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Lesbian air force sergeant discharged after police tell of her sexuality

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Reader comments

  1. How is this stupid Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy even applicable if your sexuality is found out from other means?

  2. I have just filed a complaint on the Rapid City Police Department website. You don’t have to leave contact details just a descpription of the incident and your personal belief as to what would be a satisfactory resolution.

  3. Pumpkin Pie 15 Mar 2010, 9:18pm

    I see people who “tell” being punished constantly by losing their jobs. Why the **** are those who “ask” never punished? The low-life scumbags who did this should be fired. Who needs criminals when such god-awful vermin make up your police force? And I’m talking about more than just the officers who did this: the corrupt bunch who conducted the laughably one-sided internal “investigation” are just as guilty.

    DADT is nothing but a fancy name. It doesn’t mean that gay people are welcome to serve if they keep their sexuality to themselves. It just means that they’re not allowed to openly ask you your sexuality, but if they do find out you’re not straight then you’re otta there.

  4. The USA is just a very backwards country where human rights is a low priority and it is rather sick that they presume to lecture other countries about their own human rights records.

  5. gladiatorkid 15 Mar 2010, 10:06pm

    Well said Pumpkin Pie. But you know damn well they’ll get off scott free – the cops always do. I hope she and the ACLU sue the hell out of the bastards.

  6. Jethro S. Day 16 Mar 2010, 4:17am

    Disgusting. Then again, the Dakotas are considered kinda conservative. The liberal gay friendly areas are the northeastern coast and some of the west coast.

  7. friday jones 16 Mar 2010, 6:59am

    They just happened to spot that there marriage license right through the window. Sure, and I have a bridge I’d like to sell. I wonder just how high tech the super-long-range telescopic surveillance got. I bet they have better wedding pics than the couple. :(

  8. Mihangel apYrs 16 Mar 2010, 8:22am

    In relation to DADT, it’s actually not that straightforward (I had a primer off an American on a different site). It appears, among other things, you’re not allowed to be in a same sex marriage, if you are they will discharge you. It’s also the case that the reg isn’t evenly applied – in certain states I believe it’s been limited by court action.

    All in all, it’s a mess, and Obama isn’t dealing with it any time soon. If he used an executive order, and all the gays and lesbians cam eout, it would show that there wouldn’t be a problem and it would be seen to be stupid to re-introduce it, especially as NATO is overwhelmingly gay-friendly. But Obama lacks the balls…

  9. anne donovan 16 Mar 2010, 2:41pm

    what a sad world we live in ive known gay straight bi people all my life what differnce in the so called grand scheme of things does it matter if your a good soul who cares the obsession with what everyone prefers to do kiss boys kiss girls make babies or not have sex this way that way and the creater made everyone differnt because im guessing he or she hasnt such a narrow view like all those biblebashing idiots

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