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10 March 2010

  • 10th March 2010

    Gay activists shouted ‘you’re one of us’ at Roy Ashburn in 2005 15

    Roy Ashburn was outed last week

    7:03 PM — California senator Roy Ashburn was heckled in 2005 at an anti-gay marriage rally by gay campaigners who knew he was in the closet. They shouted: "We know you're one of us, Roy!"

  • Cuba pays for gender reassignment surgery 11

    Mariela Castro told reporters about the change yesterday

    6:35 PM — Cuba has begun paying for trans men and women to have gender reassignment surgery. Mariela Castro, the daughter of President Raul Castro and niece of former leader Fidel, confirmed to reporters yesterday that the country began paying for the procedures in 2008.

  • Washington Post defends photo of gay kiss 35

    Jeremy Ames and Taka Ariga kiss (Photo: Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

    5:24 PM — The Washington Post's internal ombudsman has unequivocally defended the newspaper's decision to carry a front-page photo of a gay couple kissing. He received complaints and homophobic slurs from some readers.

  • Seventh Brighton Equality Walk to be held in May 5

    Brighton Equality Walk will be held in May

    5:01 PM — The seventh Brighton Equality Walk will be held on Sunday May 2nd. The walk, organised by gay rights charity Stonewall, attracted 400 people last year and raised more than £50,000, which went towards funding the anti-bullying film FIT.

  • Ian McKellen backs Liverpool anti-homophobia effort 4

    Sir Ian McKellen is supporting the project

    4:13 PM — Out gay actor Sir Ian McKellen is supporting an anti-hate project by a group of gay and lesbian Merseyside teenagers which is being rolled out to 100 schools and youth centres across Liverpool.

  • Adam Lambert happy to be out and proud 8

    Adam Lambert said he was "proud" of who he is

    3:46 PM — Gay US singer Adam Lambert has said he is happy to be out and proud. He also hit back at Kiss star Gene Simmons, who suggested Lambert had "killed" his own career by coming out.

  • Circumcision may not affect HIV rates in gay men 37

    Researchers looked at HIV rates in circumcised men

    3:15 PM — Although research has found that circumcision may help cut HIV infections, a new study suggests it may not have much effect on gay men.

  • PinkNews.co.uk political poll: Who will you vote for? 16

    The general election is expected to be held in May

    2:01 PM — With eight weeks until the expected general election date, has the promise of a fresh government persuaded you to vote Conservative? We want to know who our readers want in charge of Britain and how important LGBT-friendly policies are when voting.

  • ‘Limbs in the Loch’ killer loses appeal 7

    William Beggs lost his appeal

    12:19 PM — A gay man who murdered a teenager and dismembered his body has lost an appeal to clear his name. William Beggs, 46, became known as the 'Limbs in the Loch' killer for the murder of 18 year-old Tesco worker Barry Wallace in December 1999.

  • Anti-bullying film comes to Scotland 8

    FIT is being sent to Scottish schools

    11:51 AM — A film to tackle homophobic bullying is to be sent to every secondary school in Scotland. FIT, produced by Stonewall, features six teenagers, some of whom are gay, at a dance club. It has been compared to television shows Glee and Skins.

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