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Pope confirms details of UK visit

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  1. Do we really need homophobic ex nazis clerical paedophile apologists parading around in frocks at a huge cost to the beleagured taxpayers of the UK Mr Brown? If you want this sort of person as a guest then pay the 20 to 25 million out of your own pockst or let the Germans in Hollyrood house pay. Afterall he is a country man of theirs is he not. 25 million would be a great boost to the NHS or indeed , altho i am loath to say it, to the woefully underequipped army you sent to Afganistan to act as so much cannon fodder to bolster an illegal american prescence there,.

  2. The cost of the popes visit would fund gender clinics and gender reassignment surgery for two years on the NHS. So you could treat one man like a king for a few days, or help save the life’s 290 people with the money.

    No government can justify this spend on just one delusional man.

  3. Hide the children, the pope is coming!

  4. The Pope (and UK politicians) must be left in no doubt that welcoming Nazis to Britain is not a clever thing to do.

    The Pope is a paedophile protector. That is a crime.

    It’s time for a citizen’s arrest.

  5. Can someone enlighten me as to why in the 21st century a clearly deluded and dangerous paedophile cult and its deluded ex nazi leader is still feted in what is now a largly secular and atheist country, at huge cost to the taxpayers who are still in pain from having to pay billions to those who ruined the economy of the western world. A conservative figure of 20 to 25 million has been put on the cost of this folly, but will almost definitely cost at least another 15 million before this idiot is outta here. Put a tax on those who follow this sort of nonsense and lt them pay if they want to see an ex nazi parading around in a country that fought so hard to save the world from the nazis and all they stood for… go stand among the war graves of the millions of dead britains who died for the freedom of the uk and listen to the deafening roar of bodies spinning in their graves while the German Queen who lords it over us bows and scrapes and kisses the ring of thisex-nazi paedophile apologist.I doubt if he will be venturing to Ireland anytime soon unless he comes here on his knees and begs our forgiveness and takes away back with him the latest whinging member of his little paedophile club Brady who yesterday tried o make excuses as to why he forced a 13 yold and a 14 y old to sign a secrecy document in relation to their abuse by the evil paedophile Smith, in the seventies

  6. That’s odd, there’s me thinking Lizz and her Mum were born in this country. Perhaps when the Nazis bombed buck house they had the wrong postcode.
    Anyway, back to ol’ ratchatcher.let him come and let him go away in no uncertain terms that he isn’t welcome here, despite the bussed in crowds of adoring mugs. I reckon it will be money well spent if he buggers off with a flea in his ear. It will be on the international news so he won’t be able to ignore it.

  7. Glad to see that the BBC website ends their report of this confirmation of dates with the following:

    Referring to recent allegations of sex abuse in the Catholic Church, Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, said: “Given the daily revelations of scandals surrounding the Pope, it is extraordinary we should be lauding him and treating him to all these nice events at the taxpayers’ expense.

    “We should be criticising him and asking him to explain events, not making out he’s a hero,” he added.

    Interesting to see that the old goat is not daring to hold a large open-air mass ANYWHERE NEAR London! Advised not to, for sure! London is full of radicals and THINKERS! Instead the quieter, more respectable, Glasgow has been chosen. No doubt in the hope that decent and respectful Scots will offer no reflection on this individual’s detestability.

    So, it seems we will have five opportunities to show this swine what we think of him:

    1. the giant open-air Mass in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park.

    2. a ceremony at Coventry airport for the beatification of Cardinal Newman.

    3. a low-key “prayer vigil” at Westminster Abbey.

    4. a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace.

    5. an event focusing on education (location not yet announced).

    6. and his “major speech” at Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament.

    Start the planning folks. Remember the police will be on the look-out. Everything has to be hidden if we are going to spring some reall good surprises on this rat.

  8. Sorry, typo there! We have SIX opportunities to show the rat what we think of him. Eddy is getting so excited he got the sum wrong! :-)

  9. We don’t want this evil, ex-nazi bastard here. And what is our Queen doing consorting with this protector of paedophiles. Send him packing – to HELL, where he belongs.

  10. I think it’s all part of a UK charm offensive by the Pope.
    He’s mastered the offensive bit, but apparently he’s having a few technical setbacks with the charm side of things.

  11. Everyone on the list seems to be less than happy that a former Hitler Youth is visitng us – yet we have to put up with “gay” xians third-columnists in our ranks – never trust an xian even if they claim to be lgbtq

  12. JDA_Glasgow 16 Mar 2010, 7:36pm

    Dear me, what a lot of bile – and pretty inaccurate bile too! I’m particularly amused by Comment 7 – fascinating to see that at least one person thinks that my home city is ‘quieter’ and ‘more respectable’ than London. However, I’m happy to see that we Scots are considered ‘decent and respectful’!

  13. Pity that I am leaving UK in a month’s time, if still being here, will go for demonstration against him coming to UK, what a shame!

  14. So JDA of Glasgow, are you and all your mates getting things together to give this evil master of mumbo-jumbo who thinks that you (I presume you too are queer) and I are “intrinsically disordered” (read “sick”) a very rough ride when he visits your patch in September then?

    Or are you lot up in Glasgow all the nice passive lot that his “Holiness” counts on you as being?

  15. & No 11. My Partner is a christian, SimonQ, though I’m not. I trust her with my life. Who are you to tell me I shouldn’t?

  16. David in Indy 16 Mar 2010, 8:22pm

    It seems the pope feels it is perfectly fine for him to come to the U.K., however the Catholic Church doesn’t want any gay people visiting the Vatican City…..

  17. Mumbo Jumbo 16 Mar 2010, 8:29pm

    You can sign this petition asking the Prime Minister to dissociate the British government from the intoleratnt views of the Pope and the cover-up of the child abuse scandal:

  18. Perhaps JDA would enlighten us as to what piece of the bile is in his words “pretty inaccurate” I as an ex irish catholic cannot find any inaccuracies so far. Care to tell us exactly which post numbers or comments you find wrong or inaccurate JDA…or are you like the rest of us sore and are misguideing your BILE at those you as i presume a gay man should be sideing with. I think the comments re Glasgow being quiet and respectful may have been ironically meant….because i think the thousands of Irish living there will surely give this ex-nazi paedophile apologist in red slippers the kicking he so richly deserves, and i for one will be leading the charge.thinks there may be a rethink on where and what this evil little troll in a while frock will be allowed to do if in fact he does actually have the temerity to appear atall.

  19. AngieRS…If Lizzie and her crowd of parasites are so British , then why did they feel it necessary to change their name from the German triple barrelled name they had until the 1940s, when they then defiled the name of Windsor, by adopting it as their own without as a bye your leave to those who already possessed the name.

