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Priest sorry for ‘Adam and Steve’ joke

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  1. At least we marry for love.

  2. ChutneyBear 9 Mar 2010, 4:03pm

    Again i can see the funny side cue Peter Tatchell saying he should be executed for vile comments…..lads its funny dont take it the wrong way. *Sets up a barrier to the queens who will respond*

  3. Ah who cares what that child abusing, paedophile thinks.

    (I’m being flippant here. It’s a joke. I apologise for causing offence. Just because a catholic priest is far more likely to be a child rapist than someone who is not a catholic priest, does not mean that I believe that Reverend Frank Wainwright, 48, a deacon at St Gregory’s Church in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, rapes children).

  4. I agree with ChutneyBear. Quite honestly its what Rev Wainwright believes and thats his choice and the congregation sitting in the pews presumably believe that too. I used to go to an evangelical church but not any more, i don’t ctitisize the people who go to that church i just feel sorry for them, they are naive and not living in the real world, they are completely misguided. but thats their chhoice and its my choice not to have anything to do with them anymore. I don’t see it as my duty to try to change them, why should i?? There are plenty of churches where same sex relationships are valued the same as hetrosexual relationships, indeed i have one right on my doorstep where the male vicar lives with his male partner, how normal is that?! I love it!

  5. Yet another priest who has lots of Gay friends. Wonder why that is.

  6. I fully agree Lizzie.

    Just because I believe that any parent who allows their child to be alone with a priest is placing their child in grave danger of abuse, does not mean that parents who do place their children in such danger deserve condemnation and discrimination.

    Just because I believe that ALL catholic priests are emotionally crippled and sexually dysfunctional for their lifestyle choices does not mean necessarily that I am right.

  7. It’s always amusing though to see men who are meant to be celibate lecturing others on relationships.

    Isn’t that sort of the equivalent of me offering a woman advice about dealing with PMS? I am utterly unqualified to do that?

  8. Yes he shouldn’t have said it but yep I thought it was funny!

  9. By the way, just for the record Staff Writer, if the Rev Frank Wainwright is a deacon then he is not a priest. He is a deacon, the first of the Holy Orders, below priest and bishop. Deacons in the Catholic Church may be married (to Eve not Steve of course….heheheh).

  10. “I have lots of gay friends” is the same as the famous old racist’s quip that some of his best friends are Jewish!

    Seriously, when remarks lijke this are made one wonders about the sanity of LGBT people who are fool enough to attend Catholic services – traitors to the cause one and all!

  11. I don’t care too much what a senile virgin has to say about love and consenting sex, since the catholic Church are experts at neither. They can say whatever they like inside their church, and make references to mythical events in mesopotamia all they like, provided we can have freedom from it.

    And in any case, Catholic organisations shouldn’t be in the position of offering children for adoption, as the catholic church cannot be trusted with children in its care.

    Another point, and ChutneyBear might bear in mind, is that the catholic church is very good at mocking gay people for who they are – fine by me. But mockery and playing jokes is a two-way street. And when the joke is on the Church, it squeals in self pity about persecution. As we know, religion is allergic to any criticism whatsoever, no matter how nutty their beliefs.

    For example, someone recently left cartoons of the Pope wearing a condom on his head in one of those ludicrous prayer rooms at John Lennon Airport. As a result he got charged with and found guilty of hate crimes. He faces sentencing next month – the maximum penalty is 7 years.

    The other ridiculous belief, that a cracker turns into the body of Jesus Christ, was ridiculed wonderfully by PZ Myers, an american professor of biology, 2 years ago. He threw a eucharist in the bin and it led to a witch hunt against him. Of course he kept his job.

    So I think there is a case for repeating this exerice at this church too, slipping photocopied extracts from the God Delusion into hymnbooks. I’m sure they’ll see the funny side of it.

  12. Funny? It might have been vaguely humorous 30 years ago when I first heard it, but the God-botherers wheel out that same old tired line at every opportunity. Can’t they come up with something a little more 21st Century?

  13. The ‘joke’ is already pretty old. I first heard it in 1977. In those days it was associated with Anita Bryant, a fundamentalist ex-model who claimed that declining orange harvests in Dade County, Florida, were divine punishment for the county’s (later repealed) anti-discrimination ordinances.
    The level of moral and intellectual argument among these types doesn’t change much either.

  14. douglas in canada 9 Mar 2010, 5:11pm

    Some friends and I have determined that when the biblical story was first told, thousands of years before being written down, it was actually about a French couple, Adam and “Yves” [both are men’s names!]. But it was only that much later, when pen hit paper, that it the second name was incorrectly recorded as “Eve” [a woman’s name with the same pronunciation as Yves.]

  15. Pathetic isn’t it?

  16. Rev Laurie Roberts 9 Mar 2010, 5:39pm

    I don’t call that an apology at all. What a twat ! Talkin throo his nether orifice ! Marvellous that Five congregants complained. They can get away with ti so easily these days.

