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Gay protection loophole allowed Catholic adoption appeal

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Reader comments

  1. All this does is prove how defiant religious organisations are willing to be to let themselves discriminate. It seems with religion its not acceptable to differ from the religious text UNLESS its in their interests.

    Hypocrites much…?

  2. Hypocrites indeed. This law needs amending asap to stop it being used like this. Personallly, I don’t think beliefs should be covered by the same legislation as ‘who people are’. Logically, you could ‘believe’ anything and say the law allowed you to do so. But, of course, we’re not all as bigoted as certain members of certain religious groups so we wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.

  3. Anthony Bermon 18 Mar 2010, 3:55pm

    Pink News keeps saying that Catholic care in Leeds was the last Catholic Adoption Agency. This is not true. St. Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society got permission from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator to change it’s rules so it could still refuse same-sex couples after the new laws were brought in. St. Margaret’s was helped by the SNP Scottish Government to do this and they are currently allowed to refuse same-sex couples.

  4. I wonder How many times they talked about the children needs in the court not there, I think they should redo the whole adoption agency laws to state that by no means should to views or beliefs of the agency placed on the children.

    Should this not be also against they EU equality laws that will help us soon get gay marriage!

  5. The thing is, I think this confirms my view that the exemption to allow gay organisations to discriminate against heterosexuals is misplaced; and here we are, it has come back to bite us.

    If there was a general sexual helpline, I’d be outraged if it were closed to gay people because we couldn’t reasonably advise the heterosexual majority. And so it must be the same in reverse.

  6. Let’s not forget that when the next Tory government abolishes the Human Rights Act, as they’re committed to do, they will remove a substantial barrier preventing discrimination against LGBT people in Britain.

  7. BrazilBoysBlog 18 Mar 2010, 6:19pm

    @6 Good point worth remembering!

    I think this legislation should be amended a.s.a.p. ´Loopholes´? Discrimination is discrimination, no matter WHO is doing it.

  8. We discover (to no surprise) that the Catholic Church employs the lowest of slime as their legal representatives. Clearly the wording of this law, despite its good intention, needs amending to prevent this sort of homophobia from recurring.

  9. Mumbo Jumbo 18 Mar 2010, 9:04pm

    Catholic Care claims to act on behalf of the most difficult to place children.

    Yet, as any secular agency will tell you, it is their LGBT clients who are the most willing to take on children with severe problems – often after they have suffered multiple rejections by prospective heterosxual adoptees who are lookingfor a “perfect” child.

    If Catholic Care had the interests of the children at heart, they would therefore welcome LGBT prospective parents with open arms.

    That they do not reveals their true motives. And it is the children that suffer. Shame on them.

  10. xians are the enemy of lgbt equality and human rights and where they are involved with lgbt organisations and groups they are acting as fifth columnists. They are not to be trusted.

  11. not all Christians are homophobes – it seems like the majority are though

  12. Zoe Bremer 20 Mar 2010, 9:28pm

    The important thing now is not to let this agency receive any financial support from any public body.

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