  20. Barry, Northampton 16 Mar 2010, 9:13pm

    So, when do the protests start? If our government and monarchy think that he will be welcome with open arms, they can think again

  21. You mean our present Queen who is the 32nd great grand daughter of Alfred the Great? Or maybe you are thinking of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line that married into the British Royal family, namely Queen Victoria. Pre 1940 by about two generations I think. But let’s not forget the Prince of Denmark marrying into the family a couple of centuries earlier. I mean, if you’re going to have a pop at them marrying foreign bloodlines, don’t lets stop at the 1940s. Incidentally, the name change was made in 1917. During the First World War. And to be honest, I don’t really care too much why. Many people change their names for lots of different reasons. Maybe they changed it because they thought it would show solidarity with the troops fighting the war. I don’t know but it would be nice if people got their facts right about such easily accessible material. :-)

  22. How comendable of you AngieRS to go to all that bother to tell us the False History of these parasites, who should be consigned to the dustbin of history along with all the religeous nuts including old red socks, the nazi paedophile apologist for a club of child molesting sadists and rapists. By the way as the 38 grand son of Nial ,high king of Ireland and 39 great grandson of Ir th first king of Ireland ,i have a better calim to the british throne than this bunch of parasites The current residents of buck house have no connection whatever to Alfred the Great who was a British Celt. I think you will if you chek the chrononology of British monarchs you will find they have more in common with the normans than the Celts. Oh and dont depend on Wikipedia…

  23. Oh…it’s a false history…right. Silly me, course it was. All hail HRH King Patrick…
    To be honest, Patrick, I think you need to back pedal on the hate a little bit. It’s not good for you. Ta.Ta.

  24. I do not mind everyone knowing that I once had a relationship with a Catholic – a real gen-u-ine Catholic, not some nominal Catholic who goes to Mass once in a blue moon. No this was a real Pope-Lover.

    When I helped a dear girlfriend of mine (no sexual relationship between her and me, of course) to arrange for an abortion, very early on in an unwanted pregnancy, this Catholic boyfriend of mine informed me I was murderer. He still thought that he could cuddle me in bed at night though! And the next day he would remind me I had murdered “a human being that was sent into the world by Almighty God”!

    I eventually realised that as uncomfortable and inconvenient as moving out would be, I had to get away from this programmed and indoctrinated fool who believed in all the mumbo-jumbo of ancient texts writeen by ignorant peoples. He pursued me though, saying he still loved me although I was a murderer!

    He’s currently married to a woman (entirely a marriage of convenience – she’s his beard because he hasn’t got the gumption to be an out and proud man amongst those he works with) and he’s doing the gay clubs every weekend.

    Personally I cannot be living without integrity.

    I fully intend to be on as many protests against this creep from The Vatican who constantly puts me down as an “intrinsically disordered” human being. I am not, thank you, Popesie. I am as good as you are mate and BETTER! A f<cking MILLION times BETTER than you, Popesie!

    "F<ck you! F<ck you! F<ck you very very very much!"

    Lily Allen's song is what we should all sing loud and clear along every dman route that this blighter takes while he's on this island in September! Shove some British spirit up his ars*.

  25. HRH KING Patrick 16 Mar 2010, 10:39pm

    Even you AngieRS have a better claim to the throne of England than this bunch of parasites.. And please dont try reading into my posts what isnt there ..just your perceptions.I hold no hatred for the Windsors or any other you may think i hate. I am a gay man and know all about hatred from the god botherers and homophobes of this world. Believe it or not i pity you all a lot more than you may think even you Homophobic Law and Justice inspired tory trolls, because i can see how deluded you are poor dears. Now on your knees and pay homage to your king, serf!!!

  26. Oh dear. Well, y’see, Patrick, the only throne I lay claim to is the one in the WC. I’m not sure who you’re calling a homophobic troll but you’re doing yourself no favours on this forum. Same as some others on here who think that shouting down a dissenting voice wins the argument. It doesn’t, it just puts them in a poor light. I’m sorry if you think I’m reading more into your posts than there is but when you call the reigning monarch a parasite, as you did in post 19 then I think I can be forgiven for reading a little bit of hate in it. But there you go, your mileage, as they say, may differ.

  27. AngieRS dear …do go back to you wikipedia page and look up the meaning of parasite then tell me how wrong i am, reigning monarch or not, Monarchy by its very being is intrinsically parasitic.When they pay the same Tax percentage as any other worker in the Uk then they wont be accused of being parasitic.I am only too proud to be seen in a poor light by those like you, who would bring us back to the dark days of tory sleaze rule, when mad maggies bunch of criminal homophobes , who are still all there, brought the uk to abjsct ruin. Let them pay the millions it wil cost to protect the nazi paedophile apologist in a frock and red slippers Who dares to even imagine that he can come here to dictate his will to the, for the most part, Atheist people of the UK.

  28. Do whatever it takes to make the people realize that this monstrosity has yet to EXcommunicate Hitler, a born and Baptised catholic from austria, 1888.

    But the pope just last year UNexcommunicated a holocaust denier, a bishop Williamson, to bring that creep nazi and his 600,000 mad followers back into his church of hatred.

    To hell with him. May the Arabs resolve their issues with the Catholic church by resolving the problem of this Nazi. Why do they hate the west – because from 900 to 1500 AD,there were 13 or 14 crusades against the Muslim people in the mid east and north Africa. Upwards of 50 million were murdered by those who came with cross in one hand and sword in the other.

    No wonder they hate us. Need I say more, other then google Catholic church abuse in the world. You will get sick

    an crowded

  29. I don’t want this illogical demon anywhere near my country.

  30. As government seem to like abusing taxpayer’s money, I think they should show some faith and fund this religious dictator entirely by their Own pockets.

  31. Patrick, stop talking out of your backside. You’re a nob. You’re seen in a bad light because you are arrogant, loud mouthed and close minded. For your information, I am a member of the Freethinker, GALHAa the Gaytheist and the NSS and I am in a loving and Proud Civil Partnership so whatever, Patrick. So you just carry on being loud mouthed, ignorant and pathetically aggressive to those who dare have the nerve to disagree with you. In fact, you carry on with your oh so life like impersonation of the Rev Paisley. Because you sound just like him. And strangely enough, part of my password is bullying. Who’d have believed it.

  32. @ SteveMD2

    I think you will find the Muslims occupied Spain and tried to take over France first.

    That’s what started the crusades off.

  33. BrightonDrJohn 17 Mar 2010, 11:47am

    I shall be letting my local Labour candidate know that because of this invitation and visit I shall not be able to give my vote to the labour party anymore. Those of a similar view should also inform their local candidates how apalled we are of this visit and see above comments!

  34. Yes. This swing to catholism is a dangerous move by the Labour party, and will cost votes. The Labour party claims to represent the oppressed, so how can they appease this oppressor?