    For the record I think this chap is a married permanent deacon, not a ‘celibate’ (!) priest.

    I live with my same sex partner of the past nearly 37 years and civil partner to boot.

    Btw The Bish of Lpool is talkin sense too —one James Jones –thinks e should -wait for it —Live & let live !!

  17. Rev Laurie Roberts 9 Mar 2010, 5:42pm

    Meant to say they can’T of course !

  18. Lizzie, to answer your question “I don’t see it as my duty to try to change them, why should I??”, the reason why it our duty to not just let things be is that those foolish people who believe in pixies in the sky, spirits, ghosts, gods, and so forth, indoctrinate their vulnerable children with the same rubbish AND they also indoctrinate them with firmly held beliefs that gays and lesbians are disordered and second-class, if not worse.

    That is the reason why we must not accept this priest’s excuse that he was just making a flippant joke, and that is the reason why we who do not believe in the baloney of supernatural beings must work to relieve others of such damaging nonsense.

    It sounds “tolerant” to say that we should all just let believers “be”, but to take that stance of inactivity and passivity is actually to allow the growth and development of dangerous nonsense.

    By the way, is anybody following the Catholic scandal sweeping over Germany right now?,1518,682576,00.html

  19. Hodge Podge 9 Mar 2010, 5:49pm

    My only objection is that it’s a really, really old and crap joke.

  20. Whenever I hear the “Adam and Steve” drivel, I usually like to point out that Adam and Eve had 2 sons.

    In order for them to “Begat” the rest of humanuity then the sons would have had to sh@g his mother or any sisters.

    Nothing like a bit of incest to get the juices flowing.

    Mind you, for an organisation that has no problems with kiddie fiddling I suppose anything goes.

    Even gay prossies in the vatican…..

  21. Richard GS 9 Mar 2010, 6:06pm

    Funny, clever, but not very friendly given the context. Ultimately, it probably didn’t change the minds of any of his listeners regarding their stance on same-sex marriage, so it’s a waste of time getting all frosted up over.

  22. Thanks Eddy, as often happens here ones opinions are challenged and i can see exactly what you mean. i’m going to have be more outspoken for what i believe to be right. i’m the mother of a gay son and am shocked that so many people are so opinionated and homophobic, i’m sure their views would change if it were their lovely son who told them they were gay. I’m on a steep learning curve and hope i’m going the right way about trying to support my child.

  23. BrazilBoysBlog 9 Mar 2010, 7:09pm

    @Lizzie. Reading what you wrote makes the heart warm. If only every gay or lesbian teenager had a mother who was so keen to support their child.

    Unfortunately, allowing the kind of rubbish and filth that the catholic church spouts to go on, merely makes gay teens feel like abnormal ´sinners´. Teenagers have even been driven to attempt suicide because they could not reconcile the poisonous massages they were getting from their churches, with what they knew and felt inside.

    I have no problem with catholic priests or deacons or whatever, saying what they like in their own churches… (even naff and very old ´jokes´). No, my issue is with the church and religion as a whole. If someone wants to believe in an all seeing sky-pilot, and for some strange reason it brings them personal comfort, then good for them.

    What is not right is the need they have to ´convert´ everyone else to their strange beliefs. To push religion down everyone elses throats…. Why they seem to think they are entitled to interfere in the legislature and laws of the land?

    The nazi-pope will be in the UK shortly, no-doubt again spouting on about the ´evils´ of same-sex marriage and the sinful lives we lead.

    No, I have no problem at all with catholic clergy saying what they like in their own churches. Because, if it were my choice, I would have already burnt them all down…with their clergy inside!

  24. Funny how these priests never seem to talk about Jacob and the 4 mothers of his 12 children as exemplars of Adam-and-Eve-type marriage, isn’t it?

    BTW, who exactly officiated at Adam and Eve’s wedding?

  25. Hi, Lizzie. I forget that there are some people reading these pages who are not gay but who have gay sons or daughters and who read in order to understand “the situation”. It must be fascinating for you to see so many points of view, and also to see the homophobic nutters who wade in here occasionally. Sometimes I call a spade a spade and am deliberately blunt in order to make some people step outside their usual patterns and/or their comfort zones and THINK. You will have noticed, I am sure. One thing we aren’t, I am sure you will agree, is an ever-so-naice bunch of polite goody-goodies! But I hope you enjoy the realness. :-)

  26. Bottom line is that celibate people who have been celibate their entire lives are utterly unqualified to comment on the complexities of relationships.

    Secondly considering that the catholic church acted as a house of protection for countless child rapists (who abused THOUSANDS of children in every country they operated in, over generations) then I would think their priority would be in sorting out their own house.

    They are too pig-headedly stupid to do so.
    Take the Archbishop of Ferns in Ireland. The Ryan Report on clerical sexual abuse in Ireland was released before Christmas. It showed that the catholic hierarchy cared nothing about the safety of vulnerable children in their care. Without fail they protected the paedophile priests. In the process they destroyed thousands of lives.

