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Harriet Harman could ban prostitute adverts

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 9 Mar 2010, 1:27pm

    all i can say is thank fvck they’ll not win the election.

  2. This would just force prostitutes back onto the streets and into a more dangerous environment.

    Its a spectacular fail by Harriet Harman in an attempt to follow Julie Bindels advice she will put these women and men at more risk!

  3. It’s about time this prurient, backwards and Victorian country got in line with most European countries and legalised brothels.

    It keeps the people off the often dangerous streets, which will please residents, it stops pimping and it protects both the punter and the escort. They must be licensed and have regular medical checks. It’s good for everyone, and the government can even ensure they pay income tax.

    All this banning adverts is such a load of old crap. It is not going to prevent ‘the oldest profession’, and all it will do is make the whole business even grubbier and more black market than it is already.

  4. Banning prostitutes from advertising in magazines will have zero effect. Prostitutes will simply move their adverts online to a foreign based ISP which the government can’t regulate Or they’ll just put more adverts in phone boxes.

    While I agree that women (or men|) who have been trafficked into Britain and forced into prostitution need to be protected by the authorities; I fail to see what the link between magazine advertising and human trafficking is? Can Harriet Harman explain that link to me?

    This is a waste of time.

    Prostitution should be fully legalised and regulated. Hookers in Amsterdam are among the safest in the world – they work in safer environments and their sexual health is strictly monitored.

  5. Great news, so now Labour are trying to portray themselves as neo-puritans. Their PR machine is relentlessly destroying them…

  6. all the issue there are facing the country right now and banning prostitute ads is of concerning to the government they really need to get out into the real world.

  7. The new legislation NuLabour propose for dogs would apply to Harriet Harman too! :) So hurry up and pass it, so she can be neutered, muzzled and forced to carry insurance for the damage she does. :D

  8. Mihangel apYrs 9 Mar 2010, 3:00pm

    Harman has form in trying to ban or twist the law to suiut her agenda, and a track record of “moral indignation”.

    The only reason sheis where she is (apart from tokenism) is that she was so high profile in Liberty. It’s a pity she found it so easy to shed all teh principles of that organisation to become part of New (authoritarian) Labour.

    Her hypocricy makes me want to vomit

  9. I wish politicians would stay out of the bedrooms of consenting adults. I’m no fan of commercial sex or pornography, but this woman is an obsessed anti-sex puritan worse than Mary Whitehouse. And obviously it will lead to an increase in streetwalking and unsafe neighbourhoods.

    The only good proposal is about those prostitute cards; for anyone who still uses phoneboxes, it is quite disconcerting for a lot of us, to be confronted with a vast array of mammaries while trying to have a serious conversation with the gas board.

    So now I’m put off voting for any of the main parties. Who’s left?

  10. PinkNews – please stop describing male prostitutes as ‘rent boys’. You don’t call female prostitutes “whores”, “Hoes”, “Skanks” or “ladies of the night -God help us!

  11. And forget the Liberals, which would have been the obvious choice, they’re trying to bring back the poll tax, which I can’t afford.

  12. William C. 9 Mar 2010, 3:29pm

    This is very inconsiderate of the government. How would they feel if prostitutes got together and tried, with equal indignation, to ban advertising by politicians?

  13. That’s not what the Lib Dems say arfur.

    “Fairer local taxes: Scrap the unfair Council Tax – The Council Tax is an unfair tax which bears no relationship to the ability to pay. Liberal Democrats believe that it should be scrapped and replaced with a fair local tax, based on people’s ability to pay. We will pilot a fair local income tax in areas that choose to try it out.”

    “Cutting taxes for people on low and middle incomes – There will be no income tax on the first £10,000 you earn – meaning 3.6 million working people and low income pensioners will no longer have to pay any income tax at all, while millions more will have an income tax cut of £700. Pensioners will get up to £100 extra.
    The change will be paid for by introducing a mansion tax, closing loopholes that benefit the wealthy and making sure airlines pay for the pollution they cause.”

    The only people who need worry are those whose homes are worth more than 1 million pounds. Transparent published tax proposals from the Lib Dems unlike the usual NuLabour or NuTory dishonesty on tax.

