn’t legal

  45. She probably will get punished. She will most likely lose her livelihood after all the negative publicity.

  46. “Owners of the Chymorvah Private Hotel Peter and Hazelmary Bull defended the ban, saying that they had always barred unmarried couples, whether gay or straight, from sharing a bed.”
    Well since CPs arent equal to marriages then its basically no gays allowed
    Homophobic sh[ts

  47. Eddy’s right Scarlett
    who said to fight bigotry with more bigotry?
    the Christian bible says to obey the laws of the land as their God made them so that means this ‘Christian’ is nothing more then an ignorant homophobic cherry-picker

  48. The problem with some small-minded B&B owners is that they don’t really accept that they are offering a public service. They want to advertise in the press etc., but they still want to receive guests as if into a private home so that they can rule with an iron fist.

    And many B&B owners have had bad experiences with guests. When Joe (or Josephine Public) stalks in you don’t know who he or she is and after they’ve gone you find the damage they’ve done, the insulting filth they may have left. Yep, some do it. You’ld be surprised. Why does even Travelodge screw everything so well to the walls! So, to counter-act this, because they don’t REALLY want to operate a PUBLIC service, they implement every categorising bigotry they can to try and MINIMISE potential damage.

    “I won’t let in any Muslims because they only blah, blah, blah”

    “I won’t let in any Blacks because they only blah, blah, blah”

    “I won’t let in any Eastern Europeans because they only blah, blah, blah”

    “I won’t let in any teenagers because they only blah, blah, blah”

    “I won’t let in any homosexuals because they only blah, blah, blah”

    “I won’t let in any lesbians because they only blah, blah, blah”

    “I won’t let in any labourer-types because they only blah, blah, blah”

    “And I won’t let in any Jews because they only blah, blah, blah”

    Sorry, Madam B&B, offering a service to “the public” means ALL THE PUBLIC. Offering a service means being prepared to take that risk!

    Sheesh! Count yourself lucky to be in Cookham, Madam! If you were running some roadside motel in Texas or New Mexico YOU would have had 50 bullets through your forehead by now! :-)


  49. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 4:47pm

    Post 31 comes close to where I’m at on this issue.

    This B&B is not offering a service to the public; it is offering a service to a minority.

    I think it would be OK for this owner to advertise B&B services for “Christian Saints Only”. What’s wrong with that?

  50. good one, that, Eddy! Yeah, turn up to her motel dressed as a saintly old Roman Catholic priest – but with one of those cattle-stunners under your cassock and a quick “Pish” and … no problems. (just joking, of course!)

  51. So the law of the land doesn’t apply to you if you don’t happen to agree with it? Great. Now let’s wait until some thief claims that the law against taking someone else’s property is against his belief that all property is up for grabs and should be freely available to him.

    And, Scarlett – what you’re saying is daft. If you run a business, you have to abide by the laws. Would you be happy if a guest house took a booking, then, when the visitor turned up and was revealed to be black, told them to go away because they ‘didn’t like black people’?

    If you want to pick exactly who stays in your house, then don’t run it as a guest house. Keep it as a private house and invite whom you choose.

  52. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 5:13pm


    Good one!

  53. Har Davids 22 Mar 2010, 5:31pm

    Make it compulsory for all B&B’s to notify the public of their prejudices: you check the site and you know you don’t need to make reservations if you’ve got the wrong colour, religion, sexual preference, political leanings etc. At the entrance to the premises there can be sign with a bigotry-rating, a 0 meaning everybody welcome as long as you don’t bother the rest of the guests. The higher the number, the less likely it will be anyone is welcome, so we don’t need to bother at all. Add to that the addresses of other B&B’s in the area and the bigots will be out of business in no time.

  54. “I don’t see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I’ve held for years just because the government should force it on me.”

    Aww come on…

    I’m pretty sure members of the Klu Klux Klan had the same problem.

  55. Har, that’s a joke, right? An image of how such “freedom” would go wrong, yes?

    That would be the sort of “rightful freedom” that the closet-homophobes who inhabit the church-linked establishment of this country would espouse.

    The sort of freedom that would have us poor LGBTs still traipsing the streets at midnight, trundling our wheelie-cases behind us, and still desperately searching for a B&B with a sign outside it saying

    “LGBTs Permitted Here”


    “LGBTs Accepted Here”

    and somewhere, hopefully, one that says


    That’s the kind of “decent freedom” that a lot of people in this country actually want! We know who they are.

  56. Dominick J. 22 Mar 2010, 5:52pm

    ALL B&Bs should have a disclaimer in their ads whether they are Gay friendly or not!

  57. No, Dominick, I agree with Eddy (and – I think – with where Har is coming from). Signs saying “Gay Friendly” or “Not Gay-Friendly” is not the way to go. If society has to be legislated to make people respect minorities then so be it.

    This stupid woman in Cookham is just one of a very small minority. nevertheless she needs to be stamped on because if not others will take the same attitude.

    Cookham’s posh, isn’t it? Tory country. Wouldn’t expect much else.

  58. cliverobert 22 Mar 2010, 6:06pm

    Whilst I am in total agreement with the gist of most of the comments here ie the owner of the B&B was firstly in breach of the law and secondly acted in a totally homophobic way I must take except to comment 32 which implies guys of 60 wouldn’t have sex on the agenda when spending a night away together. I’ve just celebrated my 30×2 birthday and can assure the writer that sex is always on my agenda when spending a night with a guy, whether at home or away. Does he/she really believe the desire and capability to want and have sex suddenly disappears at some as yet undefineable age? No way! I’ve found, thank goodness, both desire and ability have increased many fold as Ive passed through my fifties and look forward to similar increases in libido as the future unravels. Sex at sixty is exhilarating, frequent, energetic and sustained. Long may it remain so.

  59. “I am not a hotel, I am a guest house and this is a private house.” LOL. here we go again – do these people not read the papers? She is not entitled to refuse service on those grounds. S

  60. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 6:38pm

    M-m, some of these “private B&B places” have black mold in their basements, wot.

    Government inspection, anyone? yuk, yuk.

  61. So, JohnD, you’ve been told! :-) Clive Robert certainly seems to be suggesting your expectations ought to be a little higher! :-)

    Thank you, Clive Robert, for assuring all readers that there can be plenty of sexual life “in the old dog”, even at 60!

    Actually, isn’t it delightful that this couple who got turned away are not some young pair but a mature pair . . . AND a mature pair more than prepared to GO PUBLIC and embarrass The Bigot of Cookham!

  62. Absolutely nuts! As a committed Christian and neither gay nor member of any other supposed “minority” group I am disheartened by the actions of the “few” in the name of God. What are people to think of the church and Christians if they behave in this manner towards fellow human beings? Hope you sue with success!

