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First gay marriages for Mexico City

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Reader comments

  1. So if the same sex marriages performed in Mexico City are recognised in the 31 other Mexican states, then effectively same sex marriage is fully legal in Mexcico.

    It’s only a matter of time before the other 31 states start perfornming them also.

    Hurrah for Mexico.

    And 2 fingers to the pope.

  2. Congratulations, Mexico City and all of your to-be-wed lesbian and gay couples!

  3. Angel Campuzano 12 Mar 2010, 5:40pm

    I just want to say the the fifth couple did arrive to the wedding (one hour late as their plane was delayed) and they did get married although the Mexico City mayor had already been gone.

  4. And what has our own country done about it? Absolutely disgusting and shameful that not one couple in the UK can marry in their own country. Expect NOTHING from Cameron after he’s elected. He’ll come up with one lame excuse after another invoking civil partnerships as being equal to marriage which it isn’t, anywhere on the planet. That’s why neither Labour or Tory parties will get my vote until they’ve earned it by delivering the goods in FULL. We need to stop giving them our blind support every time we have an election. They take us for granted far too much.

  5. Bishop Ioan 12 Mar 2010, 9:27pm

    Congratulations all you happy couples in Mexico! I figured someplace like Mexico would get marriage equality before the US and UK did. Yes, there are a handful of states which accept same-sex marriage, but nothing on the Federal level. HOPE THE US and the UK come into the 21st Century soon.

  6. David in Indy 13 Mar 2010, 7:17am

    Congratulations to Mexico City! And many Americans have the gall to refer to Mexico as a “third world country”. HA!

    May the Primitive States of America learn from their example – that the world will not come to an end if same-sex marriage is legalized.

  7. David in Indy, I concur. That primitive mindset in many states is probably not that different from the Labour and Tory parties’ here in the UK, spearheaded of course by strong resistance from the state cult the Church of England and its big sister in arms, the RC cult and sadly, gay apologists for not wanting it for those of us who do, including the infamous StonewallUK inequality organisation who sold us out to appease those evil cults who didn’t even want us to have those other unequal unions, segregation in the form of civil partnerships. Of all the gall, the state cult tells its own gay clergy that they can have a civil partnership as long as they remain celibate. What a f_cking nerve and we as a group put up with it. We accept it by doing nothing about it, ditto for marriage equality. Not fighting for full equality only empowers these bastards as well as the major political parties who couldn’t give a flying f_ck about our FULL equality. They only care when its election time and then its only a front so they can get elected. There is absolutely NO difference between Labour or Tory on this, neither wants to go that extra mile to allow those of us who want the freedom to enter into a civil marriage.

    Bishop Ioan….the UK will be among the last, if ever, to get civil marriage equality and one of the major culprits to prevent that from happening are our own gay and lesbian people who deride marriage and who actually believe that civil partnerships are better and are equal, as if they’re going to be the norm across Europe. They can dream on, its not going to happen when we already have six major, far more progressive western EU states that allow us that privilege and freedom.

  8. Pete & Michael 13 Mar 2010, 6:12pm

    and perhaps here too in the UK, instead of watching from the sidelines and seeing other countries doing the right thing in allowing Same Sex couples the privilege of having Full Civil Marriage.

  9. The homophobes in Stonewall UK should be hanging their heads in shame.

    And I think that it is fair and reasonable to call them homophobic.

    The catholic church is opposed to marriage equality and it is universally accepted that they are homophobic.

    Stonewall are not as homoophobic as the catholic church – that is obvious. But the fact that they are opposed to marriage equality for same sex couples makes them a homophobic organisation.

    I think people need to think carefully before donating a penny to Stonewall – why give financial support to a group which thinks we don’t deserve equality.

  10. Richard GS 14 Mar 2010, 9:18pm

    Equally sad and embarrassing (for us at least) that in the US the anti-gay faction still outnumbers the rest, and not only that, but is very vocal, willing and able to put staggering amounts of $ and effort into their discriminatory agenda. Yes, some (v. few) states have finally legalized same-sex marriage, but in every case these guys immediately start working to revoke it, and, as we saw in California, quite successfully at times. When the issue inevitably ends up with our Supreme Court, I don’t think they will make their judgement based on facts but on bias. Their recent decision regarding campaign funds demonstrates what criteria they’re using. Worst, we’re stuck with the incumbents until they die. [I don’t know if we’ve ever had to force retirement on a SC Justice because he went senile but didn’t step down. Something to check out.] In any case, I am genuinely thrilled every time another country or city legalizes same-sex marriage. There is always a battle fought bitterly to prevent this and I think it’s terrific when people have been able to work past that resistance successfully.

  11. hotsingleguys 15 Mar 2010, 2:20am

    maxico is cool.Gays can get marriage.I think that is a good for a couple.

  12. Gays can only marry in the Federal District (Mexico city); all other states have to recognize them but they don’t have to perform gay marriages; the federal congress didn`t pass that law, it was the federal district’s congress. We’ll see what happens; many states have filed a complain in the Supreme Court arguing that in their legislations, marriage is defined as a “union of a man and woman”. Sadly, this is not a federal law. Congratulation to the new “legal gay couples”!

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