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US general blames out gay soldiers in part for Srebrenica massacre

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Reader comments

  1. another homophobe spouting nonsense and lies
    LBG soldiers are as good as anyone else

  2. What an absolutely disgusting claim. Yet another blinkered homophobe. These people will never learn and will continue to spew this kind of vile crap. Clearly not an educated man. He is an insult to All troops gay, lesbian or bisexual and clearly in need of mental health attention.

  3. This may just be the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. How can a general (even a retired one) claim this? It shows a complete lack of knowledge about what really went on there.

    And these moronic statements are of course quickly grabbed by sensationalist journalists. “Gays caused Srebrenica?” is just one of the news headlines here in the Balkans today.

    Thank God he was grilled by Sen. Levin who quickly reacted to this BS.

  4. god please the usa and the vast expanse of water between them and us.

  5. It amazes me how the level of thick-headedness always seems to do well in the powers that be of the US!

  6. Let’s not forget that Labour wanted to keep gay soldiers in the closet in the UK, until the European Court of Human Rights forced their hand! They claim it as one of their “equality victories” now, but at the time they spent taxpayer’s money fighting for the right to discriminate.

  7. Sheehan is a right-wing catholic homophobe, no surprise there!

    Dave Page, the fact the our government was compelled to repeal the ban on our own goverment to allow us to serve openly, claiming an equality victory, would have been NO different had the Tories held power at number 10, given their prior appalling support of Section 28. Do you really believe a Tory government would have acted any differently? I don’t. That’s why I don’t vote for either one and that’s why we have NO FULL EQUALITY in our own country. They all say this and that in supposed support of us, but when it comes to the crunch, they don’t. They find some lame excuse not to go the extra mile as evidenced by their lack of support for full civil marriage equality just as a primary example. None of them have any backbone, spineless at best.

  8. This sort of mad rubbish is a sign of desperation. They are on the back foot, and they know it, so the crazy made-up gobbledygook is coming out for all to see.
    Actually quite a good sign!

  9. No-one suggested otherwise Robert. Dave Page quite right pointed out a fact from Labour not the Tories. Couldn’t really give a toss what the Tories think being that they’re not actually in power and haven’t been for what seems like a 100 years. It’s always convienent to blame the Tories for this and for that when they haven’t been in power for 13 years.

    And Section 28, oh please not that OLD chestnut again. How about Amendment 70 it’s Labour and guess what It’s even worse.

    Join us in the 21st Century where Our troops can openly serve in the armed forced and deserve all the respect that can get. It’s just a shame the US is so backward they can’t see forward.
    (mmm like a lot of Labour supporters… funny that!)

  10. What a load of nonsense.

    But this illustrates a point about DADT: there will be people serving in the US military who pose a danger because they can’t concentrate on their job around gays/blacks/women/ginger haired people. It is they who should be dismissed, not the other way around. A bigot is a weak link in the chain and a liability.

  11. marjangles 19 Mar 2010, 2:50pm

    Riondo, I actually disagree that this is a good sign. DADT won’t be repealed. Obama doesn’t really want to, admittedly he mentioned in the State of the Union but he wanted a year long review. Later this year there are elections in the US in which the Republicans are likely to do extremely well and they are not going to vote for the repeal of DADT. So Obama can say ‘Oh well I tried’ but nothing gets done.

    The Republicans and some right wing Democrats will cling to this sort of opinion from this ill informed or downright lying man and use this as an excuse to vote no on the repeal. DADT will not be repealed any time soon.

  12. I saw this headline and my eyes popped out on stalks. You couldn’t make this sh!t up if you tried.

    Considering US forces are such a bunch of gung-ho, immature, trigger-happy wankers that will shoot at anything that moves, (usually their own men, or worse, ours.) – They really have a lot to learn about what ‘good morale’ really is.

