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Gay disco ‘could offend Christians’

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  1. yeah? well i’m gay and christians – and all the other delusional bigots offend me – but that’s never an issue is it?

    “She said she was not homophobic but the organisation needed to ensure that the venue was “family-centred”.”
    yep, they only want the straight ones in, the family ones, the ones who abuse children/their partners. hoorah for the hets.

  2. The organisation is on Facebook (I have left a comment on their wall). This is their website

  3. The South West Heritage Lottery Fund recently contributed £150,000 towards restoration of this building. I wonder whether they stipulated that the public funds involved should only be used for the benefit of heterosexuals? Maybe people would like to write to them and ask.

  4. emma kinda beat me to it
    I was gonna ask how is it only certain members of the family are the ones that matter as they are heteros? Plus why is it ok for the homophobes to offend others?

  5. It seems like a clear case of discrimination to me – surely the goods and services legistlation put a stop to this sort of nonsense. I think the guy who wanted to stage this event should take out a private prosecution against them and perhaps Stonewall could support him.

  6. Christian love is displayed again. It’s becoming ever harder not to view Christianity as a major and severe source of hatred and bigotry

  7. Alan Gurney 18 Mar 2010, 3:13pm

    This organisation is in clear breach of the Sexual Orientation Regulations 2007. Pressure should be put upon the funders (listed on their website) to force an apology (or change of management). Email this article to funders and asking what their policy is towards funding organisations which exclude LGBT people, and if they have any comments on the incident.

  8. I would suggest contacting those who fund this centre as the national lottery and the councils involved are not allowed to fund projects that discriminate.

  9. “She said she was not homophobic but the organisation needed to ensure that the venue was “family-centred”.”

    ‘I’m not homophobic but…’. I wonder whether half these people even realise how discriminatory and offensive that sounds? Presumably they ban single mums from holding events there because they’re not a traditional family. No, I thought not.It sickens me how some people in the UK have adopted the US way of using the euphemism ‘family’ to mean straight.

    I hope Mr Hudsom gets an apology for all the implications in the sue of that phrase “family-centred” and that this centre is told it can’t discriminate like that. Who cares about Good Friday – perhaps some of the gay people who would have attended that event are Christians? Another erroneous assumption from the Centre.

  10. *Sorry – Mr HudSON

  11. I wonder who controls the local council….anyone know ..enlighten us????

  12. I thought the mantra of the christian problem with Homosexuality was “hate the sin but love the sinner”. So, unless there was an orgy or maybe a darkroom planned, how can anyone be offended by people they “Love” getting together for a boogie. There is nothing in the scripture that says that homosexuality is a sin, only the act of same sex sex. This is not only a clear act of discrimination, but clearly at odds with what the leaders of the church are teaching. Its like being offended by a heterosexual singles party because sex outside marriage is a sin.

    I actually believe that these people hate the sin and the sinner, so I am not actually surprised by the attitude.

  13. Patrick, Wiki says no one party controls it now:

    “The Lib Dems lost overall control of Cornwall Council to ‘no overall control’ – this means that no single party has overall control of the new council despite the Conservatives have the largest number of councillors, however they do not have enough for a majority control.[13] The Conservatives received 34% of the vote (50 seats), followed by the Liberal Democrats on 28% (38 seats), the Independents on 23% (32 seats) and Mebyon Kernow on 4% (3 seats). The turnout was 41%. Labour, the Green Party, UKIP and the BNP failed to secure any seats in Cornwall”

  14. “She said she was not homophobic but the organisation needed to ensure that the venue was “family-centred”.”
    Gay people do have families you homophobe

  15. I tried to send this but the “contact us” section of the website appears not to be working. I’ll find another way!

    Dear madam

    I am a respectable member of the community, happilly maried to my partner of 15 years who is a senior teacher. My husband happens to be of the same sex as I am. Many respectable people like us are horrified and offended at your banning of a gay disco because it might give offence to one section fo the community (as it in all probability would not, by the way). Not only is your action a clear example of blatant discrimination (I urge you seek legal advice on your position by the way) but it sends the bad message to the rest of the country that gay people are not welcome in your neighbourhood. My husband and I, who come to the West Country regularly, will certainly be avoiding St Agnes untill we see an apology for your actions.

    Yours faithfully

  16. Perhaps a “Vicars and Tarts” night would be all right?
    Sorry, unchristian, it might be FUN!
    Might offend!

  17. I’m wondering if they would also ban a Christian event in case it would offend gays. There’s not really an excuse for double standards, is there.

