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Norton says he won’t benefit from Ross’ BBC exit

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Reader comments

  1. Is that why the TV licence fee is going up this year… To cover Johnathan Ross’s leaving do?

    If they can backdate pay in certain jobs, why couldn’t they backdate Ross’s leaving date…. to July 2009!

    Norton I guess is marginally better, though not much. I reckon the chat show should go to Jo Brand!!

  2. I can’t stand Jonathan Ross. After hosting the BAFTA’s, I felt embarrassed to think that English-speaking viewers around the world had to be subjected to his delivery as if all Brits speak that way. Ross is in dire need of elocution and fast.

  3. Who cares?

  4. If the BBC wants to save more money, I recommend letting Norton go.

  5. So is it actually possible that this cheap bag of filth and innuendo, Graham Norton, is to become Britain’s number one chat-show host? Bloody hell, no wonder foreigners of style are sniggering at this country.

  6. For all its faults, the BBC remains a national treasure.

    Under no circumstancesw should it be dismantled.

    Without the BBC, British media would largely be in the hands of right wing, foreign billionaires like Rupert Murdoch.

    Before too long British media would become as pathetic, biased and irrelevant as US and Italian media.

  7. The next time you see the Daily Mail; Times; Sun, or Sky criticising the BBC, ask yourself why?

    Mainly because the BBC is required to remain impartial.

    Privately owned media groups are only required to give the opinion of their billionaire owners.

    Italian media is predominantly owned by Silvio Berlusconi.

    On the press freedom index, Italy ranks 68th on a worldwide basis for press freedom. Italy lags way behind Turkey and all the former communist countries of East Europe in terms of press freedom.

  8. Very true, Simon.

    Berlusconi controls 80% of the media in Italy!

    Liberals in Italy are currently very concerned that the country (the majority of the populating) is sliding into fascism.

    (This from my contacts in Italy.)

    However, the subject of the topic is filth-trough Norton. He does Britain no credit. It’s as if Berlusconi himself has planted him in the Beeb to turn it into the travesty that all Berlusconi’s TV stations are!

  9. I’m not a fan of his but aren’t you being a trifle hard on the man?

  10. Nah, Angie, come on! Norton has neither the penetrating intellectual insight needed to interview a pig nor the wit to generate real humour. All he does is hit the bottom of the barrel with outrageous filth that causes people to laugh . . . just because it is outrageous! The guy is shallow. Not that Ross was deep!

  11. Last year at Eurovision, Norton said hardly a word about the ban on a gay pride march in Moscow. Ross and Norton are as bad as each other.

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