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Gerry Adams attacked for no-gays St Patrick’s Day celebration

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Reader comments

  1. And this surprises people because… ? We all know he is a hypocrital b@st@rd. Has been all his life.

  2. Well, what’s the problem? It’s a well known fact that wymym and the Gheys (probably the colouredz too) don’t count…

  3. As a life long supporter of Sinn Fein and a gay man i am apalled and if he doesnt come up With a better excuse than he did about his paedophile brother i for one will be voting for anyone else possibly the DUP.

  4. “i for one will be voting for anyone else possibly the DUP.”

    Although I think it’s wrong he agreed to take part in this event, I don’t think voting for a party instead who thinks being being gay is “worse than child abuse” is the answer!

  5. George Broadhead, PTT 15 Mar 2010, 5:33pm

    Well, he’s a staunch Roman Catholic, isn’t he, so what do you expect?

  6. I think he made more sense back in the days when an actor spoke for him on TV news reports.

  7. Stewart Cowan 15 Mar 2010, 6:28pm

    I am confused. Why do homosexuals feel the need to flaunt themselves on St. Patrick’s Day?

  8. BrazilBoysBlog 15 Mar 2010, 6:34pm

    @Stewart Cowan.. Moron! Why does anyone feel the need to ´flaunt´ themselves at any parade? Because many sections of the community are usually represented, and we are a section of the community.

    Oh, and we KNOW you are ´confused´ dear!

  9. I do not understand why thick ,catholic Micks feel the need to flaunt themselves on a primitive religious festival.

  10. theotherone 15 Mar 2010, 6:54pm

    as Jerry stood back and let a Party member RAPE CHILDREN while he HID IT we must assume that we’re even lower than Pedophiles.

    I really don’t give a fvck what Gerry ‘Child Sexual Abuse’ Adams or his Party of Mass Murdering scum think.

  11. Stewart Cowan 15 Mar 2010, 6:59pm


    Thank you. Much obliged… It still doesn’t explain what your private anatomy has to do with St. Patrick. He banished snakes from Ireland, he didn’t insert them into places they ought not naturally to be.

    P.S. Are there heterosexual marchers in Boston, then? If not, then it wouldn’t be fair and equal if homosexuality was the only sexuality represented. Would it?

    1. If you feel the need to flaunt your heterosexuality, then by all means go and do so!

    2. That’s a strange analogy also, do you think your penis is a snake? I know a very good therapist who might be able to help you, but then again, if you really believe that there was a St Patrick, then perhaps what you need is some time in a psychiatric hospital; all jokes aside.

  12. Poor Stewart Cowan appears to be one of those people suffering from a mental illness i.e. a believer in religion. This, of course, means that he cannot be taken seriously. Therefore ignore everything he says, as one would do with anyone suffering from the mental illness of religious belief.

    1. I should doubt that religious belief is in any was an illness. Your case however is different. I think bigotry is an illness, and one from which you suffer. I have seen many a good deed done of the religious (not to ignore those that where bad), but i have never in my life seen a good bigot. You are no exception.

  13. As somebody who has voted Sinn Féin in the past, I too am getting increasingly fed up with them. They seem of late to be nothing more than a bunch of hypocrits with a leadership very out of touch. This is an absolute disgrace, pandering to a sexist and homophobic Irish American lobby full of religious bigotry who fund this party and believe Ireland is the same country that their parents and grandparents told them about.

  14. If Adams can look away all those years, while child abuse he had knowledge of was happening in his own family, why would he pay attention to this?

    By his actions he must be blind, deaf and dum!

  15. theotherone 15 Mar 2010, 8:09pm

    he’s dumb alright aby, very bloody dumb.

  16. I need a new laptop keyboard as some keys don’t work too well now!

    It might make me look dumb too LOL

  17. I am confused. Why do bigoted homophobic Christians feel the need to flaunt themselves on gay websites?

  18. Mumbo Jumbo 15 Mar 2010, 8:33pm

    One of the few things to recommend Adams and McGuinness is that in the strong equality policy they have developed for Sinn Fein, they seem to have led their supporters away from the error that other opressed groups have too often fallen into on achieving power ie. they forget what it was like to be opressed and turn straight around to start opressing others.

