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TV shows with gay characters could lose Florida tax credits

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Reader comments

  1. How odd I am gay and have a family.

    Even more shocking America my brother lets me take care of my nephew…

    America you are so messed up. Oh and Stephen Precourt is a closet gay

    They all are.

  2. Censorship via tax credits!!!!

    Lets hope the NuLabour & NuTory policy makers are not reading this one!

  3. “Non-traditional family values”? And pray (no pun intended) who determines what “traditional family values” were in the first place? What even are “family values”?

    Seems to me that anything/anyone Republicans hate can find itself/themselves defined as being against “traditional family values”. How convenient.

    Is letting people die because they can’t get health insurance “traditional family values”?

    I repeat the phrase so often because it grates on me so much, and by doing that it makes me angrier, and my anger gets turned into positive action for causes which seek to stop bigots like these getting their way. Who do these people think they are?

  4. Patrick James 9 Mar 2010, 8:09pm

    I think this is an extreme example of what can happen if you accept the premise that the tax system is to be used to reward people on the basis of a morality or lifestyle approved of by the state.

    The Conservative party’s plan to give tax benefits to people purely on the basis that they are married, not due to any economic consideration, is an example of the premise that the state is to use the tax system to reward people who’s lifestyles or morality it approves of.

  5. Har Davids 9 Mar 2010, 8:10pm

    I sometimes read about (American) families where there’s sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug-abuse, violence and even murder! Are those families ‘traditional’ in the sense of this stupid law? While these people ponder this: how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

  6. Are families headed by a single parent ‘traditional families’?

    Are families headed by an inter-racial couple ‘traditional families?’

  7. Florida is just where old people go to die, it makes sense that a place with so many old people would be so biggoted
    Gay people have to come from somewhere, why dont they realise that we arent born in labs?

  8. Where do these people think gay people come from? Do they think we hatch from f_cking eggs? We all (hopefully), grow up in families. So at least one in 20 families has one gay kid, surely that’s enough do define a normal demographic.

    Yet again, this is the religious American right that are lobbying this. They want it all back in black & white like “Pleasantville”.
    That is, until some damn faggot kid walks in and upsets the applecart.

  9. I know of trans people who live in Florida, who need to travel out of the state because they can not get any medical treatment.

    The whole state it Christian Taliban territory. Run by Jhed Bush, the man that stole the presidential election.

  10. I’m assuming homophobia is one such ‘traditional family value’ to uphold and be proud of then??!!

  11. douglas in canada 10 Mar 2010, 6:20am

    Hmm, I wonder if this new law might actually help ban the bible. Afer all, it’s full of non-traditional families. Multiple wives. Husbands having both wives AND concubines. Kind David lusting of Bathsheba. The whole book of the Song of Solomon. Abraham being prepared to murder his own son with a knife. Cain killing Abel. Jsus hung around with hookers. All those “begets” – just a nice way of saying, “they had SEX and had a bunch of kids.”

    1. Very good point! :D Sadly, I doubt any logic will be allowed to intrude into the hate-filled thinking.

  12. David in Indy 10 Mar 2010, 7:45am

    SHAME on you Florida! SHAME!

    I was watching Comedy Central today and I saw this male comedian up on stage singing a rap song about how much he loves women and how he loves to have “sex with their vaginas”. And they were airing it at 4 pm! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen such programs on TV during that time of day. And just in time for all the kiddies to see as they come home from school! So why isn’t anyone complaining about THAT?

    Or what about all the programs portraying murder and gun fights and people shooting each others’ heads off? Where’s the outrage?

    But if a program has a gay character in it, or (GOD FORBID!) shows two men kissing, suddenly the whole world is going to come to an end and everyone gets all bent out of shape about it. It really makes me wonder about some people. It really does.

  13. The C(o)unt of Monte Crisco 10 Mar 2010, 9:27am

    I totally agree with the above!

