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Washington Post defends photo of gay kiss

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Reader comments

  1. Americans, what a nasty nation.

  2. Aww, they look so sweet. \(^_^)/

  3. Normal people! They are the ones that go home beat the wife and sexually abuse the kids right?

    So glad I’m not of the normal persuasion :)

  4. Damn, I do love the Japanese. Or is that a Korean? I can never tell the difference.

    It does unnerve me when someone decides to protest against a depiction of a kiss.

  5. Don’t be fooled by the New York Post. Putting the photo on the front page was meant to provoke homophobia. It is a right wing tabloid owned by none other than homophobe Rupert Murdoch. There have been a lot of antigay articles written in that rag. The readers who responded negatively are typical of the Post’s readership. Its all part of the right wing agenda to deny marriage equality elsewhere in the states, nothing more. I wouldn’t mind betting that the haters are insecure about their own sexuality and have a lot of skeletons in their collective closet. That old addage, the ones who protest too much rings true here for sure.

  6. Robert, this is the Washington Post; I don’t know if it’s also a murdoch paper, but I think you’re right, it has seemed anti-gay from what I’ve seen recently.

  7. The Washington Post is one of the “Less Right Wing” papers in USA, (There is no left wing, or if there were, they would be found hanging on a tree); and it is most certainly NOT owned by New International – They are an independent publisher of over 100years.

  8. arfur, yes, I forgot about that and misread it. Either way the Washington and NY Post are both republican based rags with a poor record on supporting equality. This photo is nothing more than right wing propaganda to keep the marriage equality issue going as a wedge issue in elections. Disgusting!

  9. Since invisibility is the true weapon of our enemies they have not used this image very wisely. If the intention was to show revulsion then the very few people who have objected and cancelled their subscriptions will be far outweighed by all the people who needed to see their world shown for the reality it truly is.

  10. I want to address the people who are making negative comments about the Washington Post. It is NOT, I repeat NOT a right wing newspaper! The Washington Times is the local right wing rag of choice. I live in Arlington, VA just a stone’s throw away from DC and the Washington Post has done an wonderful job of covering same sex marriage in the District for the last week!! To the person who thinks the picture is right wing propaganda.. what color is the sky in your world??

  11. shock horror kids might see two people kissing :O :O

  12. I think the Washington Post should go further.

    How about a ‘Win a free abortion’ competition just to induce mass hysteria among the right wing lunatics.

  13. Guys… guys… now it’s right right-wing homophobia to publish and defend this photo on the front page of the WaPo to mark such a momentous occasion as opening marriage to same-sex couples? Honestly…

  14. Mihangel apYrs 10 Mar 2010, 8:33pm

    a kiss, not a snog.

    If it were two hot “chicks” I doubt if there’d have been so much as a squeak!

  15. Dave North 10 Mar 2010, 8:48pm


    “If it were two hot “chicks” I doubt if there’d have been so much as a squeak!”

    The rags circulation would have went up…………

  16. The kind of idiots who don’t like this would also want to throw up at seeing a heterosexual mixed-race couple. They don’t even deserve the recognition that they get from being discussed.

  17. religious pigs

  18. Me Mate a Milkman dun told me that “Kitchen Tables were used for other things too & that half the kids running round today didn’t belonge to……..”.

  19. David in Indy 11 Mar 2010, 7:46am

    “Others said the image should not have been on the front page and one wrote that it should not have been shown “where my kids can see it easily on the kitchen table”.”

    If THAT is the biggest worry of her day then I envy her. Oh my god! How about NOT leaving it on the kitchen table if the picture offends her so much. I’ll bet she didn’t complain when they ran front page pictures of people blown up by bombs. Or pictures of murder victims. But a picture of two men kissing? Oh no, she won’t have any of THAT!

  20. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Mar 2010, 7:49am

    “News photos capture reality. And the prominent display reflects the historic significance of what was occurring. The recent DC Council decision to approve same-sex marriage was the culmination of a decades-long gay rights fight for equality.”

    ….Andrew Alexander

    Way to go, Andrew.

    I too think the Washington Post should go one step further. Mr Alexander should send hundreds of unsold copies to the Uganda’s Members of Parliament, and hundreds more to Martin Ssempa…sorry, “DOCTOR” Martin Ssempa…so that he can distribute them in his church while he is showing XXX gay porn to his …flock….or herd…or gaggle…(blind followers).

    Uganda really needs to know right now where Washington stands with regards to Gay Rights as Human Rights.