    Some of the black and other ethnic minorities voting against gay marriage in the USA could learn a lesson here.

    In view of all this, his actions in Boston constitute a grave disappointment. He really should have known better.

    Whatever, to go completely the other way and vote for the DUP instead is insane. I would have thought that the SDLP (who are left of centre but not so far left as Sinn Fein) or the Alliance (religiously neutral) would be better choices.

    As for Stewart Cowan, he should ask himself why he keeps on flaunting himself on this site and note that, like so much in religion, the story about St Patrick is just that – a story.

    The fact is that island of Ireland has never had any snakes.


  20. We got to visit Dublin a couple of years ago, and we were delighted to find that it is one of the “most gay” cities in the world. There are more gays per capita in Dublin than most other places, with lots of gay pubs to enjoy. We also got to see the statue of Oscar Wilde in St. Stephen’s Park. It is one of Dublin’s favorite tourist sites, and one locals are proud of.
    So if it is OK to be gay in Dublin, why isn’t it OK to be gay when marching in a St. Patrick’s Day parade in the USA? It just doesn’t make sense! I am now convinced that being gay is very much a part of the ole sod in Ireland. After all, if my grandmother from Ireland weren’t a lesbian, I probably wouldn’t be a gay Irish-American grandson now!

  21. “I am confused. Why do homosexuals feel the need to flaunt themselves on St. Patrick’s Day?”

    Well, you would be wouldn’t you, I mean you’re an idiot. Its the same reason the Irish flaunt their Irishness on St. Patrick’s day, and the same reason you spew your ignorant tripe on a gay site:- pride. Gay and Irish are not mutually exclusive, you fool.

    Some more deserving pride then others, naturally. If I were you, Stewart, I’d be embarrassed to be honest.

    The problem is, people who think they have a monopoly on being Irish, tend to behave the least Irish the further you go from Dublin! As an Irishman, I’m embarrassed by the inbred hicks that call themselves Irish in the US and Boston, and think they can demand what is quintessentially “Irish” simply because they found a green hat and once got sick drinking Guinness. Unless you have a harp on your passport, you ain’t Irish mate, no matter how many great grannies you have that “hailed from the old country”…..

  22. he is supporting a men only club and an anti gay march (because that’s what it effectively is) because Irish Americans have money. That’s the be all and end all of this.

  23. theotherone 15 Mar 2010, 10:43pm

    ‘I’m embarrassed by the inbred hicks that call themselves Irish in the US and Boston’

    never, never go to the West of Scotland – you may end up killing someone. they’re fvck1ng nuts there and no mistake. They put their nationality as ‘Irish’ on Job Applications then turn up to the interview Scottish as Shortbread tins and scream racism when they don’t get the job. Another classic is their excuse not to work – you see their forefathers where brought over from Ireland to work as slave labour and therefore they’re not going to work.

  24. theotherone, what’s happened to you, you usually make more sense but now you are sounding like Rob_N. Why are you do down on people who resisted the British army? If I were in Northern Ireland I’d certainly vote Sinn Fein which has supported lgbt equality for years – but I guess if you are a slavering flag-waving cheerleader for the Brits you won’t be able to see past that to the reality that Northern Ireland is a far better place for lgbt people thanks to Sinn Fein and no thanks to the Protestants.

  25. Bill Perdue 15 Mar 2010, 11:18pm

    Adams knows better and he pandered to the catholic cult and to bigots. It’s legitimate for supporters of Irish independence and LGBT folks worldwide to criticize him. They can, and should do so by writing a letter to the Editor of An Phoblacht, the SF paper at . Anti-Irish and anti-GLBT bigots have nothing legitimate to say on the subject.

    The truth is that the roman cult’s hierarchy in Ireland has a long tradition of collaborating first with the English and now with the right centrist capitalist parties Fianna Fáil and Fianna Gael. Ahern, the FF Minister for Justice refuses to prosecute clerical sex abusers or list them as child rapists with Interpol.

    SF, the Greens, and Irish Labor have yet to come up with a hard line anticlerical program although it seems clear that whoever does that first will double and treble their vote.

    They have to adopt a program of taxing the cults till they faint and then taxing them some more, to announce their support for same sex marriage and for confiscating cult property and bank accounts to compensate the victims of clerical rapists. Lastly they have to secularize cult schools to end the rapes.

