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Irish Catholic bishops say civil partnerships bill will ‘undermine’ marriage

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Reader comments

  1. The email addresses of these 2 bishops are as follows:

    The Bishop of Elphin, Christopher Jones =,
    The Bishop of Dromore, John McAreavey =

  2. “Dear Mr Jones and Mr McAreavey,

    I thought that by this stage I wouldn”t still be dumbfounded by the pathetic amoral idiots that run the Catholic Church in Ireland, but then you go and open your weasel mouths again and prove that not only have you learned nothing, but you are completely deluded, divorced from reality, devoid of normal human compassion, and so insitutionalised that you can’t function as normal people in the real world. You are egomaniacs with a psychopath’s inability to feel empathy.
    At a press conference at the end of the Irish Episcopal Conference, you complained that the media was treating the church unfairly by focusing on it’s cover-up of child abuse and protection of child abusers. After all, you whined, people have been covering up child rape for centuries so why pick on the Church?

    And just for good measure, you attack the gays again. You are “very concerned” about the Civil Partnership Bill, which you worry will undermine real marriages. As if you know anything about marriages or relationships.

    Note to Irish Bishops: Go F*** yourselves.
    Yours sincerely

  3. Meanwhile the leader of the catholic church in Ireland Cardinal Sean Brady is facing calls for his resignation for his participation in the cover up of child rape by one of his priests – Father Brendan Smyth:

  4. Bishop Ioan 16 Mar 2010, 5:02pm

    The hypocrisy never ends, does it? These people covered up the rape and abuse of hundreds (if not thousnds) of children and yet they DARE to comment on the relationships of loving couples, something they know nothing about since they are too busy hiding paedophiles (if they aren’t themselves paedophiles as well). A class on marriage and the family in seminary does not an expert make. Or maybe these chaps are on the “down low”? Methinks they protest too much.

    I know that if I were living in Northern Ireland I would be raising cain to get these sleazy individuals defrocked and turned out to make an honest living. They have betrayed the trust of those parents who had to give their children up by abusing them and raping them. Anything they have to say on any subject should be considered completely irrelevant, especially when it comes to GLBT people and whether or not we can have “real marriages”.

  5. it is press conferences like that that fuel my utter contempt for gay catholics

  6. Anyone got an e.mail adress for the weasel Brady

  7. Seriously, does he think this is an either/or situation and because someone has chosen CP it means they’ve shunned mariage. NO NO NO – the same people who are allowed to get married will get married, and therefore marriage will not be undermined by CPs. CPs just give an option to those who can’t get married because of stupid laws and stupid views like this.

  8. Cardinal Brady’s Address is: Ara Coeli, Cathedral Road, Armagh, BT61 7QY
    Tel (028) 3752 2045 Fax (028) 3752 6182

  9. As usual they don’t tell us HOW exactly the “undermining” will happen. Also if marriage is solely about procreation, when are they going to ban couples over 50 and infertile couples from marrying? Double standards, as ever and proof that it’s just pure and simple homophobia. Nothing to do with protecting marriage. (Straight people do a great job at undermining it anyway. They don’t need us for that)

  10. One would have thought that kiddie fiddling married couples children would also undermine marriage!

  11. The Irish Catholic Bishops would be well advised to keep their lieing gobs well shut, and their heads well below the parapet. What to totally-sleezy bunch of hypocritical liars.

  12. I have NEVER understood how anybody can maintain, even for a moment, that civil partnerships undermine marriage. Straight people have made a good enough job of mucking up marriages all by themselves. Its like blaming the collapse of a private members club on people who were never allowed to join!

  13. Mihangel apYrs 16 Mar 2010, 6:28pm

    a period of silence on their part, especially after the Brady revalations, would have been wiser. By drawing attention to themselves they are setting themselves up for a justified verbal thrashing

  14. These stupid, evil priests would do well to shut their mouths tightly. They have no shame. They have wrecked the lives of countless young people and disgraced humanity into the bargain.

  15. 1) Bishops in the RC cannot comment on loving relationships, gay or straight, because the majority of them have ever been in one

    2) The Catholic Clergy who molested children and their superiors who protected/protect them are all going to Heaven going to His Holiness in Rome…but the 2 people in a loving same-sex relationship are going to Hell?

    The RC Church needs to wake up. We don’t live in the Middle Ages!!!!