  35. Oh Dear i seem to have struck a sore point with Freethinker Angie. A more intelligent response, Angie dear would have been to rebut my points one by one rather than resort to abuse, which is the last refuge of the ignorant. I presume you looked up the meaning of parasite and you were miffed to find out i was right , hence the abuse. Freethinkers should review your membership dear…… I pity your partner as indeed i do you as you seem to be so brainwashed and angry. Nowhere in my posts do i abuse the poster..if i disagree with their point i will say so and tat is te ature of democracy and if you think that is being loudmouthed and agressive well i think that says more about you than me..
    Ian Paisley is a comitted christian bigot and royal parasite loving cretin who wrought havoc on the north of Ireland for over 40 years with the implicit support of the Law and justice homophobic tory party from Heath all the way down to callmewishywashydave. And while i do have your short attention dear, you should know I am also a free thinker and Atheist but i dont feel the need to join any clubs or groups to be so. The very concept of free thinker would imply just that, a free thinker, not follow the rules and concepts of some creepy group that meets once a month in a phone kiosk in some dark alley to whinge about how hard done by they are. And always remember Angie dear, that we genuine gay people dont hate you we just hate what you stand for as a seemingly committed member of the Law and Justice homophobic tory party and be assured that we also pity you as a brainwashed tory minion. “your talking out your backside….you are a nob” ….how very freethinker and intelligent Angie dear.
    Now i would recommend a dark room and a cold wet flannel for your fevered royalist brow and do try to get some sleep before the next meeting of whatever the latest fad group you have joined in an effort to bring some meaning to your sad life.
    Would it be abuse if i were to guess that you dress in bibbed dungarees, a plaid shirt, bovver boots and a crewcut hairstyle and are perpetually angry. If not my apologies but thats how you come across dear.


  36. Mihangel apYrs 17 Mar 2010, 2:22pm

    It’s been reported that this evil, bigotted old Cnut is going to attack our equality laws when he’s here. Hardly the behaviour expected on a state visit; it’s like Mugabe coming here and then denouncing, noisily, the evils of British colonialism when at dinner with Brenda! It’s not on! But of course since he is “his holiness” the grovelling politicians will fawn over him (especially that moronic SoS for Scotland).

    The RC has a strangle hold on too much of our political and judicial process (and in the US and elsewhere) through it’s use of the threat of excommunication. It’s still got ideas of regaining its global domination.

    (I wonder how he will behave with Brenda as Head of “the Church as by law established”?)

  37. Yeah, whatever, Patrick, whatever.

  38. Just had a look at your postings Angie dear and you only posted about four lines of your own opinion.The rest were attacks on other posters and in defence of Simon, not that he needs it , nowhere did he say YOU shouldnt trust an xian. He was speaking in general terms and i would wholeheartedly agree with him, as most xians i have known were not free thinkers ,but brainwashed zombies who spouted homophobic bigoted tripe brainwashed into them by the sort of people you seem to be a supporter of. I say “lock up your children, the christians are coming” …to quote another enlightened poster. and finally Angie dear… if you have children keep your eye on the christians in your life,,,, youd never know till its too late and they have been indoctrinated or worse…. ill leave that to your limited imanination, Pet.

  39. Angie, in #26, you said to Patrick “when you call the reigning monarch a parasite, as you did in post 19 then I think I can be forgiven for reading a little bit of hate in it”.

    Angie, if royalty were all swept of their titles and made equal to us and had to make their own way, this island would still be swarming with tourists visiting the artefacts of the past. So that removes their only excuse for “reigning”! Even tourism doesn’t need them. The only people, in fact, who NEED them are those who derive pleasure out of getting down on their bellies before others – before gods, before priests, before celebrities, before royalty.

  40. AngieRS writes “& No 11. My Partner is a christian, SimonQ, though I’m not. I trust her with my life. Who are you to tell me I shouldn’t?” – do what you like love, you won’t find me caring! Your partner believes in medieval backward bigoted mumbo jumbo – sounds like she is mentally ill but if you can sleep soundly at night beside your deranged xian then good luck.

  41. Have just seen the excellent documentary on that clown Sylvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, on BBC2, 7-8pm. I recommend it to anyone who missed it. Watch it on IPlayer.

    What I find amazing is that Italy is gripped by superficial plastic celebrity culture at the moment, largely because of Berlusconi being at the helm, and the old Popesie has actually very little REAL control of what’s going on outside his little Vatican despite Italy being dotted with Catholic churches, YET he’s coming over here to demonstrate to us on six occasions in three days how wayward WE in this country are!

    “F>ck off back to Italy, you old fool!”, should be one of our cries as he sanctimoniously waves his way through our cities!

  42. Well, that’s big and bold of you, SimonQ. Well, as long as you’ve got enough tissues.

    Patrick, whatever. You couldn’t hold an intelligent argument if your life depended on it. actually, do you have enough tissues as well? Perhaps you could borrow Simon’s?

    @ 39, Eddy. What was it in my post, Eddy, that gave you the impression that I am a royalist? I don’t much care one way or another whether this country has a royalty. I was merely commenting on the strength of the emotions apparent in the post I was replying to. Calling a particular group of people “parasitic” isn’t exactly flattery and I believe my interpretation of that rant was correct. Particularly when you look at the style of posting from that person.

    In reply to Patricks rant, and they are rants, about the royals, and having a little idea of this countries history I knew he was wrong about the royals changing their name during the Second World War and I corrected him, and challenged his account of the German bloodline in the royal family. He can call it a false history, he can try and traduce my reply into taunts about Wikipedia but it doesn’t alter the facts that the lineage of the royals goes way back past Victoria and it doesn’t alter the fact that the royal family has married more foreigners than I’ve had hot dinners. Now, I don’t much care for his style of posting and to me it is immature and bullying and I’ve probably sunk to his level and I am annoyed about that but I am neither homophobic, a royalist or any of the other rubbish I’ve been labelled with.
    This forum is dying, because it has become cluttered with misogynistic Gay men who think if they shout loud enough and can be insulting enough then they’ll have won their argument. They never do win the argument but they damage the usefulness of these boards permanently.


  43. Patrick O'Gormley..Ireland 18 Mar 2010, 1:49am

    “whatever” Brilliant Angie Dear. I dont think i have ever come across a better thought out argument. and you say the gay men on this site are killing the debate. At what level do you and your xian partner think “whatever” is debate. Simply put dear “whatever ” only proves our point .. You dont have a legitimate argument. Oh and i see you’ve revised you argument about parasite lizzie and her brood of hangers on from Alfred the Great down to “way past victoria”. Who cares how many “forigners” (how very tory)they married. They will remain parasites until they pay legitimate taxes on their illgotten gains. a little factual info for you Angie dear… the present crowd of parasites go way back past victoria to at least the 15th century when various illegitimates fought each other for the right to lord it over the beleagured people of Britain, but for the most part they were french , norman,and dutch as in the gay William and his beard Mary.They always married “foreigners” because they always considered the local natives below them as evidenced in the way they used and betrayed The late Diana, who was used to bring some new healthy dna to the short dumpy norman look they were saddled with for centuries through inbreeding.

  44. C.Lee Farquar 18 Mar 2010, 9:34am

    I am a lot more concerned with the sanctioning of the proposed state visit of a man to this country; a man who holds sway over the thoughts and actions of many millions of people and a man who thinks that my/your unchosen homosexuality is an “intrinsic moral disorder” and that, by inference, I/you am “intrinsically morally disordered”; I am not.

