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John Barrowman’s hair ‘completely white’

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Reader comments

  1. Slow news day?

  2. And in follow up news John Barrowman made the following statement (in his fake American accent)

    ‘JUst to clarify, I did not actually HAVE to let my hair grow out to confirm its white colour. My snow white pubes also give the game away’

  3. Very slow. I heard most of this stuff about 2 years ago. And it’s innaccurate. John isn’t 42. He’s 43 today!

  4. SimonM, you beat me to it! I was going to ask why “Staff Writer” had rushed to tell us the colour of Barrowman’s pubes! As if we give a damn about a single hear on Barrowman’s body! Honestly, this is dressing-room talk for a gaggle of shallow and silly thesps.

    Please, Staff Writer, could you possible now apprise us all of the diameter of Barrowman’s ars*hole?!

  5. hear = hair. Sorry.

  6. Sister Mary clarence 11 Mar 2010, 9:22pm

    Oh don’t get them started Rose, they’ll probably run another story on that.

  7. White hair, eh? wow

  8. theotherone 12 Mar 2010, 1:17pm

    I’m so interested I may fall asleep

  9. Only one thing needs to be said on the subject of men dying their hair:

    It’s not unusual.

  10. The C(o)unt of Monte Crisco 12 Mar 2010, 4:14pm

    I’m 29 and got seriously peppered back and sides – I started going grey at 21 – I’ll prob be all over grey by time I’m 39 – does anyone care? Nah, thought not!

  11. Hey, C(o)unt, I think young guys with white hair, or even grey hair, are dead sexy! A bit of pepper on the sides drives me WILD! :-) Salivating.

    What’s the vain fool using the bottle for!

  12. PAUL MARSHALL 12 Mar 2010, 10:36pm

    Isn’t he avoiding the big issue,,,,,,,,,,,,which is that he doesn’t actually have much real hair left,,,weave,wig,whatever, its not all his own ;-)

  13. Karl Rosenqvist 13 Mar 2010, 9:16am

    Pics or it didn’t happen!!!!

  14. John said some lovely thing in support for gay families. But that was totally overshadowed by his hair – I mean come on!

  15. Pink(news), white… It’s all very WASP to me.

  16. I agree with Charlene. John has a lot of sensible things to say about Gay rights and about families, adoption etc. But the article focussed on the trivial stuff that made him look vain and stupid. I complained in the comments on the Daily Mail version of this article about that, but I don’t imagine my comment made it past the moderator! Pink ought to have had more sense. If they must jump on the bandwagon and do a story about John Barrowman in the wake of his new CD or the advent of his Desperate Housewives stint, they could have focussed on something important.

  17. My life will remain a sad, pathetic, and desolate affair as long as I have not seen John Barrowman’s head of snow white hair. With all my heart I pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints in Heaven that this apparition of purity may manifest itself to me before my days are through!

    (The problem with striking up a relationship with a dye-bottle is that the poor buggers can never give it up. Look at Banana Mouskouri! Almost 80 and still jet black!)

    Let me change my prayer:

    Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, please help your servant John Barrowman to come out of the closet and be a proud gay man with a head of the whitest hair!

  18. Ooooh Eddy! You took the words out of my mouth at least twice! Drat! Here I was, mouth agape, shrieking in horror, thinking to meself “How, oh how, oh Good Lordie me, HOW will I get through today without seeing that snow-white barnet?”

    For Harry Potter fans… should we dub Barrowman Hedwig? <:oD

    Right on Charlene! It was a nice comment John made about adoption; with thousands of unwanted kids languishing in care, feeling as though they're lost luggage, wouldn't it be great if every LGBT couple that wants to and is cleared for it, be allowed to adopt one or two little ones?

    There's thought to make you smile all day: empty orphanages and children's homes, redundant foster carers, LGBT families up and down the Country bringing up happy, well adjusted kids who, instead of being shoved off, neglected, battered or kicked out into the streets by junkie parents that had them as 'accidents on the job', get to bitch at their dads or mums about "wha'ever!", and sneak a spliff with their mates and wear their pants around their bums like all other well-adjusted teenagers, knowing they'll still be loved if they take mostly D's home from school and that Dad will march up to the Headteacher's office if they're bullied at school.

    I mean, can you imagine? John, looking like a million pounds with his gleaming white nugget, looking faaabulous and yet terrible, marching up to the Head in his righteous ire on behalf of his babbies? Now THAT would be newsworthy!
    Go John! Talk Scott into it! He'll thank you for it!

  19. Beautiful piece of writing, GeaVox!

  20. Is John Barrowman still an actor or has he joined that long list of people whose (often diminishing) career becomes secondary to them being a famous gay person and making personal appearances at gay things?

  21. GS, when did John Barrowman last make a personal appearance at a ‘gay thing’ not counting his private birthday party with his partner and friends that seemed to wind up at the Liberace museum judging by pics on his website. He does loads of charity work for stuff like Dogs Trust and the kiddies hospice down the road from his house that are nothing to do with being gay.

    And this thing about Scott not wanting to adopt doesn’t look right. I think it’s a misquote. Last interview I heard he said they couldn’t decide on adopting a baby or a teenager. A baby being easier in some ways as they can raise it their own way. A teen is less messy but will obviously have some traumatic background to get over. But I have never heard before that Scott didn’t WANT to adopt. This sounds like stories getting twisted around in the press.

    I don’t GET the Hedwig reference, so I’m ignoring it. As far as his hair is concerned, I want those cute forehead spikes back like in the pic in this article. The colour is irrelevant. Except presently we both seem to use the same shade from the bottle. I’ll stop if he does!

  22. Like Julian Assange ?

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