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Anti-abortion campaigner arrested over ‘death threats’ to Elton John

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Reader comments

  1. Possible links should be investigated between this guy and the people putting up posters across Kenya of death threats against named gay Kenyans, with full photos and details, and the planned violent attack today on an HIV medical facility there. See the reports on gayuganda.blogspot, exposing the site based in Kansas,

  2. Yet another fine example of a kind, loving, caring christian.

  3. The possible link of this guy to to the American christian terrorists inciting murder of gays in Kenya is explained here:

  4. I feel sorry for this guy. He 100% correct in his rage.

  5. Elton John is a collector of the paedophiliac photograph. No doubt about it. More then this – he is a sexual maniac. He likes turn his eyes on photograph with child’s vagina. Fact! He is a pervert!!!

  6. Hmmh, hang on, I can see the froth dripping from Howard’s comments. “He likes turn his eyes on photograph with child’s vagina. Fact! He is a pervert!!! ” Hmmh. !!!!!

    Do these barm-pots ever get out of the house or do they just stay at home hitting their genitalia with hard back copies of the Bible?

  7. Wolverine State 12 Mar 2010, 7:59pm

    It’s funny no actuall not funny how a choice advocate kills two Pro-Life protesters in Michigan and it doesnt even get reported. Shame on Liberlism. And for the women if she indeed made a death threat. She needs to worry about her own soul. I am sick of the stereo type media potray’s ignoring the truth

  8. Strange how illiterate so-called “Christian” terrorists seem to be. And they have zero understanding that rage and violence are a psychopathic tendency, NOT an appropriate Christian response to a difference of opinion. They need to learn to respond with love.

  9. Dearest Howard, now that I know that you are a lesbian I would like to see your vagina! Do you have a large clitoris. I bet you have, and I expect many men and women have twanged it.
    Oh, the thought is very exciting. You are lucky to have such a large vagina, Howard. Sister Mary has a big black one and she could really give you some pussy fun.

  10. This man is a holy genius, altho he commited a deed of beistialty but the mercyful Lord will forgive him.


    Horsely has admitted to having had sex with a mule.
    This psycho would kill his own son if that meant Georgia could secede from the United States.

  12. “This man is a holy genius, altho he commited a deed of beistialty but the mercyful Lord will forgive him.”

    I beg your pardon? A holy genius? Howard, forgot to take your daily dose of Clozapine, hmmm? It must be near lights-out time at your “institution”?

  13. If that art work collected by Elton John is considered to be kiddy porn then the Christian haters should go to the National Gallery in London to see the real hardcore stuff.

    They should also learn to read and write properly.

  14. By ‘Christian haters’ I meant to say ‘hateful Christians’. Seems I have more to learn about reading and writing properly.

  15. Yet another religious nutter. What is it about religions that does this to people.

  16. It looks like Horsley is indeed also the person behind whipping up deadly violence in Kenya; someone has posted the following info, if you would like to help save some lives over there. This is copied from gayuganda:

    “Now, as detailed below, this is the man behind the website that hosts the horrible poster, urging Kenyans to download them and display them. They have already done that. In a few cities of Kenya, including Nairobi.
    From the comment by Lynn David below

    Yeah…. is by Horsley who was arrested for threats against Elton John>
    Neal Horsley
    871 Kingsbridge Road
    Carrollton, Georgia 30117
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (

    Domain Name: PROJECTSEE.COM
    Created on: 14-Nov-09
    Expires on: 14-Nov-10
    Last Updated on: 14-Nov-09

    Administrative Contact:
    Horsley, Neal
    871 Kingsbridge Road
    Carrollton, Georgia 30117
    United States
    (770) 838-5940

    Technical Contact:
    Horsley, Neal
    871 Kingsbridge Road
    Carrollton, Georgia 30117
    United States

    (770) 838-5940
    A friend hopefully told me that the aim of the campaign in the US was to have the website down by the end of the day. Yesterday.

    So, no, it is still up today. And, I am informed that despite the arrest of the guy, the site may not go down until conviction. Though I dont know whether a court injuction would do anything. Because those posters that are being distributed in Kenya… Remember the ethnic violence that erupted after the last elections? The blood letting, the xenophobia?

    Kenya is a violent country. It is no joke that David Kuria’s life is in danger because of those posters.

    But, there are other things that we can do. An anonymous friend suggested the following here.

    Bob Parson (host of the website) is apparently not amenable to reason. He thrives on controversy, of this kind. So what if he is advocating for the death of a poor African in far off Africa? After all, he is gay…
    But, we can work with the search engines.
    –contact the various website rating firms and ask them to include Projectsee as a hate or unsuitable for children website: eg Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo search, Trendmicro, McAfee, Norton anti-virus, Google search
    Remember, the verse that is translated. Please, contact those search engines. BoxTurtleBulletin has more of the same here.

  17. Dear administrator,

    In my above post the purported address line and phone number, as registered for the death-threat web site for Kenya, were inadvertently copied over, please would you remove them, there is no edit facility for already posted comments here.

  18. Good.

    And now, Elton darling, will you please declare nice and loudly that “Mohammed was a super-intelligent PAEDOPHILE!”

    And then, presumably, the Muslims who come out to call for your death will also be arraigned!

    The more people believing in pixies-in-the-sky being dealt with by the law, the better!

  19. Could anyone post me link to sicko Horsley and his Mule comment or any well worth additional crap he spouts–

    Anyone of his disgusting cronies to

    Thank you

  20. Rev Laurie Roberts 15 Mar 2010, 9:24pm

    Why limit your pixies to the sky ?

    I also love Rupert Bear as well as them.

    But yes, some of the super caring christians are worrying ….

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