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Lady Gaga: ‘We can’t help being gay’

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  1. she is stunning. gone totally stellar. madonna is dead. long live gaga. and i dont even like her music.

  2. I wonder if she knew that a bunch of gay porn scenes have been filmed in that diner. Heh.

  3. i hate it when anyone says “I can’t help being gay” or “I didn’t choose to be gay” – it feels right up there with “I can’t help that I have cancer” or “I didn’t choose to have cancer” .. It always comes across that they have to justify themselves to bigots and if they did have the choice, they would be straight, but have to “make do” with being gay..

    1. Well, its true. If tomorrow a foolproof invention was made that could turn us straight many would sign up for it. I would. It’s easier to be straight and there’s no arguing that. I’m a racial, gender and sexual minority. I’d be happy to take this monkey off my back. I’m not signing up to be white or male anytime soon, but, somehow I’d still jump at the chance to be straight. It’s very hard to be gay and breathe easily.

  4. The Menstruator 20 Mar 2010, 1:02pm

    I agree, you can’t choose to be gay, but you can choose to be bisexual. Or rather you can choose to title yourself as such. I won’t believe you but you can opt out like that.

  5. Pumpkin Pie 20 Mar 2010, 3:17pm

    Oh my goodness, I just watched it on YouTube. It’s so utterly, deliciously over the top. That is one hell of a video. And that bit at the start with the guards had me in stitches. “Told you she didn’t have a dick.” “Too bad…” :)

    I agree, you can’t choose to be gay, but you can choose to be bisexual. Or rather you can choose to title yourself as such. I won’t believe you but you can opt out like that.

    What is this I don’t even

  6. The Menstruator, yes you can choose to opt out of the title but so can gay people choose to opt out. Ok, lieing about not being a bisexual is easier, especially if you are able to fall in love with and forever stay with the first person you date but should people have to live a lie? should gay people pretend to be straight if they can get away with it?

    By the way, kind of ironic, a fair amount of bisexuals tend not to like to call themself bi and rather just not be labeled even though they date people no matter of gender.

  7. What is so “groundbreaking” about it? She uses the gay card when it doesn’t even fit the argument. Wake up people! A bunch of random scenes doesn’t make it “art”

  8. *watches video* *hyperventalates then faints* well that was- it was -erm well, it was bloody brilliant! loved it loved it loved it love gaga love beyonce love gaga d:¬)x in love yum.

  9. Love the video and the song will be on just about everybody’s ring-tone in next to no time.

    I see no room for Madonna now we have Gaga!

  10. I can’t stand Lady Gaga, but that’s not what this comment page is about. As loath as I am to say it, she is likely correct in the assertion that the attention given to the video will have a lot to do with its’ homosexual themes. I mean, it was the lesbian kiss that was on the front page of my newspaper. The permeation of the media by LGBT culture as of late is I think encouraging, and exposure is necessary if people are to ever confront and resolve their issues with homosexuality. An interesting tack has been taken by the publicity scheme for I Love You Phillip Morris in that it hasn’t been publicised (by the production company at least) as a gay film. On the one hand, this could be viewed cowardly attempting to skirt the issue, on the other, one could view it as treating homosexuality as a non-issue in an attempt to make it so. I’m split as to what conclusion to come to. Gaga has hardly been as subtle, but ILYPM contains considerably more ‘obscene’ content. Why has the media kicked up such a particular fuss about Lady Gaga’s video? Popularity? Demographic?

  11. Comment 4.

    What is it with all these gay people who don’t believe bisexuals ‘really’ exist? You’re worse than str8’s who think homosexuality isn’t real. F off.

  12. I loved the video, it really is ground breaking, imo.

  13. Sophie Hawthorne 19 Jun 2010, 9:22pm

    I have to take issue with the phrase ‘We can’t help being gay’. May I be so bold as to offer a phrase which I feel represents my feelings on the matter a little more accurately. ‘I am proud and happy to be born a Transsexual woman and it just makes my day to see how much it pisses you off’.

  14. SteveDenver 18 Feb 2011, 5:04pm

    When someone says to me that being gay is a choice, I respond, “When did you choose to be straight?”

    When they ask me how many women I’ve been with, I respond, “Three, including 6 years of marriage. How many men have you been with?”

    Heterosexuality is COMMON, not NORMAL.

  15. This woman is appalling. So talentless, pinches her ideas off Madonna, and then thanks…..Whitney Houston!
    Her naive, idiotic ‘little monster’ fans may be fooled but the rest of the world isn’t and just laughs at this Vegas-style tribute act. That clicking noise you can hear is the countdown to zero on 15 minutes of fame. Goodbye and good riddance, Lady Gaga. You WON’T be missed.

  16. Lady Gag Gag Blows. Can’t choose is BS. That’s like saying “I can’t choose to be skinny. I was born to be fat.” Yeah right. Fags need to get back in the closet where they belong.

  17. GaySeraph 1 Mar 2011, 7:51pm

    @ qwkinuf : Clearly you can’t help your stupidity either, Grow up you sad, sad little person. I seriously doubt that you chose be straight, though if you could choose sexuality you wouldn’t be to SURVIVE being gay you hate filled little imbecile

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