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Figure skater Johnny Weir ‘not family friendly enough for Stars on Ice’

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Reader comments

  1. this is absolutely ridiculous! hets make me sick. how can someone not be good enough for their stupid show purely because of their sexual orientation?

    why are hets so scared of us? what is so hard for their tiny brains to process that we are people exactly the same as them, except our views on love differ, they seriously need to get a grip, and a life.

  2. The Christian Taliban strike again!

  3. “Weir is extremely involved with his family. He is putting his younger brother through college, and supports the family financially because his father’s disability prohibits him from working.”

    Sound like an all American hero to me.

  4. Not ‘family friendly.’ the usual thinly coded homophobic rubbish which assumes families are straight copyright. He is obviously much more supportive to his family than most heterosexuals would be. How dare they??

  5. Vincent Poffley 12 Mar 2010, 1:47pm

    I do wish that Americans would stop using “family” as a euphemistic synonym for “bigoted patriarchy”. Perhaps we should club together and buy them all a dictionary so they can see what it really means.

  6. awful! can there be any worst foolishness? ‘family friendly’, whatever on earth that means if not idiotic hate.

  7. Johnny Weir, if there is any truth to this, take them to court and sue the bigoted hateful Xian bastar*s for MILLIONS!

    Think of the spewing hatred of gays and lesbians uttered by David Skinner and Hank and MonkeyChops and others on these threads, and nail the bastar*s! Shove their vitriol right back down their throats. MAKE THEM offer you a place in their “family-friendly” show!

  8. Johnny Weir (if he is gay) needs to come out of the closet and condemn this orgsanisation for their neanderthal homophobia.

    While he remains in the closet he cannot counter these absurd allegations against him properly.

    If he is straight he can condemn them for their vile requirement for men to appear butch (in figure skating!!!!!!!!! If being butch was a requirement for male figure skaters then the sport would not exist)

    If he is gay then he should condemn then for their spiteful, homophobic bigotry.

    Over to you Johnny…

  9. Isn’t this his fight if there is a fight? Do we even know if he asked, was approached or what?
    The story says “GLAAD reports on its blog that a source who wishes to remain anonymous said that tour sponsors, including Smuckers and IMG Entertainment, refused to allow Weir to participate.”
    Sorry to me if you are going to make such claims then you really can’t hide other wise the organisation can not defend itself.
    Until there are some solid facts, this just runs as bad reporting, especially since the U.S. government was willing to allow him the funding to preform for them.

  10. whenever i hear the term family values or family friendly. i get the image of a white middle class man smoking a pipe beating children.

  11. “Johnny Weir (if he is gay) needs to come out of the closet and condemn this orgsanisation for their neanderthal homophobia.

    While he remains in the closet he cannot counter these absurd allegations against him properly.”
    I dont agree with that, he is completely family friendly and even supports his own
    All this has done is show just how homophobic they are they they will attack this mans career over a rumour

  12. He doesnt need to come out of the closet because it makes them even more homophobic for rejecting him when they arent even sure he is homosexual

  13. “The flamboyant figure skater, 25, has refused to clarify his sexual orientation, but many believe he is gay.”

    Many think the same about the pope and he gets along alright.

  14. Har Davids 12 Mar 2010, 3:05pm

    ‘Family friendly’? Some bigot-speak!! I know some very gay people who are very friendly and loved by their predominantly straight families, so where’s the real problem?

  15. Wasn’t a problem in the days of John Curry. This has always been quite a camp sport; I remember someone years ago tried to get it excluded from the olympics for a similar reason.

  16. Now you see that makes me ANGRY! I would want to see people go to gaol for that kind of behaviour. There are laws against calling for some of the things I would happily see done to people who perpetrate that kind of prejudice, so I’ll refrain from expanding.

    The only reason that this news doesn’t stop me buying *anything* from the USA, is that I boycotted all products from the USA decades ago.

