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Will & Grace star Sean Hayes confirms he’s gay

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Reader comments

  1. HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Did that need confirming?!

  2. Apparently Julian Clary has been dropping hints recently that he might be “one of those” as well.

  3. Yum, yum. His boyfriend is so lucky. And it would have been a terrible let-down if he’d been straight!!

  4. Shock horror I’m really surprised.

    we love still jack (sean)

  5. Selective memory on Mr Hayes part.

    Before Will and Grace he was in a movie called Billy Hollywood’s Screen Kiss in which he played a gay guy. In interviews to promote that movie he confirmed his homosexuality.

    When he got the role of Will and Grace he went back into the closet.

    Who did he think he was kidding?

  6. No, you are kidding! They’ll be saying Dolly Parton has to sleep on her back next!

  7. The Grinch 9 Mar 2010, 6:43pm

    This is the second big shock to my day as Bobby Duvall who’s the hairdresser in my village in charge of putting the blond frosty tips to my barnet also came out….where will it end?

  8. What i don’t understand is, why does it say that he was “criticised in the past for not declaring his sexual orientation”

    Is it necessary for everyone to declare their sexual orientation???
    quite honestly its no-one elses business and its his/her choice to make a public announcement. No one should ever summise or try to guess someone elses sexuality.

  9. “Is it necessary for everyone to declare their sexual orientation???”

    It’s not necessary no, but everyone who sells their wedding pics to OK! magazine seems to need to do so.

    “its no-one elses business and its his/her choice to make a public announcement. No one should ever summise or try to guess someone elses sexuality.”

    I know – poor Beyonce and Jay Z being outed as heterosexuals against their will. The poor dears were outed as a heterosexual couple despite their attempts to keep it private.

    In theory someone’s sexuality is private. In reality if you are a public figure your sexuality becomes of interest to celebrity magazines and internet blogs.

    If it is acceptable to gossip about straight celebrity’s private lives, then there should be no double standards applied to gay celebrity’s private lives.

    And in the case of Sean Hayes, the fact that he was out of the closet before Will and Grace but chose to return to the closet when the show was on made him fair game for the Advocate and other magazines to criticise.

  10. Carl Rowlands 9 Mar 2010, 10:06pm

    And I thought he was playing gay! In that case it could be argued he’s a crap actor!(lol)

    I am devastated!

    I do agree with him on a couple of points, it is not compulsory to be a banner waving, rainbow searching etc. I was outed and whilst everone has been ‘nice’ I have reached my glass ceiling. I know so! I have discovered gardening and leave promotion to those who worry about it!

  11. Astronauts could see you are gay from space Sean!

  12. I think it is disappointing that he did not come out earlier. He says he has done so much for gay rights? I don’t know. I think the SHOW Will & Grace did a lot for gay rights. He was just along for the ride. Maybe he can start doing more for gay rights now. If so, I will applaud him.

  13. Jeez, is that what too much botox does to you?

  14. In other shocking news Terry Wogan confirms that he is Irish.

  15. Rev Laurie Roberts 10 Mar 2010, 12:53am

    I admire the way Sean is determined to be himself and do things his way — not let the media take him and his boyf over
    And yes, like so many here I was flabbegasted at the amazing revelation !

    In more shocking news -daffodils are yellow !

  16. “I think it is disappointing that he did not come out earlier.”

    But he DID!!!!!!!

    He confirmed he was gay in interviews promoting Billy Hollywood’s Screen Kiss – a low budget gay movie he made before Will And Grace.

    The reason The Advocate gave him the grief they did was because he returned to the closet during Will and Grace.

    And quite right too.

    What was his excuse for scurrying back to the closet. That old chestnut ‘I don’t want to be typecast’ obviously didn’t apply in his case as he was so screamingly gay that even Helen Keller would have noticed it.

  17. SteveDenver 10 Mar 2010, 5:34am

    How laughably stupid that Hayes “confirms” his homosexuality. In two other articles, he’s also bitter that he hasn’t gotten “leading man” roles. And he’s bitter about a dozen other things. I guess he has more in common with Jack than shoe size.

  18. Mihangel apYrs 10 Mar 2010, 9:14am

    I find it difficult to muster up anything other than ennui and indifference to this.

    He’s an actor, not a mover and shaker; he doesn’t seem ot have preached homophobia, but maybe airbrushed the truth a bit. But he’s only an actor for mother’s sake, and not even an “A” star, so who really cares?

  19. “What was his excuse for scurrying back to the closet”

    Company, maybe? ;) Hollywood’s full of gay men pretending to be anything but so they don’t scare the good old general public in the US. Many people in the US seem to lack any gaydar whatsoever, so when we say that it was so obvious that Sean was gay, there are probably loads of people in America sitting open-mouthed with surprise at this confirmation.

  20. And other breaking news: a shock announcement from the Vatican this morning has confirmed rumours that the Pope is catholic.

  21. Latest in from the newsdesk……

    Bears sh1t in woods

  22. “In two other articles, he’s also bitter that he hasn’t gotten “leading man” roles.”

    Neither has Eric McCormack – the actor who played Will.

    Neither did any of the male stars of Friends.

    These sitcom stars really take the biscuit. For 99.9% of them getting a leading role on a hit TV show is the pinnacle of their career. But they seem to think that it’s only a springboard to greater things. For every Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney there are 100 actors who never make it.

  23. Erroll Clements 10 Mar 2010, 5:02pm

    This is SUCH a suprise….NOT!It’s like Boy George declaring that he REALLY and truly is now gay ?! huh?

  24. First Megan Mullally outing herself as a bisexual, and now Sean Hayes outing himself as a gay. Who will be next ? Debra Messing outing herself as a transgender ? Because that would explain why she has such small boobs (sorry, I don’t hate Debra Messing, I just hate the fact that a beautiful woman like her has boobs that do not match her body).

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