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Police ‘homophobic’ for joining New York St Patrick’s Day parade

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Reader comments

  1. The homophobic St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York, is distinctly un-Irish.

    LGBT people are welcomed in the parades in Ireland. Those silly ‘Irish’-Americans are stuck in a 19th century time warp.

    La Feile Phadraig!!!!!!

  2. douglas in canada 17 Mar 2010, 7:14pm

    Since when was being Irish a religion? The parade is celebrating either a nationality or a religion. If it’s Irish, then ANY kind of Irish person should be allowed. If it’s Catholic, does that mean that Protestant Irish are excluded? And if it’s a religious parade, what on earth do the police or fire department have to do with that?

    It looks like someone is scamming the gay community. Now I know where the fertilizer comes from that makes shamrocks grow so well.

  3. I love how the St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York now is a symbol of the moronic intolerance of so-called ‘Irish’-America.

    They need to start following the example of the motherland.

  4. oh yeah, the irish are really homo tolerant simon. what a joke. the irish are stupid superstitous religious feverish nutters, protestant and catholic alike.

  5. Thanks for the insight Jay.

    You seem really stupid, and unpleasant.

  6. Jennifer Hynes 18 Mar 2010, 10:00am

    Surprise! New York’s finest are homophobic? Tell us something we don’t already know.

  7. Was it not just that gay pride floats wern’t welcome but gay people could have joined the parade themselves as just people. Why do gay organisations want to take part in a non gay parade? what’s next gay pride on 12th July with the orange men? I can just see that.

  8. “The traditional St Patrick’s Day Parade excludes members of the LGBT community on the grounds that it is a religious event.”

    And which religion would this be? It sure as hell ain’t one anyone has ever heard of before!

  9. What the Hell are New Yorkers doing on a St Patrick’s Day march in ay case, find your own saint you dopes! What the Hell are English people doing n a St Patrick’s day for that matter, taxpayers’ money paying for this party in London? Uh?

    Our patron saint is St George, and most people don’t even know the date – 23 April – get sloshed for England!

    Sometimes the police can’t win though, damned if you march, damned if you don’t. Grow up Irish Queers for Gods sake.

  10. Hmm. One wonders what might happen if we ban all Irish from the NY Gay Pride march?

  11. xians are the enemy of lgbt equality and human rights and where they are involved with lgbt organisations and groups they are acting as fifth columnists. They are not to be trusted.

  12. St. Patricks day in New York, religious????????


    the reason they don’t want gay people in the St.Patricks day parade is homophobia, by backward thinking americans who like to think they are Irish, or Jewish, or Scottish, or English, or whatever, depending upon the holiday.

    It’s just plain old Homophobia, no more, no less.

    I have to agree with posters above, that I also cannot understand why English people celebrate St.Patricks day, but don’t celebrate their own saint. In Scotland ,they celebrate St.Andrews day,so why don’t the English celebrate St.Georges day??

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