    The Archbishop of Ferns last week asked his congregants to donate money so the church could settle the civil cases pending against them. Rather than sell their extremely valuable property portfolio they want their congrergants to bail them out.

    They are evil, shameless scum.

  27. so if it was a joke based on race and it was offensive would that be Ok or funny? what about sex?
    he’s using the bigots fave of having friends and being a bigot

  28. Adam and Yves!

  29. Mihangel apYrs 9 Mar 2010, 11:01pm

    let’s hope at least some of his gay friends bitch-slap him a little bit

  30. Eddy,i find the news items and comments on Pinknews informative, sometimes entertaining, sometimes sad and often challenging. Yes you do sometimes call a spade a spade, and i’m sure sometimes my comments are ill informed, naive and shallow, but i’m learning fast!! although not gay myself, i’m proud of my gay son and want to find out about the issues that affect the gay community. and i love the “realness” of some of the comments on these threads.

  31. What a cheek he had. Him a consecrated virgin too. I am glad some folk complained about it. He should now put himself up for examination by a doctor, or Anne Widdecombe to confirm he really is a virgin before he continues with his ministry.

  32. Yes in the bible’s universe, marriage was for adam and eve – and snakes talked, and adam and eve didn’t know they had genitals until the snake pointed it out by making eve eat an apple, and so they made clothes out of leaves and lived in a garden, which their father then chucked them out of because they’d eaten some fruit. They sound like retarded, homeless drug addicts high on hallucogens to me.
    Its unbelievable that grown adults cant accept the bible is a fictional story. And these people tell others how to live their lives.

  33. Adam and Steve? Perhaps he was referring to Adam being Fr. Adam, and Steve is an innocent 5 year old being assaulted by him… surely such a pack of disgusting paedophiles wouldn’t be daring to make jokes at OUR expense given what they’ve done and tried to cover up?

  34. Grown adults DO accept that Adam and Eve is fictional – it is an allegory, to be precise, of the evolution of the human race.

    Incidentally, that joke would never be told in my church where the sermon would be closely followed by communion served by a gay man whose other half will be getting the tea urn hot for everyone’s cuppa after Mass. Not all churches, even Catholic ones, are like that. I stay with it in hope that there will be more like ours in time to come.

  35. # 24 – Rehan

    “BTW, who exactly officiated at Adam and Eve’s wedding?”

    My guess it was Christian registrar Lillian Ladele…..

  36. “I didn’t mean it, honest”,
    “I have gay friends,
    “I’ve nothing against gay people….but….”

    Any guesses for his next line?

  37. All the more reason to press ahead for same sex secular marriage rather than settle for the title civil union.
    Then when willing chuches exercise their freedom of religion to marry same sex couples in their churches it will put the lie to everything this homophobic bigot said and the retarded attitude he clings to.
    What makes me laugh is the old Adam & Eve joke, talking snake, lying God and all.

  38. Dave North 10 Mar 2010, 8:56pm


    “What makes me laugh is the old Adam & Eve joke, talking snake, lying God and all. ”

    You forgot to add the wee bit of incest thrown in.

    Who did their kids sleep with in order to begat the the rest of humanity.

  39. “Adam and Yves!” qvide— March 9, 2010 @ 22:35

    I like it! Must remember that next time some preacherman comes out with the old Eve-not-Steve trope.

  40. Ridiculous man – no, not even ridiculous, but BORING. The Adam and Steve jibe is so old and corny and quite honestly, most offensive coming from someone who is endevouring to solicit public reaction. If you are in a position to influence, at least come up with something worthwhile, you silly little man, you.

  41. Adam and Steve? That joke’s so old it’s got whiskers. It’s a ropey myth, allegorical at best about 2 people who didn’t know they were naked until they ate an apple and spawned the rest of humanity via two SONS (later revisionist versions of the tale crowbarred in a daughter, but mo-fo or not they’re still a pretty incestuous bunch). And this is the family that we’re supposed to base our understanding of relationships on?
    Well it’s great we’ve been provided with these role models.
    I can go to the local zoo now and talk to snakes, only to realise I drove all the way there in the nude (thanks to that talking snake I heard in my head for pointing that out, that could’ve been embarassing), then when I get home after hastily grabbing something to protect my modesty I should probably attempt to start a family with my own Mum after killing my brother.
    And these preachers are more concerned about whether Adam fancied a guy called Steve as that would send out all the wrong messages, right? Dumbasses!

  42. Adolf and Eva would be acceptable? He was RC too, I think.

  43. The church doesn’t know the meaning of love. it does a lot better on hatred though.

    And re the story of the American priest who stole 1.3 milliion $$ for things like male prostitutes……………

    He should be Sainted YOu can replace money, and do with something less than you had.

    But its really hard to replace the minds of the children who are raped by their priests sworn to protect them. At least it appears this priest rose well above many others in keeping his dick out of little boys and little girls body openings.

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