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Politics political poll: Who will you vote for?

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Reader comments

  1. The poll is asking incredibly personal questions… I can’t take part in this.

    – Why would Pinknews need to know my name?
    – Pinknews say they need my postcode to make sure the survey is geographically representative, but surely the consituency data already assures that.
    – Then they want our e-mail address.

    This combined with the rest of the data being collected are things many PinkNews readers wouldn’t tell their friends and family, never mind telling the world in this survey!

    If I wouldn’t fill it in and I’m one of the most un-secretive people I know, I’d be baffled if many other people do.

  2. And is anybody else puzzled by “Gender Identity” ? It gives options of:
    – N/A
    – Transexual
    – Transgendered
    – Trans
    – Intersex.

    I don’t think I know the differences of all these, but I’m pretty sure that my gender identity is applicable… strange that I can’t say “Same as gender”, isn’t it? :-|

  3. I would just like to say my personal information is just that personal. I in no way give PinkNews the right to share or sell this information to anybody. I only approve for information to be used to make a political poll.

    Any infringement to my privacy will result in legal action.

  4. weird survey. why does it not just ask one question – what will you vote? looks like a marketing/research company has paid pink news to get information out of us.

  5. Sorry, I won’t be voting either. Of all the on-line polls I have taken part in, it is only the Pink News polls which ask for so much personal information.

  6. No I won’t be voting either. We are constantly being told not to give out such personal information over the internet unless it is absolutely necessary.

  7. PN, I think you’ll find that it should be ‘WHOM will you vote for?’.
    ‘Who’ cannot be used in an objective case.
    I vote for better grammar.

  8. Could the political party which, will at least will hold a referendum on the restoration of Capital Punishment for the likes of the murderers of Baby Peter Connolly, Victoria Climbie and the many many more, please make itself known?

    I will vote for you, whoever you are; yes, WHOEVER.


    Then go take a hike, all of you.


  9. Lucio Buffone 10 Mar 2010, 8:01pm

    Sorry Pink News would love to fill in your survey, but there ain’t no way I’m giving you my name with my voting intention. A secret ballot is a founding principle of a democracy, and the same should apply to opinion polls.

  10. Dave North 10 Mar 2010, 8:21pm

    Out of interest given all of the “privacy” advocates on this post.

    Have you stated your intention to opt out of the NHS database fiasco.

    If not, then head over to
    for info on how to.

    I handed mine into my GP today and she was well pleased as it basically breaks the hippocratic oath.

  11. Pink News now needs to state that the poll is their own or if not the identity of the pollster behind it. Then they need to say what is going to happen to the information provided namely will it be deleted after the poll? If not what is it to be used for?

  12. It’s more like an application form for identity theft than a web survey. Didn’t complete it either.


    “Please rate the following areas of policy in order of importance when chosing who to vote for with 1 being the most important..”

    Where is there any mention of crime..?

    There isn’t any, which in my view, renders the next request:-

    “Please rank the main political parties in order of their gay friendliness (1 being the most gay friendly)”

    -somewhat fatuous.

    And as for, “During the general election, we’ll be taking the pulse of the LGBT community…”

    -you’ll have to find one first.

    And, yes, I do know it is ‘choosing’ not ‘chosing’; it’s not moi wot needs a proof-reader.



  14. Richard Spandit 11 Mar 2010, 1:24pm

    I’ve voted several times, made up my details and lied. Therefore the poll is wrong, whatever the results show. Up yours Pink News, you’re not having my private information.

  15. Bad survey! Apart from the fact it asks totally irrelevant and personal details, it appears that it has the OLD constituency boundaries! For instance, Romsey is no longer a constituency, it has been merged with part of Southampton to be Romsey and Southampton North – A poll about an election should use the same constituencies that the election will!

  16. I’ve been waiting in eager anticipation of the poll results to see how many people responded (minus a few for Richard (14)). (^_-)

    Still waiting for that joy…

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