  18. celebrating(?) Good Friday

  19. BrazilBoysBlog 18 Mar 2010, 6:04pm

    This cannot be legal under current legislation?

    Bloody religious bigots again!

  20. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 6:27pm

    on their facebook wall:

    I find it distressing that you have banned a Queer Event at your hall stating that the date (Good Friday) was inappropriate.

    I ask you to reconsider this and to also reconsider the policy that all organizations hosting events must be ‘family friendly.’

    —as to the council? That’ll be a Tory/ Lib Dem coalition then.

  21. theotherone: “As to the council? That’ll be a Tory/ Lib Dem coalition then.”

    You HAVE to get one in there, don’t you? You bitter old bitch.
    The council has F_CK ALL to do with what the charity decides.

  22. dave wainwright 18 Mar 2010, 6:36pm

    This is outrageous prejudice and discrimination to withold the use of a hall on grounds of sexual orientation and I should not be surprised if it is against the law to do so , the fact that it is good friday and may upset a few over zealous christians is no excuse , perhaps this should be borne in mind when and if any funding is sought for this hall in the future that it actively discriminated against a community which wished to use the hall for a legitimate social gathering which could have brought one would have thought much needed revenue , obviously this is not the case so let the christians fund the hall and take the pressure of the council tax payer . I wonder if the charities commission have been advised of this blatant discrimination and prejudice? Gay people and lesbians are human beings to and could teach christians a thing or to about tolerance and compassion for their fellow man (and woman), the earth is no longer flat it is round , though for centuries christians insisted on burning people at the stake for suggesting otherwise .
    Certainly it is understandable that local residents do not wish to be disturbed with music and revelers celebrating into the early hours of the morning , one wonders why these premises then were granted a late license in the first place?
    If the local residents were so concerned why didn’t they object to the late license when it was applied for ? Presumably in order for them to avail themselves of a late party as and when they desire, Christmas , New Years Eve ? .
    It may well be that Good Friday is significant to a small minority in a religious context, for the majority of people it is a well earned break and chance to let their hair down, in a celebration of the arrival of spring and rebirth . “gay” events and clubs and bars are usually a very mixed affairs these days as most gay and lesbian people have friends and families who are not gay and like to celebrate and party together, its called progress. Most people do not have a problem, it would seem only so called “christians” do , a classic case of mournful christian values trampling over the older celebration and “rites of spring ”
    some people are GAY , get over it .

  23. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 6:59pm

    I was just answering someone else’s question you despicable old arse bandit RobN.

  24. I urge people to make comments on their facebook page as some of us from here have done.

  25. If she’s oh-so concerned about it being family-focused, then perhaps the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins of gay people should ask them to put the gay disco back on the events calender for the venue.

  26. Patrick the little buzzing fly 18 Mar 2010, 7:44pm

    Thanks for that Iris. While there is no overall control it would seem from those results that there is a preponderance of tory bigots in the area… Hows that not a surprise then YOU conveinently overlooked that fact when you attacked therone Rob-N !

  27. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 8:00pm

    pat: it’s a social centre it’s got nothing what so ever to do with the Council. I understand that in Ireland things may be different.

  28. Mumbo Jumbo 18 Mar 2010, 8:38pm

    “Community Centre”

    This is a centre that serves the whole community. The clue is in the name.


    Clearly, she believes homosexuals spontaneously appear fully formed at the age of eighteen.

    “I’m not homophobic but….”

    The early 21st century version of the late 20th century favourite “I’m not racist but….”

    “Good Friday”

    Isn’t that something to do with fluffy bunnies and nice choccy eggs?

  29. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 9:00pm

    no, it;s the Friday you get paid.

  30. No, it’s the Friday they nailed some heretic to a plank.
    Get over it.

  31. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 9:35pm

    ‘he was a carpenter by trade or at-least that’s what I’m told.’

  32. Mumbo Jumbo 18 Mar 2010, 10:24pm

    They nailed a carpenter to Jeremy Clarkson?

  33. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 10:28pm

    poor carpenter, clarkson probably smells.

    he mumbo: check out the ‘dc will answer your questions’ story. I posted a picture of my new cat.