  63. douglas in canada 22 Mar 2010, 7:21pm

    Surely, though, in her defense, there must be ways of catering to specialty guests, and then advertising that fact. “Lots of books to read”, “great spot for birdwatching”, “regular daily bible study”, “wheelchair accessible.” If something like that were included, which I don’t see as being problematic if done correctly, it might help to prevent some unfortunate occurances.

    If I had dog allergies, for example, I would not book a room in a B&B that was “dog-friendly”. There would be too much danger of me having an allergic reaction, even if there were no dogs on the property while I was there.

    There has to be some legal way to express these things. Although I guess this still doesn’t allow them to discriminate. If I have dog allergies, it remains my choice whether I stay there or not. And even if they do have daily bible study, I wouldn’t expect to be forced to attend.

  64. lol is this a joke or something? ok so if she can do that then i think we all can just refuse to sell her food on the grounds that its against my faith ” convictions to sell anything to christians/haters

  65. I find the story in the press and the complaints by that very vocal gay couple as outrageous and quite frankly, ridiculous.

    May I say however, that I myself am a Christian (protestant Evangelical) and I am also Queer, with my own long standing male partner of 8 years. I owned a B&B before selling it, however, I believe that it is shocking that other people can seek to dictate who we can and cannot accept into our premises which are also our homes. I have no problems with the Christian faith and the subject of committed same sex relationships, and the Lord Jesus said nothing to prohibit them. However, the issue is a central one as I have described, and not I believe based on sexual orientation. We should have the basic right to accept who we wish and not wish, in our own homes. Personally, I do not allow women in my house. That’s because like the Apostle Paul, I am a mysogynist and believe in the spiritual headship of men, which is completely scriptural. There are many who also condemn me for my standpoint, but at the end of the day it is my conviction and more importantly, my home.

    Personally speaking, I think the main complaintant would better spend his time seeking out a good dentist, instead of moaning on to the newspapers.

  66. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 7:56pm

    blow it out your ear!

  67. Logical Thinker. 22 Mar 2010, 8:02pm


    “I owned a B&B before selling it, however, I believe that it is shocking that other people can seek to dictate who we can and cannot accept into our premises which are also our homes”

    I assume this was a profit making (home) business and you were not running it for free.

    Given you were making a profit and therefore subject to taxation and VAT on said profits you would be under the provisions of the goods and services act and not entitled to discriminate at will as you have done.

    “Personally, I do not allow women in my house.”

    Nuff said….

    Never seen a misogynistic homosexual before!

  68. Well said, “Logical Thinker” re. Antony at #67 who wrote: “We should have the basic right to accept who we wish and not wish, in our own homes.”

    We do, Antony. The point is we are not talking about her inviting people into her “home”. We are talking about her refusing a gay couple entrance to her business, to her service. That is an entirely different thing.

    BrianR, good idea! Immediately in the aftermath of this weekend’s B&B affair, a good number of gay business people ought to deliberately refuse (in a very loud and public manner) to provide services to people who are obviously heterosexual! It would make a point. It would hit the media. And there would be no prosecutions, I am sure, because it would quickly be understood as having been a justifiable demonstration or protest against The Bigot of Cookham.

    So, c’mon, guys and gals!

    Which of you runs a florists’?

    Which of you runs a cafe?

    Which of you runs a bookshop?

    etc., etc.

    Any kind of business at all will do.

    Or, even, which of you works for a bank or any large outfit (even WH SMITHS) but is still prepared to reject a customer at the counter because he or she is obviously gay?

    DO IT! DO IT! TOMORROW! And do it in such a loud way that it hits the media and be ready for the TV, radio, and press interviews, and when they arrive and shove the microphone in front of you simply say,

    “I did it only because I want to make the point that we gay and lesbian people are day-in and day-out providing services of all kinds to heterosexual people up and down this land, and we find it absolutely disgusting that we have to quake in our boots before a pair of us make a booking for a double-bed in a B&B or a hotel because of people like Susanne Wilkinson in Cookham who turned away two gay men from her B&B on the weekend! Thank you.”

    That’s all you have to do.

    Dozens of you tomorrow! Just DO IT!

    Make the point!


  69. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 9:33pm

    Oh Eddy..I hate to say it, but you’re absolutely wright…I mean right! Good on you.

  70. Logical Thinker. 22 Mar 2010, 9:38pm

    Ms. B&B is finding to her horror, that her silly attitude is now
    world wide.

    I read the original story in the New York Times.

    This poor woman seems to think that she is isolated from existance, despite advertising her business on the Internet.

    She wishes to take the cash whilst simply ignoring the law of the land.

    I have no truck with the woman, in that in her innocent naivety all she believes she is doing is providing an innocent service for as she deems wholesome Christians.

    However, given that she also owns and flogs on her own website, rental for a Swiss log cabin, in Switzerland the naivety flies out the window.

    She is simply a bigot. No doubt egged on by her “belief”.

    Perhaps the silly idiot hasn’t been following the Catholic Church apologies globally this week.

    Hello Dear.

    You have been brainwashed by your religion.

    Have it by all means.

    Just keep your fairies to yourself.

    Especially when it is your source of income.

  71. Maybe this couple are arent as stupid as they seem.They are already setting up their defence of THEIR homphobia by insisting they are free to discriminate when it come to their home> they are possibly using ignorance as a defence, cos they know they are on a hiding to nothing. Anyway why do people LIKE THAT always assume that gay people are shagging, 60 or not , maybe they wanted a nice cup of tea before sleep. do some straight people have webcams in gay peoples bedrooms! mmm am i getting paranoid.!

  72. Xians – what can you do with them?

  73. Logical Thinker. 22 Mar 2010, 10:00pm

    I generally put out a pat response:

    THANK you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from you, and I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus
    18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate.

    I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the specific
    laws and how to follow them. My important Biblically-based questions
    are listed below the fold. I know you have studied these things
    extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I
    am confident you can help.

    1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and
    female, provided they are purchased from neighbouring nations. A friend
    of mine claims that this applies to the Irish, but not English people.
    Can you clarify? Why can’t I own some Englishmen?

    2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in
    Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair
    price for her?

    3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her
    period of menstrual uncleanliness – Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is how do
    I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offence.

    4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a
    pleasing odour for the Lord – Lev.1:9. The problem is: my neighbours
    They claim the odour is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

    5. I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus
    35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated
    to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

    6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an
    abomination – Lev.. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than
    I don’t agree. Can you settle this? Are there ‘degrees’ of abomination?

    7. Lev.21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have
    a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses.
    Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wriggle-room here?

    8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair
    around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by
    Lev.19:27. How should they die?