    The spats above are hugely irrelevant to discussion of this visit.

    Could we stick to the point, please?

    C. Lee Farquar

  45. Yes, inclined to agree with Sil Lee F’qr above.

    Could we keep some of the rage to one side for September and make sure that it so rains on Cuprinol Man’s parade that the colour drains from his mush?

    Every time he opens it, we take one step back; lose one more hard won gain along the road to just being able to get on with the deck of cards we were dealt.

    “…And all because the Lady loves Milk Tray” .. and all because THIS Lady can’t handle what he knows to be in himself; he is as camp as Fanny’s and cannot deal with it. He cannot deal with it and never has been able to deal with it and will not allow anybody else (millions upon millions of people, by the way) to deal with it either.

    He comes from an age not too removed from Oscar Wilde and certainly not removed from Quentin Crisp and from my own lifetime memory when it was a criminal, and heavily punishable, offence.

    Could even be a re-incarnation of John Henry Newman because it is the same bloody script.
    Seen the loving, caring photos of him and his ‘dresser’ Msgr.Gorgeous Georg Ganswein, have you?

    Maybe he can be excused for his own opinion of himself; he does after all, come from another era. But times have moved on and he needs to butt out.


  46. I agree wholeheartedly C LEE, and from now on i intend to ignore these tory and xian troll plants on this site. I was drawn into arguments with them over the last few days and last night i saw them for what they are. These infantile spats were a way of deflecting we or is it us genuine concerned gay people away from the real issues and it worked for a while but now ive seen the light.

    Have you noticed that ratcatcher isnt coming until September in the hope that the Law and Justice homophobic tory party will have won the election and that he would get a freer ride from them. And he knows that by then the tory jackboot would be on our nacks and keeping us well away from him. Which only goes to show us that we must triple our efforts to make sure that callmewishwashydave the salesmans homophobic criminals NEVER make it anywhere near Downing street.

  47. Personally, Patrick, I don’t think I have ever come across such a hate filled nasty piece of work as yourself. A Northern Irish catholic misogynistic homosexual who is in so much conflict with himself it spills out on others.

    Nearly every thread I can find on here where you are involved degenerates into a slanging match. Even your compatriots in Southern Ireland are disgusted with you and your views and deny you fellowship in any form, be it by way of sexuality, republicanism, religion or anything else and heap scorn on your claim to the Irish crown.

    Any infantile spats are entirely of your own making. You are an angry man. You really should go see someone. Ta.Ta

  48. Eddy Bentley 18 Mar 2010, 3:17pm

    Hi folks. Isn’t this hilarious:

    “The Pope has been busy writing new instructions to the clergy and faithful of traditionally Catholic Ireland, drawing up stricter rules for dealing with priestly paedophilia.”

    “Priestly paedophilia” and Popesie busily scratching out new directives at his little Vatican desk! Hilarious.

    “Without warning, he was suddenly confronting new, similar scandals which have come to light in his own country, Germany – including one in the very town where he taught at the university and where his brother was choirmaster of a famous boys’ choir.

    His promised pastoral letter to Ireland has had to be put on hold.

    Now his record as Archbishop of Munich in the late 1970s and early 80s, is being mercilessly scrutinised by the international media.

    Did Pope Benedict know, or did he not know, about cases of priest paedophiles reported in his own diocese?

    If yes, then why did he not act to discipline and remove them and inform the police?

    It has since been admitted in Germany that there was a cover up, just as in similar cases elsewhere.

    But if the answer is no, then it seems legitimate to ask if the Archbishop, as he was then, was doing his job properly?

    during the past decade the Holy Office received details of 3,000 Catholic priests reported by their Bishops to Rome for sexual misconduct or, even worse, crimes.

    Sixty per cent of these cases involved homosexual acts, 30% related to heterosexual behaviour and only 10% – or 300 priests – were, he said, “actual cases of paedophilia.”

    Even in Italy, cases of priestly paedophilia are coming out of the woodwork – over 80 of them, according to prosecutors.

    In one case, the priest defended himself on the grounds that he sincerely believed it was not sinful for him to have sexual relations – provided it was not with a woman.

  49. Hi Patrick. Are you a member of “My”? Click MY on the PinkNews page and sign up. Then look for Eddy and drop me a message there. Please. I have some fascinating information that I know you will love!

  50. #



    I heard that on the wireless today too.
    I bet quietly, the Pope is seethin’..!
    I bet she’s ckuffin’ furious and serve her bleedin’ well right.

    And they tell me “I”…????…I am “intrinsically morally disordered”…


    On yer bike!
    On yer ckuffin’ bike…!

    Father Carney et al.
    Serious child abusers.

    Cardinal Brady.
    Serious cover-up merchant.

    Archbish. Ratzinger of Munich..?

    Back ring.
    Slow cook.

  51. Thanks Eddy..Just signed up and waiting for approval e.mail by the owners

  52. Was it nostradamous that predicted theat the polish pope would be the penultimate pope…looks like old nosty was right again…looks like old ratcatcher is going to jail and i cant see the rcc recovering from this. One helluva a museum the vatican is gonna make…all that art.. i cant wait altho a lot of it will have to be sold offto pay for all this paedophilia. i believe old ratcatcher no two is in trouble too for sbusing dozens of choir boys over 50 years or more i wonder what the xnazi ratzinger himself has been up to… his body language screams guilt and watch his face as he camps about in his gold drag its like he is expecting a bullet from somewhere. i would imagine it will have to be a silver bullet to dispatch this vile ancientancery demon. possible a Muslim bullet in payment for the cross in one hand and sword in the other crusades that murdered over 50 million Muslims

  53. Patrick the little buzzing fly 18 Mar 2010, 7:09pm

    eddy if you are monitoring this page …how long does it take for my “MY” account to be approved if pink news monitoring ….how long?//



    John Banner (born Johann Banner; 28 January 1910 — 28 January 1973) was an American film and television actor.

    He is best known for his role as a World War II German soldier, the comedic Sergeant Hans Schultz on the television situation comedy Hogan’s Heroes (1965–1971). Schultz was constantly encountering evidence that the inmates of his Stalag (prisoner-of-war camp) were planning mayhem, and he was aware that he would be better off if he pretended ignorance — thus his constant catch phrase “I know nothing! Nothing!” Nothing!”[1] One episode of Hogan’s Heroes is titled “At Last: Schultz Knows Something”.

    (For ‘Stalag’ read ‘Vatican’)

    Back ring.
    Slow cook.….!



  55. Keith, love you, dahling!

    Great connection you made there! “Hogan’s Heroes”. I remember it well. “I KNOW NOSSINK!!” I vill deny, deny, deny!

    But isn’t it amazing how so few people CAN make connections, can stand back and see the trends, can stand back and view things rationally?

    Did you see the programmme on Berlusconi last night, Keith? Watch it on IPlayer, if not. Berlusconi bears certain resemblances to Mussolini and Hitler in terms of behaviour. But the unspoken observation that leapt out of that programme in the lead up to our own election was that just as the majority of Italians are voting for that obvious clown and pillock, so will many gullible shallow-minded Brits shortly vote for The Tories!