    The roman cult spent several centuries accommodating English colonialism but are still identified with Irish nationalism by some, particularly affluent Irish ‘Reagan Democrats’ in the US. In the Republic that mistaken identification is changing rapidly and whichever left party takes the leadership in the fight against theocracy will be the party that replaces FG/FF.

  26. The weird thing about the high profile ban on lgbt people participating openly in the St Patrick’s Day Parade in the US (but not in Ireland where the gay float is welcomed) is that it happened accidentally/

    In the late 1980’s- early 1990’s there was a recession in Ireland. As a result many Irish people went to the US to work. A social group called the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organisation (ILGO) was set up in New York in the early 1990’s. It was meant to be a social gtoup to meet other Irish, gay emigrants. As it was St Patrick’s Day, the 100% native Irish ILGO decided that it might be fun to take part in the big New York parade. They were told to f*** off by the Ancient Order of Hibernians (the catholic, Irish-American organisers).

    The press picked up on the snub and it became a huge story in the papers. The ILGO had not intended to cause such controversy, but it was delivered to their door. So they decided to respond.

    As a result the Parade in New York is now a symbol of how Irish America has absolutely no idea about what modern day Ireland looks like. Ireland is a pretty gay friendly place (Iris Robinson’s male brothel excepted). Irish New York is stuck in the 19th century.

  27. Perdue .. dont you mean fianna fail and fine gael….. you tory thug.

  28. the reason things are different in Ireland now 20 ABOVE…is that we have shaken off the evil christian cult still adhered to with ever more venom in the Good ole USA.

  29. Bill Perdue 16 Mar 2010, 4:13am

    I suppose I do, Patrick, you scumbag rightist.

  30. LMFAO@Neville!

  31. Gerry Adams cosies up to reactionary Irish nationalists. Scoop!!

  32. go to bed bill … you obviously need your sleep ..lots of it….so you can carry on being a reactionary tory twat………

  33. theotherone 16 Mar 2010, 12:07pm

    ‘a slavering flag-waving cheerleader for the Brits’

    Que? I pointed out that SF covered up Child Sexual Abuse by Party members and that makes me ‘a slavering flag-waving cheerleader for the Brits’ I suppose a good mixture of being Brave Solder Laddies and bleating about Queer Rights while defending people who killed civilians makes them good people? Sorry but no.

    Or perhaps it was my humorous but, sadly, entirely true representation of Pseudo-Irish born and breed Scots? I know these people well, I come from the community and still look on them with a mixture of Humor and pity.

    SF may be all for Queer Rights but, I presume, that these rights where taken away if you where unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of an IRA bomb? I presume also that Queer Rights are more important than the Rights of children not to be raped and abused? A little selfish don’t you think?

    Go on then vote SF, vote for Murdering Scumbags, vote for people who think that the sexual abuse of children is acceptable.

  34. theotherone 16 Mar 2010, 12:08pm

    pat: won’t you just go away? You’re obviously 12 years old and possibly from Glasgow.

  35. I remember when we first moved to the USA from Kilkenny, and one of the idiot American “Irish” landowners here said to my dad “I have more Irish in my ass than you have in your entire body.” My dad helped him to lose a bit out of his ass that day by kicking him back to his house.

  36. theotherone 16 Mar 2010, 8:31pm

    ‘”I have more Irish in my ass than you have in your entire body.” ‘

    had you been getting a little too friendly with him or something? Tell the truth now….

  37. “the idiot American “Irish” landowners here said to my dad “I have more Irish in my ass than you have in your entire body.”

    I would have interpreted that as the bit of you that thinks you are Irish, is full of sh!t…

    1. Ever Wonder what it is to be irish? I got up this morning and had toast; not Guinness: toast. For dinner, i had a curry, not potatoes! Now i’m sitting at this screen, on one tab trying to find a definition for pride, and on the other, developing my thoughts in this post. It makes me wonder, if I, living in Dundalk, Co. Louth, am any more irish than the Queen of England. The difference between us (apart from the wealth) is only the ground we where born on. There is no sexuality, no nationalism; just people. And we are our own worst enemies.

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