    This is great news, and a great shot of a loving couple. Bravo!!!

  21. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Mar 2010, 7:52am

    Also please note that one of the guys is wearing the Human Rights Watch logo on his lapel.

    This is a perfect photo and it does indeed reflect our times and our reality.

  22. Lovely photo.

    “I’ll bet she didn’t complain when they ran front page pictures of people blown up by bombs. Or pictures of murder victims. But a picture of two men kissing? Oh no, she won’t have any of THAT!”

    You’re absolutely right, David in Indy. People who are affronted by that picture obviously have issues of their own that they need to sort out. It’s a beautiful, gentle, loving picture.

  23. seeing hets kiss makes me feel physically sick, but i don’t feel the need to complain at all the soft het pr0n they shove in our faces.

    At least we get together for love.

  24. Apparently over two dozen people have cancelled their subscriptions to the Washington Post.

    If you want to start a flame war, check out the editorial comment at the Post:

  25. The Washington Post is not a Murdoch paper. It is the DC equivalent of the New York Times or the Boston Globe.

  26. “America, the Land of the Free…”
    Free what? The land of the Pilgrims has really become a mixed-up nation, hasn’t it!
    I consider this to be a delightful picture and everyone with a heart should rejoice in such a display of unabashed affection.
    Long live love – or even big liking!

  27. I am actually quite pleasantly surprised at the overall positive attitude in the comments on the ‘flame war’ post! And, as the replacement subscribers suggested, this has if nothing else got them some more friends in the gay community (although I live in the UK so I don’t really know a lot about the politics of the US newspapers).

  28. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Mar 2010, 7:39pm

    This picture says: Gay Rights are Human Rights.

    Love it, I just love it!

  29. “Many of the people who objected to this picture brought up their “kids,” however failed to provide a specific reason how this picture harmed their child. That is because no such evidence exists. On the other hand, there is ample evidence of the harm that has been caused by people who seek to marginalize gays in our society. A Department of Health study indicates gay youth to be six times more likely to attempt suicide, and gay teens account for up to 30 percent of teenage suicides. The irony here is that the people who are complaining about this photo, are the same types of people whose own children are attempting suicide. Wrapping bigotry against gays inside concern for young people belies the horrendous effect that bigotry has had on many young people.” – nyc98765 on the washingtonpost website.

    This is beautifully said and should be shared with you guys.

  30. Do these freaks complain when that arch homophobe The Pope is pictured being kissed by his Cardinals? Two men, basically dressed in frocks, kissing. In a church too. DISGUSTING!

    There are lots of caves in Afghanistan where those who want to be sjheltered from the reality of modern life can go and live. There’s already a community of like minded locals too!

  31. This is ridiculous. My now ex-girlfriend and I were on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, The front page of the LA times website and I don’t know how many other papers almost exactly a year ago today when we went to the California Supreme Court hearings. No we weren’t kissing, but I’m sure there have been other front pages with gay couples kissing.

  32. This IS news. I think it is sweet, touching and needs to be seen more. To allegedly be the “greatest nation in the world” the USA has a lot to learn. They have bashed blacks, homosexuals, women, etc. It is time to call a halt to this insanity. The USA is a combination of folks with different beliefs, values, …They hated others for dictating how things should be and created a nation of their own. Now, they bash each other. What a shame.

  33. US history is very complicated, but it can all be linked to those wonderful South states.
    They threatened to not sign the constitution if there was a ban to the slave trade / institution of slavery.
    Then they nearly killed the USA when we did move forward to get rid of the nasty practice.
    They refused to de-segregate schools between Black and White, refusing to protect children from the violent back lashes (National Government had to send in the guard to protect these kids in order to carry out national law of no segregation).
    Lets add inter-racial marriage to that, since I am sure a ton of you heard of that RECENT case of an interracial couple being denied by that one dude (which was illegal, but of course that never stopped them from trying in the past).
    So, so much more. It is sad and as a teen someone more Northern in the states, I wonder how they can continue to grow up and be so unbelieving, frustratingly stubborn about every god damn thing.

  34. ‘seeing hets kiss makes me feel physically sick, but i don’t feel the need to complain at all the soft het pr0n they shove in our faces.”
    Er, are you normal?

  35. “soft porn!?” These people are bothered by our gay kisses because it turns them on! That is the only reason anyone would classify it as porn– if it gives them that porny feeling inside! I call every one of their freak outs a victory.

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