    I know one old Tory woman who lives several doors along from me and the other night I heard her say: “Oh, well, David will be getting my vote. I mean, you’ve got to admit it, he’s far better looking than that Gordon Brown!”. That’s what she said. A blue-blooded queen-loving church-going Tory. Exactly the same brainless and shallow attitude that the majority of Italians have at this time.

    It’s just unbelievable.

    There was a worker in Tilbury early in the week who called out to Call-Me-Dave, something like, “What good’s a new boy in the job?” I only hope there are more like him around.

    Anyway, yep, isn’t it delicious to think that that old queen in the Vatican is spitting cause she feels she’s been totally unmasked as a fraud.

    “I mighta as wella walka througha the streetsa of Bretannia with alla mya clothes off anda everyiabody alooking ata mya DICK! Dear Jesu, Madonna Maria, whatta af>cking messa!”

  56. I came across this site looking at an article to do with kele from bloc party, but when i saw an article about the pope i wondered what sort of comments there would be. Im shocked. Ive seen the pope being called evil, a demon, paedophilie, nazi as well as many people wishing someone would kill him on his visit.
    For a forum for a group who are trying to fight for ‘equality’, you all, apart from a couple of people, undermine your cause. You are projecting hatred on those who dissaprove of a certain aspect of your way of life, and this is certainly not a solution.
    I can tell from the posts that many of you display distrust and angst towards the ‘church’ and religion in general. No doubt because of unjust discrimination and as i said earlier, hate, that you most likely would have experianced. The reason is a lack of understanding from the POV of many but not all religious groups. I, myself am a christian and a homosexual, but not a ‘practicing’ homosexual as i would call it. I am against homosexuality but not against homosexuals because i belive we are all equal. If any of you were to read the bible, which i doubt any of you have seeing as how critical of all religions the general comments are, you would find the same view within. Its surprising how much people focus the institution and figure heads and negate to even concider that its function is to support the belifies of the bible. You could call be ‘brainwashed’ or ‘indoctrinated’, but I would say that I have faith in God and my belifies. I wouldnt want to impose those belifies on any of you, so the next time you use words like ‘indoctrinated’ to describe someone with a different view to you just remember that doing so gives them the right to fire the same accusation back at you. Hatered, anger and violence isnt the solution to your problems. Instead of planning how to make the popes visit to the U.K as unpleasent as possible, which would be less effective than a drop in the ocean, why not try to do something constructive which will actually further your cause?
    And by the way the royal family doesnt just sit in buckingham palace all day eating caviar on jewel encrusted gold thrones you know. The two young princes have both served in the army and both work for many charities…. for free! The pope was in the hitler youth army which is the modern day equivalent of scouts and doesnt really make him a nazi. No.28, the pope cant excommunicate hitler because hes dead. Patrick, some guy already said earlier that the crusades were started by the muslims, and besides, events that occured about 600 years ago shouldnt be anything to hold a grudge over. And i think you will find that muslims are a lot less understanding to gays than the pope is.

  57. Well well cc “catholic curate” by any chance… we are all wrong to be lambasting those whose sole purpose in life is to make life as unpleasant as possible for others and go around dressed in frocks raping little children or at very least in the case of the Vile sean brady being apologist for them and covering up their vile acts by making little children sign confidentiality clauses and then allowing the perpetrators to go on for another 20 years raping and abusing children before he is caught.

    I see from your post that you adhere to the teachings of the bible , just about the most evil book ever published. A book that was ccompiled over three to five thousand years by a fearful band of desert tribes who were 100% illiterate and so their paranoid stories were for thousands of years passed dowe orally.
    Then along came Emperor Constantine who deceided that, like the Egyptians, he needed a religeon to consolidate his power and picke up on a small sect that had been around for a couple of hundred years or so and made it his Thing if you will.
    He invented most of its “miracles”, prayers and so on , like the creed and its founder, a mythical figure called Jesus Christ who supposedly was, like most of the Egyptian Gods before , born of a virgin , who , and i kid you not, remained a virgin after his birth and ran with it and made it into a world religeon by playing on the fears and superstitions of a vastly uneducated people.
    Fast forward another thousand years or so and we have another despot , king James who deceided that he would compile his version and so we were saddled with the King james bible, that was to wreak havoc on the rest of the world for another 5/600 years until people started to be educated and think for themselves. Meanwhile the decendants of Constantine went on to found Roman Catholicism and spent the last 1500 years raping and sadistically abusing those they professsed to protect. And all under the protection of their own made up laws …Cannon Law which noone dared to question under pain of Excommunication, which to uneducated people who knew no better, meant damnation in hell (wherever that is ) for eternity.
    Its a bit rich of any christian to sit and pass judgment on anyone about violence , when the religeon you profess has just about the most vilont history on this planet, all in the name of a myth propagated by an organisation solely engaged in rape and sadistic abuse of human beings ,but especially children almost from its inception.
    you can call that a hate filled rant is you dare , but be prepared to point out where you think it is wrong. That , whether you like it or not, is the factual history of religeon and if your limited education allows, you can research and prove all of the above to be true. By the way i forgot the inquisition, the slaughter of the Native american , the slaughter of almost the entire original inhabitants of the entire American continent in the name of christianity.
    I feel neither hatred anger or violence towards anyone caught up in this evil cult,only pity and some alarm that they still cling to such nonsense in the twenty first century when proof of their delusion is staring them and us all in the face.
    I dont know whether you are british or not but your lack of knowledge of for instance the windsors would indicate that you are not. Well grab hold of this pet.. the parasites who currently inhabit buck house are just that. They have never until recently paid any taxs on their vast wealth and the taxes they do pay now were negoitaited with a condescending tory government and are way below what ordinary citizens of this country pay.
    They claim that there wouldnt be any tourists without them, but Ireland, a much smaller country with a population a tenth in size that of the Uk, has about three times the tourist traffic of the UK and it doesnt have any parasites leeching off the population

    It may be that the two youngest members of this clan of parasites are in the army but that is a ploy by which to keep the natives quiet,as was their decision to pay SOME TAXES, so that they will be seen as being somehow patriotic britons and fool everyone.

    Contrary to your assertion that the exnazi paedophile protector currently installed in Rome cant excommunicate Hitler, it didnt stop them excommunicating in the past when even dumb animals could be excomunnicsted. He did however re communicate the Holocaust denier bishop and gave him an important job in the cesspool they call the Vatican. I hold no grudge against anyone, but especially the deluded,because i recognise that they are indoctrinated and for the most part do not possess the intellectual faculties to tear themselves away from the irrational fears engenderd by such delusion. As for the crusades you are entirely wrong to say the also deluded Muslims started the crusades,just because they invaded Spain and settled peacefully there until attacked and ejected by a paranoid catholic church as were the Jews, and who wanted an entirely christian europe. Much the same as was seen in recent times when the Christian serbs tried to ethnically cleanse the Baltic of muslims and hitler who tried to rid europe of the Jews. and finally. your assertion that the nation of islam is more homophobic than the pope, well you seem to forget that their faith also springs from that same Abrahamic myth.
    so when you take me on be sure you know what you are talking about,cc.