    9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes
    me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

    10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev.19:19 by planting two different
    crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments
    made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also
    tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go
    to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them?
    Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair, like we
    do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

    Thank you again for reminding us that God’s word is eternal and

  74. ‘I hope she gets sued hard!’

    that sounds almost pornographic :-)

  75. How utterly unchristian!
    Did not Jesus preach that you should take all types of people into your fold. To never turn anyone away!!!
    These religious bigots seem to be on the increase and are probably fuelled by the lead bigot himself Pope Benedict and his recent outrageous comments.
    These people must learn to tolerate all races , religions and sexual orientations.
    Why the hell are these people obsessed with what two people do behind closed doors anyway.
    Lets hope the law comes down hard on her as a lesson to others.
    I get upset now on a daily basis when i read about anther religious nutcase going on about how we are abominations and should not have the same rights as others.

    Please find the time to visit to find out how you can help get your voices heard.
    I would urge everyone possible to protest in any way they can against the imminent visit by Pope Benedict to the UK, on the grounds that the tax payer should not be funding his state tour of hatred.

  76. ‘This sad story continues to give Christians a bad name.’
    “Wait! This disgustingly bigoted bitch should have her B&B licence whipped from beneath her vinegar-laden squeaky-clean straight snatch and ordered to do 500 hours community service in an AIDs hospice.”
    Let’s see her ‘Christian compassion’ work there….

  77. Logical Thinker. 22 Mar 2010, 10:24pm

    “Let’s see her ‘Christian compassion’ work there….”

    Let’s see how much Christian compassion this woman actually

    To date, she has shown none.

    She only believes in the 1940’s version she was taught.

    It all depends on how our so called “Laws” interpret her

  78. Belief in mythology is a personal choice. Being Gay clearly isn’t. The law doesn’t protect personal choices as in beliefs. The law does however protect against discrimination on grounds of race, colour and sexual orientation. This vile xian bigot must be made to obey the laws of this country or be bankrupted in the process.

  79. Check out what the fundamentalist Christians are saying about this story . . . and join a group of us from pink news committed to challanging homophobia in the Christain Institute.!/note.php?note_id=374561322513&comments

    What is the Christian Institute(CI)? . . . Remember the Lillian Ladele case, Islington Registar – the CI funded it.

  80. Friends, please go and see what the substantial majority of the British public think about this story.

    There are currently 222 comments on this story at the following thread, and it appears that about 98% of them are in support of The Bigot of Cookham.


    Here is all the evidence we need that the massive non-Labour camp is out to reverse everything that Labour have achieved for us.

    Read what the groundswell of public opinion in this country REALLY thinks about us LGBTs! They don’t believe in Tree logos and respecting Queers! Not one bit. It’s all window-dressing to get back into power! Here’s the proof!

    I reckon we need to post more of our Comments on sites like Buzz than we do here!

  81. Here’s one of the “saner” comments on the Buzz thread:

    “I support this brave woman. This Labour Government has been taking away our rights during their time in Office. Enough is enough. Political Correctness is a disease. I don`t like some of the adjectives and names used to describe homosexuals written on here, though.

    While I dont agree with homosexuality and view it, as God does, as unnatural, I do think that some of them genuinely love each other and are not blatantly promiscuous.

    If people like this woman do not want to have homosexuals having their form of sex on her premises, then her rights have got to be respected.

    There must be other places where people like these two homosexuals can be made welcome. People like them , however, are not welcome in most places, and that is a fact of life. I agree completely with this woman`s sentiments that we shouldnt be dictated as to how we think by this rotten government. Morals are morals, and the government cannot be allowed to dictate to us our moral and religious views.”

  82. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 11:43pm

    Morals are morals my ass. Let,s have a look at Xian history for a Morals 101 course.. pee-yew!

    Gay Rights are Human Rights!

    Way to go, JohnK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Eddy !!!!!!!!!!

  83. Eddy, what is moral about breaking the law and spewing hatred against people you don’t even know? Seems to me you don’t know the meaning of “moral”, you stupid asswipe.

  84. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 11:45pm

    Oh KEN! Can’t you read, you moron!

  85. I would recommend that you email this uber bigot bitch and tell her what you think. She can be contacted on this page:

  86. Ken, you appear to have not comprehended. Your post does not make any sense. Can you not see that the word “saner” is in inverted commas? The use of inverted commas indicates my view of that repulsive comment which I have reproduced from the Buzz website.

    But don’t worry too much about saying sorry. The thread at Buzz is SO upsetting, that all of us have been rocked by it and reacted each in our own ways.

    Go to Buzz and say what you think of the Comments that have been posted there.

  87. Owner Susanne is quoted saying “I don’t see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I’ve held for years just because the government should force it on me.

    “I am not a hotel, I am a guest house and this is a private house.”

    WRONG BITCH! You ARE subject to the same laws as any other accommodation. The moment you got a BUSINESS LICENSE to operate your B&B is the moment you became a PUBLIC business. As such, you have to adhere to The Equality Act 2006 which makes it illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of sexual orientation. Case closed.

  88. Layby cruiser 23 Mar 2010, 12:03am

    Hey guys …did you know that if you dial 141 before the phone number it witholds your landline number…. Want a room .wink wink heres the numbers that you could use to get a room in an xian cesspit…14107769648003 or 14107758595014

  89. Thank you for that URL, Ken.

    May I suggest the following message to Mrs. Wilkinson, people. This is what I have just sent her via

    Ms. Wilkinson.

    YOU have received countless services from gay and lesbian people who have known you to be a heterosexual person but they have happily served you regardless. You have not even been aware that the people serving you have been gay or lesbian.

    You have demonstrated for the entire world to see that you are a bigot.

    You believe that you have the right to treat homosexual people like fifth-rate citizens, but if a homosexual person were to refuse to serve YOU in a restaurant, cafe, shop, office, bank, or whatever, you would be grossly offended.

    Your arrogance is stupendous and deeply saddening.

    Would you like all of us to wear Pink Triangles so that you can identify us on sight? That would make your job easier, would it not? I mean, what about the gays and lesbians who slipped into your B&B unnoticed? Should they not all be clearly branded?

    I can hear you agree, “Yes!”

    And why?

    Because your beliefs are akin to those of the Nazis.

    They also turned us aside. They made us wear Pink Triangles. They gassed us in the concentration camps, along with the Jews and the disabled.

    Shame on you.

    Which party will you be voting for at the next election? Let me guess . . .

  90. wow guys lets go for a short holiday to Susannes place. But make sure you PHONE first.

  91. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Mar 2010, 12:07am

    Eddy, Unfortunately, a large majority of the population in the UK are mindless Sun-reading idiots without an original thought between them!

    Get used to it. The Tories WILL win the next election. Our only hope to stop any future government from rolling-back the hard won equal rights we have achieved, lays with the EU.

    Incredibly, there are even some among US that are against the EU ´interfering´ in the legal system of the UK… Lets see how they feel when the next government tries to strip away our rights to pander to their Sun reading amoebas who write the kind of comments on the site you linked to.

    Unfortunately I predict that the road ahead is going to be a very rocky one indeed… Certainly a long way to go before we will ever gain FULL equality in law and peoples minds!