  34. Patrick the little buzzing fly 18 Mar 2010, 11:03pm

    YES I know its a social center you moron and once again you CHOOSE to miss the point or maybe you are so thick you DID miss it.
    Obviously such places are looked after and run by a committee of “locals” My point was that with a preponderance of Tory seats on the council then it would likely follow that individual members of that community would be tory supporters and so would the makup of the comittee be tory supporters.. Such places dont run themselves. Someone pays for the lecky, the water, the ganeral upkeep of the place and run the website etc,. didnt someone say they had a facebook page/.thats what i meant and well you know it unless you really do think that the doors miraculously swing open on their own . it cleans itself etc. Get a life you thick tory fcukr.

  35. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 11:16pm

    god pat you just can’t help yourself can you? You just have to resort to personal insults. You know people have been thrown off this site for less but, thankfully for you, the report function is bugged.

    Now let me explain something to you. I know it has to get through all the fake history, all the pureblood Fascist propaganda, the Nationalist automatic bull but let me try to lodge it in your brain ok? Here goes…

    The Council has nothing to do with this, Political persuasion has nothing to do with this what this is about is Homophobia. Now you can sit there dreaming up all the personal insults you can, all the black, horrible, vicious bull you can but I and other people here have voiced our protest on their facebook what have you done? Well what have you done?

  36. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 11:23pm

    and if i could just add pat: the only friend you have on here is eddy. eddy has been publicly chastised for racism both by Left Wing and Right Wing posters on this board as well as by the site managers.

    Do you realise your running with someone who is considered as much of a joke on this board as RobN -who has actually managed more reasonable posts in the last few months than eddy has. Do you care?

  37. theotherone 18 Mar 2010, 11:25pm

    God help me for a third post but…

    You’ve now attempted to derail a third thread on this board.

    I realy wish you would either get your fvck1ng act together or just p1ss off.

  38. i really do think you must have something wrong with your barin.. I Know it has nothing to do with the council . What i said was that the hall committee is likely to have a preponderence of tory voters on it Thst what i said several times but your programmed to see otherwise. you can deride me and Eddy all you want but you will not intimidate me off this site. or any other for that matter. and it is non of your fcukin* business whether i went to their face book or not But i do know thet they have blocked the comment page on their website. Thick tory cnuts that they are.

  39. theotherone 19 Mar 2010, 12:03am

    how do you know they’re Tories? you a member of the board? do you know them personally? no? well shut up.

    did you even look it up? it’s a fvck1ng Trade Hall ie. more lightly to actually be Labour but then that wouldn’t fit with your cosmology.

    I’m sick of you, I’ll now just ignore everything you post you thick, Fascist fvck.

  40. cliverobert 19 Mar 2010, 12:07am

    Come on some of you get real – its homophobia at it worst since its heidden behind a facade of christian based family centred morals. I am a christian myself – albeit no longer church going – but must say I have found more people who lead their lives in response to other in a totally non-christian way amongst those who attend church regularly. Total intollerance abides – totally against the precepts of the teaching of Christ as I understand the bible to say.
    Im am not an ignorant guy [though my spelling stinks at times] and have a PhD that says so. But this woman [forget her name – so what] is incredibly ignorant. And full of self denial – she is a blatent homophobe. Could suggest the reasons why – but this isnt the place to do so!!
    Yes – I would encourage those involved to take it to the highest aurthority possible and persue it with the full force of the law. Which, according to various publication, will be totally behind them.

  41. theotherone 19 Mar 2010, 12:12am

    ‘though my spelling stinks at times’

    I know the fealing

  42. good .that wil suit me too as trying to make you see sense is like trying to turn back the tide. i have discovered however that your problem is for the most part educational. you can read …i think…. but the problem is that you dont understand any words that have more than four letters .But then that is probably a consequence of your scottish non education. To be an intelligent poster you need at least a primary school education, and need to be able to have cognitive thought.I do think Pink news should require registration to be able post and a few questions to determine the education level of posters so the weak of mind like you wont get as confused as you appear to be at the moment. do you take some sort of tablets to keep you concience perhaps.if so i think you have missed your last dose, but if not then your carer should contact the out of hours doctor service straight away to get a much stronger dose for you poor dear.
    You could get a few extra and send them to angie and whats his face the drag queenas well

    Cognitive genuine gay people should go straight away to this url and read up on callmedave the salesmans tory homophobic sister party in poland It is really scarey and indicates what we are in for if this shower of criminals left overs from madmaggies days of hell and destruction.