  58. To read about Ratzi’s involvement in the cover-up of clerical paedophilia in Germany read the following!

    Person signing himself as “CC”, above, completely removed his own credibility when he wrote: “I am against homosexuality but not against homosexuals because I believe we are all equal.” Typical of the contorted, twisted, and delusional psychology of many Xians.

    Patrick, I haven’t read your full repost but I am sure it’s good. Let’s hope “CC” has a morsel of openmindedness, will read it, and start the long long trek towards self-liberation.

  59. PATRICK.

    Eggsamin the splelin.

    If CC is a katholick kewrate then he dindernt pay much attishoo to the nuns in inglish; the splelin is aporlin.

    No, Patrick; it is just another sad, head-in-the-sand queen, who much like Joe Ratzinger himself is a closet case, unable to accept HIMself and unable and unwilling to let others be free to accept THEMselves.
    I have no patience; the world is full of people like this, intent on giving you and me THEIR ckuffin’ problem.
    And how, in the light of recent and on-going events, the man can even THINK about setting foot outside his own coterie of arse-lickers, is beyond me.
    Instead of standing up mumbling apologies, all got up, still, in the finest power-dress garb and silly pointy hats, he and his goons should have been made to strip off to jeans and T-shirts and made to stand there and spout what they have to spout, like the common criminals they are, covering up one another’s arses like they have done down the decades.
    Get out of the power-dressing and the ‘act’ and see how they would fare; jeans and T-shirts; just this side of a prison mug- shot and nick.
    You would be.
    I would be.
    Why are they not..?
    Tell cc to “Get a life…!”


  60. #60

    Thanks for the links, Eddy.

    One lady in one of the papers you gave is still a church-goer and attends Mass.
    I cannot understand why.
    Every Catholic in every land should just stand up and walk out half way thro’ the Mass in protest; every single one.
    Very difficult for the Church to bank nothing come Monday morning and every Monday morning.

    The answer to everything lies in the till; empty the Church’s till.
    I will not bore you again with why I left the Church 50 years ago.

    But I am glad I did.

    It was hard because you are brought up with it.

    But I have never been in a church, let alone to a service, since 1961, not even to my 2 brothers’ weddings.

    I knew as a kid that the church were a bunch of thugs and cast it all away.


  61. Well Patrick i wasn’t trying to ‘take you on’, its called a rational debate. And i don’t have a limited education, I’m doing my masters in applied chemistry at Nottingham university, which would also mean your wrong about me being British.
    I cant see why you would call the bible evil. If you would have ever picked it up would would find it condemns evil. I challenge you to find a verse in the bible that is actually evil. I can see that you have a personal hate towards religion i cant imagine that you would have an open mind about this. As i said before, if someone has a different belief to yours then that doesn’t mean that they are indoctrinated. It’s pure ignorance and closed mindedness that you can not accept anothers view point. Ive never before come across the term Xian, but you use it in a way that is meant to offend. I’m sure you dint like it when people call you offensive names for homosexual. And what can i say, it does seam that the catholic church has a problem with some of the clergy being pedophiles. But you cant say that all catholics or all christians are raping, sadistic pedophiles because that would be very bigoted and inaccurate of you. I don’t think that Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King were evil sadists. Do you? I think you are forgetting that there are also secular pedophiles. Pedophiles are pedophiles, the clergy men who have admitted to the heinous crime didn’t do it in the name of God. They knew they were doing wrong and just because they are catholic doesn’t mean they are unable to sin. People shouldn’t blame God for the acts of man.
    Many people in the past have killed and gone to war for ‘holy’ reasons, such as your example of the native americans. All i can say is that they were misguided and didn’t understand what they were on about. Nowhere in the bible does it condone ANY killing or violence. so you are right to say that they were wrong, but they are the ones to blame, not the religion.
    I think you will find that Constantine wasn’t looking for a religion, they already had one. The story of how Constantine became a christian was he saw the sign of the cross in the sky while at war with someone other faction, who’s name i cant remember because i don’t get all my information off the internet.
    Also, saying that the roman catholics raped everyone for 1500 years is just inaccurate, i don’t think it would go down well with a historian. I don’t think you can prove that he made up all of his miracles either, so most of what you said was just a dressed up hate spiel and not a factual history of my religion at all.
    I don’t think any of you would dare call princess Diana a parasite, that would put you in Eltons bad books.

    Eddy, i don’t know if you quite understood what i meant in the line you quoted. The meaning is that i am opposed to the act and practice of homosexuality, but i am not opposed to homosexuals as people. I recognise that homosexuals are normal regular people with the same capacity as heterosexuals.

    Keith, I would not describe myself as a head in the sand queen. I have homosexual thoughts which are purely sexual and don’t rise above that level. I see you have resorted to the most immature of tendencies in online posting which is to ridicule the other persons spelling. hardly relevant to the discussion.

    You have all ignored my comment about the mainly hateful nature of the posts on here, and how it isn’t a solution to what you are trying to achieve. It wasn’t a criticism, but meant as a helpful comment. Yes that’s right, even though we have different beliefs we can still be helpful and nice to eachother.

  62. CC wrote: “I can’t see why you would call the bible evil.”

    The Bible, The Koran, The Torah, and more: all these are silly nonsense written by frightened ancient peoples, CC. There are individual elements within all of them which advocate indisputable evil, but taken entire they each amount to a falsification, a lie, to claims which are ridiculous.

    There are no spirits, no ghosts, no pixies, no fairies, no sprites, no gods, no God, no supernatural beings of any sort.

    If you are doing a graduate degree in chemistry, CC, it is alarming to hear that you believe in that for which there has never been any evidence whatsoever.

    I shan’t deal point by point with your long post because obviously all you believe in in terms of religion is predicated upon the nonsense of The Bible with which you have been brainwashed. Your unfortunate and erroneous beliefs with regard to homosexuality are also part of that received thinking, which you would do well to reject.

    You’ll find it helps your chemistry too, CC. You need to be a rational person to be a good scientist.

    Why don’t you discuss your problem with all of your Nottingham tutors? There should be a good few who are sensible and should be able to help you out of the religious frame of mind. And you will find that by appealing to them for help you will earn their respect.

  63. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 12:04am


    You said:

    “I came across this site looking at an article to do with kele from bloc party, but when i saw an article about the pope i wondered what sort of comments there would be.”

    M-m. How does one come across a gay site looking for kele from the bloc party?

    Patrick: very enlightening. Thank you.

    Eddy: Seen Monkeychops lately?

    Green tea, anyone?

  64. CC… First let me deal with your spelling. yOu say you are a a masters in applied chemistry at Nottingham. Tell me… how, when you are referenceing something do you manage. If you cant spell something as simple as paedophile , and your spelling mistakes werent one off typos, as you continually use the same spelling throughout your piece. How on earth do you make yourself understood.