  14. There are much more important things the goverment should be focusing on doing…this will just drive the profession underground,putting workers & cliemts at risk,unable/hard to monitor….why not just legalise & monitor it fairly as other countries have-that way eveyone is safe & people know where to go if they are interested & wheere to avoid if not…is it really that hard?

  15. “They are concerned that publications are profiting from prostitution.” Yes, your point being…
    “And that the adverts are selling the services of women who may have been forced into prostitution.” They are also selling the services of women who have chosen prostitution themselves, and have not been forced into it at all!
    I agree arfur, just when I was starting to think it was only the Tories who wanted to take Britain back to the Victorian era, along comes this as well.

  16. Its obvious what she is doing.

    She is trying to kill off the competition, as it is the only work she will get come the election.

  17. Can Harriett Harman introduce a law to ban Harriett Harman from public places, due to the offence and harms she causes? That would get my vote

  18. She is a sodding liability! Ditch her, and send Jack Straw after her!

  19. This will just drive prostitution back onto the streets and put more control in the hands of pimps and dealers for sex workers whether they are gay, trans or cis.

  20. This is an extremely complex and difficult problem, which neither the article nor the comments here do justice to.

    Prosititution is largely a profession of women who service men’s needs. The issue of male prostitution is much less well understood and researched. If sound facts and figures are hard to come by with regard to women, then that is much more so the case for men.

    Prostitution is, I think it would be fair to say, rarely the career of choice for most people, and most of the people who do it. For many it is no choice at all. They are driven to it by poverty, crime, drug addiction, and exploitation. A feminist take on this would be that it is a crime against women, and that is certainly the view that has prevailed in counties such as Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Whereas our law criminalises the prostitute, their laws criminalise the punters. This approach is being considered by several other european countries.

    Where prostitution is an especially difficult issues is in relation to trafficking. There is substantial evidence that women are brought to the UK (and many other destination countries) for the purpose of sexual exploitation. This is just one form of exploitaion – others would include forced labour, and the exploitation of children for a variety of purposes. However much we may dislike it, the fact is that forms of modern day slavery are practised in the UK. If you’d like to know more then look at the web-site of STOP THE TRAFFIK or last years Home affairs Select Committee Report on himan trafficking.

    The UN’s Palermo Protocol sets out international law against human trafficking, and throught the European Convention on Human Trafficking, was adopted by the UK in 2008. A human trafficking action plan was developed as a result, and its implementation is overseen by the UK Human Trafficking Centre, a multi-agency collective comprising police, immigration, and victim support agencies.

    Sexual exploitation remains the most prevalent form, as far as statistics are able to reveal. If you’d like to know more about it, then google the Poppy Project, which seeks to provide accommodation and support to women who are often deeply traumatised by their experiences.

    The point about advertising is that most trafficked women work in off-street brothels, for fear of being picked up by the police, and being dealt with through the immigration system, which in effect criminalises them. They are at the mercy of pimps and brothel masters who have absolutely no regard for their well-being and safety. The means of duress are many and various, but include debt-bondage, and threats to the families of children of women in their country of origin. Those pimps have to reach a market, and they often do that through press advertising. So, if you see an ad that says something like ‘new, young girls, just arrived from Thailand’, or whatever, then your suspicions should be aroused.

    I think it would be fair to say that some people use trafficking as a lever for anti-prostitution arguments, and many of those come from a feminist perspective. That may be the case, but it undoubtedly does happen, and more than we know. I imagine that if it happens to women, then it also happens to men, although some of the issues may be different. Nor should you imagine that legalising brothels or prostitution will get rid of the problem. For one thing, it would have to be regulated, and that will push up the costs – so punters of limited means will seek ways to get around the regulated system, and women (and doubtelss men) will continue to be abused.

    I can’t offer simple solutions to this one, but I think it deserves a good debate. And a better one than we’ve had so far on this forum.

    So, while you may dislike Harriet Harman – and some of you clearly dislike her a lot – I think that the issues are rather more complex, and nor can they all be laid at her door. Any government will have to deal with managing the UK’s response to Palermo, so don’t imagine the issue will go away if you get rid of her.

  21. Chameleon: You not mentioned anything about legalised brothels. You will never eliminate the need on both sides for paid sex, so why not at least have a handle on it?

