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Anti-gay street preacher escapes charges

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if he would have ‘got away’ with it if it was aimed at black or Muslim people? And all this under a Labour government too.

    Time for Change indeed!

  2. Christine Rourke 22 Mar 2010, 1:43pm

    No written evidence from complainants? Surely the police asked them for witness statements?

    OK, one to remember, people… If you complain, make sure the police take a statement from you.


  3. And yet an atheist is waiting to be sentenced over leaving offensive images in JOHN LENNON airport of all places.

    My guess is myths still take precedence over solid scientific evidence and studies that go against everything he said.

  4. You would of thought the Police and CPS where not so stupid as to proceed with a case and not of taken witness statements from the complainants. You watch this guy now sue the police for wrongful arrest.

    Speech may be free! but with that freedom comes a great responsibility.

  5. @schbank – This was my take on the Harry Taylor debacle from a Christian perspective if it helps:

    Philosophy tutor and atheist Harry Taylor in court for leaving anti-religious cartoons in John Lennon airport

    I loved the Judge’s comments on this one:

    “There are other sorts of ‘sins’. Do you think you could concentrate on those for a bit?”

    Classic and how true!

  6. What infuriates me about this is the time- and money-wasting Police incompetence.
    Apart from that, unless he actually incites violence, the old fool should be ignored or laughed at. A few years ago a group of apocalyptic Christian fundamentalists started denouncing homosexuality in a small (and quite conservative) market town near where I live. Crowds of shoppers jeered at and ridiculed them. Very effective.

  7. “What infuriates me about this is the time- and money-wasting Police incompetence.”

    This is typical of many officers’ tactics – “studied incompetence” where they deliberately fail to take statements or “loose” them.

    Homophobia is alive and well in the actions of many police officers sadly despite all the sweet words from ACPO and many Chief Constables.

    Further these preahers are not just cranks – people listen and agree with them ….no-one has seen fit to measure it but the Vatican campaign to demonise homosexuals in Roman Catholic Schools in Britain at the initiative of Pope Benedict had a lot to do with the meteoric rise in queer bashing in the poorer areas where Catholics are the major religious group.

  8. Gendy – I hear what you’re saying, but I can’t believe the Police would willingly look so idiotic in court. I think it was stupidity rather than malice. It makes me feel (a bit) better.

  9. so preaching hate when homophobic is acceptable then! that’s pathetic

  10. if there was no evidence why did the CPS go to court? Anyway this prat should have still have been prosecuted as stated above had he been spouting off about skin colour or Muslims you sure bet there would have been a case to answer.

  11. Its a shame a gay squaddie from the paras* was not walking past as he spouted his homophobia :( I’m sure Mr Shaw would of got a far more deserved punishment! :D

    * The Paras have a base in Colchester

  12. BrazilBoysBlog 22 Mar 2010, 9:30pm

    This is a really bad example of the incompetent CPS not doing their job, along with the Police. Imagine going to court with no statements from the complainants? Fools!

    I loved the comments by the magistrate though…

    “There are other sorts of ‘sins’. Do you think you could concentrate on those for a bit?”


  13. Another example of a religious nutter getting a free pass on hate speech. About time we abolished state religion altogether. Its anachronistic, unnecessary and a drain on taxpayers. Ironic when you consider our tax pounds contribute to their existence while they wager against equality legislation. Time to disempower it and its influence. We should stop funding their schools, that goes for the roman cult too. Starve the bastards, let them fend for themselves. I don’t want one more penny of my taxes helping them.

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