  14. I think Americans used the word “freedom” so many times that they forgot what it means

  15. Whoops, looks like their mixing up family values and traditional family values. How silly of them!

  16. Another reason that I moved to Boston from Fort Lauderdale. Floridians are bigots and the government is worse.

  17. This doesn’t surprise me. I went to America once…. Never again!!

  18. larry DeShane 10 Mar 2010, 2:13pm

    Ok Ok enough of the America bashing! I agree this wanna be law if F@#$%& up and that these Republicans don’t want to get held up in a “word game ‘ reeks of like most of the republican platform .Their are a lot of amazing places and people in America. How can people say things like ” This doesn’t surprise me. I went to America once… Never again!!” or “I sometimes read about (American) families where there’s sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug-abuse, violence and even murder!” America is quite vast so to say you visited America or you hear abt our families being this way shows how little you know of reality. I too have travelled the world and spent much time living in several countries and know first hand that a lot of the world is f’d up and that there are bigots in every country. Hell this website wouldn’t exist if GB didn’t have issues.

  19. the staff writer might like to check and see where GLEE is filmed. IT WOULD BE CALIFORNIA. this is nothing but a rehash of previous articles from the american press that you tacked GLEE onto it because it has a gay character even though GLEE has nothing to do with anything.

  20. Thomas, FloriDuh, USA 10 Mar 2010, 6:47pm

    I live in the state and sadly Florida’s state government is under the control of the Republican party including our current gay anti-gay Governor. Each elected repug is trying to out right wing the other in their party and gay bashing is a party platform. That said, there is good and bad everywhere. There are some great things and people here but obviously state governance by the repug party is an embarassment for the world to see… Things will change even here in FloriDuh…

  21. Dave North 10 Mar 2010, 9:44pm


    I agree Thomas.

    Your country is a complete and utter laughing stock of the true alleged “Free World”.

    Your constitution has been trampled to death by the religious.

    What ever happened to separation of Church and State.

    That is why your ancestors left Europe in the first place

    Therefore why are the population so F’d up that they have to adhere to GOD even to get a job in a local Council department.

    Whats with all this adherence to GOD.

    The only thing that will change is that the Religious idiots will either win or lose.

    And as they say. It is indeed a War.

    It’s just unfortunate that we live in this time.

  22. Pumpkin Pie 10 Mar 2010, 10:51pm

    Thanks to its government, Florida is one of the worst places in the western world. I feel so sorry for all the decent folk who have no choice but to live there.

  23. jamestoronto 11 Mar 2010, 3:40am

    Scary stuff using public money to control – sorry impose – a preconceived notion of morality. So a traditional family value system would have to be adhered to. Where do we define the starting point of tradition? Some of us can still remember the ’50’s. Great music and the epitome of “family values.” So, if we use this era as representing traditional family values are we in trouble.

    There no gays of course because we did not exist. (Really LOL)

    You would NEVER see any depiction of blacks and whites married – not only not a family value but outrightly illegal.

    Except for servants, gardeners, train conductors and labourers you never saw blacks in any employment that paid more than minimum wage. So a traditional family value movie would ban the filming of an autobiography of their current President (who is double non-traditional as the offspring of a mixed marriage and a non-white holding the highest political office in the USA.

    Some of us remember when rock’n’roll music was banned in many places in the US because it was contrary to family values and many of the great singers of the decade including Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, etc. were condemned for promoting “that Negro” music.

    How many Jewish or Roman Catholic characters were there compared to the Protestant ones. And there was I am absolutely certain not a single Muslim.

    That’s just back six decades to use as the basis of our definition of “tradition.” I’d shake to think if they added another even four. Tradition is one of the most misused words in English. It is used primarily by those who say I don’t want to change.

    Tradition changes constantly. It was traditional for the US to only have a white male as its President but that changed – almost in two ways with Obama and Clinton. It was traditional to have a Protestant as the US leader but along came Kennedy.

    Many countries have had gay marriages for many years now to the point no one even blinks an eye any longer, including I am proud to say my own Canada. The leading contender for the mayor’s office in Toronto is openly gay and married to another man; it made front page news – in a good way – that they were approved to be adoptive husbands. Traditions change.

  24. jamestoronto 11 Mar 2010, 3:45am

    Just one more quick comment. Is the next step to have the state forbid any state-funded advertising removed from any television or radio station that carries the the so-called non-traditional shows with gay characters. Florida you are on a slippery slope.

  25. They propose to frame laws without getting into a ‘word game’?? What the hell do they think a law is? Or do they want something so vague and wide that they can go after anybody they feel like at a given time?
    Or is it just grandstanding for the mad religious base by introducing unworkable laws that appear to pander to their prejudices? I would have thought that driving business away through unfavourable tax regimes was an even bigger no-no to the GOP than family variety.

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