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iPhone app created for gay London tourists

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Reader comments

  1. “Use at your own discretion. The creators of this software bear no responsibility for getting ripped-off rotten, charged for non-existent services, given surly attitude and abuse from bar staff and general cynicism by management for abusing the pink pound and exploiting homosexual foreigners with high disposable incomes.”

  2. I think it is a good idea in priuncipole but it mnust be free and include maps and general info

  3. I think it is a good idea in priunciple but it must be free and include maps and general info

  4. Will it list “Stark Bollock Naked” and “Nudity” and give detailed descriptions of the no-clothes policy, the free condom and lube, and where the backroom is?

  5. Gayjin London is another travel guide on iPhone and iPod Touch for gay and lesbian community ( ). Gayjin is full with online and offline maps (think data roaming charges!), essential selection of attractions and cultural activities, great restaurants and cafes, pubs and adult entertainment to keep your excited during your travel.

  6. You’re here you’re queer and you need a beer? Iphone application that helps you find your nearest UK gay bar

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