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Gay soldiers remain in custody after White House stunt

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Reader comments

  1. Good for them. Sadly I bet their treatment now will be nasty by the authorities. Let hope they don’t do it alone.

  2. Good effort! its moments like these in history that get remembered (ie. like simple a simple act of not giving up a bus seat).

    This is different of course, but the fact they did it with the military uniform on will make a big difference

  3. Send your thoughts to Obama via:

    Or you could just send my message Bellow.

    Dear Presidant Obama, Democratic party and America,

    The world is watching you the Democratic party and America.

    Free Lt Dan Choi and Captain Jim Pietrangelo prisoners of your broken promises. If they are not released and given a full pardon you will find that next it will be the world chained to the Whitehouse railings not just two GI’s.

    Shame on you Obama, Democrats and America, free the Whitehouse two NOW.

  4. Come on PinkNews this should be the top story as we need people power to free these two!

  5. The Whitehouse two leave court after pleading not guilty

    Lt. Dan Choi and Captain Jim Pietrangelo where brought into the court room handcuffed and heavy leg shackles, and where told of their options after being charged with Failure to Obey A Lawful Order by a Police Officer. You cannot be jailed for this offence, however it seems these two GI’s could! The Judge gave them the following options:

    * go to trial
    * pay a $100-$1000 fine that would go to a special victims fund
    * pay a $100 fine with the case closed to avoid a trial with no admission of guilt.

    The judge was surprised when both declared “not guilty” and wanted to proceed with a trial. What this means is that they will face a different judge in a different court and they have to retain their own attorneys. Lt. Dan Choi and Captain Jim Pietrangelo their attorneys must appear in court on April 26.

    “This is a very clear message to Pres. Obama and any other leader…we will not go away. We’re going to do it again. we will not go away.” – Lt Dan Choi

    See full story@ pamshouseblend

  6. Abi: If I cut and pasted your letter to send to Obama, he would probaly think I was a f_cking retard.

  7. Well you are RobN so whats the problem!

    Your the one who cant distinguish the difference between sexuality and gender!

  8. Choi told supporters outside the courthouse following the arraignment:

    ”There was no freer moment than being in that prison,”

    ”It was freeing for me. I thought of all the other people that were still trapped, that were still handcuffed and fettered in their hearts,” Choi said of those restrained under the DADT policy that demands gay service members hide their sexual orientation.

    Speaking to Metro Weekly, Pietrangelo said he’s been advocating for action against DADT for several years.

    ”I’ve been pushing for moving on from the talking phase to the action phase for a long time, and I personally feel that we’re not going to get equality unless we do it with the protests, civil disobedience and marches. This was just one way for me to put that into practice.”

  9. The world needs more Dan Choi’s. From what I have seen and heard of him he’s a man of intergity and honour. he’s got the courage of his convictions and enough intellignece to realise that change won’t come by sitting back and waiting for it. Like Martin Luther King he knows that peaceful protest in the heart of the establishment is where you make change happen. He chained himself to the railings of his Commander in Chief’s home because he knew that this would force discussion on the DADT policy. That’s the same reason he’s choosing to go to trial – he’ll get more coverage and debate than anything else he could have done.

    Oh and he’s hot. Proper hot. If he wants to be the poster boy for DADT I say bring it Dan!

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