  92. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 12:23am


    sorry…got carried away…! ah-ha…!

  93. Well done guys ..By the way did you know you can laeve messages on this xian bigot bitches website.. lets see how long it lasts …you can be as inventive as you like.. SAMPLE E.MAIL ADDRESS FOR EXAMPLE WOULD BE..homophobicbitch@xiancesspool.cnt

  94. BrazilBoysBlog, thanks for your thoughts. If you’re a memeber of PinkNews “MY” (see “MY” in top left-hand corner of any PinkNews page), please find member “Eddy” and drop him a line there. I have something fascinating to share with you.

  95. Patrick, better to leave messages that at least attempt to reason with her. If she sees any profanity she will immediately discard the message as having come from one of those filthy poofters and feel all righteous for what she’s done.

    She will no doubt be receiving many messages of support right now, so better to start out nice and polite and then slowly make your point and strongly once you’ve got her reading!

  96. Way Way ahead of you Eddy Ta

  97. Unfortunately, although I am in total agreement with the majority of views on here that this bigot, who believes in a bunch of ancient Aesops Fables type stories known as “The Bible” should be put out of business, prosecuted, and made to apologise for her bigotry, I fear the opposite is probably the most likely outcome of this story becoming so widespread. As, I believe, Eddy pointed out, some 98% of the respondents in Buzz seemed to agree with her, and no doubt many others too, and they will now be making booking enquiries at such a rate as to temp her to increase her prices and make a fortune from all the other bigots who will no doubt be sure they can book in knowing they’ll not have to “put up” with any of us “disgusting queers” groaning with pleasure throughout the night. This of course will give her the legitimate excuse for turning people away, on the grounds that she just doesn’t have room for them. I fear we are on a loser here, and she is in a win-win situation. Personally I’d like to see her and her husband who also made a similar statement to the media, burned at the stake but failing that, the BandB scene should be licensed by law, and people like her denied same unless they conform to the law in all respects, including the ones they don’t like.

  98. go to the buzz site guys, and leave comments …not on here. show that the bigots arent in the majority. and click against the homphobic comments,

  99. Methinks any bookings will have to be in person as her website and phone numbers are currently unusable and SHOULD stay that way guys. She will be begging for the pink pound before long if we use the power at OUR fingertips boys. Its amazing how quickly these bigots fold in the face of concerted effort guys. and lets be honest here…we arent exactly powerless.I wonder who primps the bi=chs hair for example and where does Mark do all his business.

  100. I would say “lucky escape” Who would want to give hard-earned money to a couple of fundy Biblebashers?
    I hate B&Bs! My partner and I struck the nastiest gay character that we have ever met, staying at his B&B. Never again. Always now stay in apartments rented by the week. Free to do what one wants!

  101. Rev Laurie Roberts 23 Mar 2010, 1:20am

    Surely it should not be Christian but ‘Christian’ ?

    Can they break this law with impunity.

  102. Rev Laurie Roberts 23 Mar 2010, 1:23am

    Btw What is the buzz site ?

  103. Nowt as queer as queers 23 Mar 2010, 1:25am

    Are all PinkNews readers childish, judgemental, hypocritical, vindictive bigots, or just those who leave comments?

  104. I saw the BBC London news item on earlier this evening, and it seemed very biased in favour of the Landlady and husband, even had them referring to their children being in the house, as if they were in some sort of moral danger. It also failed to mention many of the things supporting the position of the gay couple. The interviewer at the end made it clear were his sympathies lay.

    Unfortunately the couple had received offensive emails and were also shown reading them. I don’t know if they were really from gays or people wanting us to look bad (it does happen, US hate groups are very organised); but if they were from angry gays and supporters, please take a breath before writing. It’s not cool to be insulting and means we lose the moral high ground, allowing bigots to play victim. So if you do write to them or comment on the mail online, and want people to listen rather than create a backlash, it helps to be constructive and polite.

  105. Nowt as queer as queers 23 Mar 2010, 1:38am

    arfur said “Unfortunately the couple had received offensive emails and were also shown reading them. I don’t know if they were really from gays or people wanting us to look bad.”

    That’s funny … you don’t know if they were really from gays … read the vindictive, malicious, hateful comments above … that should give you a clue! Typical ‘tolerance-preaching’ hypocrites.

  106. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 1:46am


    Check your figures, darling. The tide’s in.

  107. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 2:51am


    You said:

    “Are all PinkNews readers childish, judgemental, hypocritical, vindictive bigots, or just those who leave comments?”


  108. Can anyone please explain how there can lawfully be gay-only hotels, holidays etc. while it is unlawful for this couple to insist on heterosexuals only in their establishment?

  109. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 3:38am

    “they” say the sin of Sodom was really inhospitality…gasp!!

    Aw-w-w-w-w, we have a sodomite!!!!

  110. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Mar 2010, 3:59am

    @Eddy… Unfortunately, not a member.. I am (still) waiting for my account to be approved. You can always contact me through my website in the meantime.

  111. Bishop Ioan 23 Mar 2010, 4:14am

    Anthony, get out of the middle ages, please. Paul was a closet case who couldn’t deal with being a homosexual. You are simply one of those gay men (thankfully a small minority, though many with a fundie bent seem to be especially prone to this problem) who simply hate women and have found a Biblical excuse to hate and discriminate against them. Your hatred of women is as odious as the homohatred of the owner of the B&B under discussion.

    Women are everywhere these days–they’re even bishops.

    A Happily-Married Lesbian Bishop

  112. Oh dear..!

    I have sinned!

    It was “moi” Keith in SALFORD wot told our Eddy about that BUZZ site; YAHOO BUZZ.

    Go to it, peeps, and see my comment, about number 20 down the list and JUST SEEEEEEE the number of red thumbsdowns I was “awarded”…37 at the last count….every one as presh to me as an Olympic GOLD.


    Then INUNDATE the ckuffing site with your pink bits.

    Light blooo touchpaper….stand well back…and wait for a slating and your very own Olympic GOLDS..

    That is what Mr. and Mrs. Middle-Britain Whitehouse REALLY thinks…

    In partic. see my reply in answer to some comment from a tit named (?) JON.

    Our Eddy at number 82 above has already provided you with the link.

    Happy Olympic-ing..!

    Now GO!

    I.N.U.N.D.A.T.E. for PINK Britain……!!!!

  113. Usually news articles are BUZZED UP on the Yahoo site for comment; recently about under-funding in Afghanistan; the Bulger case; the MP’s scandal; the attack on the Soham mudererer.. and what-not.

    All these stories attract usually a dozen or so comments, most no more than 7/8/9; whatever; and each comment can get a green thumbs up or a red thumbs down; click the icon in the margin to register your vote.

    Nearly all of the comments in support of this B/B owner have green thumb-ups in their dozens… 61+ 104+ 97+ 84+ 45+ 139 +..!!

    THIS FIRESTORM of a story has really rattled straightdom.


