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Slash sorry for calling Michael Jackson song ‘gay’

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Reader comments

  1. David in Indy 16 Mar 2010, 8:11pm

    What an asshat. I’m not sure which is more offensive – his “gay” remark about Michael Jackson’s song, or the fact he believes we are stupid and foolish enough to believe his lie. Few people (at least in this country) have used the word “gay” to describe something “happy” in at least the past 40 years. WE know what he meant and HE knows what he meant. The fact is the more he continues to talk, the deeper the hole he’ll dig for himself. Everybody knows what he meant when he said it.

    What a creep.

  2. I think it was a thoughtless slip of the tongue and at least he had the common sense to backtrack immediately.

    Slash was vocally opposed to Proposition 8 in California, so I think it’s unfair not to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

  3. yeah, right!!!

    And when I said Guns ‘n Roses are a bunch of hasbeen losers, I meant that they have been loosing rather a lots of stuff, now they are getting old!


  4. Here’s a link to a video Slash made with his wife in 2008, opposing Proposition 8 in California.

  5. “What an asshat. I’m not sure which is more offensive – his “gay” remark about Michael Jackson’s song, or the fact he believes we are stupid and foolish enough to believe his lie”

    I have no sympathy for people when they make out they are victims like this
    We steal their word for happy and then copyright it
    This guy was young when gay meant happy and he isnt a homophobe, im not a fgfan of his but its clear to anyone that he didnt mean any offence and didnt do anything wrong

  6. theotherone 17 Mar 2010, 12:51am

    an idiot at times defiantly but not a homophobe.

  7. Oops. The man said a bad word. He realises his faux pas and retracts it with an apology. For f-ck’s sake you people, get a life.

    I’d like to know what miserable little turd grassed him up for something so trivial.

  8. did you even read the link Rob_N?

  9. Chester: Yes I did, and he dropped a bollock, but this crap isn’t even newsworthy, it’s so pathetically unimportant. It just constantly reinforces this “Poor little me” persecution scenario all the time. Most of us really have better things to do than sit waiting for someone to say the wrong thing. No wonder we live in such a litigious world nowadays where one can’t do anything for fear of getting their arses sued.

  10. if you read it then why did you comment that this was only cos of grassing up and not an interview?
    he may have dropped a bollock but his claims as to why he said it is like what the homophobes always claim

  11. You’d think Slash would be more careful wouldn’t you? He was in Guns N’ Roses at the time of the joke that was One in a Million and the fall out over the Freddie Mercury tribute when GN’R weren’t really wanted there because of that song. Did he learn? No not really as Velvet Revolver have a song on their first album which also had the word faggot in it and now this….at least it’s only gay this time.

    Personally I didn’t find the above remark offensive this time but hey everyone can make a mistake….three times. Maybe one day he’ll learn, at least he spoke out over Proposition 8 good on him for that.

  12. Its very sad that he made this comment. He is an amazingly talented guitarist, as such, he is also a role-model to millions of aspiring guitarists all over the world, many of whom are gay. As Simon above said, Slash has been very vocally opposed to Prop.8 and other homophobic laws in California and as such, I think he spoke without engaging his brain first. At least he had the sense to apologise immediately afterwards, but he may have some more work to do to make good on the apology.

  13. ChutneyBear 18 Mar 2010, 11:49am

    I agree with Rob_N , unfortunatley the queens on this site have to realise there is a lot more out there to worry about wheather Slash thinks a hook from a song is gay….if I had a penny for everytime this happens I would be a millionaire.

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