    A scarey thought to think that you are working with the Periodic table and some of the powerful chemicals it contains. How on earth do you know what you are doing if you cant spell.

    Arent there any international students at Nottingham then, as you assume that, as you are at Nottingham, it would follow you’d be British.

    Ah the bible…. that great scholarly work of humanity and understanding. Well i did pick it up and am slightly miffed youd think i would comment on something i knew nothing about. I found it to be a collection of stories passed down orally from a fearful and uneducated band of desert tribes. I found it to be a work of the utmost evil , with its mysogeny, homophobia. pederasty, paedophilia, cruelty and idolatory and pathological need to control.

    Think about this.. Moses, an entirely mythical figure supposedly received the Ten Commandments from “God”. On returning to his tribe he found them worshipping a golden calf, so he threw down the tablets of stone and smashed them. He then went back to “God” and got another set. Where are they? One would think that something so important, would be one of mankinds greatest treasures, but no, we mislaid them somewhere, possibly in the Red sea when “god” parted the waters or possibly mislaid them when the Jews were wandering about in the desert for forty years… living on what one wonders.
    Then there was the assertion that “God” was into Infantcide by demanding that Moses kill his only son.
    Then there was Noah who saved the entire flora and fauna of the planet earth on a 40 foot wooden boat When your god threw a strop and decided to kill off everything on the planet because some humans didnt behave properly.
    Then there was the dude in Sodom who would rather give his infant daughter to the mob so as “you may know her at your will” rather than have them Defile visitors to his house……I wont go on but methinks your grasp of the reality of the bible is strangly selective. Do you for instance believe that slavery is right .The “holy” bible does. do you for instance believe that all governments sre constituted by god.
    Really…. Ivan the terrible, Gengis Khan,Pol Pot, Stalin , Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mao Tse Tong, and on and on.
    Again you are wrong when you say i have a hatred for religeon. No i hate what it does to people like you, who are clearly deluded.
    How can i have an open mind about the bible yet ignore all the other religeons that ever cast their spell on mankind. What makes your “god” more valid for instance than any of the Egyptian “gods” Hindu Gods or the myriad others that came before yours and after yours.
    Are you, as a “masters” student in applied anything saying that the earth is about six thousand years old. The book you venerate so, says so.
    To call me ignorant baecause i dont share your beliefs,says a lot more about your closemindneedness than mine. I dont have any beliefe. I accept categorically the proof of science and research of Darwin, Newton, Einstein,Galileo and the thousands of other great minds produced by mankind. I cannot and can never put faith in mythology.
    You, on the other hand accept the paranoid beliefs and unfounded stories of ancient uneducated tribes of desert peoples, and i would fight to the death for your right to have that belief,so long as you dont try to make me believe it.
    Xian is, rather than an attempt to offend,altho im at a loss to know how that offends, merely shorthand for Christian, similar to the term xmas.Do you get up on your high horse about Xmas on Christmas cards.
    I have NEVER been called offensive names because of my Homosexuality, even tho i am an out and proud man in a deeply Christian country, Ireland.
    As for whether all catholics or christians are paedophiles or not , of that no one can be sure , but certainly the clerics from the xnazi paedophile protecting despot in Rome down to the lowliest deacon seem to be implicated in some very evil goings on over the last century.
    On St Patricks day in the Cathedral in armagh the paedophile apologist Sean Brady got a standing ovation from his congregation of committed catholics. No sympathy for the two children he forced thirty years ago to sign a confidentiality clause to protct the evil paedo cleric Brendan Smyth, who then went on to rape and defile dozens of children , boys and girls for twenty more years.Brady wasnt through yet tho, as he took part in another paedo protaction clause in 2000.
    As for Constantine and his promotion of Christanity, In 312 CE he commanded his troops to adorn their sheilds with christian symbols after a hallucination he experienced the night before, after eating mouldy bread. He had been exposed to or indoctrinated about the small christian sect by his mother Helen who was a follower.
    As for whether a historian could know details of a secretive cult such as that in Rome is open to some question , given the revelations of the last few years, or were they complicit in the coverup too. I think not.
    You think stories of making the blind see and the dead come back to life and walking on water arent made up…. well you rationalise that gibberish if you want.
    You think i hate JP Rawinligs because she wrote Harry Potter and all his spells etc…..i dont think so.
    I have no feelings of hate against any form of mythology whatever and have enjoyed greatly Greek and Irish mythology as a student.
    To call the History of religeon factual history, is deluded in the extreme.
    To say that the anihillation of entire peoples was misguided is a little naieve in the extreme….they knew exactly what they were doing. They done it for God and country oh and the “De oro”. Gold to me and you.
    As for calling the late Diana a parasite … i didnt.. I said the current inhabitents of buck house were parastes. Diana in case you dont know has been dead for a few years now.. And now that you brought up that subject…Diana was used to bring a fresh strain of DNA to a family who had been saddled for centuries with ill health and the short homely dumpiness of the Normans through inbreeding, because they considerd the locals below them and not blue blooded enough…. and i think Elton would agree with that as he deeply loved the Late Diana, as millions did around the world.

    Finally ….. its your perception that the posts on this site are hate filled, because they dont share your beliefs, delusional,or not. The posts on this site are rational views on the posts you made , nothing more or less. Hatred never entered into the discourse except in Your mind Which seems to be a wholly Christian trait when everyone doesnt adhere to their irrational beliefs ………..

  65. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 2:02am

    CC – post 62

    “And i don’t have a limited education, I’m doing my masters in applied chemistry at Nottingham university, which would also mean your wrong about me being British.”

    Postgrad studies at Nottingham in Nanoscience or Entrepreneurship?

    Any opinion on stem cell research??

    Birth control?




    Euthenasia? Sorry, I meant Euthanasia.

    Liberation Theology?

    Church and State?

    Solencing Dissent? I mean, Silencing Dissent.


    Patrick: More green tea? I’ve put away the spirits for Wholly Week.

  66. CC

    Correct spelling is simply good manners.
    Correct spelling is the passport to being taken seriously.

    You exibit neither and thus certainly cannot expect the latter.

    My unbidden advice to you is to improve your spelling and then, instead of writing tomes on here, go and get yourself well and truly laid and get all that potato-water out of your system and take Pope Schultz…I know nossink….I know nossink…I know nossink .. with you because that is what he, too, needs, old as he is.


  67. What’s it is like viewing a chemical reaction at the atomic level, Mr. C?

  68. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 4:15am

    rational debate…? Ever see a snake eat an apple?

  69. On rereading my rather long post above, some of you will have noticed that there are a few typos and i’m confident you will recognise them as such. I will endeavour to improve my typewriteing skills. At the moment its hunt and peck method which can be very *mishteak* prone.

  70. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 4:18pm

    But, but, but….where’s CC??????????

    Oh CC!! Please don’t go. Come back, come back.