  13. Land of the free, unfortunately seems to mean land of the dumb. This man is an utter fool.

  14. i think he’ll find that the massacre (like all the other wars in the history of humanity) happened because heterosexuals have this habit of going around the planet blowing peoples brains out. what an idiot. as if its not about christians and muslims anyway, what the hell has it got to do with being gay. i mean has there ever been such a thing as a gay war. what a joke. more heterosexual nonsense.

  15. Oh yes of course. Gay people have corrupted our families for generations and now they’re responsible for not stopping a genocide. I bet you the guy on the Grassy Knoll was gay too. *rolls eyes* Is it naive of me to think that in 2010 the human race would be above such ridiculous remarks?

  16. How convenient. This’ll convince all those silly liberals that DADT shouldn’t be repealed *rolls eyes* ‘Gays cause genocide’. Yeah, right.

    I’d think that having bigots in the army would be more demoralising. Especially if they hold high positions…

  17. Niall - London 19 Mar 2010, 4:11pm

    … if there were only some way of contriving that a state or an army should be made up of lovers and their loves, they would be the very best governors of their own city, abstaining from all dishonour, and emulating one another in honour; and when fighting at each other’s side, although a mere handful, they would overcome the world. (Plato – Symposium)

  18. Well, the man is either an idiot or his hiding something within his own make-up or both. Unfortunately, our idiots are very good at projecting themselves against the rest of the world, and dragging us down in the process. Further unfortunate, those of us who recognize this ridiculous behavior cannot seem to do anything about it, because we are in the minority over here. If you are able to laugh at turds such as he, I hope you will do that, and forgive the rest of us.

  19. Which of those medals did he get for passing the “I’m a dumb, stupid homophobe!” test ????? What a MONUMENTAL moron! [with emphasis on the ‘mental’]

  20. Yet he is NOT dumb: homophobes ALREADY believe we cause genocide, they do not need evidence, only the accusation, to activate what they already accept as true. Here it is provided by a supposed “authority”. This is why LGBT people must fight contstantly, because of the readiness to believe such stupid accusations as these. Remember, these are not off-the-cuff remarks, but triggers to keep american service personnel firmly in the closet.

  21. If I ever heard a stupid remark about out soldiers, then this remark by this bigoted and biased ex-military is the TOP!
    When one considers that man has been taking decision about people’s safety then one wonder how come there is even one person alive! Stupid, Madness, Moronic, Unworthy of a good military, and above all.. insulting towards ALL soldiers, gay and straight!

  22. ‘Dutch defence ministry spokesman Roger van de Wetering refuted Gen Sheehan’s claims.”It is astonishing that a man of his stature can utter such complete nonsense,” he said.’

    No, I don’t think it’s that astonishing at all. I mean just look again at that photograph of General John Sheehan! Look at his hair. No man of his advanced age has white sides around his ears and dark orange-brown hair on top! General John Sheehan is a vain Mary in love with the dye-bottle!

    So we know where HIS homophobia comes from, don’t we, fighters?

    Yep, the evidence is sitting on the top of his head.

  23. The Grinch 19 Mar 2010, 6:40pm

    Not only did the gay soldiers create a massacre but they also criticized in no uncertain terms the curtains in Srebrenica, denigrated the human rights of several Bosnians with bad perms, held a dance off in the village hall resulting in several cases of cramps, dropped a load of chemical weapons (poppers, xtra strong formula)and acted all sassy when asked to shine up their rockets. If you require proof I have several gay soldier videos that you can watch with me (provided you are hot and of athletic build).

  24. Hodge Podge 19 Mar 2010, 7:04pm

    Lol what a twat. Sadly, I imagine a lot of Americans will take him seriously.

  25. Blair will go down in history for taking Britian into another war; Brown will go down for selling all of Britian’s gold for nothing; Gen John Sheehan goes down in history for this idiot remark. It is so hard to decide which one should be wearing the jester’s hat. On second thought, they all should wear one.