  43. win the election.
    dont vote tory

    annyone but tory

  44. Pumpkin Pie 19 Mar 2010, 12:31am

    Whoa. I started reading this assuming it was a story from America. That something as twisted and fundamentalist is happening over here is pretty shocking. Well, until I realised that this is Cornwall we’re talking about. Is it just me, or is Cornwall pretty much England’s answer to Florida? Next time I need a nice seaside break I sure as hell won’t be going there.

  45. I sent the letter I posted above (no. 15, with typos corrected :-) ) to May I suggest that others write to express their views as well?

  46. Hmmm…their Facebook site says “private functions welcome” bit of a cheek really. They should add (except if your gay).

  47. xians are the enemy of lgbt equality and human rights and where they are involved with lgbt organisations and groups they are acting as fifth columnists. They are not to be trusted.

  48. Might I suggest you write directly to Prince Charles, as this place, is partly funded by the duchy of cornwall trust, which is headed up by Prince Charles, as Duchy of Cornwall.

    I do think the person involved in this silly decision is very ill informed, and the place should have ALL of its charitable funding removed if it intends to actively discriminate against members of our community.

    Oh, and by the way, who should anyone care about offending ‘christians’, as they are just a bunch of weak willed people who cannot think for themselves, and base their life around superstition and a magical invisible imaginary man in the sky. I regard most ‘christians’ as slightly nuts.

  49. The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles, Duchy of Cornwall), can be contacted via his website, but in matters such as this, a written letter is more likely to be effective.

    His London address is;

    Clarence House, London, SW1A 1BA

    This is his published address for communications.

    Remember, don’t argue with the bigots, they are just fools, argue with the people who provide the money. It is ALWAYS much more effective.

  50. “Might I suggest you write directly to Prince Charles, as this place, is partly funded by the duchy of cornwall trust, which is headed up by Prince Charles, as Duchy of Cornwall.”

    That’s a good idea, J Matthews. And – although I don’t wish to stir up the politics row, I would point out that ALL the MPs in Cornwall are Lib Dems.

    I don’t think the homophobia in this case is due to political reasons – to me, it seems that the woman herself has issues and needs education about LGBT people. Of course, meeting a few – like if this disco was held – might have helped her realise that we’re not satanic monsters,that we have families of our own and that we’re just like anyone else apart from our sexuality.

    I imagine that if she’s worried about ‘offending Christians’, this Centre must hold very few events. No mixed fibres (tough luck if you want to do your aerobics in a leotard); no prawn sandwiches…. It’d be interesting to see the remit of this Centre. It’s NOT a Christian facility. It was given to the community by Passmore Edwards, the Victorian philanthropist, who also sponsored a lot of libraries and hospitals. It’s a community centre attempting to exclude one section of the community. Disgusting.

    What makes me laugh is that it advertises itself as “A Community Hub for the Future”, when it’s obvious that some of the committee who run it have their feet planted firmly in the past. If committe members can’t keep their personal views away from doing their job, they should resign.

  51. The Heritage Lottery fund will not take complaints about this, and their caseworker who funded this centre is conveniently unavailable. The conspiracy thickens!

  52. Oh, and all complaints on facebook have been removed. Surprise, surprise!

  53. I have just phoned the national lottery fund and spoken to some one who was very heplful and have asked them top look into the funding of a public building that has choosen to exclude members of the community and the use of the term “family”. Dont know it is any good , but the lady in question did say that the case will be reviewed. Please phone the nation lottery and compain. I feel it is the mis use of public funds.

  54. theotherone 19 Mar 2010, 11:27am

    i just had a look matt, they’re still there. you have to click the option to see friends posts and you’ll see them.

    only three so far – come on folks, I’m sure more than three of us have facebook accounts.

  55. a minority of christians are not homophobes

  56. BREAKING NEWS… Christian discos could offend gays… (due to lack of anyone having any fun at them)


  57. … and due to the likelihood of high concentrations of homophobes

  58. It is funny when you go on the gay chat room,there are lots of Christians on there, It willonly upset a few. But nobody seems to worry about the number of gay people that will be upset by this rubbish.

    God made us all so what give a NON gay christian the right to say who can have a disco or not.

    As I gay person I would not get upset if a NON gay christian has a disco.

    So why should they when it is the other way around.

    There are much more important things to worry about.

  59. theotherone 19 Mar 2010, 2:18pm

    alas alan for these people the idea that there are Queers in the world is a pressing concern.

