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Children rejected from US Catholic school for having lesbian parents

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick O'Gormley..Ireland 17 Mar 2010, 7:04pm

    I would like to ask Mr Breslin this,…. Where was church teaching when thousands of children around the world are being sexually abused by Clerics and nuns? whither church teaching now Breslin you bigoted homophobic creep. And to the parents of these two children.. They have had a lucky escape.Who knows what would have befell your children had they remained under the tuteledge of this Nazi loving paedophile, homophobic , cesspit. Send your children to a good secular school.

  2. Who in their right mind would send their children to a Catholic school if they have any choice. The best they could hope for was having kids screwed up by a twisted faith and as worse running into some perv who will abuse them.

  3. Although I disagree with their exclusion, that argument sort of makes sense. Children should not be taught that their parents are horrible people that are bound to go to hell. Granted, it would make the entire school a better place if they didn’t teach that gays go to hell at all, but this is an American Catholic school and I’m hardly surprised that they won’t be removing that from their curriculum.

  4. Logical Thinker. 17 Mar 2010, 10:25pm

    Stop brainwashing children with fairy stories.

    Perhaps they are waiting for the media to go away before they abuse them, either Psychologically or Physically.

  5. what a surprise!

    human being + catholiciscm = retarded slave

  6. and why would two lesbians send their child to a catholic school anyway?

  7. Are we to understand by this that this William Breslin has fewer inhibitions about telling his pupils that their unmarried/Protestant/Zen Buddhist/agnostic/atheist etc parents are also wrong? Or is it just that he doesn’t give a stuff about these other issues and he is stuck on the homophobic hot-button like most religious reactionaries today? Could it also be that homophobic Catholic parents with equally selective vision sending children to the school will give him grief?
    All in all, the little girl is better off out of this mad place. She ought to go to a school where she won’t hear her parents insulted and devalued.
    Institutional Catholic abuse of children obviously takes different forms.

  8. PS – sorry, I forgot there were two children! And that I didn’t know their genders!

  9. Mihangel apYrs 18 Mar 2010, 12:09pm

    one point:
    “Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput said that even single-parent or divorced parents were expected to agree with the church’s values”

    Divorce isn’t a RCC value, it is institutionalised adultery if the parent remarries and adultery is a sin.

    Single parents (unless widowed) are also sinners.

    It’s also the case that the RCC teaches that any non-catholic is on the fast track to flames.

    Does the school teach that these parents are going to hell, and expel their kids, or is it only the case for us queers.

  10. There is sin and then there is sin. Sin as defined by the Roman Catholic Church means going against the teachings of their doctrine. The other kind of sin means going against the laws of God and it is these Godly laws, (that are far removed from those of Roman Catholic Doctrine), that we should take note of, if you are insterested in that sort of thing. If anyone is interested in the basic teachings on how to be a Christian, they can be found in Matthew chapters 5,6, and 7

  11. Oh, look. The Christers have shown up. It never takes long. I do wish these Shiksas would leave Jesus alone.

  12. So it’s a case of being happy, more than happy to take your money in the collection plate but then punish the kids for a relationship judged inacceptable by an organisation stuffed full of paedophiles.

  13. BrazilBoysBlog 18 Mar 2010, 5:34pm

    “In a sermon, which he posted on his blog, the Rev William Breslin said he took the decision to avoid the children having to learn in classes that their parents’ relationship was wrong”

    Teaching kids? These religious kiddie fiddling bigots should NOT be teaching kids anything! I think society should now be looking VERY closely at all catholic institutions that seek contact with children. Sexual, physical, emotional, mental abuse. How much MORE have we to hear about these wierdos before we move against them?

    We cannot let these religious institutions carry on indoctrinating children into their un-natural beliefs and practices…. or let them continue trying to tell US how to live our lives.

  14. xians are the enemy of lgbt equality and human rights and where they are involved with lgbt organisations and groups they are acting as fifth columnists. They are not to be trusted.

  15. If i know anything atall, its that all followers of a totally imaginary invisible bearded pixie in the sky should be herded on to a remote island somewhere well away fom rational human beings.
    Think of the millions of humans who have died because of this nonsense.
    And imagine all the little children…including myself…who have been raped and defiled by these monsters, and will suffer the pain for the rest of their lives while these monsters parade around pretendind to be “holy” whatever that means.

  16. No SimonQ…..xians are the enemy of mankind.period.

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