    When they make such stupid remarks it seems they are against us; but, to any sane and reasoned person, they help our cause, giving weight that laws are need to protect against hatred. Sing with me folks, “Let all our stupid, ignorant people come out, come out, come out to help our cause. Come Catholics, come christians, come BPN, come all who wear the chains of hatred.”

  26. Mihangel apYrs 19 Mar 2010, 7:15pm

    look up “Sacred Band of Thebes”

  27. Hodge Podge – I doubt anyone’s going to take him seriously except the people who are already dead set against gays in the military. Either way it probably won’t get much airplay here with the healthcare vote looming.

    Here’s some good news – a new poll shows strong support among military personnel for gays serving openly: “In total, 81% of those in the Air Force, 78% of those in the Navy, 67% of those in the Army, and 68% of those in the Marines would find it acceptable if gay and lesbian people were allowed to serve openly in the military. Half of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans from the Navy (54%), half of those from the Air Force (50%), and a plurality of those from the Army (37%) find it acceptable without reservations; and while the Marines are less accepting without reservation (25%), a plurality would find it acceptable but would not like it (43%).”

  28. George Deeming 19 Mar 2010, 9:20pm

    Please don’t give up on us ‘across the pond’ — remember we started with Pilgrim viewpoints — you must understand the huge size of the country and that whole areas, some the size of the U.K., just refuse to understand the life style or anything associated with the Gay or Lesbian way of life. Politicians use the issue to stay in office and many religious groups flog the ‘gay life style’ to increase both collections and membership. I firmly believe that the politicians in the U.S., by limiting funding to education in this country, are developing a vast pool of potentially easily led moronic voters easily kept in their place by threats of the so-called homosexual agenda and fear mongering. General Sheehan is an ‘old-timer’ who can’t stand the thought of his ‘beloved’ army manned with openly serving gays and lesbians. There are millions more of this type in the U.S who just cannot understand gay and lesbians as regular and everyday normal (and sometimes boring) people who only want the same rights as straights.

  29. Dutch special forces have done more than their far share of combat in the Starn. I dare say one or two of the Dutch casualties where gay…. See more

    Its an utter disgrace.

    Get US occupying armies out of Europe NOW!

    From an Ex member of the RAF regiment who served in KFOR.

  30. It was the rules of engagement set down that stopped the Dutch from intervening and they where ordered to withdraw from the force commander who was not Dutch. Gen John

    Sheehan is a man without honour and a has told a lie under oath and should be prosecuted for it.

  31. Gelukkig is deze idioot een EX-generaal. I hope the Dutch don’t take him seriously.

    George – I think you’re right. Look at marriage and adoption. Support for same-sex marriage is higher in Europe than it is in the U.S., but it’s the other way around when it comes to adoption rights. Why? Because the Right here have very deliberately made marriage a wedge issue and have put everything they have into exploiting it while mostly ignoring adoption and parenting. IMO, one of the reasons DADT’s days are numbered (whether the current Congress has the sack to finish it off or not) is that its usefulness as a wedge issue has evaporated. According to the polls I’ve seen support for it has collapsed across the board, with even conservative Christian Republicans who are regular churchgoers favouring repeal. The only ones really left willing to fight for it are fringe elements like Elaine Donnelly or this ex-general, and shameless opportunists like McCain.

  32. Spineless UN not spineless Dutch.

    Dutch position was hopeless and everybody knew it apart from those in the UN, who thought (i.e. hoped) that a few blue helmets on the ground would somehow stop the whole bloody mess unfolding. Wrong.

    May 22, 1995:

    General Bertrand Janvier, the (French) United Nations Commander in Bosnia, confronts the UN in New York, urging the Security Council either to protect the Safe Area with massive troop increases or to withdraw the vulnerable peacekeepers in order to allow decisive air strikes.

    He is told to carry on as usual.

