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Gay soldier Dan Choi chains himself to White House fence

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Reader comments

  1. BrazilBoysBlog 18 Mar 2010, 11:02pm

    Good on him! This is someone who is directly affected by this discrimination and deserves to be heard. Obama needs to start keeping his promises.

  2. jonnielondon 18 Mar 2010, 11:47pm

    You, go, Danny boy!! Let’s gets some action on this file once and for all!

  3. Dan. Brave. Convincing. Integrity.
    Love and support.

  4. Good for him! We should all do this – I’d like to see the secret services arrest a hundred Suffragays

  5. what a vile heterosexual world we have to live in.

  6. pirate Ray 19 Mar 2010, 4:48pm

    Dan for ‘General Choi’. He makes more sense than the retired homophobic twat who’s just blamed gay EU soldiers for the Srebrenica massacre- sick or what…

  7. I love how they, HRC, call it “Griffin’s event”.
    It can have someone as a star, but in the end they should of let Dan speak. After all, this is not “Griffin’s event”- it is the entire LGBT’s, as we all want to work this ban to be rid of. He experienced it first hand and would of been such a strong speaker for it along with her. Shame.

  8. “ reports that Lt Choi told Ms Griffin that the issue was “not a joke” and urged the crowd to follow him down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.”

    She’s a comedian, sweetie, that’s what she’s famous for, you know…

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