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Photo of murdered teen Michael Causer used on gay dating site

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Reader comments

  1. This is sick.

  2. there are some sick characters around and a reminder to young people using dating sites to be on their guard, especially after that poor teenage girl lured to her death on facebook recently.

  3. There are some very sick people in the world. Why do it?!

  4. care in the community is not working

  5. Quote from the article “The Liverpool hairdresser had been in hospital for a week after being kicked and beaten by 20-year-old James O’Connor.”

    Isn’t Pink News forgetting the primary role that Gavin Alker had in Michael’s death. Apparently Alker kicked him in the head “in self-defence,” and was acquitted of any crime in a Liverpool court.

  6. It’s always sad and a total intrusion of someone else’s rights when people use the photos of another person on the web. But to do it of someone who was murdered? That is horribly uncouth.

  7. I cannot begin to imagine what Marie Cause went through when she saw the picture. I lost my son in comparatively ‘normal’ circumstances, but I know that if I suddenly saw his picture posted on a dating site, by someone callously trying to pass himself for him… I know my first reaction would be to scream but no, [shakes head], I can’t imagine how I’d feel, I guess I’d lose it, that it would rip the heart out of me.

    I know Micheal’s mum won’t read this, so there’s no point sending her a message of solidarity, but I wish I could put my arms around her and comfort her somehow. This has to be one of the sickest things I have heard of in a long time, I agree with her, it’s really sinister that someone did this, that their intent could only be something really, really sick! It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be a maggoty friend of James O’Connor’s, or Gavin Acker himself!

    Wish I could get to see whoever did this in a cell with couple of angry rottweilers, or see to them meself, with an ice pick and a bottle of acid!

  8. Oh come on! I very much doubt the person using the pic knew who it was. This sort of thing goes on all the time. A mate of mine picked up a guy on Gaydar, and when he showed up at the front door, he was an entirely different person to the one shown on the website. (much older and less attractive) – The guy even had the nerve to say “You don’t look much like your photo, but as I’m here now, how about it?”

    To which my mate replied “Well at least that photo is of me. Now f_ck off.” and slammed the door on him.

  9. re 8: Nice one!

  10. Sick indeed.

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