    I believe the phrase is ‘get a life.’

  60. The bi-sexual son of the person involved is claiming on other sites that his mother never made the remarks complained of. We shall see.

  61. Unfortunately Cornwall is very backward with regard to equality…

    The local Social Services, Police, Health Authority…and other institutions & authorities all have reputaions of homophobic prejudice and have yet to grasp homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK over 40yrs ago.

    I have file cases of homophobic abuse, intimidation, murders, hate crime incidents over a period of two decades in Cornwall…the video barely scratchs the surface.

  62. I live in homophobic Cornwall 19 Mar 2010, 4:53pm

    This event was to have been held at the ‘Miners & Mechanics Institute’at St. Agnes

    As a former Chemical Mineral Flotation’s operator at one of the last Cornish tin mines, Mount Wellington, nr Bissoe, where I worked right up until its closure in 1981, I guess that makes me one of the last of the Cornish Tin miners.

    …errr, I’m also gay and according to my mum, I’m also part of a family.

    The attitude of this Cornish charitable? committee smacks of blatant homophobic prejudicial attitudes which are so prevalent & embedded within organizations & institutions in Cornwall…in particular the police!

    God (irony) knows we’ve tried to raise the problem of Cornwall’s inherent homophobic institutional & authorities attitudes over the years…usually to be shouted down by appeasing sycophants like Intercom Trust, who are so happy to take their thirty pieces of silver (£400,000+ in funding)

  63. Yet again we have people using Christianity as a weapon against us going about our lives. Christianity should not be able to dictate whether we have a disco or event ot not becasue Christianity is only a theory that is without a shadow of doubt based on imagination. It is time that those who have enforced the cancelation of the event maybe read Hawkins as well as maybe exploring the alternative beliefs of Human Rights and Equality–something that the majority of Religions faile to comply with.

  64. I came across this site looking at an article to do with kele from bloc party, but when i saw an article about the pope i wondered what sort of comments there would be. Im shocked. Ive seen the pope being called evil, a demon, paedophilie, nazi as well as many people wishing someone would kill him on his visit.
    For a forum for a group who are trying to fight for ‘equality’, you all, apart from a couple of people, undermine your cause. You are projecting hatred on those who dissaprove of a certain aspect of your way of life, and this is certainly not a solution.
    I can tell from the posts that many of you display distrust and angst towards the ‘church’ and religion in general. No doubt because of unjust discrimination and as i said earlier, hate, that you most likely would have experianced. The reason is a lack of understanding from the POV of many but not all religious groups. I, myself am a christian and a homosexual, but not a ‘practicing’ homosexual as i would call it. I am against homosexuality but not against homosexuals because i belive we are all equal. If any of you were to read the bible, which i doubt any of you have seeing as how critical of all religions the general comments are, you would find the same view within. Its surprising how much people focus the institution and figure heads and negate to even concider that its function is to support the belifies of the bible. You could call be ‘brainwashed’ or ‘indoctrinated’, but I would say that I have faith in God and my belifies. I wouldnt want to impose those belifies on any of you, so the next time you use words like ‘indoctrinated’ to describe someone with a different view to you just remember that doing so gives them the right to fire the same accusation back at you. Hatered, anger and violence isnt the solution to your problems. Instead of planning how to make the popes visit to the U.K as unpleasent as possible, which would be less effective than a drop in the ocean, why not try to do something constructive which will actually further your cause?
    And by the way the royal family doesnt just sit in buckingham palace all day eating caviar on jewel encrusted gold thrones you know. The two young princes have both served in the army and both work for many charities…. for free! The pope was in the hitler youth army which is the modern day equivalent of scouts and doesnt really make him a nazi. No.28, the pope cant excommunicate hitler because hes dead. Patrick, some guy already said earlier that the crusades were started by the muslims, and besides, events that occured about 600 years ago shouldnt be anything to hold a grudge over. And i think you will find that muslims are a lot less understanding to gays than the pope is.

    Comment by CC — March 20, 2010 @ 22:08

    Well well cc “catholic curate” by any chance… we are all wrong to be lambasting those whose sole purpose in life is to make life as unpleasant as possible for others and go around dressed in frocks raping little children or at very least in the case of the Vile sean brady being apologist for them and covering up their vile acts by making little children sign confidentiality clauses and then allowing the perpetrators to go on for another 20 years raping and abusing children before he is caught.