  16. The arrogance of these self-styled princes of the catholic church beggars belief. Who the fcuk do these evil paedophile protectors think they are or who do they think is listening anymore. I think its time they all were arrested on assumption of guilt and made to face the full rigors of the law. The weasel Sean Brady was on the telly again today bleating about how he had no power to report the evil Brendan Smyth, even though he felt it necessary to force the children into signing secrecy clauses to protect the whole evil ediface.He may, as he says, not have had the public power to report them but where was his own cconcience and why did he not have a quiet word with the local police inspector?. He would thus have saved the countless more youngsters who Smyth went on to abuse over the next twenty years. I wonder how many other evil clerical peverts did he protect over the ensueing thirty years. He has guilt written all over his ugly phisogg and his body language is so guilt ridden ,he is hardly able to walk straight never mind produce any words of any intelligence, except to rattle out the usual canon law shyte. Thats another thing law ..who or by what authorithy does canon law even exist and is it not time to tel these creeps that they obey the Law of The Land not some imaginary pixie in the sky witha white beard who they appear to think sanctioned therb evil reign of terror.When i think of events like the Inquisition and the excommunication of Galileo and on and on i am apopaleptic with anger. Indeed when i think of teh guilt and fear inflicted on myself and my peers when we were growing up and the dread of going to confession where the creep behind the grill seemed inordinately interested in my and presumably my peers budding sexuality …questions like where, how, with whom, how often etc etc. I finally seen the light at age 15 and called time on the brainwashing being inflicted on me by these evil non humans. i have been a commited Atheist ever since and now feel totally vindicated.

  17. Mumbo Jumbo 16 Mar 2010, 8:37pm

    It is an amazement to me how an organised gang of international child rapists is allowed to walk the streets – never mind hold a press conference to tell normal people how to live.

  18. I’m sure if we changed the law to make it possible for a priest to marry his favorite altar boy- they’d jump right on board, wouldn’t they? See “Louis CK Learns About the Catholic Church”- on YOUTUBE.

  19. Can’t these ‘bishops’ be arrested and tried for aiding and abetting serial molesters? Add to that an enourmous arrogance vis-a-vis social issues religious institutions have been meddling in for centuries, spreading ignorance, fear and poverty; talking about crimes against humanity!

  20. Roger Miles 17 Mar 2010, 12:24am

    When campaigning on civil partnerships in the UK the argument was often raised that such relationships undermined marriage.

    This has been very effectively debunked by an academic, but very readable paper by a Ms Lee Badgett from 2004 – ULR is included below.

    Will Providing Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples Undermine Heterosexual Marriage? Evidence from Scandinavia and the Netherlands

    A Discussion Paper Prepared for the Council on Contemporary Families and for the Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies
    By M. V. Lee Badgett, Ph.D
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Amherst, MA 01003
    July 2004

    I’m afraid I don’t have a URL for the article but I’m sure it’ll still be on the Web somewhere – if not the e-mail address of the author will probably produce a copy.

  21. To hell with what they say. The most important thing re the church is to drive the message we are finding out is true all over the world – that the church is guilty of child abuse, sexual and non sexual, for decades. Not just the USA but Canada Germany, Ireland, italy, Australia, Switzerland,and I thing England as well.

    Dont bother answering these evil people. Help drive away the people still a ccontinuing victim of this vile monstrosity.

    And when the money dries up, their churches will become museums showcasing mans Inhumanity to man in the name of God.

  22. Catholic bishops are all looking after their own careers – they feel they have to reflect the homophobic stance of the Pope. It’s good that they are feeling isolated – they deserve nothing more.

  23. Christine Rourke 17 Mar 2010, 9:07am

    SteveMD2 said “Not just the USA but Canada, Germany, Ireland, italy, Australia, Switzerland,and I think England as well.”

    Yes, the UK as well, although you would not think it given the extent of the cover-up here. Does anyone seriously believe that the catholic church’s crimes somehow magically stopped at the border’s of the UK, or mainland Britain?

    They did not stop at our borders. They existed here, as my own unpleasant (to put it mildly) experiences in a catholic Grammar school, run by salesian fathers and christian brothers, is testament to.

    But in the UK who does one go to, after all this time? Has there EVER been an equiry here where we could offer evidence against these monsters who beat us without mercy, or tried to fiddle with us in their studies, in “private” prayer groups?

    Who does one complain to, after all this time? Our present government don’t seem to wnat to know, and taking it to the police after 40 years seems pointless.


  24. and yet they don’t condemn heteros who don’t or can’t produce kids – this only shows how homophobic these bishops are

  25. BrazilBoysBlog 17 Mar 2010, 5:49pm

    The catholic church is evil and lawless. They should be made to answer for their crimes. Their victims should ALL sue the church, bankrupt it of it´s immense fortune, then it should be BANNED… Like all other terror organisations!

  26. I sent them a modified letter. Hoping and praying that the Arabs will take revenge on the vatican for the 50 million of their people Killed during the crusade.

    They are just plain sick, and belong in a mental hospital. And the vatican should be a smoking hole in the ground.

  27. Jeremy Murphy 17 Jun 2010, 2:13pm

    What parallel universe are these dinosaurs coming from? The ability to isolate they’re own nefarious behaviour from their eye-line sufficient to delude themselves into an utterly spurious moral authority. they must take down all the mirrors before these conferences in case they might come face to face with reality.
    But the statement it’s self ‘will undermine marriage’, how does allowing long-term committed partnerships become formalised undermine marriage?I thought it would reinforce it. Heck, we’d better ban Hello if Marriage is so fragile! This is simply the most unthinking cods-wallop, amply demonstrating that not only are the senior clergy not safe with children, they’re kind of iffy around reason too..
    So where next for the Irish bishops, flat earth theory? intelligent design? A little light inquisition anybody?

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