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Final approval for second gay bishop Mary Glasspool

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Reader comments

  1. The Episcopal church should rename itself “The Church of the gay Saint”

    Made me laugh anyway….

  2. * off topic *

    Am I the only person who thinks the Rev Glasspool would make an excellent Vulcan on star trek?

  3. Congratulations Mary Glasspool! May you be a shining example to all.

  4. Archbishop Rowan! What are you thinking of? You have turned morality on its head stating that you consider the appointment of Mary Glasspool is devisive – to speak out against someone simply because of their sexuality, gender or colour is horribly wrong and reflects very badly on you. it is just the same as you urging the rejection of a black bishop because of his or her colour – your intervention is a disgrace to true christianity!

  5. xians are the enemy of lgbt equality and human rights and where they are involved with lgbt organisations and groups they are acting as fifth columnists. They are not to be trusted.

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