    I got 37 RED thumb-downs for this following – and I think innocuous, tongue-in-cheek, cheeky – comment:-

    HERE IT IS:-

    “Wonder if she would have done that if, instead of 2 run-of-the-mill, Joe Schmo old queens, she had had a couple of high profile old queens..?
    I could write quite a list..beginning with…..but that’s for me to know and you to find out.!
    And I am not talking about the obvious ones who make a living out of it and are as camp as Fanny’s back door.
    Funny old libel laws in this li’l ole country.
    Ta ta.
    And yes.. I am a great bigggg fairy…!”

    I am now as evil as the bombers of the WTC.

    One cretin asked me if I was not “ashamed to be a poofter”.
    I of course replied, “no” and gave an explanation as to why it was “no”.:-

    I am as I was made.
    It is not a choice.
    The only problem I ever had with it was when I was younger and was the problem others have with it, usually because THEY are and cannot accept themselves for what they are.
    Nowadays, and very much older, your problem with my orientation is exactly that; YOUR problem.

    Ta ta, pet…!”

    Another, JON, asked me if I was a TOILET TRADER..
    This was my reply to tit-head, JON:-

    “No; cottaging was never my style.
    I leave that to straight lads who tell their girlfriends in the middle of the night that they need to go out for a walk ‘cos they are not too well and then make a bee-line for the nearest public bogs in Brown’s Yard, it’s just up Turd Lane by Shirtlifters’ Parade, there on the left; can’t miss it.
    Heard ’em all, pet…!”


    The tits..!

    BUT BUT BUT that is what Britain thinks, peeps, and the pendulum is swinging back, take it from me.

    I am an old guy now and could not give a tuppenny chuff.

    I just give out this kindly meant, friendly – not admonishing – warning; watch your backs and be VERY careful.

    Everything is up for repeal; YAHOO BUZZ UP tells you that.

    And the visit from the Hogan’s Heroes Pope ”I-know-nossink” Schultz will do nothing to lessen that prospect; she is on a mission that one!
    So will Nichols be; same mission.
    So will Brady, another “I know nothing!” merchant; same mission, if for no other reason than to deflect attention from the huge, gaping hole to been seen now in their own roof.

    What is on here, PINKNEWS is what WE think.
    WE .. are not Britian.
    YAHOO BUZZ UP is Britain.


  114. DM, I would be happy to explain since you are clearly ignorant (probably willfully so) of what the nondiscrimination in services law says. It says that you cannot discriminate in goods or services based on SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Heterosexual IS a sexual orientation and therefor any discrimination based on a person’s heterosexual orientation is ILLEGAL. Any straight person turned away from a “gay only” establishment would have grounds for complaint and restitution. I suspect you would be very much in favor of such an action from a straight person who felt discriminated against by those mean ole super powerful gay people.

    Did that answer your strawman question to your satisfaction?

  115. And to Scarlett, you talk about your fear of a police state if we start telling B&B owners who they can and can’t refuse business to. You didn’t tell us if you believe that these proprietor’s should be able to refuse service to black people, or Jewish people, or handicapped people, or deaf people or Catholics. Could you please share your opinion on this and whether or not you consider a country that restricts such discrimination a “police state”? Also, does your concern only apply to B&B’s or would it also apply to other businesses? Could a pharmacy turn away a gay person on grounds of religious belief? What about a grocery store? A doctor? A hospital? Just how far does your concern about a police state reach?

    Or is it just gay people who shouldn’t be protected and who should just grin and bear it when they are turned away from a business.

  116. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 6:35am

    Good quips, Keith. Hex-cellent, as usual.

    But you know, the thought did cross my mind, for what that’s worth, that once a pope starts to apologize…there can be no end to it, depending on how informed we have about the down-trodden mass of people, gay as well as st8, who were persecuted and executed by the RCC all the way back to one Constantine, eh.

    We could gag on the facts, and there’s more than a hole in the ceiling…there’s an immense crack all the way down to the basement.

    But I ain’t bitter.

    Good BUZZ. More!

  117. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Mar 2010, 6:39am

    Good Morning Zeke!!!!

    What was in that coffee???


  118. @SteveW
    why should I tell someone my sexuality when booking at a B&B?
    As far as I’m concerned it’s a need to know basis and quite frankly they DON’T need to know. If it’s against their convictions or religion tough. They should not be in the service industry & open their home to complete strangers.

    I don’t wish the owner ill will but they do need to be tought a lesson. Another reason why I’m glad I live in Australia. As even a B&B has to be registered as a business with the Department of Equity & Fair Trading [DEFT].

  119. Jean-Paul, #111,
    cute comment,
    well done.

  120. tenorissimo 23 Mar 2010, 9:21am

    they are on trip advisor with 5 stars i suggest that we put a warning up there about their attitude and mark them with stars as we feel appropriate

  121. I’m always in two minds when these stories emerge… on the one hand, under provision of goods and services laws they are blatantly flouting the law, and there is the “Thin end of the wedge” argument that if this passes next it will be hospitals, restaurants, hotels, back of the bus etc. I see the point of standing up for principles.
    On the other, what gay couple could seriously relax in a B&B run by Fundamentalist bigots.
    In one sense I prefer to know if I’m going to be glared at and or preached at for my entire stay so I can take my business elsewhere if need be. I’m simply not comfortable in that type of place. It should be none of her business what happens once the door of the room is bolted, so long as it isn’t left looking like a brothel in the morning (though it would be amusing to see what she’d do if the bed was replaced with a vibrating bed with a coinslot and the lightbulbs were all substituted for red ones)! She isn’t the only B&B provider in the UK, so why not vote with your feet?
    Re Anthony P, I think she could probably tell if you’re gay by whether you order a double bed or 2 singles. In a perfect world it wouldn’t be an issue.

  122. Flapjack the reason why it is wrong and why voting with your feet is not the answer is because this sort of thing is the thin edge of the wedge. What if it was a doctor failing to treat a gay man because of his convictions? Im tired of the way relgious people say they are not homophobic and then go to be. Relgion is bigtory, its just better dressed up and in their eyes better presented.

  123. Christine Rourke 23 Mar 2010, 10:02am

    It’s worth noting that this B&B couple are being advised by the odious “Christian” Institute. It’s quite possible that this may be a put-up job on thier part, to try and punch a hole in the law. If so, it’s not the first time this group has been behind such a scheme.


  124. Dave – I see your point, though at least in one sense fighting for the right to part with hardearned cash so someone can scowl at you and give you passive-aggressive second-class service seems like a bit of a hollow victory.
    But point taken, in context I guess it’s a better outcome overall than everyone feeling they have the unalienable right to deny goods and services based on personal prejudice.

  125. I remember this happened to a black couple when I was a kid near where i live – turned away because they were black. A month later the B and B got burnt down. Wouldn’t it be terrible if that happened to the swiss.