  17. Once again the United States of Borg is mad for family. What a horrid place. Would be much better if us Brits reclaimed it.

  18. Andrew (17): Reclaimed it???? Who’d want it?

  19. Why would anyone want to be on such a cr*p show as ice celebrities anyway? God, they’ll be saying Curry and Cousins are gay next!

    Now who was that hot Russian who used to skate in a white outfit and a thong a few years ago?

  20. Please sign this petition if you would like to help”

  21. Jean-Paul Bentham 12 Mar 2010, 9:17pm

    This cr*p does not fizz Johnny Weir one iota, except that he regrets his fans won’t see him.

    So what does he do???

    Well, he’s going to have his own show. ahem.

    What a guy!!!! Go, Johnny, go!


  23. Would he qualify for asylum in Europe, on the grounds of state-supported persecution? That would send a strong message!

  24. Certainly jumped-up officials with unfeasibly small penises feel threatened by having a slightly effeminate guy around them.

  25. seems like hatred and discrimination are fmily friendly

  26. I believe he said something like “I wasn’t born for ten year old girls”. Whatever that means. But the fact is fact most of his fans are probably ten year old girls. And he is not ‘slightly’ effeminate, don’t kind yourself, he’s the full monty. Completely harmless though and able to land all the really difficult double and triple jumps perfectly.

  27. Pumpkin Pie 13 Mar 2010, 2:18am

    Would be much better if us Brits reclaimed it.

    Why Britain? I’d go for a country that actually understands what equality means. Actually, screw outside influences: I hear the Native Americans were pretty LGBT-friendly.

  28. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 13 Mar 2010, 5:19am

    well!!!! No more smucker’s jam for me.Wish I could do more to protest,
    Shame, shame, shame.
    Each time these jerks mention the wearing of pink and black, I am reminded
    of our dear sisters and brothers who were clothed in these colors,as they
    were marched to the gas chambers. Killed,maimed,tortured for no reason,
    other than being Judged by sick minded (likely family friendly) h8tres.
    Pink and black, I feel are honor colors of our community, I thought
    Johnny Weir looked very nice, and such a talented graceful skater.
    It would be nice if people would stop calling for him to come out.
    Likely he has been, and is still fighting many battles we know nothing of
    My heart goes out to him, his family and friends.All of this must hurt
    To those who have judged him as not family friendly, you have also passed
    your cruel judgement on (thousands/millions?)of girls and boys,our future
    leaders, skaters ETC.Perhaps your own children, or children of your friends
    or loved ones.
    Family friendly? my goodness who thought up such c-==,SHAME on you,wash
    your sick mind out,and cleanse you dirty heart out as best you can.
    F E

  29. The entire audience on that skating show should wear pink & black on the opening night!!

  30. At least sign the petition everyone. I have and it’s a quick procedure, no verification emails to you or anything like that.

    “Mary Flying Eagle Ray” (ahem!), love your perspicacious comment re our dear sisters and brothers who were clothed in the very same colours that Mr. Weir wore when he was so nastily made fun of by the commentators.
    were marched to the gas chambers”

  31. Jean-Paul Bentham 14 Mar 2010, 2:31am

    I’ve signed the petition and commented that I won’t be buying Smucker’s Jam anytime soon.

  32. tell Smuckers what you think of their decision and their crappy jam:

  33. “I do wish that Americans would stop using “family” as a euphemistic synonym for “bigoted patriarchy” ”

    I second that. It’s calculated and nasty – a way to fool the gullible.

    I can’t believe that somebody could be excluded for their perceived sexuality. What the hell’s that got to do with skating? I’d think that Johnny would bring in quite a few fans.

  34. “I do wish that Americans would stop using “family” as a euphemistic synonym for “bigoted patriarchy”

    Hey, it’s not only the Americans – David Cameron and his vile party have been strategically using the word ‘family’ with non too veiled implications of what that word means for them. Sorry to say, but most contributors to this website fall outside the Tory definition.

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