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Belfast gay club Mynt loses licence

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Reader comments

  1. the homophobic council agreed to rule on this – they are happy to grant licences to other clubs/bars in the city that have lots of drugs/thugs in them every week..

  2. John(Derbyshire) 12 Mar 2010, 7:43pm

    Typical Ulster attitude.

  3. Isn’t there fighting and drugs at every pub or club occasionally?
    why did they close it after hearing waht the police said?
    Clearly they called the police when things got out of hand and now they’re being penalised for it

    I didnt think much of this until i read the comments but i agree completely now that its homophobic

  4. How can anyone deduce that there is any homophobia behind the decision by Belfast City Council from this report? There is not one mention of it and not one inference of it. I’d be the first to call out BCC if they acted in a homophobic way but I would need a shred of evidence.

    If you want to know about real homophobia in NI you should listen to the Nolan show which was on Radio Ulster on Thursday Morning, scary stuff. The show is still available on the BBC iPlayer

  5. I’d say this is less to do with Mynt being a gay bar, and more to do with ‘Yello’, their after-hours club night that runs until 5am and is not a gay event – albeit most likely operated under the same license.

  6. Unfortunately, Dave, it doesn’t seem to be available on ListenAgain.

  7. Call me a liar. The man has no clue about what he’s talking about. No clue at all. Didn’t listen all the way through.

  8. Hi, AngieRS,
    here is the link to the show

    I agree with the comment about Yello, I heard it is their entertainment license which has not been renewed which would still allow Mynt to continue as a Bar and Food place, just no late nights and no entertainment.

  9. BrazilBoysBlog 13 Mar 2010, 4:09pm

    Just listened to the Stephen Nolan show (link above) The woman who came on the show in tears because her adopted 17 year old son had been listening to the radio and was now upstairs also in tears. This really upset me, and this is surely the point? Of course people are entitled to hold whatever views they have. But they must NOT be allowed to hoist them onto everyone else. Homophobia cannot be tolerated. This bloody councilor was on the radio saying that gay people were statistically more prone to be suicidal etc… Can´t he understand that it is precisely because of people like HIM that make this so?

    I thought the interviewer was very fair and balanced though and gave everyone a chance to put their views. It was interesting (although upsetting) to listen to.

  10. Annoyed Irish Person 14 Mar 2010, 2:15pm

    I think I’ve seen drug abuse in just about every major club in belfast, and I mean that. The idea that the mynt’s closing is anything to do with drug abuse is rediculous and regardless of what foreign people here say if they realised the extent of the drug problem they’d realise that singling out mynt is homophobic. Also, assaults? I once quite recently walked past a bar, in broad daylight much closer to the city centre outside of which a man was being beatin’ over a road safety sign and another man being thrown across the road during traffic whilst the bouncers started beatin’ on the man at the road sign and left the other two to it. So assaults and drug abuse are out of the question. The alcohol out of hours is the only reasonable thing I can see here.

  11. if the police went into some bars in the heart of west of east belfast – they would see the senior leaders of the IRA, UVF etc.. etc.. in them.. but apparently a few gays having a snort in a gay bar is more dangerous than that.. ‘Dave’ – not homphobic, then tell me why all other clubs/bars in belfast have not be shut down over night even though there clubs/bars are full of more people taking drugs every weekend?!

  12. I agree with the comments about it’s referring to ‘Yello’. I understand that other places in Belfast are well known for it’s drugs, but ‘Yello’ is notorious for it’s OPEN DRUG policy for many years now and serves drink right up till 5am. Because of this, I believe it attracts more hetrosexual people than homosexual people. It has nothing to do with homophobia.

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