  126. I guess after the Catholic Care charity case last week we can expect more and more of these ‘incidents’. I fear it is a deliberate ploy by the churches to undermine gay rights.

    While it’s fine to bleat on about what some parties might do, how about a comment from our Labour leader to condemn this kind of behaviour? I guess not because there’s an election coming. However I don’t like been the subject of ‘doing the right thing’ when there isn’t an election to soak up all the glory but to allow gay people and rights to take a back burner because ‘it wouldn’t be popular with voters’ These parties should chose there stance and stick by them not use when it suits them.

    Labour rightly brought this law in and should be exercising their vocal chords in supporting it.

  127. 21stCenturySpirituality 23 Mar 2010, 11:05am

    One of Sacha Baron Cohens creations should pay this BnB a visit. I’d love to see that video on Youtube.

  128. 21stCenturySpirituality 23 Mar 2010, 11:10am

    Oh and I’m putting a boycott group on this B&B on Facebook.

  129. Zeke, I hesitate to poke my finger again into this particular hornets nest, but here goes. I have already said, more than once, I am against any form of discrimination. I don’t consider it any of my business who or what people are when they book a room. We are accommodation providers and my first focus is on hospitality, that is the whole ethos of our business. What I am uncomfortable with is the fact the police are the first resort. I think this should be a civil matter and not a criminal one. Some of the comments here are very alarming, with talk of burning premises etc. This could all turn out to be very counterproductive, violence can never be the answer. But I can see people here are very angry, and my opinions are probably not wanted so this will be my vry last word on the subject.

  130. Scarlett:-

    Believe me with some on here if you disagree with ‘their’ opinion that’s an open invitation to bullying and verbal abuse.

    You make your point but there are probably thousands of people who have been treated like this and just left it. The fact remains this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and it shouldn’t be left it needs to be challenged. Thankfully, this couple stood up and made the complaint where many wouldn’t have.

    This is a clear case of discrimination. If it had been against someones colour or religion you wouldn’t be arguing the same case. But because it’s a story about religion to homosexuals well that’s different so it must be ok to discriminate. It’s not, we aren’t second class citizens. If people can’t get their heads out of the gutter to only see people for what they do in bed well to be honest thats there problem but maybe they should rethink what business they are in. These people would be disgusted if everyone started to question what they do in bed so why do it to others.

    If people want to exclude people from their home then don’t open it up to the public and don’t be a B&B. Religion in this country is the one and only problem holding back humanity.

    Religious people chose that fact over anybody elses right. Why sulk about it just because it is rightly challenged?

  131. Someone on here said that we should not compare people like this to the nazis. remember that hatred simmers for a while and then boils. Human nature has a knack of overheating. look at history. Jews/homosexuals werent sent to the concentration camps when Hitler came to power he worked the crowd for years! I know some people think the comparison is a step too far but human nature being what it is?

  132. #124



    I juss’ lerve that one…!

    ” …. it’s just better dressed up…”

    Is IT…!!!!


    Love it…!

    Are you listening, Pope I-know-nossink Schultz, in your acres of haberdashery…?


  133. 21stCenturySpirituality 23 Mar 2010, 12:13pm

    I have now created a boycott group on Facebook. Guess what its called? Yes thats right its the ‘Boycott the Swiss Bed & Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire.’ group. Welldone.

  134. I have vacillated between whether it would not have been better just to Dionne Warwick and ‘Walk-on-By’, singing it as I went… and take my money somewhere else and not kick off about it; but then I was born without a backbone and thkweem and thkweem at thpiderz in the bath.

    I don’t know what I would do in the circs. now at 70; probably take the line of least resistance and knob off somewhere else.

    But I am slowly coming down in favour of those who make a stand.
    The law is what the law is; end of story.

    If Mrs. B/B does not like the law then vote for change on May the 6th.

    Until then, comply or face the conseqs.

    It seems a pretty silly point to try to get a martyr’s crown over.



  135. Basic fact is, nobody forces these bigots to run a B&B, and once you turn your private home into a B&B and sell rooms by the night, it isn’t your private home any more, and it’s unlawful to discriminate.

    If you don’t want gay guests, then don’t run a B&B; and preferably, go and sit in a cave somewhere and brood privately over your nasty bigotry. I bet the owners of the B&B have never asked a mixed-sex couple to produce their marriage licence to prove they weren’t cohabiting, so their comments on this issue are as dishonest as their website where they claim to offer a warm welcome to all guests.

    Also, once a hotel or B&B has taken a booking with any customer, it’s entered into a contract, a legal contract to provide a certain service. If you refuse to provide the accommodation when the guests arrive, you’re in breach of contract, just as guests not turning up have to pay for the room they’ve booked.

    But the basic thing is, what nasty little bigots the owners are. It isn’t also bigoted to want them prosecuted or to wish ill on them; it’s disgust that such attitudes still exist, and the desire to see it stopped.

    If property owners don’t want to obey the law, then don’t offer the service. Go and do something else with your time and capital.

  136. How about a mass picket of the B&B – or, more simply, brick the windows. You pick a fight with gays, you lose. Remember the Stonewall riot, if we could mobilise properly as a community people like this would be screwed.

  137. Sorry but no matter how vile this homophobic couple are I can’t help thinking that trying to prove gay people can be even worse is proving a positive point. Surely we’d get more if we showed we were better that this and showing others too. This gay couple hopefully will get a civil case against them, which is wrong in the first place as it should be a proper prosecution. Shouldn’t these two men be getting our backing. Their cause is for us all. Showing we can be even more hateful just doesn’t work. Sadly a minority doing it will make the rest of us look bad.

  138. oh, but, squidgy, don’t you find people get so tired of pompous people who always try to touch every base like they were the very model of decency & high moral tone? don’t you get tired of creeps who just sit on the fence & dangle their legs on either side so that they won’t fall off? don’t you think we need to take a stand against people like that? & stop always trying to play safe? because in the end you just end up looking like a coward

  139. Little Buzz 23 Mar 2010, 10:58pm

    Bravo Susie

  140. Muff Muff Mervin 24 Mar 2010, 12:15am

    Ooh the gays are revolting! Mustn’t make them angry, handbags will fly… Jesus. Get a grip. All this talk of “revenge” is ridiculous. Brick the windows? Are you feeling okay sweetheart? This lady lives there with her family, what purpose will that serve? Boycott the B&B by all means, plenty of other people are willing to take the pink pound and she’s the one who will miss out. What good will closing the place down do? None – the religious nutjobs that are happy to stay there will have to go somewhere else is all.

  141. Squidgy; we don’t need the police or the prosecution service to do stuff for us, we can do it ourselves. Gays in this area should put these people out of business. It’s not proving we’re more hateful, it’s showing people they can’t get away with homophobia. I’d also encourage anyone who lives near the Christian Institute or Christian Voice headquarters and brick those places up; in my area a local church started handing out anti-gay flyers, so gays in the area bricked the place and spray painted “homophobic c**ts” on the wall. They don’t hand out the flyers any more. Direct action; remember that?

