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Cuba pays for gender reassignment surgery

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Cuba, just shows truly civilised countries offer free health care at point of use. Keep on sticking two fingers up to the backwards USA.

  2. A few years ago I met a Cuban who told me that Castro had explicitly said that a homosexual couldn’t be a revolutionary.
    Until the 1970s The Socialist Worker Party said that homosexuality was caused by capitalism. By the end of the 1970s they had become entry-ists and were saying that HOMOPHOBIA was caused by capitalism, and by the early 1990s they were harassing LG Pride marchers with assurances that homophobia never happened in socialist societies. My offer to raise funds to buy them one-way tickets to China and Cuba was not taken up.
    The far right, on the other hand, often says that homosexuality is caused by SOCIALISM. It is really a very old human tendency – one persuades oneself that two or more things one dislikes must actually be linked.
    I’ll stick with bourgeouis democracy with a left-of-centre tilt, although it admittedly needs a lot of fixing. But cheers anyway to Mariela Castro.

  3. The bigger issue is not whether surgery in Cuba is free (as in free beer), but whether it is free (as in free speech). That is to say available for people who have had neither mental illness nor psychiatric diagnosis. We shall see whether the booming practice of cosmetic surgery in Cuba for paying Canadians is extended to transfolk also.

  4. Like speech is free in the USA! The Christian Taliban and republican party make sure its not.

  5. I’d say that giving Trans folk free ops is a form of free speech.

  6. As an aside, why have these comments windows started reverting to the story rather than showing the comments after a comment has been posted. Is it a Firefox thing or is Pink News broken in some manner?

  7. Pumpkin Pie 11 Mar 2010, 10:29pm

    Angie, it’s been happening to me with Internet Explorer, too.

  8. I am mildly amused by the people saying the USA is backwards compared to Cuba.
    It is a personal opinion thing, I understand, but I do not grasp the idea of giving up many rights for fewer. The USA is a republic and Cuba is communist, two types of government that have fierce opposition to one another in their histories. Cuba has such censorship that I could never be happy under it (for example, when was the last time you casually met a Cuban playing the same game as you? I don’t remember any time, even though I can speak Spanish).

  9. @AngieRS I’d say that giving Trans folk free ops is a form of free speech.

    One really needs to distinguish the two. Employees of the City of San Francisco can get free (as in free beer) so-called sex reassignment surgery. But they CANNOT get free (as in free speech), they cannot get unfettered accessed to needed surgery (irrespective of whether they pay money or not).

    Free as in “no money to pay” is rather unrelated to free as in “available without difficult-and-slow-to-obtain permission”

    As to Cuba, the newspaper article speaks of one free but does not address the other free. We simply don’t know whether it is free or not in the second sense. And Cuba’s track record is very mixed.

  10. I don’t believe Americans have real freedom of speech and freedom of expression. You stick your head above the parapet and the Christian Taliban and republican right wing nut jobs are waiting for you.

  11. Sorry, Henry, I must be having a thick morning but I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say.

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