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German football boss says gay players should find another job

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Reader comments

  1. Sounds like a very bitter man, who could not cut it as a football manager!

  2. “He added that he once told a team masseur to find another job because he was gay.”

    If this is true then he could face a prosecution in Germany.

  3. “He added that he once told a team masseur to find another job because he was gay.”

    Am I shallow for suggesting that this might be the best job in the world?

  4. this guy needs pelting with eggs and beer in restaurants – people like this need teaching a lesson.

  5. Defeatism at best and collusion with homophobia at worst (or maybe both).
    I have never understood the appeal of this sleep-inducing game (though some of its players are very tasty), or its huge cultural influence – but the latter is a fact. We can’t just ignore it or its prejudices.

  6. Well done Rudi, you just admitted to dismissing someone on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

  7. Ass by name, ass by nature.

  8. I find his comments ridiculous. As such, he has earned my ridicule.

  9. Rudi Assauer said “We should spare them these witch hunts”!

    Oh, how wonderfully compassionate! He really CARES, people, he REALLY CARES for gay men who unfortunately are very good at playing football! He doesn’t want to see them ridiculed! So he very very caringly suggests that we shouldn’t play footie any longer!

    Oh, what a lovely kind man! Googly, googly, googly, kissy, kissy, kissy!

    CRAP! This homophobe just wants rid of “the problem” of queers in the changing rooms! Full stop.

    Yes, pelt the bugger with eggs and rotten tomatoes.

  10. N A Z …
    once he`s litigated for propagating ,inciting and led astray for hate crimes ,
    offence of labour/employment law ,
    coaxing and soliciting for job & gender discrimination and
    implementing homophobic stand through regulation,
    than shall he be eliminated personally and occupationally wise.

  11. Yeah, Martin Luther King was ridiculed too, as were the Suffragettes and William Wilberforce.
    Enough said.

  12. Vicki, did you perchance stumble in from homophobes/fascists R Us?

    Wait until someone’s dissing women and you feel agrieved. Boot will be on other foot then methinks.

  13. probably another queen al these bloke who are so anti gay seem to have something to hide

  14. EmG, what you trying to say to Vicki? Her comment was absolutely spot-on! Being the subject of bigots’ ridicule is no reason to put one’s tale between one’s legs and toddle off defeated!

    How on earth do you perceive Vicki’s comment as homophobic or fascist?

    Please explain.

    And maybe apologise to Vicki?

  15. An Cat Dubh 13 Mar 2010, 9:45pm

    Contrary to the rather militant everyone-out-now attitude of the repliers above, I think Mr. Assauer indeed deserves the benefit of the doubt. You do have to consider the fact that the only football player who came out as gay had to kill himself, and fans don’t forgive him for that ‘disgraceful’ act to this very day. Furthermore, he didn’t say what he would do if the gay footy player insisted on playing.

  16. An Cat Dubh wrote: “the only football player who came out as gay had to kill himself”.

    Had to kill himself?

    No. You are wrong. Your premise is incorrect. Fashunu did not HAVE TO kill himself.

    An Cat Dubh wrote: “he didn’t say what he would do if the gay footy player insisted on playing.”

    An Cat Dubh, if High Court Judges judged people upon what they did not say and/or on what they did not do, rather than on what they DID say or do, our society would be in an appalling mess, which, thankfully it isn’t.


  17. This pond-life of a person should be the one looking for another job…preferably not by choice but because he is sacked.

  18. Oh! i will play the pharisee here and suggest this man be stoned to death. what a disgust? He would be sorry to know that we aint quitting.

    as for @EmG, i suppose he/she cant read English or he/she wouldnt say that of @Vicki’s excellent answer

  19. To Rudi Assauer who publicly admitted he sacked an employee because he was gay, I would say ‘You have shown courage’. But then I’d want to see him prosecuted.

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