  142. Nowt as queer as queers 24 Mar 2010, 11:44am

    These people are hateful, bigoted, vengeful morons who deserve to have their home burned, their livelihoods ruined and their family destroyed … I’m referring to the people who have made the all the comments above of course. Danielle … care to give me your address or are you a coward too?

  143. “I bet the owners of the B&B have never asked a mixed-sex couple to produce their marriage licence to prove they weren’t cohabiting, so their comments on this issue are as dishonest as their website where they claim to offer a warm welcome to all guests”.

    Exactly. Presumably they think that if you’re an opposite sex couple who’ve booked a double room, you must be married. So it can’t matter that much to them if they don’t actually check or ask for definite confirmation. And I presume they don’t allow married divorcees to stay either? We all know that the Bible doesn’t allow divorce and considers remarriage to be adultery.

    That’s why these ‘christian’ bigots piss me off. Their beliefs are very selective, aren’t they? Again, someone using religion to dress up pure prejudice.

  144. Sure, my address is 171 Broad Lane, Coventry, CV5 7AP. Enjoy :)

  145. Nowt as queer as queers 25 Mar 2010, 1:13am

    Tut tut Danielle. Why lie? I thought people who like direct action would at least have a tiny bit of courage … or is it only direct action against people you hate you approve of? Hateful hypocrite.

  146. Sirius Red 25 Mar 2010, 4:01am

    I fully support the right of owner Susaanne Wilkinson to cancel the booking. She acted in a polite manner, stating that it was against her convictions to supply accomodation to a gay couple. Virtually all the comments on this site are vitriolic. To be consistent this is what is being claimed about homophobia.

  147. #148

    Dear Sirius Red or MonkeyChops, TigalSplatherer or who/whatever..

    You therefore support my ‘right’ to drive at 60mph in a 20mph built up area?

    I would do so politely, I can assure you.

    Rights and manners have nothing whatever to do with it.
    The law states that……well, I will not labour the point; you are probably an intelligent being, Sirius, unless indeed you do happen to be MonkeyChops or TickleWhateverHisNameWas, in which case you are as much a fool now, as you were some months ago, in your bletherings on here.

    The law is there to be adhered to by all.

    The place to change it, if you do not agree with it, is through the elected repre…and again I will not labour the point, deferring, as manners dictate, to your intelligence.

    The time to demand any change to the law will be on, or about, May 6th. 2010, as you are doubtless aware.

    Until then, you, with your frustration at this law and me with my frustration at the speed limit, when driving my Lamborghini will just have to lump it.

    There Sirius Red; no vitriol, I trust you found..?
    Coolly put..?
    Courteously delineated..?

    Splellt kreckly..?



  148. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Mar 2010, 11:18am

    C’est beau, Keith, et c’est bien.

  149. Nowt as queer as queers 25 Mar 2010, 12:09pm

    The law is to be abided to by all eh Keith … what even section 28 … even incitement to violence as has been done in an alarming number of the posts above?

    I don’t give a monkey’s chuff what the law says … a person should be able to choose who they have as guests in their own home on whatever basis they like. If someone doesn’t want guests who are gay or black or fat or muslim or christian or criminals or ginger or smelly that should be up to them. After all it’s them that lose out isn’t it?

    So shove your interfering, totalitarian, intolerant, hypocritical thought-crime laws out of everyone’s homes & families.

  150. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Mar 2010, 12:23pm

    Holey beef-fat-fried-potatoes, Batman, check out this B&B!!

  151. David Skinner 25 Mar 2010, 7:27pm

    I think we need to get a sense of proportion in this. There is absolutely no comparison between being black and having same sex urges. None at all.

    Why is it always assumed that for a young person to have only shown an attraction to the opposite sex and then to have changed in later life, to being attracted to the same sex, that that person was always a “””””homosexual””””” but didn’t know it, whereas someone who demonstrated same sex tendencies during adolescence but then grows out of them, to being attracted to the opposite sex, is being untrue to his supposedly homosexual nature? Why, once a gay, always a gay, whereas being straight is always regarded as a stage in the development towards being gay? Why, like the reticulated jaw of the python, is it only one way?

    We have been over this same old ground time and time again. No scientist anywhere, except maybe in Brighton, has found any material causality of same sex attraction. This is all gay propaganda which sadly many gays have themselves swallowed. They actually believe it, in the same way people believe in global warming; or that during the medieval period it was believed that the sun revolved around the earth, or that the Earth was flat.

    The causes of same sex attraction are the same as for any habit. Perhaps during a child’s very early years it was starved of the affirmation of its own sexuality, i.e., having a distant father. Perhaps between the ages of 5 and 10 it was seduced by someone older and it found the sexual encounter so pleasurable, that these outweighed any feelings of guilt. It is a well known fact that most children at this time go through a period of same sex attraction. Boys cannot bear to be seen with girls and vice versa. They actually form gangs made up of the same sex. It is only later on during the teen years that suddenly the gang breaks up, as one by one, the gang members do indeed find themselves attracted to Betty rather than George. Finally there is the wider societal pressure as demonstrated in cultures such as that of Greece. The sculptures, depicting the male nude, of the Late Greek, Hellenistic period, are clearly homosexual. No longer the masculine strength of Phidias, but now the sweet, effeminate and effete style of Praxiteles.

    Yes, I believe it even becoming cool to become gay in many of our liberal minded schools – no homophobia there.

    If do know that black people are deeply offended by being compared with being gay – that is unless they are card carrying members of the black LGBTs.

    Scientists have recently done a study on the brains of London taxi drivers and have discovered that that part of the brain that deals with mapping is – in them- enlarged. Like any other organ in the body, parts of the brain can be either be enlarged or atrophied through use or under use.

    I believe that in any addiction, whether it is smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, the brain is effected so as to make the addiction almost impossible to break.

    Being black is not a behaviour, an addiction; it is not an urge, a drive or an appetite. It is an unalterable state.
    Some gays, I have heard, up to a third, have managed to break free from its slavery; a third would like to, but have failed; and yet another third have no desire to break free.

    If a thousand black women were inseminated with black sperm, no matter what future development their embryos, foetuses, babies and children took, they would always be 100% black.
    If a thousand lesbians were inseminated with homosexual sperm, no matter what future development their embryos, foetuses up until birth took, there would not be a thousand homosexual babies born. It is possible that there may not even be one.

    Even Peter Tatchell has said that homosexuality is not natural.

