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Adam Lambert happy to be out and proud

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Reader comments

  1. Who is he again?

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 10 Mar 2010, 5:25pm

    @ Squidgy. Oh do catch-up! (try googling it)

    I have to say that i agree with him on this. A bit rich of Gene Simmons (used to play in ´Kiss´ Squidgy) to say he should hide his private life, when Gene does nothing but flaunt HIS all over the television!

  3. ” ‘well that’s funny because all he talks about is how many women he’s slept with.’ ”

    Good one, Adam :D

  4. @ BrazilBoysBlog — yes it was a joke. My point is in the UK he’s known more for bein gay than his music. I mean has he actually cracked the UK? I think it’s PinkNews thats made his name here.

  5. He’s the American, Will Young.

  6. Pumpkin Pie 10 Mar 2010, 10:55pm

    well that’s funny because all he talks about is how many women he’s slept with

    I like this guy more and more every time I hear something about him. Manufactured pop isn’t my thing, but gutsy young talent with good ethics and strong values are exactly the sort of thing the mainstream needs. It’s about time kids had some good role models.

  7. I wish we had someone like this. Shame is music is so hit andf miss. Also is Gene speaking as a closet gay man?? Has Adam domne something he can’t bring himself to do??

  8. He is so versatile and classically trained, too.
    You should hear him singing in production of Brigadoon:
    Perfection! Be sure to listen, all the way to the end.
    Also, listen to his performance in the 10 Commandments & Wicked

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