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‘Limbs in the Loch’ killer loses appeal

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Reader comments

  1. With such a record, I am surprised some lawyers are still finding grounds to set him free. At age 46, he can still kill more young gay men… best to lock him up until he is 86.

  2. Life should mean Life!

  3. Remember, guys, when you are out there in the bars and clubs, and anywhere else, that there are STILL and always will be the odd few guys who are like this one and Dennis Nilsen. You don’t find out they are warped until they’ve got you somewhere secluded and they are attacking you. It happened to me once. Thankfully I got away. It turned out the guy was just intent upon getting hold of my cash, ATM card and pin!

  4. The Grinch 10 Mar 2010, 3:11pm

    What the hell does this poor chap’s choice of supermarket have to do with anything? So what he was a Tesco worker – he could just as well have been Sainsbury, Marks & Sparks or Morrisons. We’re all human and should be free to connect with whatever grocery chain we choose. I myself switch between Budgen’s and Co-op, and often get looked down on by the Waitrose majority in my village. Discrimination is never right!!

  5. Can’t he just ‘accidentally’ fall 40 feet over a railing on to some concrete, and save the tacpayer some money? That’s the least he can do, considering.

  6. Sister Mary clarence 11 Mar 2010, 10:02am

    Having read a little bit more about his criminal history I’m not actually quite so keen to have him hung drawn and quartered at this stage. Yes, happy for him to remain in jail until new evidence comes to light but this would be one I would definitely avoid the death penalty on.

    The original trial was deemed biased and flawed based on the inclusion of other acts of violence which helped support bad character and the second trial was a majority verdict.

    I wonder how open the investigation was to theories other than the one he was prosecuted for that the police genuinely considered. Did they instead work on the basis that the guy had already got away with it once.

    There have been a number of cases where new evidence has come to light many years on and people (often not innocent of everything) have been put in prison for extremely long sentences based on preconceived beliefs of those investigating the crime.

  7. Beggs is a barrack room lawyer so expect more appeals.

    He was using razor blades on sleeping and drunk friends when he was a young teenager in Northern Ireland. He does not see himself as gay and is thus the most dangerous type of killer of gays and others.

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