  152. David Skinner 25 Mar 2010, 7:44pm

    Let us also remember that laws and legislation can change, can be repealed, depending on the mood of society. Hopefully when society wakes up to what has happened to them over the last 12 years of Labour government, they will push the pendulum back the other way- that is if we are not overtaken by Islam before hand. The Sexual Orientation regulations were overseen by the lesbian, anarchist, Anglela Mason, when she was working in the Women’s Equality Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry; this was done whilst Peter Mandelson was the EU chief commissioner for Trade and Industry. I believe Pink News boasted sometime back about the power and influence that the gay lobby had at the heart of government. Let us also remember that Government for some years now no longer reflects the will of the people but that of a privileged minority, mostly Marxists, like Stonewall, who have political power that MPs can only dream of. In what way can the Rev Chris Bryant in his underpants be said to represent the people of Rhondda?

    The Sexual Orientation Regulations are maybe law, but Hitler also promulgated laws. Mr and Mrs Wilkinson no doubt recognise a higher law and have no choice but to follow that.

  153. #

    I think you will find my answer in the wording of the Act….as has been more eloquently put by another, earlier up the numbers on this page; by a solicitor or barrister or some such.
    And indeed, you may very well feel – and also be right – about having whomsever you want in your premises…but be careful about the “offering services” in your private home – bit; when you do that, the status of your home changes somewhat, I believe.

    Similary (oh by the way I lied thro’ my teeth; I have an old, well clapped out, 1979 VW ORANGE YUKKY BEEKKLE not a Lamborghini…I only did that for effect, I do apologise… aspirations above my station)…yes similarly, if I wanted to hog it thro’ the local council housing estate at 60 and ignore the 20 restricts. because I can’t be arsed with it ..the 20 limit…well that too is fine, UNTIL I GET NABBED.

    Then it is orfff to the magistrates, the bench, the beak and pay a fat wad or…. trackies and a number for 3 mumffs…



  154. When it is repealed, then it is repealed.
    The process could begin from as soon as May 6th. 2010.

    Until then it is complied with.


  155. Oh David..!
    Hello, again (!))(gulps) but what ARE you on about?

    Holy M of G what are you ON about..?


  156. David Skinner 25 Mar 2010, 8:39pm

    K, dare I say a sterotypical gay response. You can read and I am certainly not going spell out every word, letter by letter, or every sentence word by word. Just take it slowly.

  157. You most definitely dare, David, you most definitely dare.
    Nothing you can say I have not heard B4.
    And umbrage I no longer take.

    Now it is all – “….in one and ….out the other…”

    Oh..! and yes, you are right again; “a stereo…”

    Would you have it otherwise?
    You would be preaching to the converted; conducting a monologue were I not the “intrinsically morally disordered” deviant parry to your foil; the Eric to your Ernie; the Cissie to your Ada.

    You cannot knock out of the flesh what is bred in the bone, as well you know.

    It was yours at #153, I was ref. to.
    Like your old self; and here’s me thinking you’d shuffled off this mortal wotsit; that is why I did not mention you with the other worthies in mine at #149, in response to SiriusRed.

    Anyway, si’tha on another thread; thisn’ is about done, now; it’s knack’d, like me, now, and anyway it is time for me meds and the nurse is here to draw the screens.


  158. David Skinner is repeating the same old bigoted nonsense he usually spews and misunderstanding Tatchell’s point
    LBG are natural, plus there’s many proven parallels between racism and homophobia
    Plus Godswin Law is a fail and equal rights are for people

  159. Absolute disgrace that this woman can treat descent people like this, I just hope she has her licence taken away. Imagine the outcry if she had turned a couple away because of the colour of their skin. Discrimination is discrimination

  160. No, that is actually my address. You ask for it, then when I give it you you criticise me? Good one.

  161. “K, dare I say a sterotypical gay response. You can read and I am certainly not going spell out every word, letter by letter, or every sentence word by word. Just take it slowly.”

    You mean read your tiresome, repetitive cut and pastes that you litter on EVERY site you’re on, Skinner? Like the post above which is is found on ANOTHER thread. Snore….

    I doubt any of us really read your unimaginative dribble….. A printing press has more independent though then you Skinner! A small printing press….

  162. The two gay guys who were turned away from this B&B wrote a simple honest review of their experience for TripAdvisor. I saw it published there. However, it is no longer there! TripAdvisor have removed it! So, we gays and lesbians cannot rely on TripAdvisor. Our views of hotels are removed.

    Complain to TripAdvisor:

    * Mailing address:
    TripAdvisor LLC, 141 Needham Street, Newton, MA 02464

    * General company phone number: 617-670-6300
    * Fax: 617-670-6301

  163. Evan Eason 4 Apr 2010, 9:41pm

    What is wrong with you lot? Abi….why would you want to make this woman broke? She has EVERY right to have her views, views that I agree with. If someone doesn’t want two homosexuals sleeping in what is effectively their house because they find the thought of it repulsive then why shouldn’t they be allowed to turn them away? Views and opinions are something we are all entitled to, this is a free country….apparently. I’m sure there are some things in life that gays and lesbians find unnatural or disgusting and would like to think they could prevent that thing from occuring in their own houses.
    There are gay and lesbian friendly B&B’s and Hotels, so stick to those and steer clear from those that are repulsed by you or find what you do unnatural.
    DO NOT try and force yourselves on straight people. Law or no law, what she did was correct in her eyes, and those of millions of others.
    As for Steves comments on the 27th….please don’t start bringing racism into this you twat. I may not be happy about everyone who is in this country being here, but I would not turn them away from a B&B if I owned one…..however I would not be happy about two men sharing a bed, so WOULD also turn them away.

  164. Paul Stanton 4 Apr 2010, 10:19pm

    As usual, a few militant “we speak for all gay people!” activists are making a mountain out of nothing, and giving the rest of us a bad name. This B&B is run by deeply religious people (whether you think they are narrow minded bigots or not, it’s their views and their house). So what if we can’t stay there? For goodness sakes….. There are thousands of other B&Bs in this country which will take our pink pounds!

  165. Jo Valentine 5 Apr 2010, 2:08pm

    Sorry but they are within their rights, there are plenty of Gay Guest houses that would turn away straight couples, can’t have it both ways. After seeing a picture of the couple involved I wouldn’t want them staying in my house either.

    I’m also concerned that so many Gay people are allowing their sexuality determine how they vote. New Labour is corrupt and rotton to the core, they’re not our friends.

  166. Evan Eason 5 Apr 2010, 9:47pm

    Finally Paul Stanton, a realistic minded gay person! Thank god (I’m not religious by the way) you have finally made a reasonable comment on this matter, unlike every other gay or lesbian on this feed. It is their views and their house, and there are plenty of other places to stay. Thanks Paul.

  167. I am utterly disgusted at the decision by the judge who presided over this case. the courts use the bible in their favour when they wish to do so. I am not a religious person but does it not say in the bible “MAN SHALL NOT LAY WITH MAN ” I would like to know which way the judge leans , in his sexuality …I fully defend the decision of the hotel owners……next story …christian refused entry to mosque..what would be the outcome there? I wonder.

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