  22. It’s a fair argument Rob, but not an easy solution. See my point on the costs of regualtion. I don’t think it would see an end to exploitation, however. And it would also be very difficult to build a political consensus around, so I don’t see it happening any time soon – you’d be up against a rather bizarre coalition. Meantime, people get abused …

  23. Abi, that’s the tax Im talking about. Most houses in London are worth over 1million through no fault of long term owners living on a pension or unemployed. These are not mansions just ordinary terraced houses. Tax without reference to ability to pay is poll tax. Iwould be forced to sell my home to a rich yuppie banker and move out of London as would many others.

  24. Anything that leads to the hardship and eventual demise of the gutter rag QX would be welcomed by me. If it is truly indicative of what gay culture has become, then its closure could not come a moment too soon. Squalid, debased, juvenile, peurile, offensive…it has pimped our community for far too long, surviving as it has done on a diet of cocks, debased sex and little social conscience. Want to know why HIV is so high? Look no further. Don’t buy their sob story about doing it for the rent boys. They are doing it for their bottom line, nothing else. Everything is moving on online anyway, and so will many of the boys over here, many on expired student visas, who shouldn’t be doing it anyway.

  25. PS: What I mean by my last comment is that their visas do not entitle them to work while here, so technically they are without a say in the argument. I know that sounds tough, but reading the ads it is clear that very very few boys advertising are indigenous Brits.

  26. If the problem is trafficking, then that’s the thing to tackle, not claim criminalising prostitution will solve it. It’s a dangerous path to go down once you say the law has rights over our bodies. By the same logic she should make gathering shellfish illegal because of those poor trafficked Chinese workers who drowned off the Lancs coast recently.

  27. Mihangel apYrs 10 Mar 2010, 9:37am

    Drugs and prostitution: two subjects politicians are terrified of debating logically for fear of (tabloid-engineered) moral backlash, and the two issues that are so closely entwined with organised crime that a logical review would appear to be essential for all thinking people, since both issues have been around since the first dodgy herb was thrown into the stew or on the fire, or the first manless woman decided to accommodate single guys.

  28. Rob, if you take a look at this weeks issue you’ll see it’s fare from what you claim – – there is in particular an article with the header : Do we take our freedom for granted? You may wish to think on it before you call for the closure of a gay magazine. I’m not sure where you’re coming from on your venomous expression, but I guess your statement about ‘Indigenous Brits’ gives a clue.

  29. If we’re talking about those who advertise in QX, we are only talking about say 100 chappies.

    I see no reason why any one shouldn’t be in a proper job, apart from the fact that it’s a preference not to work and taking a lot of drugs and party.

  30. Mihangel apYrs 10 Mar 2010, 2:09pm

    boys who sell it can’t be particularly choosy with their clients, so for them it’s not hot sex with hunks, it’s often sex with men who can’t get it elsewhere for free. The power lies with the punter.

  31. vulpus_rex 10 Mar 2010, 2:21pm

    Whether arrogantly fleeing the scene of a car crash or churning out more stalinist propaganda this ghastly, over promoted excuse for a politician always gets it wrong.

    Inept, stupid, she bumbles around issues with all the intelligence of the sixth form politics she has never managed to grow out of.

    Instead of trying to pass off her cheap moralising as protection of women’s interests could she tell us how suspending all women short lists helped equality when it came to parachuting her husband into a safe seat in Birmingham.

    Despicable new liebour hypocrite.

  32. The Grinch 10 Mar 2010, 3:03pm

    I for one am appalled at this news! The ads appear in FREE mags which means I don’t have to fork out a penny to jizz myself stupid over the picture ads….now I am going to have to risk arrest by sneaking a hand party in my local phone box. And hell’s teeth is it cold out there…

  33. Whether you like them or loathe them this could mean the end of some gay magazines. Small ads bring in more money than people imagine. This is the last thing the newspaper and magazine industries needs at the moment as they struggle against the recession and the longterm trend of readers and advertisers moving online.

    Just look at the impact the website had on local newspapers in the United States when it took away a large proportion of the classified advertising.

    Escorts will switch to advertising online and if that’s on foreign-hosted websites then Harriet Harman will be unable to do anything about it. Unfortunately some escorts will turn to the streets instead.

  34. Nice one Vulpus!

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