    I see from your post that you adhere to the teachings of the bible , just about the most evil book ever published. A book that was ccompiled over three to five thousand years by a fearful band of desert tribes who were 100% illiterate and so their paranoid stories were for thousands of years passed dowe orally.
    Then along came Emperor Constantine who deceided that, like the Egyptians, he needed a religeon to consolidate his power and picke up on a small sect that had been around for a couple of hundred years or so and made it his Thing if you will.
    He invented most of its “miracles”, prayers and so on , like the creed and its founder, a mythical figure called Jesus Christ who supposedly was, like most of the Egyptian Gods before , born of a virgin , who , and i kid you not, remained a virgin after his birth and ran with it and made it into a world religeon by playing on the fears and superstitions of a vastly uneducated people.
    Fast forward another thousand years or so and we have another despot , king James who deceided that he would compile his version and so we were saddled with the King james bible, that was to wreak havoc on the rest of the world for another 5/600 years until people started to be educated and think for themselves. Meanwhile the decendants of Constantine went on to found Roman Catholicism and spent the last 1500 years raping and sadistically abusing those they professsed to protect. And all under the protection of their own made up laws …Cannon Law which noone dared to question under pain of Excommunication, which to uneducated people who knew no better, meant damnation in hell (wherever that is ) for eternity.
    Its a bit rich of any christian to sit and pass judgment on anyone about violence , when the religeon you profess has just about the most vilont history on this planet, all in the name of a myth propagated by an organisation solely engaged in rape and sadistic abuse of human beings ,but especially children almost from its inception.
    you can call that a hate filled rant is you dare , but be prepared to point out where you think it is wrong. That , whether you like it or not, is the factual history of religeon and if your limited education allows, you can research and prove all of the above to be true. By the way i forgot the inquisition, the slaughter of the Native american , the slaughter of almost the entire original inhabitants of the entire American continent in the name of christianity.
    I feel neither hatred anger or violence towards anyone caught up in this evil cult,only pity and some alarm that they still cling to such nonsense in the twenty first century when proof of their delusion is staring them and us all in the face.
    I dont know whether you are british or not but your lack of knowledge of for instance the windsors would indicate that you are not. Well grab hold of this pet.. the parasites who currently inhabit buck house are just that. They have never until recently paid any taxs on their vast wealth and the taxes they do pay now were negoitaited with a condescending tory government and are way below what ordinary citizens of this country pay.
    They claim that there wouldnt be any tourists without them, but Ireland, a much smaller country with a population a tenth in size that of the Uk, has about three times the tourist traffic of the UK and it doesnt have any parasites leeching off the population

    It may be that the two youngest members of this clan of parasites are in the army but that is a ploy by which to keep the natives quiet,as was their decision to pay SOME TAXES, so that they will be seen as being somehow patriotic britons and fool everyone.

    Contrary to your assertion that the exnazi paedophile protector currently installed in Rome cant excommunicate Hitler, it didnt stop them excommunicating in the past when even dumb animals could be excomunnicsted. He did however re communicate the Holocaust denier bishop and gave him an important job in the cesspool they call the Vatican. I hold no grudge against anyone, but especially the deluded,because i recognise that they are indoctrinated and for the most part do not possess the intellectual faculties to tear themselves away from the irrational fears engenderd by such delusion. As for the crusades you are entirely wrong to say the also deluded Muslims started the crusades,just because they invaded Spain and settled peacefully there until attacked and ejected by a paranoid catholic church as were the Jews, and who wanted an entirely christian europe. Much the same as was seen in recent times when the Christian serbs tried to ethnically cleanse the Baltic of muslims and hitler who tried to rid europe of the Jews. and finally. your assertion that the nation of islam is more homophobic than the pope, well you seem to forget that their faith also springs from that same Abrahamic myth.
    so when you take me on be sure you know what you are talking about,cc

  65. douglas in canada 22 Mar 2010, 2:38am

    1] good friday celebrations are normally a morning event in churches. They would be finished and everyone long gone home by early afternoon, so the mood should have cleared by the evening.

    2] Is anyone checking to see that no other “offensive” events are happening in that community? Or was this event deemed “offensive” only because it was happening in a “community centre”? Maybe the event should be moved to a private venue.

    If the move to a private venue would work for people, then those offended by christianity should be able to request/demand that christian events happen ONLY in the privacy of a church, and not out in the open, where they can cause offense.

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