    We so knead your wisdom and your hintelastual, I mean hinterlectual excellence and integrity so we can becaome as judgental as you are. I mean judgemental, but you knew that, bacause, well bacause yew kahnow everyting, dontcha.

    Earth ta CC. Hello Nottigham U! Have yew scene CC? CC is doing post-grad in chemistry; he’s got a 2.1. Also an hexpert in biblical exagesis, AND a non-practicing HOMOSEXUAL…AW-W-W…just like!

  71. Well done, guys. These cowards flee in horror when people refute their nonsense.

  72. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 4:57pm


    I do miss MC, don’t you.

    Now, where were we…oh yes, the popeye visit…sorry, I meant paypal….no, no, it’s papal….this darn keyboard..where’s the apostrophe???? f***!

  73. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 5:01pm

    CC @ 56:

    You said:

    “I came across this site looking at an article to do with kele from bloc party.”

    I found some kele and I’ll be happy to share it with you. I can be at Nottingham U at your convenience, and you can see the kele from the bloc party that I’ve found. I am here to serve, dearie.

  74. Just found out at the weekend, it wasn’t Gordon Brown who invited joe ratzinger to the UK. It was Lizzie Windsor… surprise surprise. But the beleagured taxpayers will be saddled with the cost.
    I say if she wants to consort with a vile exnazi paedophile and sadist protecting parasite from Rome , then she should pay out of the millions she’s saved from the taxes she hasn’t paid to the treasury of this country.
    We can put the £20 or so million into the health service or some other needy cause starved of cash. As on of the richest women on the planet she can well afford it. The fact that this vile homophobe is coming in September is also very telling. He hopes that Callmedaves homophobic Law and Justice Tories will be in Downing street by then and that he will be well protected by them.Think again ratcatcher… you are in for a rough ride,especially from the Irish in England and Scotland as you clearly think that a bleating datribe such as that read out in churches here at the weekend somehow is enough to bring them back bowing and scraping to you and your vile homophobic paedophile cesspit. Think again Joe.

  75. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 6:15pm

    M-m-m…check it out, mate:

    See entry on Saturday, 26th September 2009

  76. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 6:29pm

    Here,s me thinking it was Lady Thatcher wot invited ‘im to accept Gordon Brown’s invite:

    (Saturday, 26th Sept. 2009)

    Maybe the Baroness T. could foot the bill then. Hello Cheerie Blair!! Where you been, Tony?

  77. CC=MC

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Albert dear…!


    (Einstein, that is; not Saxe-Coburg-Gotha…)

  78. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 8:57pm

    Ah Keith…at last…the voice of sanity…where was you??

  79. JP, haven’t seen those posts of yours at MY until now. Photo of old Thatcher consorting with the Old Goat makes me feel ill! Why does an old aging Anglican consort with the Catholic Pope? It has to be ego, and fear of death, don’t you think. All these power-mongers wrapping up things amongst themselves. It’s like a conspiracy. That woman hated us. And the Old Goat hates us. So they were united for the duration of their meeting in at least one thing.

  80. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 9:12pm

    er…a photo shoot?????

    (conspiring in a crime against humanity, eh….well, yah, Gays are human!!!)

    “…now, about this infant baptism thing, Ben dahling…couldn’t we baptize them while they’re in the womb…children are so smart at an early age today. Oh, and do come to see us..promise??? This old thing??? Don’t be silly. I’ve had it for ye-e-e-e-rs. TTFN! Pssst, did you get a good shot?! Good, let’s get the hell outta here.”

  81. Pope is to visit Britain in September at the invitation of the Queen, Buckingham Palace has confirmed Pope Benedict XVI will make his visit between September 16 and 19.

    He will be received by the Queen, who is Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and the Duke of Edinburgh at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on September 16.

    The Pontiff will also travel to Glasgow, London and Coventry during his four-day stay.

    He confirmed last month in Rome that he was set to visit England and Scotland later in the year.

    His remarks criticising aspects of Britain’s equality legislation were greeted with outrage by secular campaigners.

    During the visit the Pope will beatify the nineteenth century theologian and educationalist Cardinal John Henry Newman at a public mass in Coventry.

    The visit will also include a public mass in Glasgow and a prayer vigil in London.

    He will also meet the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace and pray with other church leaders at Westminster Abbey.

    More details of the Pope’s itinerary will be released closer to the time.

  82. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 9:39pm

    Wonderful…before long we will actually pierce the veil of secrecy and peer into the mysterious workings of Xian shenanigans.

    Question of the day: Who the hell invited him?

  83. Fraid not guys.. It was Lizzie who invited him according to Buck Hse. see this Evening Standard page .

  84. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 9:55pm

    Whatever you, Buzz.

    Poor Lizzie. How could she refuse??? …backed up against a wall like she was by tarantula what’s-her-name,,,batcher,,cratchit,,oh yes Tatcher.

    Who you gonna believe. Lies, lies everywhere. Paranoid?? Who, moi??

    We are “not supposed to know” ok! So live with the mystery and pay your taxes.

    Green tea?

  85. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 10:02pm

    Yeah, and John Henry Cardinal Newman had left strict instructions not to be disturbed in his tomb for some stupid old, meaningless tradition.

    But no-o-o. It wasn’t enough that da vatican drove him crazy all his life…benXVI had to go up upstage ‘im.

    Never mind…his body was never found…yuk, yuk…all they found was a cardinal’s red hat and a strand of hair…probably from a pooch…while John and Ambrose are sleeping peacefully in the same unidentified grave as per his last will and testament.

    Vie de merde! Love a British mystery, don’t you.

  86. JP, have only just seen The Guardian cartoon, at the following.

    Hope it has given people here good ideas for upstaging the old fart.

  87. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 10:39pm

    Right on, Eddy.

    Is that CC in drag in the front row after a hard day in the lab?

    Oh look, there’s Patrick. ha ha ha! No offense, Patrick, it is to laugh.

  88. Non taken Jean-Paul …went for a look and luv it luv it I see smc sthere too and is that Eddy in the sailors hat? CC…? Naw i would imagen cc’s home getin hom skuled in Inglysh

  89. Layby cruiser 22 Mar 2010, 11:42pm

    Guys …go look at the Boy George story…..

  90. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Mar 2010, 11:56pm

    ah Patrick…love ya!

  91. Once upon a time there was this garden where a naked lady and a naked man lived, skipping around with the lambs and lions and everyone was happy and gay(!) Then a nasty talking snake told the naked lady to eat an apple off a tree she wasn’t supposed to eat from and she realised she must invent shopping because hse had no clothes or shoes or handbags. So she asked the naked man to eat the apple too so he would realise he needed clothes too and might get a job and get some cash for her to go out shopping with. Then the great sky spirit, who enjoyed watching them romping around with no clothes on got very cross and sent a nasty man with wings on his back and a big sword of fire to chase them out of the garden! As for the snake, well it seemed very happy with what it had done and turned into a red man with a forked tail and horns! As for the man and the woman they had two sons, one killed the other and so they invented incest! AND if you belive this little story you are quite truely barmy as a box of frogs……thank you

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