    July 10, 1995:

    Colonel Karremans (Dutch) files his third request for air support with the United Nations. The Serbs shell Dutch positions. UN Commander General Janvier rejects the request for Air Support. Serbs are on the hillside over the town centre. Karremans again makes a request for Air Support.

    General Janvier finally agrees to Air Support. The Serb attacks stop. Colonel Janvier postpones the air strikes until morning. Karremans tells the town leaders that 50 NATO planes will bomb Serbs at 6 a.m. the next morning.

    July 11, 1995

    9:00 a.m. Colonel Karremans is told that his request for close air support was submitted on the wrong form. He must re-submit the request.

    10:30 a.m. The air support request reaches General Janvier. Airborne since 6 a.m., the NATO planes are out of fuel and must return to base in Italy.

    11:00 a.m. General Janvier is unsure of Serb intentions and again hesitates over approving air support. More than 20,000 refugees – women, children, sick and elderly – flee for the main Dutch base at Potocari, three miles away.

    12:05 p.m. General Janvier authorizes air support, four hours after the request is submitted.

    2:40 p.m. Two Dutch F-16 Fighters drop two bombs on Serb positions. The Serbs threaten to kill Dutch hostages and shell refugees. Further strikes are abandoned.

    4:15 p.m. General Ratko Mladic enters Srebrenica to claim the town for the Bosnian Serbs

    The rest is one of the worst parts of human history.

    And Dutch Gays were the problem? Oh please.

  33. BrazilBoysBlog 20 Mar 2010, 3:26am

    Bloody liar and a disgrace to his country. That this man ever held a position of such authority is beyond me.

    Also an insult to the other countries involved who have more enlightened equality policies with regard to their troops.

  34. john sharp 20 Mar 2010, 8:10am

    blame the gays
    how come we are 10% of the population
    and have 20% of the wealth?
    a IDIOT is this general
    in my office full gay and open bring
    good leadership and fun
    managing over 200 people

  35. Another Catholic idiot unable to think for himself and capable only of regurgitating the hatred spewed out in his evil church every week by a bunch of stinking vultures in black who should instead be serving hard labour in jails here before they go to the perpetual hell they deserve.

  36. Jason Reese 20 Mar 2010, 12:02pm

    I Believe it. In ancient military history, one of the greatest military’s of all time were ancient Greek. An all homosexual military. They were savages, they killed anyone who got in their way, ask the Romans.
    Any gay military personal should be gloating. What, gays can’t shoot, fly planes? I think the General just gave a compliment to the Gay Soldiers. Gays and Lesbians soldiers are as good as any heterosexual solider, history has proved that. If the us marine corps don’t want fags in their military, start your own all gay military. Remember don’ask don’t tell?
    Gays and Lesbian soldiers wear the same uniform, as an heterosexual solider, no matter what country your fighting for. Stand up for yourselves, do a better job than your heterosexual counterparts, and get some medals.

  37. General Sir. Richard Dannatt comes to mind.

    General Sheenan did this for a reason…

    He will be on a Republican ticket soon. Watch this space

  38. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Mar 2010, 2:24pm

    A good swift kick in the nuts ought to do it.

  39. Sack this idiot now!

    Every army that has promoted diversity has found that it has strengthened them in many differetn ways.

  40. George Deeming….be careful when you use the term “gay lifestyle”. Those are code words that right wingers in your country use to denigrate and dehumanise us. When do we ever hear a heterosexual’s orientation described as a “lifestyle”? NEVER! Lifestyle suggests something deliberately chosen, like religion for example. Sexual orientation isn’t, so be careful when you use that term, it plays into the right wing and “ex-gay” agenda bot of which are entwined.

  41. Eddy said ‘No man of his advanced age has white sides around his ears and dark orange-brown hair on top! General John Sheehan is a vain Mary in love with the dye-bottle!’

    yes, is true. he is a silly ole queen!!!!!

    r these pages indexed by google?

    General John Sheehan is a silly ole queen!!!

    hope he finds the page and live forever in history this way!!!

