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Gay activists shouted ‘you’re one of us’ at Roy Ashburn in 2005

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Reader comments

  1. You would of thought nobody would touch Ashburn with a barge pole!

  2. What a disgusting excuse for a man. Pope’s the same.

  3. Although I am a gay man, if I were one of his constituents, i wouldnt vote him either… He’s a deceit and as a gay man, I wouldnt even trust him for it too.


  4. I dunno. I can kinda appreciate his plight. As much as I hate conservatism, being gay and being conservative are not mutually exclusive. Being gay and an elected Republican, however… He wanted to represent his state, party and ideologies, and felt he couldn’t do that as an openly gay man, and if I were a Republican senator I’d almost certainly feel the same way. I just hope he uses the rest of his time in office to try and undo some of the damage he has caused in his political history. I guess even though I am fundamentally opposed to the ideologies of the Republican party, he took ‘representation’ pretty seriously. Maybe some of his voters, people who liked him and thought he would represent them, will be able to reassess their perceptions of gay people. It’s an interesting one.

  5. David in Indy 11 Mar 2010, 7:20am

    “Mr Ashburn, who was outed last week after years of voting against gay rights measures, spoke at the rally while gay rights activists shouted: “We know you’re one of us, Roy!”, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.”


    And here he thought he was fooling everyone with his hateful voting record and his nasty remarks about gay people. As it turns out the only person he was fooling was himself.

    He’s a sad miserable man and I feel very sorry for him. Sort of. I feel even more sorry for all those people who’s rights he tried so hard to deny. He must be feeling very conflicted right now.

  6. Sounds like Randy Thommason could now benefit from addressing his ‘reaction formation’.

  7. Love the gnashers..!
    Too teenage a gob on an old geezer like that; they are as false as he is.


  8. No wonder the US is in the state it’s in with that, “that thing” in government.

  9. That’s Republican integrity for you.

  10. Nice of him to come out

  11. Must be the first time in living memory that a politician has done what the constuents want!!!!

  12. Whilst i agree with the general sentiment of the other posters here (liar, fake, internalised homophobe etc) – i think the whole sorry story also highlights that, despite democracy, free speech and the value of liberty we are supposedly afforded in the western world, we still decision makers in office that sleep with us by night, and deny our liberties by day.

    Lets juxtaspose this story to Uganda, Iran or any other country where gay people are still tortured or executed by the state for their sexual orientation. I wonder how many heads of state in those countries does the same as our dear Roy? We’ll probably never know.

  13. apologies for the typo’s – should have re-read it before sending it!

  14. I am always impressed by homosexual hypocricy. Your false is universal, your face is most deceitful. “Bravo”!

  15. BrazilBoysBlog 13 Mar 2010, 2:13am

    I have no sympathy for this disgusting piece of lying trash. He was happy to stab other gay people in the back for the power and prestige of being a senator. He did not HAVE to live a lie. he CHOSE to do so in order to please his party. The very party that was voting to deny gay people equal rights.

    Lying dirty scumbag.. and I agree with one of the comments above… I am surprised any self-respecting gay person would be seen dead with him!

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