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Mad Men actor Bryan Batt says gay actors must ‘make a choice’

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Reader comments

  1. “If you are openly gay, the masses can be asses and sometimes can’t get past the fact that that’s how someone lives their private life.”

    Oh really?

    Can Mr Batt please give an example from the last 10 years where an actor’s career has been ruined by coming out?

    I can’t think of a single example where the knowledge of an actor’s homosexuality has damaged his / her career. The opposite seems to be true – look at how Neil Patrick Harris’s career has blossomed since coming out.

    Bryan Batt shouldn’t be making these unquantifiable allegations. Closet case actors are so used to trotting out this ridiculous excuse that they seem to be believing it themselves.

    Closet cases need to stop underestimating their audience.

  2. Sometimes I think assuming the audience won’t accept an out gay actor is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It means the audience doesn’t get to see confident out gay actors as they cower in the closet and that lack of familiarity in itself breeds contempt.
    It certainly used to be true of actors like Rock Hudson who spent their entire career in the closet and enjoyed mainstream success at a personal cost.
    But Ian Mackellan and Neil Patrick Harris came out late and their careers have flourished since. Even Ellen DeGeneres is doing pretty well from her chatshow, even if it’s not strictly acting.
    I think it may be true that it’s hard to get established as an out actor, but once you have reached a certain level of success the audience isn’t all that bothered unless you’ve spent all that time in blatant denial.
    Besides, acting is a profession where it’s hard to get established whether you’re gay or straight, so how much of it is down to the audience, the producers or the actor’s own lack of drive and self-belief is a moot point.

  3. As far as I know, he still plays Sal in Mad Men, according to what’s been broadcast in the UK. Thanks for spoiling it by not editing properly.

  4. andy brettell 18 Mar 2010, 10:41am

    Do those who are criticising Bryan Batt reallly think there are no actors famous or not, who are staying in the closet to protect their careers? This happens in other spheres as well, particularly in the world of sport. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist won’t get rid of it.

  5. simonm

    rupert everett had an interesting and varied leading man career til he came out. he still has a career but he’s been typecast.

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