  42. Silly old fart looking for his 15 minutes of fame to add to his boring life. To be ignored

  43. what planet is this guy on?

  44. He’s gay and hates himself

  45. This can only be a good thing. As others have said: first of all he won’t get much air-play right now what with health-care dominating the agenda. The only places that I have seen this even reported are gay news websites.

    Secondly, this is a ridiculous comment along the lines of Pat Robertson blaming the Haiti earthquake on a pact with the devil. Recent polls among serving and ex-serving military personnel show support for repeal and this only serves to make the opponets to reform look absurd.

    I think that DADT will be repealed. Obama has been sluggish on gay rights; you only need to read the comments on The Advocate website to see that gay Americans are getting impatient with the Democrats. This is something relatively uncontroversial (compared to DOMA for example) that Obama can offer to gay voters.

  46. jckfmsincty 21 Mar 2010, 4:38am

    He’s a tea bagger’s delight. What a fool.

  47. Sheehan was the one who sat at his desk in NATO HQ seeing the information coming in about Srebrenica and said its not my problem.

    400 Dutch troops with little more than Blue helmets, their personnel weapons and few mortars and a couple of armoured personnel carriers and it was all not Sheehan’s problem in his eyes. Those 400 Dutch troops faced 2000 fully armed Serb soldiers with tanks and artillery. Those Serbs had already captured 350 Dutch troops and a few French pilots and they where effectively being held hostage. The orders direct from the UN said do not fire on the Serbs whatever you do. Sheehan had control of NATO troops yet he never ordered them to reinforce the Dutch in Srebrenica!

    We should be asking Sheehan, how did he show any courage with regard to Srebrenica. Did he think 400 Dutch troops would do the whole John Wayne movie thing and hold off the indians four or five times their number despite being out gunned and out numbered.

    Srebrenica was no film and somebody should tell Sheehan that!

  48. Well said, Abi.

  49. When I can find the address for Sheehan, I will return the medal for my NATO service in the former Yugoslavia. I don’t want that tainted piece of tin anymore!

    I urge all former and serving European and UK armed forces personnel with medals for service with UN or NATO forces in the former Yugoslavia to do the same thing.

  50. Abi, I hope you don’t mind me applauding you as a woman with cojones! Well done. One idea (straight off the top of my head) is: prepare a statement for SKY or CNN and send it to them and say you are up for a camera interview in which you will hold up your medal and offer to give it to General John Sheehan because he has rendered it worthless! :-)

  51. if only he could see that it’s his kind of intellectual reasoning that is the cause of so much of the worlds problems.

  52. Poor old Abi just can’t help think that life is a film all about her, can she!
    This American general is a bigot because he is an Xian – they are the enemy. He is wrong to single out gay and lesbian soldiers – gay and lesbian soldiers are no more cowardly, racist, human-rights abusing or foul than their straight counterparts – they are every bit as bad but no worse.

  53. What substances are you on SimonQ?

  54. SimonQ, that is a cheap and dirty shot you’ve fired at Abi before you then went on to say something worthy. It made you sound like the sort who has no appreciation whatsoever of the contribution young British soldiers make abroad. Shame on you. Did you make that remark to try and get yourself a bit of attention or do you suffer from “lesbiphobia”?

  55. SimonQ – returning medals just because someone said something stupid and offensive might be a bit of an overreaction, but you know what? At least people like Abi and Dan Choi have the courage to make a stand, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think this is entirely about gay soldiers per se. Right-wingers have always had contempt for European militaries and viewed them as social works projects with little to no value as actual fighting forces, and this is just a variation on the theme. Dollars to doughnuts this idiot would never say the same thing about the British Armed Forces or the IDF, even though they both allow gays to serve openly, because they’re just about the only other militaries the Pentagon really respects.

  56. 8,000 men and boys murdered and Abi thinks it’s all about her – crazy dude!

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